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A hybrid race, or half-breed, is the offspring between two different races. It is not uncommon to find half-breeds produced from the mating between two different races as a result of societal coexistence.

While creation of hybrid races through reproduction is not uncommon, some races are more well known than others.

Hybrid Sapient Races

The most common sapient half-breeds on Qirsyllviar are between Humans and another race. When a human reproduces with another race, the resulting hybrid is often called a "half-[whatever they reproduced with]," but other sorts of half-breeds have proper names.

However, since the majority of Qirsyllviar's sapient beings value racial purity, half-breeds are often looked down upon by most societies. Only a handful of places on Qirsyllviar don't discriminate between purebloods and half-breeds, particularly where two or more races have lived and coexisted for generations.


Cambions are half-human half-demon hybrids resulting from the reproduction between a human and a demon. Most look completed human and blend in well, but others have characteristics of their demon parent, such as large bat-like wing or horns, but these vary. Cambions also lack the acidic/poisonous blood and sweat known for full demons.

The term cambion is also often used for offspring between a human and a succubus or incubus, but is actually erroneous.


Dhampirs are a hybrid race between vampires and normal humans.


A Demigod is the hybrid offspring of any mortal being and a deity. Demigods are relatively rare due to most Gods preferring to remain out of the mortal world. But every so often one will descend, usually on a whim, and wind up conceiving a child with a mortal.

Some Demigods develop powers normally only used by full Gods, while others remain mortal throughout their lives. Also, unlike full Gods, Demigods aren't immortal, and will pass on unless granted immortality.

Some people claim to be demigods by claiming descent from a particular god or goddess, but these claims are often hard or impossible to prove.


A dwarcubus is the offspring between a dwarf and a succubus or incubus.


A dwarfpire is the offspring between a dwarf and a vampire, or a dwarf that has been turned by a narkpior vampire or a pureblood zyorite vampire.


A dwelf is the offspring produced between an elf and a dwarf.


Half-merfolk, hybrids between merpeople and humans, can live either on land or under the sea; but whichever they choose usually depends on their upbringing or a personal choice.

Half-merfolk have the ability to transform their lower bodies between legs and tails when they get wet, but most can't control it until they learn how at an adult age. Descendants of Human-merfolk hybrids can lose this ability with successive generations if their bloodline becomes more diluted either way, becoming either fully merfolk or human.

Half-merfolk also often lack the biosonar full merpeople possess; while full merfolk have bisonar from birth, half-mers sometimes they go their entire lives without developing it, or only develop it later in their lives.


A Homocubus is the offspring between a human and a succubus or incubus.


A merpire is an offspring between a vampire and a merperson, or a merperson that has been turned by a narkpior vampire or a pureblood zyorite vampire.


Nephilims are half human-half angel hybrids resulting from the reproduction between a human and an angel. Most look completed human and blend in well, but others have characteristics of their angel parent, such as large white avian wings, but this varies. One major difference is that nephilims do not have the transparent golden halo floating above their heads, an obvious sign of their half-heritage.


A hybrid of an elf and vampire. Sanaedhels have elf ears and vampire fangs. They come into being through one of three ways: reproduction between a vampire and an elf, two Sanaedhels, or when an elf is bitten and turned by a narkpior vampire or a pureblood nyorite vampire.


A Troblin is a hybrid race produced between a Troll and a Goblin.


A vampcubus (pl. vampcubi) is a hybrid race produced between a vampire and a succubus or incubus. Vampcubi inherit the sexual needs and abilities from their succubus/incubus parent, and the blood-sucking needs from their vampire parent. Like zyroites, they are immune to sunlight.

Unlike most vampire hybrids, vampcubi cannot be created through the bite of a narkpior or a pureblood zyroite, as succubi and incubi are immune to the venom.


A Werevamp is a half-werewolf half-vampire crossbreed, produced either through reproduction or if a narkpior or pureblood zyroite bit a werewolf while it was in human form. Since vampires and werewolves have been at each others throats since forever, possibly since before the first abjaksan, such creatures are, while extremely rare, mostly viewed with disdain and hostility, scorned by vampires and werewolves alike, along with general society.


Yuki-hanbun is the term for a person born between a Yuki-bito and a human, no matter the pairing or if it has powers or not.

Hybrid Fauna


The Alicorn, or sometimes known as a "Pegacorn," is a pegasus with a unicorn horn. They are generally the offspring of a unicorn and a pegasus, but they can reproduce with one another and regular pegasi and unicorns as well, and which one was the mare or stallion is generally of irrelevance. They are a rare sight and seeing one was once viewed as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Although, they're not actually that rare. It's become a goal of many breeders to breed as many alicorns as possible, so that they can have a self-sustaining population on their own one day. There are herds in parts of Eurodysia, Aquilonis and Coilagbein, but the largest known herd is a locally bred one in the Ouesteau Region of Gallia, and is believed to have more than five hundred alicorns across a one hundred-mile area.

Like unicorns, an alicorn's horn grows in when they're around four-years-old.


An Elephamoth an a hybrid species that is a cross between an elephant and a mammoth. Since the two species are known to be distinct, despite being related, most elephamoths are known to be sterile, with very rare exceptions.

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