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Racer 2 (2020 film) Action Thriller film.


  • Jimmy Clarke as Adam
  • Lee Clarke as Brandt Wells, Adam's foster brother.
  • Jamie Clarke as Richard Kelly (mentioned)
  • Nolberto Swaby as T.J Antonio, Adam's colleague friend and main antagonist.
  • Matthew Seales as Rico Leonardo, Adam's half brother.
  • Rudy Swaby as teen Rico Leonardo (20 years)
  • Diego Pino as teen T.J Antonio
  • Doug 'Mr. Doug' Dodds as older Adam Kelly (mentioned only)
  • Oliver Swaby as older T.J Antonio (mentioned only)
  • Lewin Solomon Sr. as John Kelly, Ricky's father and Adam's grandfather.


  • "Beautiful Feeling" performed by Candy Says courtesy by Candy Says
  • "Rapture" performed by Koffee courtesy by Koffee
  • "Racer Theme" performed by John Debney courtesy by John Debney
  • "Overdrive Time" performed by John Debney & Brian Tyler courtesy by John Debney & Brian Tyler (Fast & Furious: Toyko Drift)