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RWBYverse Online: Tachibana was an animated television series based on the popular web-series RWBY created by Monty Oum. It is concurrent with RWBYverse Online: Grimm Rising as well as its film adaption. The series is part of a multimedia project of RWBYverse Online: Grimm Rising. The series was created by Morningwood Entertainment and written by Anakin Nakamura and Jesse Spade with Nakamura directing.

The TV series focuses on Nyan Tachibana—member of Team VNLA—during her first year at Beacon Academy alongside her partner and leader Violet, and teammates Amber Lavender and Lisa Dahlia.


Main characters

  • Violet: Leader of Team VNLA, Violet is shown to be a strong-minded leader with no fear and always looks out for his teammates, including his partner, Nyan. He is mysterious to his teammates, neither of them know of his past as he is silent about it. Said to be trained by his uncle, Violet went to Signal Academy and upon graduating he applied to Beacon and got accepted.
  • Nyan Tachibana: Member of Team VNLA, Nyan, like her teammates, is a first year at Beacon Academy and is training to become a Huntress. And, like Violet, she seems to look out for her teammates. Born in a small village south of the city of Vale, Nyan grew up liking and idolizing the Huntsmen on their bravery and heroism. Supported by this, she enrolls into Signal Academy where she has graduated and accepted into Beacon.
  • Lisa Dahlia: Member of Team VNLA, Lisa is a smart girl who has always believed in the system of Justice as well as the legends of the Silver-Eyed Warriors. Being born near the border of the kingdom of Atlas, Lisa has adapted to both the cold and warmth conditions and is an extreme parkourist, being able to jump off one's shield and wall to wall. Lisa was trained by her father and uncle before going to Signal Academy, graduating and accepted into Beacon.
  • Amber Lavender: Member of Team VNLA, Amber is a Beacon first year looking to get away from her family, especially her abusive father. Amber mostly keeps to herself but after meeting Lisa, she seems to be quite open to her teammates. Born in Mistral, raised in Atlas and moved to Vale, Amber has been from place to place. Before going to Signal Academy, she was trained by her older brother who lived in Vale and helped her with going to Signal. Upon graduating from the Academy, she then went on to enroll herself into Beacon and was accepted.

Supporting characters

Beacon Academy staff
Beacon Academy students
  • Charlie
  • Pinkie
  • Dandee
  • Ceila

Minor characters


Voice cast


Season One

  • Day One - Now a student of Beacon Academy, Nyan settles in with her new teammates.
  • Classes Like These, Academies Like This - Beginning her first class with team VNLA, they learn from Professor Port about Vale and the other three kingdoms.
  • Headmaster's Chosen Ones - Having been chosen for something special, Violet is tasked with something important by Professor Ozpin.
  • Helping Hands for V - Seeing himself unable to try to do it himself, Team VNLA offers their assistance.

Season Two


  • The series was created using the same program that Rooster Teeth uses when making the RWBY web-series.
  • Teams RWBY and JNPR appear in the show, but do not have any dialogue. Their appearances are cameos throughout the show and their dialogue are taken from the original web-series corresponding episodes, though the voices are lowered.
  • Originally, RWBYverse Online: Tachibana was going to be a live action TV series but this was changed due to unknown reasons. Possibly due to the cost of CGI animation.
  • Mark Wahlberg, Felicity Jones, Queen Latifah, and Cameron Diaz were contacted to voice Violet, Nyan, Lisa, and Amber, respectively. However, all four turned down the roles while Diaz and Jones instead wanted to voice Professor Tara and student Ceila, respectively.
  • Writer Jesse Spade was originally going to voice Violet himself but didn't. Reasons for this are unknown.
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