RWBY: Professionals and Demons is a sub series/spin-off series of a specific animated web show of the same name, made by Rooster Teeth and the great Monty Oum. This version is directed by “Beowulf Macbethson” as he is called and is what people would call an AU (alternate universe, for this all takes place in an alternate universe).


In an alternate universe where Grimm do not exist, racism, acts of terrorism and war are at an all time high. Characters from the beloved we show and readjusted, inserted and perhaps even slightly rewritten to fit in the current mold of the alternate universe this entire series takes place in. There is mainly no central plot or goal besides ending racism and fixing the hateful savage nature of both humanity and faunus alike.

Other forms of information

Run time: Around 1 hour and 30 minutes each episode

Seasons: 12

Episodes: 72 (6 episodes per season)

Genre: Satirical commentary on the current social issues, action.

Maturity Rating: M/SPG (Themes, Language, Harassment, Sexual Presentation, Drugs etc.)

Main characters: Cardin Winchester, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos.

Season 1 Episodes

  • Welcome to Hell: A brutally honest introduction to not just the characters and the world, but the series as a whole.
  • Pumped with Lead: Ruby’s uncle Qrow has a pile of debts long overdue, the gangs all across town are ready for his head, and Ruby’s body for “compensation”
  • Icy Nails: Physically abused by her own father and locked up where no one can find her, Weiss Schnee has had it, in the burning cold of a race war, Weiss is set to make changes.
  • 98 out of a hundred: “You can’t criticise what you can’t understand”. Yang Xiao Long is tasked with taking care of a girl named Blake, who little does she know is actually a member of the infamous terrorist group known as the White Fang, while venom comes in the form of hate from Yang’s lips.
  • Risen: Vacuo is the biggest hellhole there is, hookers at every lamppost at the light of day, frat boys wearing codpieces ready to perform nefarious deeds, Jaune Arc talks about how the world has fallen from grace as truthful as he can.
  • To purge the land of joy: As the infamous race war escalated into higher and higher casualties, Blake is tasked with ending the current president of Atlas before his first term hellbent on killing her race comes to fruition.

Season 2 Episodes

  • Treason: Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie have lived with what they could ever since their childhood. They’re all they have, but as a poor man says, the greater the trust means the greater the treason.
  • Erratic Revolt: Adam Taurus is hellbent on creating an incredible revolt against the obstreperous and horrifically racist, sexist and overall corrupt human government for the rights of his fellow Faunus, a violent bloody revolution is what he desires, and it seems his fire cannot be quenched.
  • Lawful: Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos wander a small town in West Mistral in order to find whoever is behind the events of the episode “Risen”
  • The truth then: Ruby learns about her TRUE father. She wants answers, she demands them, and there’s only one man with all the correct ones.
  • One less robbery: Cardin’s life has never been perfect, nobody ever has a perfect life, but Cardin sure is living the dream.
  • Banding together: Jaune, Ruby, Yang and all the others (Cardin included) meet after the events of “One less robbery” so that they can become vigilantes.

Season 3 Episodes

  • The devil’s got style: Controversy erupts as a gay parade is held responsible for the biggest traffic jam in Atlesian history
  • Rebellion: Sun Wukong is sent to prison for theft, he comes into confrontations with the other racist inmates
  • Milk: Blake’s getting needy during the Spring, and it‘s Spring right now
  • A decision and a call: Weiss is in the middle of a sudden, out of nowhere attack by the White Fang, trying to find out what to do, she meets the Faunus who are oppressed by her own family, can she trust them?
  • Minds of killing: Glynda Goodwitch has been completely tired of James Ironwood, she’s ready to show him, and his little girlfriend, that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
  • Lies, all of them: Roman and his men are at the receiving end of the most violent anti-hero alive yet, Cardin Winchester.

Season 4 Episodes

  • She‘s made of iron: With anti-LGBT movements completely running amok while the racist movements are taking a break, two particular Faunus wonder about the world around them, one, Adam, has malevolent solutions, while another, Blake, thinks if humans and Faunus can truly coexist, a two perspective episode interwoven
  • Flooded with pain: Ruby has completely had it, and so has Weiss
  • Too dangerous: There it is, the word of the press, Cardin, being a complete prick, has his own say, and everyone, even those that despise him, have to agree.
  • Kill Count: Blake wonders if she and Yang can truly be together
  • All time high: Threats of a world war are at an all time high as tensions between Vale and Atlas are coming to blows.
  • More than an Arms Race: The threats of global extinction are now deemed possible. With the fragile peach seemingly unmendable, world tensions are hotter than ever.

Season 5 Episodes

  • Conflict: In the heat of Remnant’s first world war, Ruby and Weiss try and forage supplies and protecting and saving any endangered citizens
  • Toppling kings: Faunus refugees are overwhelming Menagerie, and the entire problem is becoming too big for anyone to handle.
  • Nine Elderlies: Nora and Ren are in lots of trouble, in the middle of the smoking barren battlefield, they are litterally caught between the crossfire.
  • Crosshairs: Blake, in hiding, meets a lesbian couple by the names of Coco Adel and Velvet Scarlatina.
  • The war that unites: Years pass and the war is officially over, the entire world, and the team, learn the morals from this tragedy
  • Deadly: The world is at peace now, and completely happy that for once everyone is united, but peace is fragile, and rarely stays long.

Season 6 Episodes

  • Flatliner: The scum of the world are beginning to rise back up again
  • Drastic Measures: The team of vigilantes wonder what they should do to halt this.
  • Unyielding: Jaune has achieved an alcohol addiction after the events of “The war that unites”, struggling with a newly found depression, he wonders what to do
  • Proactive: Picking up where “Unyielding” left off, Cinder Fall is hellbent on pleasing her mysterious mistress, and to do that she has to pick off a few certain targets that the other men simply couldn‘t. She’s already taken down one of them, now she’s ready to down another.
  • Raindrops from the rooftops: Cardin comitnues his slightly cynical and sociopathic, erratic behavior, contains vast amounts of symbolism.
  • No means no: Ghira has a word with Blake, and a bone to pick with Yang.

Season 7 Episodes

  • Is this what gets you hot?: Ruby is in the middle of the constantly fornicating streets of Mistral, with creeps and hooligans everywhere asking her how much, what makes all of this worse are the gangsters out for revenge (It should be noted that this is the first 2 hour episode)
  • Derailed: Adam Taurus is back at it again, and with more power than ever, having stolen Valorian tech ever since the war that happened in Season 5, the fruits of his labor are chokingly sweet.
  • Noose: Jaune quits the team one day, out of the blue.
  • Alone: In an asylum after the events of “Noose”, Jaune develops a new psyche
  • Degenerates live among us: Cinder Fall’s revolution has been compromised, but with a new deck of cards, she‘s ready for her next phase.
  • Swirling Agony: Nora gets a taste of her past when Emerald taps into her memories

Season 8 Episodes

  • Inferno: Jaune goes through figurative hell, locked in the asylum
  • Purgatorio: Picking up after the dreadful events of “Inferno”, Ruby is set out on finding Jaune
  • Paradiso: Right after “Purgatorio”, Cardin and Weiss team up to go ahead and wrap things up, as Jaune trembles with each new coping mechanism
  • Cure: A kiloton of cure is all Jaune needs when prevention doesn’t work.
  • Staring Daggers: Cinder Fall and Adam Taurus make a deal after the last one went sour
  • Financial Gain: Ozpin meets Cinder’s superior, Salem.

Season 9 Episodes

  • Commerce: Ozpin has his hands around an enormous percentage of the world’s wealth, with a complete conglomerate empire, from banking to merchandise, he‘s the most powerful man in the world.
  • To crack under pressure: The team has been having its worst years ever since they were made, the decision to split is becoming better looking each passing minute
  • Savagery: Stranded on an island ever since “Cure”, Jaune goes Robinson Crusoe as he tries to survive in an island of savage cannibals (2 hour episode)
  • The death of the count: James Ironwood is dead, Ruby and Weiss are on the case
  • Trickster: Blake meets a cunning monkey man by the name of Sun Wukong.
  • Back at it: The race wars and hate crimes return so soon, with Adam feeding the fire and revolutions left and right, global extinction is close at hand.

Season 10 Episodes

  • Starting New: Sage is a boy who’s just been released from the big house, he meets a mysterious muscular man in a trenchcoat, Cardin. Sage, like everyone else, is now caught up in a war made up of other wars, and Cardin has plans for Sage and everyone he is close to, but the question is, why Sage?
  • A can of worms: Every step means more and more trouble, then again, that’s life, it may be malignant, but hey, it’s life. Cardin’s tasks to gather his old colleagues are getting closer to the goal.
  • Warmastered: Neptune Vasilias has feared many things, like water, but another fear has now become a reality, civil war
  • Weakest Link: The entire continent of Vacuo has fallen into anarchy, enough said.
  • New gods: The main orchaestrators of the chaos Remnant is now experiencing, Adam, Cinder, Salem, Roman, Jacques, Ozpin, everyone, they all issue a meeting and discuss things, a rude visit from the right people is all the meeting needs.
  • Far from over: Yatsuhashi has been executed, Fox is spreading propaganda, Coco is nowehere to be seen, Velvet is left all alone amidst the civil war in Vacuo, with the inability to evacuate, she gets a visit from the cardinal king himself.

Season 11 Episodes

  • Cheeky: With Jacques off the board, Adam’s plan is almost complete, but a certain billionaire has his ways of making sure that its success never sees the light of day.
  • Steel Cables: Cardin and the new vigilante team are all ready to tackle the new world, statements are best initiated boldly.
  • Riot: Riots fill the streets, the world is flooded with hate which reaches their knees, and evil which touches their waists (2 hours)
  • Warzone: The cataclysmic event that raised the stakes in the episode “Riot” was not taken lightly by anyone, especially Salem.
  • Calamity Dive: With Cinder on the run, and the invasion true and imminent, Salem has her pieces ready to sweep Ozpin’s off their feet and down the drain.
  • A twist of events: Cardin makes his decision, and triggers the Runic Instrument, weaponizing the weather and changing the course of the anarchy and the chaos, because in war, it’s either you win, they win or nature wins. (2 hours and 30 minutes)

Season 12 Episodes

  • The world tree: Due to the unspeakable events which ultimately results in the halting of the chaos, the world is once again trying to pick itself back up, but the storms and the floods caused by the Runic Instrument seems to have wiped a lot off the slate, with misconduct rooted and burned, was violence really the answer? (2 hours and 30 minutes)
  • Snapping some jaws: A necessary crime they call it, Sage begins to wonder if he should regret his decisions
  • Breakdown: A collection of events that shows the fate of every character, with the exception of those that are still going to progress the last 3 episodes of the story
  • Put your faith in?: What does a man put his faith in? He should put his faith in kindness, in proving the cynics wrong, that there is something to be happy about in the world, at least, that’s what an old man once said
  • Game, Set, Match: This is it, end game, game point, with the world incapable of surviving due to the incredible amounts of devastation, life has fallen grim.
  • The end of every power: Was the necessary evils done truly necessary? His crime shackled around his ankles, Cardin wonders about his deed. (Series Finale)


The fate of every (notable) character in the series

Ruby: She decided to just stop, in the episode “Calamity Dive”, she finally retires from her vigilante work and pursues a different path in life due to the stress and to prioritze the capabilities of her youth elsewhere.

Weiss: After her father Jacques was killed in the episode “Far from over”, and Winter being the new army general, taking Ironwood’s place, Weiss takes the throne of the Schnee dust company. She is killed by Faunus extremists in her sleep, as seen in “Breakdown”.

Blake & Yang: Both Blake and Yang, a lesbian couple, engaged, were killed in their Valorian home, Neptune Vasilias was the one to discover that it was Sun Wukong who was guilty of the terrible deed, said to be done out of envy, lust, drunkeness and homophobia, Sun Wukong was given a life sentence. “Breakdown” is the reference

Jaune Arc: As seen in “Breakdwon”, he willingly turns himself back in at the asylum, but due to his incredible reform, his sentence was transformed as well, now he is sentenced to 3 years house arrest with some mental aids, after the 3 years he is now living a normal life.

Nora Valkyrie: Killed in a sudden gas explosion in the episode “Commerce”

Pyrrha Nikos: Assasinated by Cinder Fall in the episode “Derailed”

Lie Ren: Gunned down somewhere in Vacuo, seen in a newspaper at the episode “To crack under pressure”

Cardin Winchester: Remains vague, the last scene he was in was him sitting in his simple home as the screen fades to black at the Season Finale.

Sun Wukong: He is responsible for the murder of Blake and Yang, he is ratted out by Neptune and is convicted of a life sentence. His constant misbehavior and other stack of crimes both in and out of bars resulted in solitary confinement, this all transpires in “Breakdown”.

Sage Ayana: Gets into a drunken barfight in the episode “Snapping some jaws”, drunk and bloodied, he was arrested once again and set to serve a five year jail sentence

Adam Taurus: Is killed, died in a church, bleeding from a gun wound, exhausted and having lost too much blood, and air, he is “forgiven” by a priest before dying at the altar. This happens in “Cheeky”

Salem: Completely gunned down by Ozpin’s private forces while trying to escape the vigilantes

Cinder Fall: Is ommited from Salem’s revolution, later captured and incarcerated by the law, serving a death sentence, executed by electric chair.

Ozpin: The destruction caused by the simultaneous calamities caused an incredible shift, destroying his resources and completely crippling his empire, with his system in ruins he goes crazy for he has lost incredibly large amounts of money. He is later seen growing it back uo again in “breakdown”, a smile on his face as he began to build his empire back up.

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