Quinton & Saxon is an adult animated series made by Sheep Animation Studios and distributed by FOX And 20th Century Fox Television. It will air in January 1, 2020.

Voice Cast and Characters

Rob Paulsen as Quinton, Saxon, Rizzie, Quinton's Ma and Pa, Quinton's Grandma, Principal Winters, Coach PSY, Charly Bull-Lee, Flynn, Nigel Nerdylots and Timmy.

Tara Strong as Ravi, DD, Officer Amy, Officer Bobby, James Woodsman, John Goods, Lydia and Lola.

Jim Cummings as Jack Peters, Rabbit Ronald, Yippity Yak, Mayor Roberts, Low Fat Tommy, Fatman, Snake Eyes, Pussycat Pussy, Pickle Face, Pumpkin Pie Hole, Werewolf, Agent Kex, Crazy 8s and Joshua Brunderman.



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