Quincob is the official name for best friends Jacob Davis and Quinn James.


Jacob and Quinn met at the hospital when they were babies. Quinn eventually fell in love with Jacob and vice versa. Both Jacob and Quinn were two years old when they had originally met. Sometimes to get away from his parents constant fighting Jacob would go to the James house hold to spend time with Quinn and her sisters Haley and Taylor. Jacob would spend either a night or a few days with Quinn and her parents who would treat Jacob like a son. In elementary school Jacob defended Quinn from three bullies in a three on one fight in which Jacob won. At some point both Jacob taught Quinn the rules of football step by step in case she ever wanted to team up with him or her sisters in a game of football. After starting high school Quinn became heartbroken when Jacob started dating Chelsea Mitchell a cheerleader and known as the most rude person in Tree Hill High. After going their separate ways Jacob moved away after marrying Chelsea and Quinn moved away and married David a few years later. Sometime after leaving their respective spouses Jacob and Quinn date in season one, become engaged and marry in season two over Haley's summer vacation. In season one when a armed person held Jacob hostage Quinn feared for her Jacob's life and then after she heard the gunshot she fell apart until Jacob went into a back of an ambulance and she followed it all the way to the hospital while her sister Haley road inside of the ambulance. Whilst Jacob was in a coma falling a gunshot wound Quinn would stay the night with Jacob to see if he would wake up along with a surprising visit from Taylor. After Jacob was released from the hospital Quinn swore the next time she would take the bullet for him as she does not want to risk losing him. During the first episode of season two Jacob moves in with Quinn and her family but he slept mostly on the couch because he is afraid of getting into trouble if he slept in Quinn's room with her but Lydia does not want Jacob on the couch and gave him permission to stay in Quinn's room with her so Jacob slept on the floor in Quinn's room and Quinn would not accept it and allowed him to sleep in the bed with her since they were boyfriend and girlfriend before they got married two seasons later. Later in season three Quinn tried to find a perfect house for Jacob and her to live in with no luck until they decide to buy a house somewhere closer to Tree Hill High as Jacob left his job at the cafe and started working at his and Quinn's old high school. Jacob later apologizes to Quinn for the heartache he caused her and for the fact that he married a "selfish bitch" but Quinn forgave him and she still cared for him when she was with David. For their honeymoon trip they went to Daytona beach in Florida to celebrate their marriage and intended to buy a house in Tree Hill that was close to their family and friends. 

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