Quiet Christmas is a 2011 American christmas fantasy comedy film directed by Jon Faverau. It is produced by Woody Allen and Mel Brooks. The film stars Grant Gustin, Mara Wilson, RJ Cyler, Robert Redford, Justice Smith, Avan Jogia, Aden Buchholz, Kit Harington, Meryl Streep, and Michael Caine. A young adult and his friend attempt to save christmas before it's ruined by his rival who hates everything.



  • Grant Gustin as Kyle Lloyd:
  • Mara Wilson as Anne Beth:
  • RJ Cyler as Chad Sherman:
  • Robert Redford as Steven Lloyd:
  • Justice Smith as Data Sherman:
  • Avan Jogia as Harry Brant:
  • Kit Harington as Nicholas Eve:
  • Meryl Streep as Mrs Clause:
  • Michael Caine as Santa Clause:
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