Quiditch Through The Ages is a 2015 British-American fantasy action film written by Steve Kloves & Nicholas Hooper and directed by Martin Campbell starring Dylan O'Brien, Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon, Michael Byrne, Peter Vaughan, Emily Beecham, Tom Hardy, Thomas Howes, Tom Hiddleston, Martin Clunes, Gemma Arterton and Felicity Jones.

The film is based off the 2001 J.K Rowling Harry Potter companion book of the same name and is the second film to made as a prequel, spin-off film from the Harry Potter franchise, the first being Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them: An Introduction.

The film is slated for a worldwide theatrical release on April 25th, 2015.

It chronicles the fictionally penned wizard writer of the book Quiditch Through The Ages Kennilworthy Whisp, his compliation of the famous book and alongside famous sorcerer Albus Dumbledore and a collection of players of the Wigtown Wanderers whom accompany him on a confidential Ministry mission to eliminate the Sphinx which has abducted the love interest of the young chronicler which acts under the control of the second darkest wizard of all time Gellert Grindewald. 


A young ambitious wizard Kennilworthy Whisp is called out from his hometown of Nottinghamshire, England by the running corporation of Flourish & Blotts to forge a compendium chronicling the famous wizarding sport of Quiditch, a sport to which the young appointed chronicler Whisp is more than familiar with, being obsessed with the famous wizarding world sport and the team the Wigtown Wanderers.

As Whisp comes along he soon befriends a kind but incredibly mysterious and powerful sorcerer Albus Dumbledore whom Whisp learns from the friendly Parkins sons II and III that he serves as the Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Whisp develops a romantic interest in the opposing Quiditch Team the Chudley Cannons managing wizard Ragmar Dorkins' beautiful seeker daughter Maria.

Tragedy strikes during the big final game between the two rival teams as the dark wizard Gellert Grindewald and his army attack the Quiditch World Cup and capture the beautiful Maria Dorkins whisking her away to the Romanian Mountains of Estershire.

There Maria lies guarded by the terrifying beast the Cockatrice left to Grindewald by the former Greek Dark Wizard Herpo The Foul who was the first to spawn the species of the dreaded Cockatrice and its' sister the Basilisks.

Kennilworthy calls upon the players of his idolised team the Wigtown Wanderers to help rescue Maria and succeeds in convincing them, a handful of other rival team players and the pompous editor and chief of the Daily Prophet Amoros Cuffe into accompanying him to the Mountains of Estershire to rescue the daughter of Ragmar Dorkins.

The mysterious Albus Dumbledore who aided Whisp in persuading the others into a rescue mission also joins them on their quest as under a personal obligation he feels he must be the one to finally stop the dark wizard Grindewald as he was childhood bestfriend and he is responsible for leading him down the path for obsession and power.

Meanwhile the rest of the world is also in trouble as the army of Grindewald and a collective of fearsome beasts have been assembled to start the first wizarding world war and betrayals and mishaps occur within the rescue party on their way to Romania.


  • Dylan O'Brien as Kennilworthy Whisp
  • Tom Courtenay as Walter Parkin
  • Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore
  • Michael Byrne as Gellert Grindewald
  • Peter Vaughan as Ragmar Dorkins
  • Emily Beecham as Maria Dorkins
  • Tom Hardy as Parkin I
  • Thomas Howes as Parkin II
  • Tom Hiddleston as Parkin III
  • Martin Clunes as Amoros Cuffe
  • Gemma Arterton as Gwendolyn Morgan
  • Felicity Jones as Glynnis Griffiths
  • Arthur Darvill as Dangerous Dai Llewellyn
  • Hugh Laurie as Grindewald's Cockatrice (Voice)
  • Romolai Garai as The Sphinx
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Screen Gems
  • 20th Century Fox


  1. Nottinghamshire- Alexandre Desplat
  2. Welcome to the Ministry- Alexandre Desplat
  3. The Diagon Alley Broomsticks- Alexandre Desplat
  4. The Vault of Walter Parkin- Alexandre Desplat
  5. Wigtown- Alexandre Desplat
  6. Meet The Wanderers- Alexandre Desplat
  7. The Holyhead Harpies- Alexandre Desplat
  8. The Chudley Cannons- Alexandre Desplat
  9. Maria Dorkins- Alexandre Desplat
  10. Albus Dumbledore- Alexandre Desplat
  11. The Parkin Brothers- Alexandre Desplat
  12. Amoros Cuffe- Alexandre Desplat
  13. Dangerous Dai Llewellyn
  14. Wigtown Vs. The Harpies- Alexandre Desplat
  15. Wigtown Vs. The Caerphilly Catapults- Alexandre Desplat
  16. Argentenian Encounter- Alexandre Desplat
  17. The Stranger in the Flamed Cloak- Alexandre Desplat
  18. Path Of Power- Alexandre Desplat
  19. Wigtown Vs. Argentenia- Alexandre Desplat
  20. Wigtown Vs. Ireland- Alexandre Desplat
  21. Wigtown Vs. Bulgaria- Alexandre Desplat
  22. Meet The Cannons- Alexandre Desplat
  23. The Quiditch World Cup- Alexandre Desplat
  24. Wigtown Vs. The Chudley Cannons- Alexandre Desplat
  25. The Quditich World Cup Riot- Alexandre Desplat
  26. The Abduction- Alexandre Desplat
  27. Maria & The Cockatrice- Alexandre Desplat
  28. Maria & The Sphinx- Alexandre Desplat
  29. The First War Begins- Alexandre Desplat
  30. Travel to Egypt- Alexandre Desplat
  31. The Manticore Nest- Alexandre Desplat
  32. The Scarabs- Alexandre Desplat
  33. Kill Them All!- Alexandre Desplat
  34. Travel to the Phillipines- Alexandre Desplat
  35. The Vast Jungle- Alexandre Desplat
  36. Dazed and Confused- Alexandre Desplat
  37. The Quintaped Ambush- Alexandre Desplat
  38. Killing the Pack Head- Alexandre Desplat
  39. Travel to Germany- Alexandre Desplat
  40. Wigtown Vs. The Army- Alexandre Desplat
  41. Unleashing the Bludgers- Alexandre Desplat
  42. The Retreat- Alexandre Desplat
  43. A Celebration- Alexandre Desplat
  44. The Firebolt- Alexandre Desplat
  45. Travel to Scotland- Alexandre Desplat
  46. The Forbidden Forest Griffins- Alexandre Desplat
  47. The Griffins Take Flight- Alexandre Desplat
  48. Travel to Romania- Alexandre Desplat
  49. Bringing the Quiditch Chest to Estershire- Alexandre Desplat
  50. Inside The Cave Of Horrors- Alexandre Desplat
  51. Riddle I- Alexandre Desplat
  52. Riddle II- Alexandre Desplat
  53. Riddle III- Alexandre Desplat
  54. Griffins Vs. The Army- Alexandre Desplat
  55. Grindewald and Dumbledore- Alexandre Desplat
  56. Whisp Vs. The Cockatrice- Alexandre Desplat
  57. Escaping the Cave Of Horrors- Alexandre Desplat
  58. Travel Home- Alexandre Desplat
  59. The Wedding- Alexandre Desplat
  60. Whisp and Dumbledore Part Ways- Alexandre Desplat
  61. Quiditch Through The Ages- Alexandre Desplat
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