Question is a 2017 supernatural horror film starring Hailee Steinfeld, Bella Sana, PPC Conder, Danielle Panabaker, Barbara Crampton


Mariana, Hanna, Belle, Liza and Mr. Morgian are question the game before the time will died and the people will dieds


Mariana (Bella Sana) and Hanna (Hailee Steinfeld) are in Liza house and Liza (Danielle Panabaker) and Belle (Barbara Crampton) in Hanna House. Belle find a jumanji game that darkest game Mariana, Belle, Hanna, Liza are turn into kids and the house is break and darkest Mariana roll the dice and the curse is in Hanna and there a monsters in Liza behind and grab Liza and eaten her. Hanna roll the dice and the player go to Man-Eating Plants and the roots are anywhere in the house and grab Hanna leg Mariana, Belle, Hanna grab Hanna and Mariana cut man-eating plant tongue and the plants set to fire and Belle roll the dice and the player set to Burning Floor. Belle, Hanna, Mariana her foot is burning and run over to the chair Mariana push Belle and Belle face fire and she burn. Mariana question the curse and it say "the curse will broken em you finish the game" Mariana and Hanna is roll the dice and it three holes and the player walk three and go to Underwater Floor and Mr. Morgian (PPC Conder) and Mariana said watch out and Mr. Morgian drowned and the floor set to normal Mr. Morgian is eaten by the shark Mariana roll the dice and go to Ending. Mariana hear a sound in the bedroom. Hanna her ear set to destroy and she died Mariana wanna go home and the ghost get Mariana. Mariana scream and she bashed ghost hands Mariana roll the dice and 10 hole and go to Question and all the creature are going back and the cursed broken Hanna and Mariana are alive


TBA as Mariana

Hailee Steinfeld as Hanna

TBA as Liza

Barbara Crampton as Belle

TBA as Mr. Morgian


  • Liza-eaten by the monster behind her
  • Belle- pushed by Mariana and burning face
  • Hanna-her ear is destroy but she is alive
  • Mr. Morgian- drowned and eaten by a shark


  • Hanna
  • Mariana
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