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The Zendo were founded as the guardians of the sacred land and have fulfilled that duty since their inception.
The Zendo were founded as the guardians of the sacred land and have fulfilled that duty since their inception.
The Keiken clan that runs the order is an immensely distant branch of the main clan in Yamatai, the main family descended from Keiken no Taiso-tenno, the first tenno in Fuso history, to the point that they don't even consider themselves related anymore. The clan that runs the order is not descended from Keiken no Taiso, but Keiken no Tamashi (敬虔の魂), Taiso's cousin. It is for this reason that the family that runs the order has no interest in making any claims to the throne, nor did they contest Shintoki-tenno's ascension.
The Keiken clan that runs the order is an immensely distant branch of the main clan in Yamatai, the main family descended from Ganzo-tenno (元祖天皇); personal name: Mikado Keikenna no Taiso (神門敬虔なの太祖), the first tenno in Fuso history, to the point that they don't even consider themselves related anymore. The clan that runs the order is not descended from Ganzo-tenno, but Mikado Keikenna no Tamashi (敬虔の魂), Taiso's cousin. It is for this reason that the family that runs the order has no interest in making any claims to the throne, nor did they contest Shintoki-tenno's ascension.
Unlike the other ninja organizations, which normally dress in dark suits with minimal color, the Zendo dress in bright yellow.
Unlike the other ninja organizations, which normally dress in dark suits with minimal color, the Zendo dress in bright yellow.

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Qirsyllviar has many non-state organizations spread around the world. Some are secret, others are public. Some are sovereign, others institutional. Some are subordinate to a government or religious authority, others are independent.

While several organizations allow the induction of women to varying degrees, or not at all, a select few orders only allow women to join. While it is truly unique among other military orders due to forbidding men from joining, this is rare, and there are only a few in existence across Qirsyllviar. While there are a few more, the largest are among the list.

Some organizations are secret and hidden from public eye, their activities shrouded in secrecy. Very few outside those organizations know that they exist, despite some major activity.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of organizations around Qirsyllviar, but the most well known are listed here.

Military Orders:

A great number of military orders operate around the world, either independently, subordinate to no nation, government, or church (although some may be religious as part of their founding), or vice versa.

Knights of Alfheim

Alfheim Knights flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "Take no Crowns, Win no Glory."

The Knights of Alfheim are a unified coalition of all the Alfheimish fairy races, based in the Neutral Zone of Alfheim.

Originally formed during Orthyir's War, one of several large conflicts known collectively as the Great Fairy Wars, their purpose is to keep the peace between the other races/nations of Alfheim, intervening in wars, providing mediators, and the like; though the knights will occasionally act aggressively if a lord gets out of line. They are also not above intervening in large conflicts on the surface of Qirsyllviar if the necessity arises.

Army of Anubis

Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "?????"

The Army of Anubis is an militant organization based in Kemet that serves as the armed branch of the Cult of Anubis, the religious organization that views themselves to be rightful the servants of said god.

Order of Ascalon

Knights of the Brown Wolf

Order of Calatrava

Knights of the Celtic Order

Celtic flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "?????"

The Knights of the Celtic Order, or simply the Celtic Knights, the Knights of Celt, or Celtic Order, are a Knightly Order operating majorly across southern and central Eurodysia; their approximate range is from the island of High Albion to Ardeal; they also have some minor presence in the Hispanian lands.

The Celtic Order was originally founded in the City of Celt, for which they are named, as a simple charity organization dedicated to helping the poor. Eventually, with the near-constant eruption of all-out-wars between empires, the Order became militaristic in order to remain independent of any sovereign influence, while at the same time worked to see peace restored.

When Eurodysia is at peace, the Celtic Order will occasionally sent troops to aide war efforts elsewhere..

Army of Chaos

Chaos flag

Leader: Great Lord of Chaos
Motto: "Sit Orbis Terrarum Conbures (May the World Burn)"

The Army of Chaos, also known as the Chaos Order or the Dark Order, is the secret militaristic branch of the Church of Chaos. The existence of this military order is a strict secret; only a small handful of people outside the order even know the order exists.

The only goal of the Chaos Army is the spread of destruction, discord, pandemonium, and chaos. In the beginning the followers, known as Chaotics, believed that they were returning the world to the natural order of nature, with the ultimate goal of resurrecting the Dark Lord Voldrazar; but as time went by their beliefs were replaced by nothing but a love for destruction and bloodshed, but their goal of resurrecting the Dark Lord remained.

Keeping themselves hidden to all, the Dark Order usually operates by recruiting leaders to their ranks, or overthrowing sovereigns in coups d'état, allowing them to sow discord from the top down. However, their usual modus operandi is usually the other way around, which is to simply cause as much trouble as possible, usually by starting wars one way or another.

The Church and the Army together operate under the "Rule of Three." While there may be thousands of men and women in service to the church or the army, there can only be three leading lords at any given time: the Great Lord of Chaos, and his/her two subordinates, the "Left Hand of Chaos" and the "Right Hand of Chaos." The Great Lord is marked by a gold Chaos symbol necklace, while the Left and Right Hands are marked by a chaos necklace that also bears the respective hand.

Order of the Dragon

Brotherhood of the Knights of Eden

Eden Order flag

Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "Army in the Light, Justice from the Shadows."

The Brotherhood of the Knight of Eden, also known as the Order of Eden or the Eden Knights, is a military order dedicated to the peace and freedom of the world. Members of the Order of Eden are known as Edeners.

The reason for their motto is because the order has two faces, like two sides of the same coin: There is the public Knightly order that goes where they are needed, helping the needy and fighting alongside just causes. Then there's the secret side of the order, as a society of assassins; this side of the order carries out covert operations and assassinations, political or otherwise.

The order operates worldwide, and they will sometimes carry out jobs for the highest bidder, but usually with reason. While keeping one side of the order hidden, the Order of Eden maintains a public face of chivalry and honor. The Order of Eden are the sworn enemies of the Chaos Order, who seek to plunge the world into chaos.


Fuurinkazan flag
Leader: Shogun
Motto: "????"

Furinkazan (風林火山) is a military order of samurai active throughout Fuso and Yamato possessions in Marlakcor and Maritymir, under the leadership of a Shogun.

Furinkazan was first formed during the Warring States Period of the Two Hundred Years' War by the famed samurai Takeda Zenjiro (武田 善次郎), a wayward son of the warlord and daimyo the Takeda clan, Takeda Daijiro (武田 大治郎), to combat rouge warlords, daimyo and other ruffians trying to take advantage of the chaos.

At the beginning of the Age of Conquest period, Furinkazan pledged support to the expansion of Yamatai, hastening the conflict's conclusion.

Since the conclusion of the conflicts after the Age of Conquest, Furinkazan has loyally helped to maintain order across the empire, as well as helping its expansion and defense in times of war, under the direct supervision of the tenno, but remains some degree of autonomy from the tenno's influence.

Knights of the Gaelic Order

Gaelic flag

Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "?????"

The Knights of the Gaelic Order, or simply the Gaelic Order, the Knights of Gael or the Gaelic Knights, are a knightly order based in the Brythonic Isles.

They were originally formed in Hibernia in a city-state known as Gael, for which they took their name, but since spread their presence to the rest of the islands, and have limited presence in the Uther Islands, New Albion and northern Nekcroz

Knights of the Golden Wing

Green Turbans

Leader: Dashi (大師)
Motto: "?????"

The Green Turbans, also known as Luse Toujin (綠色頭巾), in a Miao rebellion-turned mercenary military order based in Marlakcor. The aftereffects of their rebellion in-part led to the fall of the Kai Dynasty. Since then they have reformed as a militaristic order that aids the people and aims to quell the chaos of war.

They operate mainly in Huaxia (Tianchao & Dongbalian), but have branches in Raimei, Jingling, and as far away as Fuso.

Lion King Army

Order of the Lovagjai

A society of knights operating in Magyarhaza.

Medjai Order

Medjay flag
Leaders: Medjai High Council
Motto: N/A

The Medjai Order, or simply the Medjai, is a semi-secret organization dedicated to preventing the rise of evil, and to police the island of Nubia and beyond. Headquartered in Kemetan Empire, but operating all around Southeastern Aquilonis, and as far away as New Albion, Awal, and northern Arabia.

The Medjai was originally founded as the personal bodyguards of Kemetan Pharaohs, but its purpose changed when a certain pharaoh, known to history as Akhenaton II, became corrupt and delved into the dark arts. In his greed and blood-lust, Akhenaton launched a campaign to subjugate the deserts of Nubia in the name of evil, with ambitions to conquer the mainland as well. Knowing they had to stop Akhenaton, the Medjai rebelled, thus beginning the conflict now known to history as the War of the Ancients. After several years of war, they Medjai ultimately defeated Akhenaton and mummified him alive, ending the evil pharaoh's reign of terror.

After Akhenaton's defeat, the Medjai turned independent and spread across the deserts, doing what they can to prevent such evil from rising again, and seeing the people protected from those who would do them harm. Some Medjai still volunteer to protect the Kemetan Pharaohs, but remain outside their authority to this day.

Knights of the Morning Star

Morning Star Knights flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "From the First Star to the Last Star."

The Knights of the Morning Star is a knightly order primarily based in Drakyncia in western Aquilonis.

The Knights of the Morning Star was first founded in Drakyncia, and is often seated on the ruling council (see Below) due to its popularity. The order is so popular, it has been seated on the council for a record of twenty consecutive elections, and there have been several calls to change the laws so that the Morning Star can have a permanent seat, but these have all been unsuccessful.

The Knights of the Morning Star was originally founded as a splinter group of the Drakyncia Liberty Force, in opposition to the corruption rampant within the higher ranks of the Army. This split resulted in civil war within a few years of Morning Star's formation, but the resulting peace treaty ended much of the corruption within the DLF (but not all of it).

The Morning Stars are often seen as the true chivalrous peacekeepers of Drakyncia due to their strict codes of honor and chivalry.

The order also extends its influence into Talmyrnia, Bestiauris, New Albion, and into eastern Eurodysia.

Myrmidon Army

Myrmidon flag
Leader: Stratigos
Motto: "Glory and Valor."

The Myrmidon Army, or simply The Myrmidons, is an organization of warriors operating in northwestern Eurodysia.

The Myrmidons were first founded during the Akhaian Unification Wars by the greatest warriors of the time: Odysseus, Achilles, Perseus, Heracles, Hector, and Theseus.

The Myrmidons thrived and fought tirelessly against all enemies during the wars, trying to lessen the chaos brought about by the never-ending conflicts. Once the wars ended, the Myrmidon Legion continued as a non-sovereign order at the beck-and-call of the Akhaian Basileus, but was again an independent faction during the Graikoi Revolution, which resulted in the collapse of the Empire. Once the wars with Rome after the Revolution ended, the Myrmidons became truly independent and occasionally sends its men to the aid of just causes.

The Nereids

The Nereids are a women-only military order based in the Akhaian peninsula of Eurodysia. They were founded by the legendary female warrior Hippolyta.

Order of Orion

Orion Order flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "For Orion's Glory."

The Order of Orion is a knightly order made up solely of centaurs. One of the oldest knightly orders in existence, and one of the most illustrious, it is named for Orion, a legendary figure from centaurian myth. The order was reportedly founded roughly four thousand years ago, and allegedly played a part in the end of the Zedylrian Empire.

Oshiyama Warriors

Leader: Sodai Kyosho (壮大巨匠)
Motto: "?????"

Oshiyama island

Oshiyama, where the order was founded

The Oshiyama Warriors, also known as Oshiyama Senshi (押山戦士), is a minor Genjin military order operating in Yamatai.

They were founded on the eponymous island of Oshiyama during the Two Hundred Years' War, mainly to combat against bandits and rouge warlords tearing up the island. Since the conclusion of the Age of Conquest, the Oshiyama Warriors have served as the special police force of the island.

Holy Synkratic Order

Holy Order flag
Leader: Magister
Motto: "Long live the Pope!"

Based in the capital of the Holy Papal Empire, the Holy Synkratic Order is the knightly order in direct service to the Pope of the Synkratic Church, and is the official militaristic branch of the church.

The Pope has absolute authority over it, and since it is separate from the official Papal Army, they can root out heresy across Qirsyllviar without directly involving the Papacy itself. However, the Holy Order is notorious for its corruption behind the scenes, and is not above making a move without the Pope's say-so.


Leader: Herr Kommandant
Motto: "Es lebe das heilige Deutschland."

The Reichsritters are the imperial knights directly subordinate to the Kaiser of Germania, whom in turn is titled Oberbefehlshaber to them. They take orders only from the Kaiser.

Knights of Roland

Roland Knights flag
Leader: High Knight
Motto: "For the Lady."

The Knights of Roland, also nicknamed the Black Knights, is a knightly order based in Camelot. They get their nickname from the fact that their knights wear black armor.

Founded by Sir Gawain Alfred Roland, once a Knight of the Round Table, the Knights of Roland are a partially religious order pledging faith to Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, while also charged with the defense of Camelot, alongside the Knights of the Round. But unlike the Knights of the Round Table, the Knights of Roland are completely independent of the monarchy.

Order of the Rose Knights

Rose Knights flag
Leader: Warmaiden
Motto: "Honor, Beauty, Valor, Love, Glory."

The Order of the Rose Knights, also known as the Knights of the Rose, the Rose Order or the Rose Knights, is a women-only knightly order operating in Eurodysia, Aquilonis, and parts of Nekcroz and Ingdjiva, along with some minor presence in Marlakcor and Maritymir, where it is slowly gaining prominence. It is one of the largest existing women-only Knightly Orders.

The command structure of the various branches of the order usually consists of a Warmaiden with three sub-commanders.

Nearly eight hundred years before present time, the Order was originally founded as the private army of a Gallian Princess, known to history as Caroline Marie-Claire de Guilheim, First Princess of Gallia during the reign of House Guilheim of the Septième Dynasty, and continued to be so for each First Princess of Gallia for over a century.

However, after a hundred years marred by a lack of respect and recognition, combined with the oppression of women at the time, contempt with their rulers prompted the Order's revolt; even the First Princess of the time, known to history as Adrienne Laetitia de Guilheim, sided with the Order rather than stick with her family.

However, lack of support and heavy losses forced the Order to retreat across borders to neighboring countries. After an uneasy peace treaty with Gallia, which came under the rule of House Tabouillot of the Septième Dynasty during the war, the order turned into an independent militant organization, eventually growing into the world-wide respect-commanding power it is today.

Knights of the Round Table

KoRT flag
Leader: King of Camelot
Motto: "United we stand, divided we fall."

The Knights of the Round Table are a knightly order based in Camelot. They are the primary police of the kingdom, as well as the top military commanders, taking precedence ahead of the royal army, and serving as its generals in times of war. The order was instrumental in the founding of the kingdom when they toppled a tyrannical lord.

Including King Arthur R. Lionheart, the founding members include:
Member Historicity & Description
Sir Bedivere
Sir Ector Also known as Ectorius. King Arthur's foster father.
Sir Gawain
Sir Kay Sir Ectorius's son and Arthur's foster brother.
Queen Guinevere King Arthur's wife, and the greatest warrior woman of her time.
Sir Lancelot Arthur's closest and most trusted comrade.
Sir Lionel
Merlin Not a knight, but a powerful influence on the order, a great wizard, and its magical advisory of the time.
Sir Mordred Arthur's illegitimate son via his half-sister, Morgana la Fae. Later betrayed the order and launched an ill-fated civil war for his father's throne.
Sir Percival
Sir Tristran

Silver Arrow Armada

Silver Arrow flag
Leader: Supreme Admiral
Motto: "Peace on the Waves."

The Silver Arrow Armada, also known as the "Silver Arrows," is a seafaring order primarily based in Maritymir, but operates in all Qirsyllvian waters.

Founded by the legendary seaman, Sinbad, almost a thousand years ago, its purpose is to ensure the safety of travel on the oceans, and is most actively seen hunting pirates; although they've been known to make an occasional truce with the occasional chivalrous pirates. The Silver Arrows are also known to take employment from nations during war-time, mainly in the absence of a formal navy by a belligerent.

Sky Knights

Sky knight flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "Peace and Unity for all."

The Sky Knights are an airborne Knightly order that serve as the guardians of the flying land of Avalon. The Sky Knights take their name from the fact that they are an airborne knightly order, flying about riding flying beasts such as dragons, griffins, or giant eagles or using their wings – in the case of members who have wings.

Order of the Knights of the Silver Bat

Silver bat flag
Leader: Lord Commander
Motto: "Peace and Glory to the Realm."

The Order of the Knights of the Silver Bat, or simply the Silver Bats, is a Ardealian knightly order made up solely of vampires. They take their name from the Silver-haired bat native to Ardeal, as well as the nickname of Zelda VI.

One of the newer knightly orders on Qirsyllviar, founded in the wake of the Great Northern Aquilonis War, the Silver Bats serve as the personal force of the Monarch of Ardeal, as well as the national guard of the kingdom, and personal guards of the royal family. They also serve a religious role in spreading the faith of the Gods of the Vampiric Pantheon to smaller communities that lack a place of worship.

Order of the Talmyri Legion

Leaders: Fourteen Generals
Motto: "Fourteen Spirits, One purpose."

The Order of the Talmyri Legion is a military order based almost purely in Talmyrnia and is directly subordinate to the emperor. The Order serves as the secondary army of the Talmyri Empire alongside the main army.

Order of the Knights Templar

Templar flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "Unto thy Name, give glory."

The Order of the Knights Templar, or simply the "Templar Order" or the "Templars", is a religious military organization headquartered in Gallia, but with temples across Eurodysia, parts of western Aquilonis, and in the Eurodyne colonies of Nekcroz and Ingdjiva.

The Templars were founded as a Septifidelic monastic order charged with protecting pilgrims on their way to various holy sites, but a dispute in beliefs with an order of another religion turned the Templars militaristic in order to maintain their practice and protect the people.

Order of the Valkyries

Leader: Meyjar
Motto: "Life & Glory to the Just."

The Order of the Valkyries is a women-only knightly order operating in Eurodysia. Headquartered in Asgard and operates mainly in Sverige, Noregr, but extends its influence as far as Talmyrnia.

Sisters of the Yellow Dragon

Leader: Shengmu (圣母)
Motto: "?????"

The Sisters of the Yellow Dragon (姐妹的該黃龍/Jiemei de gai Huanglong) is a Miao women-only military order based in Marlakcor. They operate mainly in Huaxia, but have branches in Raimei, Jingling, and as far away as Fuso.

The sisters were originally founded in the aftermath of the overthrow of the Kai Dynasty at the onset of the Central, Western & Northern Dynasties period by a Miao woman known to history as Feng Xing (蜂杏), ancestor of Qiao Ci (俏刺), who would become the first huangdi of the Ang dynasty, restoring Miao rule from the Khitan-ruled Lin dynasty.

Order of the Zodiac

Leader: Shengxiao Dashi (生肖大師)
Motto: "Tuanjie Shi'er ru Yixin (團結十二如一心/United Twelve as One)"

The Order of the Zodiac, also known as Shengxiao Jundui (生肖軍隊/Zodiac Army), is the militaristic order primarily based in Huaxia, but extends its influences across the entire continent, aside for Jingling, and as far south as Long Qundao in Maritymir.

The order dates back as to as early as the Mo dynasty, the last preimperial dynasty before the Warring States Period.

There are twelve corps, each dedicated to a different animal of the Zodiac, and each with is own specialty inspired by them. The Order's main purpose is to preserve peace in Marlakcor, but has taken a neutral stance in most affairs in recent decades.

Ninja Orders:

A ninja order is an organization of shinobi (忍び) and kunoichi (くノ一), whom master the art of ninjutsu (忍術). They are most prominent in Fuso and the Yamato possessions. Ninja orders specialize in espionage, sabotage and assassination.

Akatsuki Ninja Order

Akatsuki Ninja flag
Leader: Shojokyoshi (霄壌教師)
Motto: "Meiyo, Chusei, Dento, Seikatsu (名誉, 忠誠, 伝統, 生活/Honor, Loyalty, Tradition, Life)"

The Akatsuki Ninja Order (暁忍者団体/Akatsuki Ninja Dantai), otherwise known as the "Akatsuki Ninjas (暁忍者)" or simply the "Akatsuki," is the largest Ninja Organization on Qirsyllviar.

The Akatsuki were originally – and still are – several clans of ninja that pass down their techniques from generation to generation. The members of the Akatsuki are typically born into the order via the ninja clans, but outsiders wishing to join are rarely turned away.

In the past they competed with each other, the daimyo and the samurai for power and influence, many times breaking out into a series of "Ninja Wars." They eventually came together as a unified order during the Two Hundred Years' War, in the face of the unstoppable expansion of the empire, perceiving the empire to be a common enemy between them. After several successive losses, the order capitulated and recognized the sovereignty of the tenno rather than face elimination. Since then, under the patronage of the tenno, they have grown to become the most dominant ninja force on Qirsyllviar and have served as the special police of Yamatai ever since.

It is headquartered in a village somewhere outside Daitoshi, the capital of Yamatai – though the exact location of the village is a closely guarded secret to all but the imperial family – but extends its reach to the rest of Fuso and Yamatai's possessions in Marlakcor and Maritymir. While completely loyal to the empire and will answer directly to the tenno and the Yamato Imperial Family when called upon, the Akatsuki Ninjas still maintain some measure of autonomy and they don't need the tenno's say-so to act against a perceived threat.

There are fifteen great ninja clans that stand at the head of the order.

The order is divided into a series of sentai (戦隊/corps), each with a specialization of techniques based on the elements (with one exception specializing in medicine) and each is run by one of the nine great ninja clans. The leaders of the corps are referred to as a kyoshi (教師/lit: teacher/mentor), with one of several suffixes, and the overall leader of the organization is the Shojokyoshi, which is chosen by election from among the kyoshi.

The corps of the Akatsuki Ninja Order are:
Sentai Element Kyoshi Title Controlling Ninja Clan
Joku Sentai
Sky Corps
Sky Sorakyoshi
Enjo Sentai
Blaze Corps
Fire Kajikyoshi
Kyofu Sentai
Gale Corps
Wind Kazekyoshi
Nami Sentai
Wave Corps
Water Mizukyoshi
Dojo Sentai
Soil Corps
Earth Tsuchikyoshi
Kaminari Sentai
Thunder Corps
Thunder Arashikyoshi
Kinzoku Sentai
Metal Corps
Metal Kinkyoshi
Hizashi Sentai
Sunlight Corps
Sun Tenpikyoshi
Notan Sentai
Shade Corps
Shadow Bankyoshi
Shinrin Sentai
Forest Corps
Forest Morikyoshi
Hisakata Sentai
Moons Corps
Moons Tsukikyoshi
Sanmyaku Sentai
Mountain Range Corps
Mountain Yamakyoshi
Sogen Sentai
Grassland Corps
Grass Takekyoshi
Hochoki Sentai
Acoustic Corps
Sound Otokyoshi
Iryo Sentai
Medical Corps
Medicine Ishikyoshi
Most unusal for the rest of the order, the corps wasn't founded when the order submitted to the empire, but in the wake of it. Also, Shirayuki ninja clan, a cadet clan of the imperial-related parent line, practices the healing arts Ijutsu.

Labeled "medical ninja" since these techniques are unique to them, members of the corps are spread out among the others to provide medical care when needed, and to learn the ways of the rest of the corps to protect themselves.

Kaminari Ninja Order

Sanda flag
Leader: Raikyoshi (雷教師)
Motto: "Kyoi no Arashi, Kaminari no Chikara (驚異の嵐, 雷の力/Storm of Wonder, Power of Thunder)"

The Kaminari Ninja Order (雷忍者団体/Kaminari Ninja Dantei) is a splinter-faction of the Akatsuki, based in the Empire of Raimei and founded during the Raimese War for Independence. Like the Akatsuki Ninjas to the Tenno of Yamatai, the Kaminari Order pledges loyalty to the Raiu-jinno of Raimei, protecting him and his family from various threats, and enforcing law as the national police.

The Kaminari Ninja Order is a splinter group the Kaminari Sentai (雷戦隊), run by the Azuma clan (雷), a renegade cadet branch of the Inazuma clan (稲妻) in Fuso, and the Raikyoshi. A clash in ideals led part of the sentai to split from the Akatsuki order to side with the rebelling Raimese Empire. It frequently, and mostly unofficially, clashes with the Akatsuki Ninjas based in the Manzi regions of the Morokoshi Ryoiki, but mostly in small personal skirmishes due to peace brokered with the conclusion of the war.

While the Akatsuki ninja are almost entirely of Genjin ethnicity, the Kaminari are comprised of a mixture of Genjin and local ethnic groups.

Sekigetsu Ninja Association

The Sekigetsu Ninja Association (赤月忍者協会/Sekigetsu Ninja Kyokai) is a minor ninja organization in Fuso, mainly in Mizuho, run by the clan of the same name. The Sekigetsu were once more powerful than the Akatsuki order and resisted the expansion of Yamatai without even considering surrender. Finally, after suffering many losses, they were eclipsed in power by the Akatsuki, whom had submitted to imperial patronage, and brought to near extinction. It was only by retreating to Mizuho, the only kingdom to successfully resist collapse and invasion, that the order survived.

While they pale in comparison to the Akatsuki, the Sekigetsu still retain some power, enough to be of use to Mizuho as the de facto guardians of the kingdom.

Shoka Kunoichi Order

Leader: Barakyoshi (薔薇教師)
Motto: Mottomo Utsukushi Hana ni Hato-ge ga Aru (最も美しい花にはとげがある/The Most Beautiful Flowers have Thorns)

The Shoka Kunoichi Order (薔華くノ一団体) is a women-only ninja order in Fuso. While their power and infleunce pales in comparison to the Akatsuki, the Shoka kunoichi are still prestigious enough that they are treated equal to the Akatsuki. They even have presence in Yamatai's possessions in Marlakcor and Maritymir.

Unlike most ninja orders, the Shoka isn't run by a single clan and men are prohibited from joining. The Barakyoshi is chosen via election as well.

Founded during early the Fourteen Kingdoms Period by a kunoichi known as Hanasaku no Kikka (花咲くの菊花), when the Two Hundred Years' War broke out, the order took a stance of neutrality, preferring to stay out of the fighting. When empire of Yamatai was founded, the order still took a stance of neutrality, even more so since they empire had come into conflict wth the Akatsuki. When the Akatsuki finally submitted to imperial patronage, the Barakyoshi of the time, acknowledging the empire for the legitimate power that it was, earnestly took the offer of patronage to the Yamato Empire and the imperial family. Since then, the Shoka have displayed the same level of loyalty as the Akatsuki, while retaining independence from the latter, and serving as part of the secret police of the empire.

Yamihono Ninja Order

Leader: ???
Motto: Sekai ga Moeru Yoni (世界が燃えるように/May the World Burn)

The Yamihono Ninja Order (闇炎忍者団体) is a ninja order affiliated with the Chaos Order. Their only goal, like their parent organization, is to induce chaos across the land.

Zendo Ninja Order

Leader: Seikyoshi (聖教師)
Motto: "Seichi-de no Go-chumon (聖地でのご注文/Order in the Holy Land)"

The Zendo Ninja Order (善道忍者体制/Zendo Ninja Taisei/Holy Ninja Order), or simply the Zendo Ninjas, is a ninja organization in Hinomoto run by the Keiken clan (敬虔) and headed by the Seikyoshi.

The Zendo were founded as the guardians of the sacred land and have fulfilled that duty since their inception.

The Keiken clan that runs the order is an immensely distant branch of the main clan in Yamatai, the main family descended from Ganzo-tenno (元祖天皇); personal name: Mikado Keikenna no Taiso (神門敬虔なの太祖), the first tenno in Fuso history, to the point that they don't even consider themselves related anymore. The clan that runs the order is not descended from Ganzo-tenno, but Mikado Keikenna no Tamashi (敬虔の魂), Taiso's cousin. It is for this reason that the family that runs the order has no interest in making any claims to the throne, nor did they contest Shintoki-tenno's ascension.

Unlike the other ninja organizations, which normally dress in dark suits with minimal color, the Zendo dress in bright yellow.

Magic Societies

Magic societies are organizations whose activities center around magic.

Order of Heka

Order of the Mystics

Mystic Order flag
Leaders: Council of Three
Motto: "Peace Between Mortals and Magic."

The Order of the Mystics, also known as the Mystic Order, or simply The Mystics, is a wizarding organization who's purpose is to preserve the peace and balance between mortals and the World of Magic, and is run by three Grand Sorcerers of the Order, the Council of Three.

The order also runs the Daingean Academy of Magic, one of the largest schools of magic in Eurodysia, and often sends its students to serve various rulers and/or lords for further training, including bodyguarding and learning diplomacy.

Founded by Merlin, the Order operates worldwide, but is primarily based in Camelot where it was founded. It was also a major power on the side of good during Morgan and Mordred's War.

Coven of the Triquetra

Triquetra Coven flag
Leaders: Three High Priestesses
Motto: "Land, Sea and Sky."

The Coven of the Triquetra, or simply the Triquetra Coven, is an organization of Witches and Wizards, as well as Wicca and Pagan practitioners.

Originally a simple secret coven dedicated to the safe practice of magic back when it was still feared and discriminated against by the common folk, the sudden growth in dark magic users and their dark deeds prompted the leaders to bring the coven out of the shadows and adopt a more proactive approach to keep the balance. Today it operates worldwide and maintains its original purpose; keeping witches and wizards safe practicing magic, while occasionally setting out to set right any chaos brought about by dark magic.

Though the existence of the coven is no longer officially a secret it still maintains opts to keep a low profile, and so its existence is still not widely known by the general population. As a result, small rumors about it still circulate among the magic and mortal communities. This is often due to coven members sometimes getting into big fights with black magic users.

The only thing about the coven that remains truly secret is its membership. While the public remains oblivious to members of the coven, membership is an open secret between members; members identify each other by the coven's insignia, either wearing it on jewelry or having it tattooed somewhere on their body.

Wizards of the White Circle

Assassin Orders

Assassin orders are organizations that specialize in, as the term suggests, the way of the kill. These organizations normally operate in secret, even if their existence is publicly known. In that way they're similar to Ninja orders, but that's where the similarities end.

Assassins of the Blood Crystal

Leader: ?????
Motto: "Yong Xianxie Jintou ni Jian (用鮮血浸透你劍/Soak your Sword with Blood)"

The Assassins of the Blood Crystal, also known as Xieye Jing Cike (血晶刺客) or Assassins of Xieye-Jing, is a women-only Miao assassin order operating in Marlakcor. The location of their headquarters is unknown to all but those in the order, and they operate mainly in Tianchao and Dongbalian, but have been seen in Raimei, Gaoliang, and as far away as Fuso. Some vague reports even place them in various places in Eurodysia.

The exact origins of the order are unclear, but vague historical records allegedly place them back as early as the Rao Dynasty, and they may be older sill. Their founder, who's lifetime duration dates are unknown, was a woman known to history as Hongyu Qing (紅玉情).

Religious Orders

A religious order is a lineage of communities and organizations of people who live in some way set apart from society in accordance with their specific religious devotion, usually characterized by the principles of its founder's religious practice.

Gubernatorial Organizations:

Some organizations, while not states on their own, have risen up to become the rulers of their own nation.


Drakyncia is run by several knightly orders that govern the Knights' Republic, rising to power after overthrowing Drakyncia's tyrannical king.

Drakyncia hosts many military orders, but fifteen administrate Drakyncia from its ruling council. Twelve serve fixed terms, elected to those seats by a nationwide election every five years, but the three with permanent seats are listed here.

None of the council members, permanent and non-permanent, are restricted to the borders of Drakyncia, and members are free to go wherever, and do whatever, they please, even outside the country (of course that doesn't include crimes; members of orders currently sitting on the council are punished severely for their transgressions.); but when duty calls, such as war, all members of the orders sitting on the council are called home to fulfill their obligations to their country. Knightly orders that aren't currently members of the council are exempt from this obligation.

Knights of the Brotherhood

KOB flag
Leader: High Commander
Motto: "Liberty, Justice, Trust, Freedom, Peace, Honor, Goodness, Strength, Valor."

The Knights of the Brotherhood, sometimes simply known as The Brotherhood, is one of the three knightly orders that rule Drakyncia from permanent seats on the council, and the second-largest in terms of members. The Knights of the Brotherhood is the most influential of the three guilds, and is generally the voice of reason in most disputes.

Divine Dragon Alliance

DDA flag
Leader: Sage Commander
Motto: "Hail Xirphan."

The Divine Dragon Alliance is one of the three knightly orders that rule Drakyncia from permanent seats on the council, and the smallest in terms of members (while it is still large in its own right).

Founded by Worshipers of the Dragon God "Xirphran," whom is supposedly depicted on their flag, the Alliance is a bit more religious than the other two guilds, and generally prefer peace and negotiation to solve problems during peacetime, making them the "doves" of Drakyncia. But when wartime comes, they've proven to be a force to be reckoned with, willing to set aside aside their lives to protect Drakyncia, and the people the people they encounter during their campaigns.

Drakyncia Liberty Force

DLF flag

Leader: High General
Motto: "Freedom, Glory, Valor."

The Drakyncia Liberty Force, more commonly known as The Army, is one of the three knightly orders that rule Drakyncia from permanent seats on the council, and the largest in terms of members. Originally founded purely as a military force for the former Kingdom of Drakyncia, the Army is a bit more militaristic then the other two Orders, preferring brute force and action to solve problems, making them the "hawks" of Drakyncia. Because the Army is so large, it is plagued with political instability and infighting among the ranks. The army also has a negative reputation due to apparent corruption among the ranks, with small bands commonly extorting citizens.

Knights Hospitaller

Hospitaller flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "Defense of faith & assistance to the poor."

The Knights Hospitaller, also known as the Order of Hospitallers, is a knightly order that is the ruling body of the island state of Rhodes.

Founded in Pompeii during the Roman Wars of Conquest to help the sick and wounded on the front and rear lines of the conflicts, it started out as a medical organization but became militaristic as the wars raged on; yet still, with some internal struggle, it retained its original medical purpose. It now serves the same purpose while retaining lordship over the island.

When Rome attempted to invade Urartu by bypassing the Seleucid League (this was before Naxos seceded from the league), the Order was instrumental to the keeping the Roman Navy going, settling on the island off the northwest coast of the upper peninsula in preparation for the invasion. But when the Romans were called back due to the uprising in Illyria, the order rebelled and chose to stay, and has held sovereignty over the archipelago ever since, defending it against invaders zealously.

Order of Rondar

Rondar flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: n/a

The Order of Rondar is a Magician's Order specializing in elemental magic, and is currently the ruling government of the City-state of Rondar in central Aquilonis.

Long ago, the Order of Rondar was responsible for maintaining peace between the magic and non-magic communities of Avolcraz, but when a citizen of what was then the City of Maldrazik came to them for help, they launched a campaign to liberate the city. After they seized control of the city from the tyrannical Cult of Maldrazell, a branch of the Church of Chaos, they installed themselves as the ruling government and renamed the city after their order.

They were originally denounced when they seized power, but they accepted it, knowing they did the right thing by removing the tyrannical Cult from power. It has since maintained friendly relations with the surrounding nations, and continues to maintain peace around Aquilonis.

Order of Ravencroft

Order of Ravencroft flag
Leader: Lord Warlock
Motto: "Only Power Remains."

The Order of Ravencroft, a Dark Magic order founded by a powerful warlock named Bartholomew Ravencroft, is currently the ruling body of the State of the Order of Ravencroft in Nekcroz.

The Order was founded as a splinter faction of the Mystic Order due to a clash of ideals; Ravencroft's ideals were more extremist, including the fact that he embraced Dark Magic. He viewed the potentials of it, particularly power, to be superior to the Mystic Order's belief in peaceful coexistence between magic and mortals, hence the Order's motto.

After forming, the Order of Ravencroft cut all ties from the Mystic Order, diplomatic and practical, and moved to the Rheibwyr Islands of the northwestern lands of Coilagbein (the northwestern subcontinent of Nekcroz), then under Britannian/Angevin rule. Once established there, they created one of the largest, yet most notorious, schools of sorcery in Nekcroz: Bloodraven Academy of Sorcery. The school is notorious due to its practice of actually teaching the darkest of dark magic to its students.

The Ravencroft Order took upon themselves to be responsible for maintaining order in Northern Nekcroz after the Colonial race for Northern Nekcroz ended; but after about two hundred years, one Lord Warlock, Junard Yuthoth, felt that the Order had a right to rule its own country and, using an incident involving an attack on a warlock as an excuse, led the revolt and conquest of the Rheibwyr Islands from Angevin. After independence, while the order was already well-known for having an iron fist, the order has since become increasingly tyrannical.

Teutonic Knights

Teutonic flag
Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "Help, Defend, Heal."

The Teutonic Knights, or the "Teutonic Order", are a Knightly Order that serves as the ruling body and army of the State of the Teutonic Order, aka Ordensstaat. It also intervenes in conflicts around Qirsyllviar when the need arises.

Centuries back, the Order was originally founded as the personal force of a Prince of Germania, whom is known to history as Abraham Horst Calvin Jasper Leopold Bertram von Matfriding, of what was then the Matfriding Dynasty.

When the Kaizer of the time sent the Order to conquer what was then the southernmost territories of Livonia, the then Grand Master rebelled and instead took over the conquered portion of kingdom, successfully defending the territory against the invading Germanian Army. The Teutonic Order has since defended the land from Germania with all its might.

Other Organizations

Brotherhood of Amun-Ra

Court of Noaptea

Leader: Grand Master
Motto: "Rule the Night."

The Court of Noaptea, also known as the Grand Coven of the Vampires, is an elite society of vampires that claims governorship over all vampires worldwide.

The location of the Court's meeting place is an open secret that changes at least once every century, but only members are permitted entry. The Court of Noaptea has existed for thousands of years (at least since before the founding of the Zedylrian Empire), with dozens of "immortal" clans, from all cultures around the world, that have been part of it since its inception.

The Court denounces and doesn't recognize the existence of the vampire-ruled monarchy of Ardeal, and rejects the very notion vampire-ruled monarchy at all, and that includes the concept of the Emperor/Empress of the Sovereign Realm of Vampires. This rejection stems from the age-old belief that vampire society should be governed by the collective elite, not by a single person; this stance extended to the now-defunct vampire-ruled Hun Dynasty of Tianchao (1342 AFZ – 1868). Regardless, and in all hypocrisy, despite the Court's ideology against vampire-ruled monarchy, the ruler of Ardeal – and for a time the Huangdi of Tianchao during the Hun Dynasty – is officially a member of the Court of Noaptea and has a say in its affairs. Similarly, non-sovereign vampiric monarchs are also recognized as members of the Court. The reasoning for this is because it's believed that even the vampire monarchs need to at least listen to the opinions of the collective vampire elite.

Notes & Trivia

  • Most of the Orders are public, and some are under the influence, or work directly for, a church or national government, while others are purely independent, often only working for the highest bidder, or intervene when and where they feel they're needed.
  • Some of them operate worldwide, while others restrict themselves to a certain region or continent, and each have their own individual beliefs and customs.
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