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Amongst many things that exist in our world, Qirsyllviar is also home to many unique materials and substances.

Natural Substances

Fairy Grass A shiny dark-blue leaf-like grass that is endemic to Alfheim. It also grows in the vicinity of "fairy kingdoms" on the surface. Its presence is one of the ways of knowing one is close by.
Gold Jade An gold-colored iris-like flower that grows primarily on Alfheim. It is the primary ingredient for Fairy Nectar, a type of ale made using techniques known only to fae folk.
Jakiku Berries A sun-yellow berry with white stubs all over the outer skin. They're endemic primarily to Soleil. They're poisonous; the toxin is not strong enough to kill the ingester, though they will still make the consumer very sick. While the former is normally true, it is assumed that consuming large enough amounts can make the toxin lethal.
Adamantite A very hard, very rare, natural metal that is highly sought after by smiths and metallurgists.
Granikamite A naturally light, yet hard metal. Sky-blue in color.
Ni'eth A natural metal with magic-resistance properties.
Rocks & Minerals
Akryomagite A mineral that nullifies magic.
Fyrusite An igneous stone from a volcano. A piece of fyrusite can stay hot for a whole century before cooling off. One or more are often used to keep a room warm during winter in the absence of fireplaces.
Ghortizio A rare red, ruby-like, crystalline mineral that nullifies a soshihito's abilities.
Magilapis A rare gem that enhances a magic-users abilities, but its nothing compared to a Sorcerer's Stone.
Phantomite An extremely rare blue, sapphire-like, crystalline mineral that allows the holder to pass through solid objects.
Tachyspetra A rare topaz-like rock that allows the holder to run at extremely fast speeds. The topaz color is more dull compared to real topaz, which allows better differentiation.
Voliterae A granite-like, rainbow-sparkling stone with antigravitational properties. Allows flight if plentiful enough. Legends say that Alfheim, Asgard and Avalon fly because they house large deposits of Voliterae, but this has been neither proven nor disproven.
Warpstone A white stone with grey lines and dots, naturally infused with magic. A warpstone transports the user to any place instantly, but only trained enchanters can use them properly without getting transported randomly.
Zyro An extremely rare green, emerald-like, crystalline mineral that heals sickness or injuries within a two feet radius proximity. It is so rare, and its affects are so precious, that even the smallest piece is often treated more precious than gold.
Zyroil The liquid form of the mineral Zyro. Nobody is quite sure how Zyro changes between solid and liquid forms.

Man-made Substances

Icefyre Icefyre is a flammable liquid created through alchemy. Icefyre is identifiable by the distinctive silvery-white hue of its flames and a bright blue color in its liquid state.

A highly volatile material, it can ignite with the smallest spark, and can also ignite if the container shatters open. When ignited, it can explode with tremendous force; 25 pounds of it is roughly equivalent to 5 tons of real-world dynamite, and the resulting fire burns so hot that even water cannot extinguish it. Only by smothering the flames with large quantities of sand can they be put out.

Icefyre can also be solidified and molded into bricks or statues to hide in buildings, even their foundations, and in plain sight. Icefyre in this form is literally a solid bomb and should be treated with the upmost care, since even the smallest spark or flame can still set it off as in its liquid form.

Dwarven Steel Steel made using techniques known only to dwarves. It is a favorite among many when Zedylrian Steel is unavailable.
Zedylrian Steel Zedylrian Steel is an indestructible and immensely sharp alloy originally forged during the days of the ancient Zedylrian Empire. As a weapon it is exceptionally sharp and tremendously strong, yet light, keeping its edge forever without the need for sharpening. Zedylrian steel is recognizable from its dusky color and can also be recognized from a distinctive humming-ringing sound it makes when struck with enough force, similar to a tuning fork.
Philosopher's Stone A Philosopher's Stone is a magical stone produced through alchemy, and is supposedly magic given solid form.
Black Powder Black Powder is a volatile explosive substance that ignites when exposed to fire, and gets its name from the blackish color.

Invented by dwarves in a rather recent era, black powder is used to make bombs and is the primary propellant for firearms, another recent invention of dwarves.

Dwarven Glass Dwarven Glass is a glass made using techniques known only to dwarves. It is said to be unbreakable.

Legendary Substances

Elixir of Life The Elixir of Life is a legendary liquid that restores the drinker's youth, supposedly granting immortality in the process.

Stories about the elixir gave rise to the legends of the Fountain of Youth and the Pool of Eternal Life, but the existence of either of them has never been proven true or untrue.

Attempts to create the Elixir of life through alchemy have been attempted many thousands of times over the centuries, but none have been even remotely successful. Also, people who have allegedly drank an Elixir of Life, supposedly from either the so-called Fountain of Youth or the Pool of Eternal Life, describe the effects as temporary; while the elixir does indeed restore youth, it wears off over time and must be consumed regularly for all eternity for the drinker to retain their youth, and their possible immortality.

However, repeated use of the Elixir of Life is still not true immortality, as the effects of the elixir can be nullified if the liquid is contaminated, and the drinker is still vulnerable to disease and bodily harm.

Notes & Trivia

  • Icefyre and Zedylrian Steel were partially based off wildfire and Valyrian Steel from the A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones franchises.