They all know that it is not safe to be in town so Troutman takes them off into the woods outside of town and to his cabin. He tells them to stay there while he, Chad and Drew find out what's Cordeila and Christopher's next move is. Will asks Carter to go out walking in the woods with him. Will thanks Carter for saving his life and they kiss. The next night Troutman, Chad and Drew come to the cabin and tell them that Cordeila has her guards everwhere looking for him and it's not safe to be around here. Will calls his family and tells them that they can stay on one of the islands in the Bermuda Triangle. They take a plane to Fort Lauderdale where the vampies are about to leave to go on there 21 day trip. Carter thinks he sees somebody sitting by the pool that looks like him at the Ritz Carlton. Katherine who is friends with Patrick and Micheal ask them if they could use one of there confrence rooms and Patrick lets them and he dosen't notcie Carter.

When they all get situated in the confrence rooms Katherine and the council tells them that there ridding one of the cruise ships that goes through the Bermuda Triangle. They abored the ship the next day and Carter feels like somthing is on the ship with them. Carter see's Christopher and Christopher chases him to his friends and they get on the boats and sail away from the sip. Turns out it was just a plan to get Christopher's attention.

When they find the island the find Will's family waiting for. Will's Mom Natalie, his two gay uncles Neil and Jordan and there daughter Tess and Will's brothers and sisters Ray, Max, Cassie, Rose and Lucy. There all trying to figure out the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. There's dark magic on the island and they discover a group of witches on the island and they all have Pyrokinesis which is the abilty to control fire.

Fire is one of the five elements for the witches. The witch leader Addly and her daughter Fiona tell Carter that he's who the Horned God and Moon Godess is looking for. They tell them that the reason they see them when they die is beacuse they chosen you and you will be protected Natalie lets them stay on the island but not on her property beacuse it has a spell around it. Carter goes to sleep that night and the Horned God and Moon Godess come to him in his dream and tell him to look through the books in the libary about the Bermuda Triangle.

The next morning Ray vists him and asks him what happend and Carter tells him the whole story from him being burnded to the stake and to Cordeila and Christopher killing the Resurgents. Ray is also Resurgent and so is the rest of his family. Crater asks him to show him the libary remebring the Horned God and Moon Godess and Ray takes him down there and Carter tells him what he's looking for and Ray pulls it out for him and the book tells Carter everything you need to know about The Bermuda Triangle.

Ray tells Carter that he thinks the Bermuda Triangle has the secrect to everything. Carter tells him that he wants to go out to the center of the trangle. Chad starts having his problems again and admits to Carter that he was the one that was watching him but Cordeila possossed him to do it and Carter believes him. Chad is still mad leaves the island on one of the speed boat and Carter gets in with him with his powers by dreamleaping on there.

Chad tells him to get off and Carter refuses too. Chad tries to throw Carter off the boat not paying attention and they crash into a giant rock in the middle of the ocean. Chad flys on top of the rock with Carter. Carter heals himself real quick and crawls to Chad. Chad tells Carter to let him just die. Carter says he will and but he's healing hin by touching him and tells him all the nice things about him and Chad tells him to heal him and carter says that I am. Chad kisses him and Carter realises that this whole time he liked Chad but just didn't know it and they have sex.

Meanwhile Blake and Will notcie that Carter and Chad are gone and go into the jungle with Hanna, Kalysta, Marry, Ashley, Katie and Christina. They ask the witches and Fiona tells them that there together on a rock in the ocean. Chad has the power to call out to somebody and he calls out to Troutman and tells him where he and Carter are at. Carter tells Blake that he knows exactly where there at and they get in a boat but they run into a serpent.

The serpent swims around there boat but Hanna calls fire to suround there boat and the serpent eventully leaves and they make it to the rock. They get on the boat Carter and Blake kiss and he notcies Will and Chad looking at him and is unsure what to do about them. Carter passes out and the Horned God and Moon Godess come to Carter and tell him it's time to met him now. Carter wakes up and its starts to rain hard and it start hailing.

The clouds turn dark and it starts lightinging and the water turns into a huge sinking hole and they see ghostly planes up above and Carter sees Addly standing on the rock with her hands in the air controlling the power. The boat sinks into the sinking hole and they all crawl out of the water and there in a cave. Carter tells them that Addly was doing all that and Troutman tells them that he always thought there was something fishy about her. They walk through the cave without anything else to do.

Will tells them that they need to get back to the island. Carter tells them how when they have no clue how to get out of here. They walk until they reach a huge red door they open it and find the Horned God and Moon Godess.


Christian Hall as Carter (13 episodes)

Josh Hutcherson as Blake

Jean Luc Bilodeau as Will

Alex Pettyfer as Ray

Zack Roerig as Chad

Alexander Ludwig as Troutman

Emma Robberts as Hanna

Dave Franco as Seth

Debroah Ann Woll as Katherine

Connie Brittion as Natalie

Dylan McDermoitt as Neil

Zachary Quinto as Jordan

Brit Morgan as Tess

Teddy Sears as Max

Taissa Farmgia as Cassie

Alexandra Breckenridge as Rose

Lucy Hale as Lucy

Magenia Tovah as Addly

Jamie Brewer as Fiona

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