Carter knows they can't go back to the school so they move as far away as the school as possible and find an abandon cabin somehwere in the woods to stay in. Will thanks Carter for bringing him back to life and Carter says that he can't let him die for good. Will tells Carter that he saw the Horned God and Moon Godess and they told him to find Bermuda Triangle and your fate stays there. Katherine looks up online to see if there's any cruiseships going past there or through there. They find a ship that's going to be sailing away in Fort Lauderdale in two days. The owners of the cabin come home and it's Troutman, Chad and Drew. The cabin is Chad's and they tell them that they ran away from the school because it's going crazy now that Carter has escaped. They tell them to trust them and that there on there side. Carter asks Chad if he saw anyone named Christopher and Chad tells him that Christopher was Cordeila's helpper

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