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Psychotica (real name Quin) is the main character in the game of the same name. She is a deadly fighter, able to use what she calls "Psycho Energy" to cause damage opponents and objects alike.


Early Life

Quin was born in Alaska to Russian imigrants in 1980. Her parents were part of the Russian Mafia, and their job was to undermine the U.S. Government. They moved to Washington D.C. shortly afterwards. In her years growing up, she was trained to be an assassin. She was kept away from most people, in order that others would not find out about their past.

During the late 1990's, Quin's parents rebelled and left the mafia. Or course, this didn't go over well with the mafia, and her parents were killed soon afterwards. At the funeral, Quin told all of the attendees, which included a member of the Secret Service, about her parents mysterious past, but purposefully failed to mention her training as a brutal warrior. Word got out to the President of the United States that there were Russian Mafia members operating within the borders of he U.S., and Quin was quickly tracked down, since, through her parents, she would have knowledge of the other mafia member's whereabouts.

Becoming Psychotica

After this, Quin, distraught over her parents death, became mentally unstable all of a sudden, and was signed into a mental ward by a neighbor. During this time, she learned, through many failed escape attempts, that she possessed a mysterious ability, the cause of her unstable personality. After a week of testing, Quin was finally able to break free from the mental ward, taking with her a girl who called herself Destiny.

Destiny seemed to exibit powers similar to Quin's, and this would prove to be a valuble asset to her. After fleeing the scene, Quin assumed a new identity: Psychoticia. Indeed, it would fit her new personality well.

Mysterious Happenings

During a trip back to Russia, Psychotica, Destiny and RigorMortis, a third power-holder who has joined the group since before, were captured b the Russian Mafia, who were eager to tie up loose ends, now without the U.S. army getting in the way. However, Psychotica quickly broke free by using her powers, and while escaping from the building they waer being held in, they were suddenly cast through space for unknown reasons.

The three of them awoke on an unfamiliar planet, a battle visible in the distance. As Psychotica went to check it out, she was ambushed by a mysterious man who called himself Darth Raiden. He held within his hands a glowing sword of ultimate power, which he "turned off". Raiden seemed to hold the same powers as Psychotica, something which he took notice of immediately. Psychotica turned towards the battle, and saw many people fighting with the same glowing swords as Raiden held. Raiden, accompanied by Psychotica, Destiny and RigorMortis, rejoined the battle.

After picking up glowing swords from fallen Psycho-wielders, Psychotica fought alongside Raiden against the opposing army. Thus, she started her descent toward darkness, although she would not know this until it was too late. . . .

Becoming a "Sith Lord"

After the battle, Raiden took Psychotica as his "Apprentice", teaching her the ways of the Sith. During this time, Psychotica learned that she was in another galaxy, her powers were actually called The Force, and that the glowing swords were called Lightsabers. In time, she forgot about Earth, and soon assumed the identity of a Sith Lord, Darth Psychotica. Then, an old enemy showed up in the galaxy: The man who murdered her parents. This drove her to get revenge.


As a wielder of Psycho Energy (The Force), Psychotica is a dangerous and powerful foe. Skilled in the use of many different weapons, she can defeat an enemy with ease.