Psycho 3 is a 2013 horror movie and remake of the 1986 film, Psycho 3. Starring Matt Damon and Eliza Bennett.


Brianna Johnson and Amelia Johnson who is look for Jessica, Norman's niece when they know she was kidnapped and also they mother, Juilanne, is haunted by Norman since Brianna was 12 year old and Amelia was 8 year old. Brianna and Amelia try tell to Maureen Coyle who she was in Norman's motel about Norman and who is don,t know about Norman who go to kill them. Nobody believes them, they think Norman is change, but Brianna, Amelia and Julianne found out Norman is killed people again.


The movie open with Norman Bates (Matt Damon) walk in Brianna Johsnon (Eliza Bennett)'s house who live with her mother, Julianne (Carla Gugino) and her sister, Amelia (Georgie Henley). Brianna have nightmare about Brianna and Amelia is haunted by Norman since Brianna was 12 year old and Amelia was 8 year old, (A flashbacks was Brianna and Amelia run away from Norman, Brianna open the door and lock the door, Norman stab the door 36 time to open the door. Norman break the door, Brianna call the police but Norman cut it, Amelia go get the police, Norman chase Brianna, Norman stab Brianna in the back, Norman push Brianna to falls down the stairs and Brianna was alive after get stab in the back). Norman call Brianna to see the news about his neice, Jessica (Abigail Breslin). The news say Jessica went missing or run away. Norman tell Brianna, he did not kidnapped Jessica. Norman put the phone down. Norman kidnapped Jessica.

2 weeks later, Maureen Coyle, a mentally unstable young nun, is atop a bell tower and about to commit suicide. Another nun tries to get her to come down, but Maureen accidentally pushes her to her death. Maureen is forced to leave the convent. With nobody know Norman kidnapped Jessica. Norman is not guilty for the murders of Norma Bates, Marion Crane, Detective Arbogast, Mason Palmer, Brandon Roberts, Ivy Kitner, Dr. McKay and Lila Loomis. Norman saw Brianna. Randall (Dennis Quaid) and Mary (Reiko Aylesworth) was not happy, Norman tell them, he will be change and he will look for Jessica and he did not kidnapped Jessica. Norman walk away. Maureen go to put her thing in the car. Norman meet Maureen and tell her, she can go to Bates Motel and he help her, put her thing in the car. Maureen think Norman is changed man after found out he is not guilty. Norman did not know Brianna watch. Amelia found Brianna. Amelia was shocked to see Norman.


  • Matt Damon as Norman Bates
  • Eliza Bennett as Brianna Johnson
  • Georgie Henley as Amelia Johnson
  • Emma Watson as Maureen Coyle
  • Lily Collins as Jessica Bates
  • Carla Gugino as Julianne Johnson
  • Dennis Quaid as Sheriff Randall Bates
  • Reiko Aylesworth as Mary Bates
  • TBA as Norma Bates


Norman kills Maureen Coyle

  • Maureen: Norman.
  • Maureen: Jessica, Brianna, Amelia, he is not fucking here.
  • Brianna: Look out!
  • (Norman push Maureen to falls down the stairs)
  • (Maureen scream)
  • (Jessica, Brianna and Amelia run)
  • Norman: You know about me?
  • Maureen: No, I mean, yes.
  • Maureen: Shit!
  • Jessica: Uncle Norman.
  • Amelia: Never mind about that!
  • Brianna: We go to call your parents, to tell them, you are OK, Jessica.
  • Maureen: I did not know about you.
  • Norman: Call that why you say yes.
  • Maureen: Oh, shit!
  • (Norman grab Maureen in the leg)
  • (Maureen scream)
  • (Norman stab Maureen in back 30 time)
  • Maureen: No, no, no! (scream)
  • Maureen: No!
  • (Maureen groan)
  • Norman: Mother, I know that, you like me to kill, when you are alive, I say.
  • Norman: I love you.
  • Norman: I kill a woman, I love, I like it for she know about me.
  • (Door open)
  • Juilanne: (Scream) Holy shit, Maureen!
  • Norman: Hello Juilanne.
  • Juilanne: I'm not fucking next!
  • (Juilanne scream and Norman chase Juilanne)
  • Brianna: Mum, Norman is chasing Mum!
  • Amelia: I got an idea to stop Norman.
  • Amelia: Follow me.
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