Psycho is an upcoming American horror film produced and directed by David F. Sandberg. The

film is the a remake of the famous 1960 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The film stars Andrew Greenfield, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Gosling, Allison Pill, Chris Pratt, James Spader and Jonathan Breck. The film is about an embezzler who arrives at an old motel run by an insane killer named Norman Bates. Both films, aswell as the 1998 remake are adapted from Robert Bloch's 1959 novel of the same name, which was in turn inspired by the crimes of Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein.

The film is not set in the 60's but does feature colour. Unlike the 1998 film, it was not shot for shot. Sandberg said the film to make was easy to make but was very scary in terms of criticism, that he was very nervous to remake one of the best films ever and used to give up on the film over countless times during filming of nervousness.

PSYCHO premiered at the LA Film Festival on Febuary 12th 2018 and was theatrically released in the United States on June 25th 2018. The film has grossed over $306 million worldwide and received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the atmosphere and acting, and noted it as an improvement over its predecessor remake.


During a lunchtime tryst in Phoenix, Arizona, a real estate secretary, Marion Crane and her boyfriend Sam Loomis discuss how they cannot afford to get married because of Sam's debts. After lunch, Marion returns to work, where a client drops off a $40,000 cash payment on a property. Her boss asks her to deposit the money in the bank, and she asks if she can take the rest of the afternoon off. Returning home, she begins to pack, deciding to steal the money and give it to Sam in Fairvale, California. She is seen by her boss on her way out of town, which makes her nervous. During the trip, she pulls over on the side of the road and falls asleep, and is woken by a state patrol officer. Suspicious about her nervous behavior, he notes her license plate number and follows her at a close distance. Hoping to shake his pursuit, Marion stops at an automobile dealership and trades in her Ford Mainline, with its Arizona license plates, for a Ford Custom 300 that has California tags.

Marion stops for the night at the Bates Motel. The proprietor, Norman Bates, invites her to a light dinner after she checks in. She accepts, but hears an argument between Norman and his mother about bringing a woman into her house. They eat in the motel parlor, where he tells her about his life with his mother, who is mentally ill and forbids him to have an independent life. Moved by Norman's story, Marion decides to go back to Phoenix in the morning to return the stolen money, and prepares for bed. As she showers, a shadowy figure stabs her to death with a chef's knife and when she tries to escape from the shower behind her, the shadowy figure then drowns her in the water. Norman discovers the murder and assumes his mother is responsible. He cleans up the crime scene, putting Marion's corpse and her possessions—including the embezzled money—into the trunk of her car and sinking it in the swamps near the motel.

A week later, Marion's sister Lila arrives in Fairvale and confronts Sam about the whereabouts of her sister. Private investigator Milton Arbogast approaches them and confirms that Marion is wanted for stealing the $40,000. He checks the motels, and Norman's evasive and inconsistent answers arouse his suspicions. After hearing that Marion met Norman's mother, he asks to speak with her, but Norman refuses. Arbogast calls Lila and Sam to update them. He goes to the Bates' home in search of Norman's mother; as he reaches the top of the stairs, he is murdered. When Lila and Sam do not hear from Arbogast, Sam visits the motel. He finds only Mrs. Bates, who ignores his knocking. Lila and Sam go to the local sheriff, who informs them that Mrs. Bates killed herself ten years ago, and concludes that Arbogast lied to confuse them and made off with the $40,000. Convinced that some ill has befallen Arbogast, Lila and Sam make their way to the motel. Norman takes his unwilling mother from her room and hides her in the fruit cellar.

At the motel, Lila and Sam meet Norman. Sam distracts him by striking up conversation while Lila sneaks up to the house. When Sam tells Norman they have come to question his mother, he knocks Sam out and rushes to the house. Lila hides in the cella., where she finds Mrs. Bates in a chair. Lila turns her around and discovers she is a mummified corpse. Lila screams as Norman runs into the cellar, holding a knife and wearing his mother's clothes and a wig. Before Norman can attack Lila, Sam, having regained consciousness, subdues him.

At the courthouse, a psychiatrist explains that Norman murdered Mrs. Bates and her lover ten years prior out of jealousy. Unable to bear the guilt, he exhumed her corpse and began to treat it as if she were still alive. He recreated his mother in his own mind as an alternate personality, dressing in her clothes and talking to himself in her voice. This "Mother" personality is jealous and possessive: whenever Norman feels attracted to a woman, "Mother" kills her. As "Mother", Norman killed two young girls prior to Marion, as well as Arbogast. The psychiatrist says the "Mother" personality has taken permanent hold of Norman's mind. Norman is then shown sitting in a holding cell while his mother's blurred out voice speaks in his head as flashbacks of killing Marion go on and off the screen when his mother's voice laughs, he then looks at the screen and smiles evily.


  • Andrew Garfield as Norman Bates
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Lila Crane
  • Ryan Gosling as Sam Loomis
  • Allison Pill as Marion Crane
  • Chris Pratt as Milton Arbogast
  • James Spader as Sheriff Al Chambers
  • Jonathan Breck as Highway Patrol Officer
  • Martha Stewart as Mother (voice)
  • Mekia Cox as Caroline
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