Psycho is 2014 horror film, it is remake of 1960 and 1998 film. Starring


A young woman steals $40,000 from her employer's client, and subsequently encounters a young motel proprietor too long under the domination of his mother.



  • TBA as Norman Bates
  • Jennifer Garner as Lila Crane
  • TBA as Samuel "Sam" Loomis
  • TBA as Milton Arbogast
  • Michelle Williams as Marion Crane
  • TBA as Dr. Simon Richmond
  • TBA as Sheriff Al Chamberst
  • TBA as Eliza Chambers
  • TBA as George Lowery
  • TBA as Tom Cassidy
  • TBA as Caroline
  • TBA as a highway patrolman.
  • TBA as Charlie
  • TBA as Bob Summerfield
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