This is the sequel to the original movie, Proxima. For the original movie, see Proxima (2020 film).

Proxima 2 is an American-Leapian film, being the sequel of the original movie. It will be releasing into theaters on May 28, 2021 in the United States and United Leaps.




  1. Red Sarsa is not directing the sequel film due to old age, the inability of speaking and possibility of dying soon. Chris Antelome is replacing her for directing.
  2. This movie is the sequel to the original movie, Proxima.
  3. Three new voice actors were hired to voice certain characters in the film, with Michael Huang voicing the most characters and Satomi Hinatsu voicing the least.
  4. Kenzie Bryant is a new script writer for the sequel.
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Proxima 2 poster 2021
The movie poster for

the 2021 film, Proxima 2.

Proxima 2 (2021 film)
Proxima black hole glitch
The glitch screen that occurs from 1,000 milliseconds to

seconds after an "epic" incident

or action scene, involving black holes.

Proxima (2020 film), Proxima 2 (2021 film)
Disk pack1.svg
The main character in the film. Proxima (2020 film)

Proxima 2 (2021 film)

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