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This is the original movie. For the sequel, see Proxima 2 (2021 film).

Proxima is an American film, produced by LeapFrog, 20th Century Studios, 10th Century Damian, and Legendary Pictures. It was released on June 1, 2020 in both the United States and United Leaps.


Oh no! A black hole? A lot of destruction? Oh, what a disaster.

Original: Oh no! A black hole? The new supercontinent? Oh, what a disaster.


  1. The movie was originally going to be rated PG-13, but afterwards got its blackness sucked up with an R rating after their plan to add adult content into it was leaked.
  2. The black holes were going to be voiced by a different person, but since the interest of BFB was already been into the headquarters since 2016, they had to go with Satomi as the voice actor.
  3. The movie's name were going to be a couple of other names such as "Ultima", "N O V A" or "Super C", but the name Proxima was the one to pick.
  4. The Firey Plush from jacknjellify was revealed to be in the movie several times such as people holding it and more.
  5. The movie has a short film called Proxima: Oceancode, set to be released on July 5, 2020.
  6. A possible sequel could be created from the Proxima film, currently called Proxima 2, set to release next summer, with the logo leaked on May 6, 2020. The film is set to release on May 28, 2021.
  7. Due to COVID-19, the movie is not premiering in theaters and will instead be releasing on DVD and Blu-ray.
  8. There was going to be a movie scene where a supercontinent was going to form, but was forgotten.



At the beginning of the movie, text appears on-screen in white with a male narrating it, saying:

"ATTENTION: All events in this movie are completely fictional. The entire point of this film is to just entertain you and everyone else around you. I mean, come on, this is just a f**king movie. According to NASA, black holes do not wander around sucking up anything like maniacs. At all times, if you are too scared to even open one eye to take a look at amazing computer-generated work, then we suggest you should choose another movie to see that might be kid-friendly and have too much freaking ponies.

And, most importantly, if you wish to bring your child over to view this, hopefully they won't keep going "WAAAAAA" for like, 5 whole damn hours and rush out of the theater and start throwing a fit like a little 2 year old. But, in any other way, viewer discretion is advised. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the darkness of Proxima.".


Balloony from BFB then narrates text not on-screen saying:

"Far, far away, outside of planet Earth, as well as the entire Milky Way galaxy, still sits one, to this day, and that is, Black Hole. He is basically a spacetime region where he can slow down gravity, and suck up you know what. He was supposed to be just a normal being, until that one faithful day.". The voice then starts to change the effect into reverb and fades out a montage of several other small black holes being formed, around 17 were born.

Then Balloony resumes narrating:

"Yep, you guessed right. He moved on to turn into an evil and wicked killer, who goes around and haves fun creating destruction for all of us. But, he ain't done with that yet, as of today, he is still going on and doing this painful stuff." until his voice starts to die out as then the Proxima logo appears.


Then it cuts to Black Hole and his smaller versions of him inside an abandoned karate class. Black Hole then teaches his sons how to form destruction for the near future, in case. The smaller black holes are then given objects to wreck.

After all of the teaching is over, Black Hole then says:

"Fantastic. You younglings are now all set for the big moment." as then the screen fades out to black.



At 10AM in Los Angeles at SpaceX headquarters, a meeting is shown with the CEO, Elon Musk talking about how they plan about buying a few portions of NASA's revenue and assets. Outside the headquarters, it then shows the black holes preparing to take action against the city.

It then shows one of the black holes shooting a missile down on a road, making an explosion sending 25 feet into the air, causing a 3.0 earthquake, plus causing all citizens to panic and run away. The rest of the black holes start to shoot missiles down as well, killing about 24,865 people and injuring the rest of the population from the 2020 US census.

After the city was destroyed, the main character (Black Hole) then sucks up all of the destroyed buildings and objects, then shoots them out to turn into 2 nuclear bombs. Soon after the entire city of Hawthorne was completely obliterated by the explosions.

Black holes exploded: 3


Meanwhile in Chicago, IL at the Boeing headquarters, the employees were building a new airplane for Delta Airlines. On airplane Flight 192 from Chicago to Montana, 120 passengers were on-board as then the black holes then suddenly appeared behind the plane to slow it down. The airplane then had its parts being broken and almost the entire aircraft was on fire.

Somehow, the black holes managed to break the engines that were visible on the outside, exploding them without remorse.

After the black holes let go of the plane, it crashed onto concrete, killing all passengers and within 1 minute or so, the plane exploded, sending metal pieces into the air.

Black holes exploded: 1


At Universal Studios Florida, on Rip Ride Rockit, a couple of families were entering the coaster. There were about 13 passengers on the ride before the end of their lives. Once the black holes appeared again, they pulled the coaster out of the track, whilst the other black holes destroyed the rest of the park.

Missiles were shot out of the black holes, causing between a 5.4 - 8.7 earthquake on the rest of Orlando and across almost the entire state of Florida. 760 people died and 939 were injured badly.

Black holes exploded: 2

Las Vegas

Black Hole's next target was Las Vegas, and at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Around 200,000 visitors were at the convention center.

Black Hole then shot out bombs, severely chopping off about 186 people's heads off and killing 193,210 visitors, leaving the rest, injured in pain and agony.

Black holes exploded: 9


At 5PM in Boston, Massachusetts, at the WGBH headquarters, employees from PBS were visiting the headquarters to help out airing on WGBH's television station.

Whilst the black holes appeared again, they sucked up the WGBH headquarters and turned it into a nuclear bomb. The nuclear bomb exploded in front of a road with cars driving on it, killing every Boston citizen, as it spreads a nuclear radiation of 96 square miles.

Black holes exploded: 0


In a Texas farm in Houston, a family with no money were working outside with a temperature of 90 degrees fahrenheit. The black holes appeared in the city of Houston, as they shot down matches that lit on fire by themselves. The fire grew across Houston and especially the farm.

Around 302 people burned to death and 71 had to be hospitalized.

Black holes exploded: 0

New York City

During a festival at New York City, the black holes shot down missiles, creating a powerful explosion that sends it 427 feet into the air and 80 miles across the festival, killing everyone.

Black holes exploded: 1


Before the attack, Black Hole said: "Ok, since there are only two of you left, this city will be our final attack before we stop.". The two agreed and started attacking.

The black holes attacked Two, breaking his legs and ripping out his tongue. They then attack Yellow Face, Blocky, Puffball, Tennis Ball and Eraser, fatally killing them. The rest of the characters were killed by missiles that sended a 45.3 earthquake across Goiky, breaking the city up into 5 pieces.

Once the attacking was over, Black Hole then shot out 10 nuclear and tsunami bombs, wiping out the entire land of Goiky Island.

Black holes exploded: 2

Final One

Black Hole is then shown flying back into space as Balloony continues to narrate:

"And that my viewers, is the attack that all of the black holes did. All 18 were created and died, due to exploding. For now, we can just all say that we can call Black Hole, the final one.".

Out of nowhere, objects start to get sucked up into Black Hole. About 2 million objects were sucked in as Black Hole is shown full of objects whilst saying:

"I can't suck up any more damn objects. Their filling me up so much." as then a bomb hits the Black Hole, exploding the last Black Hole in all of space, creating an explosion beam. An anvil is then shown floating next to the camera on the right saying "The End" as then the screen glitches out hard, ending the film.


The city of Chandler, Arizona is then being shown from space, zoomed in. It then cuts to 3 fisherman at the Desert Breeze Lake, fishing. A giant black circle is then shown rising out of the water, which revealed to be a black hole.

The fisherman panicked as then the black hole sucks up the entire lake, including the camera. Once the screen turned black, white text faded in saying:


for 5 seconds before glitching out. The scrolling credits started after.

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Proxima (2020 film)
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The glitch screen that occurs from 1,000 milliseconds to

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Proxima (2020 film)
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