Proxima: Oceancode is an American short film, based off of the Proxima film. It was officially released in the United States and United Kingdom on July 5, 2020.


A 13 year old boy lost his entire family after a plane crash occurred. He sets off to make contact with the animals in the sea until a black hole saves the boy, but suddenly...


  1. The short film is rated PG-13, due to an action scene of a plane crash with explosions.
  2. This short film was released into theaters just 4 weeks and 2 days after the film, Proxima was released.
  3. Jake Nemers (from the short film) is roleplayed by Jacob Hopkins.
  4. Production for Proxima: Oceancode began on May 30, 2020 and ended on July 2, 2020.



Starring: Jake, Jim (Jake's brother), Nathan (Jake's second brother), Betty (Jake's mother), Lorenzo (Jake's father), Kyla (flight attendant), Black Hole (lifesaver)


This movie takes place in July 2018 in Beaverton, Oregon. Jake's flight from Beaverton, OR to Tokyo, JPN.


At the beginning, a black background is shown with the words "Proxima: Oceancode" coding onto the screen, staying there for 6 seconds before glitching to Jake's family's house. After 3 seconds, it showed Jake packing his bags.

Pack Those Bags

Betty is heard off-screen telling Jake to hurry before he will not be able to go onto the trip from Beaverton to Tokyo. Jake then packed everything and went into his family van, with his two brothers, his mother and his father.

Drive and Flight

Betty's family van is then shown with the song This Is Gonna Be The Best Day Of My Life playing in the background. When Jake's family reached the airport, they got their bags checked and went onto the plane soon after.


Let's Take Off

The plane then started to move and soon after, it lifted off from the concrete ground, becoming airborne.

Crashing Moment

A title card appears saying "4 hours later". After, the title card caught on fire and blew away from the screen, causing the card to hit the plane, making dents. The dents then caused the plane to explode its engines, making the plane zoom down from the sky. The airplane then hit a rock at an extreme amount of hardness, making its wings break off the plane and creating a humongous dent in the front. After losing control for about 3 minutes, the plane landed on concrete, exploding the entire plane and sending Jake into the air, starting from the back of the plane, soon landing in water.

After, the screen glitched to then show Jake, sitting on a brick, feeling frustrated and worried. A time-lapse of him is shown, with the years shown on the bottom left corner, going up from 2018 to 2034. Soon, he stands up and decides to go out into the sea and communicate with the underwater creatures.

Animal and Human Talk

Jake is then shown underwater with sad piano music playing in the background, communicating with certain sea creatures, telling them all about him losing his family several years ago. This scene went on for about 6 minutes.


You Saved Me!

Black Hole is then shown from the foggy and cloudy sky, zooming into the water to save Jake. It then shows Jake's POV before being sucked up by Black Hole, zooming out of Jake's point of view as it shows him jiggling around darkness before fading to black.

Just a Dream

Jake then wakes up, screaming extremely loudly for about 9 - 12 seconds before calming. His mother is then heard off-screen, telling him if he had another nightmare. He replies with yes, within after his mother is heard again telling him to tell his mother what nightmare he had. Jake then makes a surprised face, before cutting to black, ending the film.

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