Protosuchus (SciiFii)
The Jurassic crocodile (Protosuchus jurassicus), also known as the monitor crocodile (for its monitor lizard-like appearance and lifestyle), is a species of mostly-terrestrial carnivorous crocodylomorph that originally lived in what is now North America and South Africa during the Early Jurassic and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and introduced to modern South Africa, as well as throughout Mexico and the United States to help boost biodiversity. The Jurassic crocodile is among the earliest animals that resemble crocodilians. It is a rather small crocodilian relative, about 1 metre (3.3 feet) in length and about 40 kilograms (88 lb) in weight. As a primitive crocodilian relative, its skull features more crocodilian characteristics than its more primitive relatives; it has short jaws that broadened out at the base of the skull, providing a large surface to which its jaw muscles attach. This increases the maximum gape of the animal's mouth and the force with which the jaws could be closed. The dentition of the animal also resemble crocodiles, including the teeth in the lower jaw that fitted into notches on either side of the upper jaw when the mouth is closed, allowing it to catch smaller animals such as small mammals, smaller reptiles, frogs, and sometimes fish. It also possesses a powerful tail, which, unlike its more advanced aquatic relative, which are used as a propulsion mechanism through water, it lacks the osteoderms and resembles more like those of non-avian dinosaurs. The body is covered and reinforced by osteoderms in a double row along the back and covering the bottom of the body and the entire tail. It is an unusual quadrupedal reptile whose legs sre columnar, with the rear legs longer than the front legs. Its five toes are clawed and it allows it to be a good runners, burrowers (like some monitor lizards), as well as somewhat a good swimmers (although its swimming is more akin to those of monitor lizards than crocodiles). The conservation status of the Jurassic crocodile is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts, the Jurassic crocodile's wide range, and its ability to adapt to life in the cities and suburbs.
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