Prom night 3D Is A 2016 Horror Slasher Mistery Film Remake of 1980 and 2008 Film Starring Katie Cassidy,Briana Evigan,Bobby Campo,Ryan Merriman,Vannesa Hudgens,Selena Gomez,Chris Evans,Zac Efron,Luke Brecey,Jesse Moss,Gina Holden,Vinnie Jones,Amber Heard,Matt Lanter,Katherina Graham,Michael Travino,Velen De Larueda,Zachary Quinto,Zachary Levy and Chris Pine




Katie Cassidy As Natalie McGuire/is a girl haunted by her teacher who is interested in it but this crazy killed his parents and sisters she is in hotel lotus where he and his friends will be your night graduation soon his teacher returns to finish what I ended

Briana Evigan As Tasha Ramirez/she is the best friend natalie she is competing to be the prom queen and rival quinn will not stop

Bobby Campo As David Roy/the new boyfriend's best friend natalie and freddy is helping the natalie to overcome the death of his parents and sisters

Ryan Merriman As Freddy Shay/tasha boyfriend and best friend david

Vannesa Hudgens As Darcy Woods/she is tasha and natalie friend and girlfriend blake

Selena Gomez As Quinn solomon/it is the enemy of tasha and natalie  she thinks other than she just thinks she is dating damon

Chris Evans As Damon Blaire/quinn prom date

Zac Efron As Blake Bolton/Darcy boyfriend and David and Freddy friend

Luke Brecey As Jake McCartney/Janny Boyfriend and David,Freddy and Blake friends

Shantel Vansanten As Jenny Palsky

Jesse Moss As Daniel Marshall

Gina Holden As April Davis

Vinnie Jones As Mr. Oliver Dawson/The Killer

Amber Heard As Jessica Ricci

Matt Lanter As Ronnald Faris

Katherina Graham As Amelia Frozen

Michael Travino As Keith Watson

Velen De Larueda As Alba Juarez

Zachary Quinto As Deputy Stevens

Zachary Levy As Steven Simms

Chris Pine As Deputy D'Marcos

Elisabeth Shue As Margareth McGuire

Greg Kinnear As Thommas McGuire

Shasa Pieterse As Sarah McGuire

Evanna Lynch As Samantha McGuire

Charisma Carpenter As Maria Petterson

Matt Damon As Denis ¨Petterson


Thommas McGuire-thousands stab wounds to the chest

Sarah and Samantha McGuire-broken neck, their bodies are in the natalie room

Margareth McGuire-stabbed in the heart

Steven Simms-when natalie hears the cry of the ups and margareth see the body before it can do something stabbed in back of head

Alba Juares-drawn into the dark room and is stabbed to death

April Davis-she will look for a garment oblivion fourth is stabbed in the stomach

Blake Bolton-he is stabbed in the face with fire ax

Daniel Marshall-head hit the bathroom mirror

Amelia Frozen-She is gutted

Freddy Shay-Throat Sliced

Jenny Palsky-impaled in chest by ax

Darcy Woods-Decapitated by ax

Jake McCartney-Stabbed in back

Ronnald Faris-crossed in the face with the ax

Jessica Ricci-crossed in the face with hook

Tasha Ramirez-throat sliced ​​with a hook when runs to get natalie

Deputy D'Stevens-beheaded with ax

David Roy-throat sliced by hook

Mr. Oliver Dawson-Stabbed in Chest by hook by Natalie,shot in chest by Deputy D'Marcos and Beheaded by Natalie


Natalie McGuire,Quinn Solomon,Damon Blaire,Keith Watson,Deputy D'Marcos,Maria & Denis Petterson

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