Prom Night is a 2010 slasher horror film and a remake of the 1980 horror film of the same name.


Robin and Alex Hammond are on their way home from school one day when Robin spots a group of older children, Wendy, Jude, Kelly and Nick, playing a version of hide and seek in an abandoned schoolhouse. Alex is uninterested and continues home, but Robin goes inside to join the game. The game replaces the regular person being 'it' with them being the killer, and they must kill the others, all the while shouting "Kill! Kill! Kill!" During the game, they gang up on Robin and she falls through a window. The children make an agreement to never speak of the incident, while a notorious child molester who was active in the county at the time is blamed and arrested.Several years later, the anniversary of Robin's death falls on the same day as the night of the school prom, which will be attended by Alex and his sister Kim. Kim will be attending with Nick, unaware of his involvement in Robin's death. Throughout the day, Wendy, Jude and Kelly receive several threatening phone calls and menacing pranks are played on them. That night, Jude attends with school joker Slick, Kelly goes with her boyfriend Drew, and Wendy winds up being the date of the jealous Lucas, and together they decide to embarass Nick and Kim at the dance.

Nick's father, the school principal, and Kim and Alex's father, the chief of police, receive word that the man who was blamed for Robin's death has escaped from prison and is said to be making his way back to where the incident occurred. Meanwhile, at the school, Drew brings Kelly to the school changing room for sex, but she decides not to go through with it. Drew is upset and leaves, allowing a masked figure to sneak in and slit Kelly's throat as she gets dressed. Outside of the school, Slick and Jude have sex in his van and smoke weed when suddenly the door are thrown open by the killer. Jude falls back and is stabbed multiple times in the neck. Slick attempts to drive away, but the killer attacks him in the driver's seat. Slick seemingly prevails when the killer dives from the van, only to realise far too late that he is headed for a cliff face. Although he tries to break and swerve, he tumbles over the edge and perishes and van explodes.

Chief Hammond learns that the escaped rapist has been shot and killed. Relieved that his daughter's killer is dead and the rest of his family is safe, he ends his routine surveillance of the event. However, the killer remains loose, chasing Wendy through the school with a fire escape axe and finally murdering her after cornering her in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Kim and Nick are chosen to be crowned prom king and queen. As the await the event, Nick is grabbed by Lucas and his friends, who tie him up. Lucas plans to take the crown as his own. As he prepares to emerge as the prom king, the killer mistakes him for Nick and decapitates him. The murders are exposed to the crowd as Lucas' head rolls down a catwalk. 

Kim frees Nick and they take on the killer on the dancefloor. As the killer pins Nick down and tries to strangle him, Kim retrieves his axe and smashes him in the head it. They exhange a long look, and Kim becomes horrified. Meanwhile, the police have arrived outside. The wounded killer charges out and in a moment of haste, Kim's father shoots him. As he falls to the ground, Kim runs to his side and pulls his mask off to reveal Alex; the dying Alex explains that he had returned to the schoolhouse and witnessed Robin's fall. The film ends with Kim and Nick exchanging brief glances at Alex's funeral, as he is buried alongside his little sister.

Death Scenes

  • Robin Hammond - Falls through the window of an old schoolhouse and onto a pane of construction glass.
  • Kelly Lynch - Throat slashed.
  • Jude Cunningham - Stabbed multiple times in the neck.
  • Seymour 'Slick' Crane - Accidentally drives van over cliff.
  • The rapist (unnamed) - Shot and killed by police.
  • Wendy Richards - Hacked to death with an axe.
  • Lucas Farmer - Head chopped off with axe.
  • Alex Hammond - Struck in the head with an axe and shot by his own father.


The film was followed by two sequels; Prom Night: Deliver Us from Evil and Prom Night: The Last Kiss.

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