Prom Edition is the episode of the second season of The Phoenix Defenders.


It's time for the team's prom and everyone is getting ready. With some drama, romance and friendship, Can the Phoenix Defenders survive the ultimate high school experience: Prom Night?


  • Lyn Manchester:(yells angrily) Stop! Both of you!

Rex Salazar:Will you tell me what is going on?

Brian:(hotly) I'll tell you what's going on, I'm her boyfriend.

Rex growled angrily and tries to attack him again but Lyn roughly pushed him back.

Lyn Manchester: Stop! Brian, this is Rex, my boyfriend. Rex, this is Brian, my ex boyfriend.

Rex and Brian:Ex?

He was my first boyfriend. Brian and i dated for a few weeks after my father died. But sadly, i broke up with him when i saw him pulling his ex; he was only using me to mess with me. I was so angry that i managed to crush a fire extinguisher.

That was a mistake. You were in your room for months and...

Brian, look, i really didn't care. Not then and i definitely don't care now but Rex is my boyfriend now and i love him.

Ha! In your face! (points his finger at Brian in triumph)

Lyn playfully rolled her eyes but smiled lightly. Brian looked upset.

I can see that. I'm sorry. I really didn't want to hurt you. I'm an idiot for not seeing what was in front of me. But that's my fault and now someone else can appreciate you when i didn't.

Take care of her, man. She's beautiful and one of a kind.

You okay?

Lyn Jonas: Yeah, i mean, he was a good guy but he was immature in many ways like you but he could never hurt me.


Lyn Jonas: Yeah?

Rex:Am i...taking Brian's place?

Lyn Jonas: What?!

Rex:It's just that...i could see how much Brian used to meant for you and i don't want to change how you used to felt about someone and...

Lyn Jonas: I'll be honest with you, Rex; Brian was a big part of my life. He'll always have a place in my heart, a place that no one else can fill. But while that might be true, that doesn't mean that i can't have an equally important place in my heart for someone else. And i believe that someone is you.

  • Berna Manchester: May i cut in?

Allison looked at Paul then at Julie.

Katelyn: Maybe later loser. (turns around and continued dancing with Paul who was completely out of step)

  • Virgil Hawkins:So what took you so long?

Tora Martinez:Were you worried about me?

Virgil Hawkins:Actually, yeah i was. I care so much about you. I just don't know what i'd do if anything ever happened to you.

Tora Martinez:I promise you that nothing will ever happen to me.

  • Skye Rowan:Hey look, everything is going to be okay tomorrow. Just wait and see, things might turn out-

Katherine:I can't be bothered to go to the guy has asked me out and i'm going to my cat's funeral. Don't feel sorry for me 'cause the cat was fat and useless anyway. So stop talking to me, you ugly dude.

  • Mr.Johnson:Okay girls, because you've both been so quiet during detention, i will let you both go early... I know you need to get home and get ready for prom tomorrow night but that's not why i'm letting you both go. Don't make me give you another detention about this again. Do you both understand?

Sandra and Katherine: Yes sir.

Mr.Johnson:Goodbye then.

Katherine:We're going to get you, me and the other girls. Just wait and see.


Hana's face went bright red.


Samantha pulled back and laughed loudly.

Samantha Rowan:You're too easy to pick on.


Samantha Rowan:So? What's it gonna be?

Hana stared at her with wide eyes.

Hana:I-I thought you were only joking.

Samantha frowned at the response.

Samantha Rowan:Why would i be joking?

Hana shrugged and glanced away.

Hana:I don't know. You always joke around, how was i supposed to know rather you're just joking or not?

Samantha placed her hands at the sides of Hana's face and forced Hana to look at her to see that Samantha had a soft smile on her face.

Samantha Rowan:Well, now you know.

Hana closed her eyes and kissed Samantha's cheek quickly, then pulled away again.

Samantha:Does this mean you'll help me with my experiments now?

Hana:Nope. Not in a long shot.

Samantha Rowan:But Hana...

Hana:Just shut up and dance with me already.

Hana, i've always wondered if bowling balls can be explosive?

Hana:Don't even think aboot it.

Ezekiel Sanders:Do you have a crush?

Maya Jelani: Yeah, do you?

Ezekiel Sanders: Yeah and she looks so pretty tonight.

Maya Jelani: Really? Who is she? My crush looks great tonight as well.

Ezekiel Sanders:My crush is Maya Jelani... and yours?

Maya smiles

Maya Jelani: Ezekiel Sanders.

Ezekiel smiles and they both close the gap that was between their lips. Some of the people around them made kissing noises.

Virgil Hawkins:Holy crap! He just kissed her!

Tanya Martinez:: There's nothing holy about crap.

Excuse me for interrupting but we have an important message for you.

Katelyn: So, it seems that Skye the drag queen has the guts to turn up at the prom after all. This song is to you, from us!

Katelyn: Ok! I'm a cheerleader now!(D&C) u.g.l.y. You ain't got no alibi you ugly Eh! Hey! You ugly x4

I saw you walking down the street just the other day (C) I didn't see your damage from that far away (C) I should have got a clue when the kids started screaming (C) You walked up to me with your buckteeth a gleaming(C) Your hair was all frizzy and your face was a mess (C) I thought it was a sack but it's your favourite dress (C) You hurt the tree's feelings and the birds all flew (C) I don't mean to insult you (C) Oh wait! Yes I do.

Catherine:Your teeth are yellow, they're covered in mould (D) You're only fourteen you look a hundred years old (C) When looks were handed out you were last in line (C) Your face looks like where the sun don't shine (D) Did you fall off a building and land on your head? (D) Or did a truck run over your face instead (C) There ain't no pill 'cause you ain't ill

you're ugly! (D&C) U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly eh! Hey! You ugly x2

What you really need is to wear a mask (D) And book that plastic surgeon fast - (girl) (C) You're scary - you're hairy I heard about you (C) You're the main attraction at the city zoo (D) You're so fat and ugly with a belly full of flab (D) When you wear a yellow coat people shout out cab (C) (So funny)

You got eyes like a pig and your nose is big (D) And with hair like that you should be wearing a wig (C) Uncle Fester, remember him? I never knew that you had a twin (D) You can't disguise your googly eyes (D) In the miss ugly pageant you win first prize (C) Yo mama says you ugly - (D&C) you ugly!

U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly eh! Hey! You ugly x2 (D) Get busy x9 (C) Yo mama says your ugly (D) Get busy (C) Yo mama says your ugly (D) Get busy (C) Yo mama says your ugly (D) Get busy (D&C) your ugly!

u.u.u.u. (D) Now I feel like Blondie

U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly eh! Hey! You ugly x2

Quasimodo (C) Camel breathe (D) Squarehead (D&C) ugly!

Chicken legs (D) Pig face (C) Chin like bubba (D&C) ugly!

Fish lips (C) Toad licker (D) Poindexter (D&C) ugly!

Spaghetti arms (D) Limp butt (D&C) freak show -ugly!

U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly eh! Hey! You ugly x1

you could make an onion cry

like an alien chased by the F.B.I.

U.G.L.Y you U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly!

Skye was in total shock and embarrassment and

Aeolus Rowan:Katelyn, what is with you?! You shouldn't be mean to Skye like that. I mean, what did Skye ever do to you?!

Katelyn: Nothing. But Aeolus , that brother of yours slapped Catherine in history class so we're getting payback!

Aeolus Rowan:Who in Jesus name is Catherine?! Anyway, don't mess with me and my sister ever again!

Katelyn: Fine, i won't only if you dance with me!

Aeolus Rowan:What?! Never would i dance with an unpleasant, stuck up, snobby queen bee!

Katelyn: So you would rather go to the prom with...with...CRASHERNA THAN ME?

Aeolus Rowan:Any day.

Katelyn: How dare you steal Paul from me? He loves me and now you've put a spell on him to make him say he hates me!

Berna Jonas: Well sorry for not being a stuck up chick such as yourself and your other cult members!

Kaelyn: Whatever, runt!

Trent McGuire: Uh, want some punch, Jules?

Julie shot her head over to Trent's direction. She gave him a death glare and a ferocious growl. Her head had grown ten times it's normal size and her mouth opened to the size of a killer whale and she roared. Trent screamed and jumped up on Wendy's lap. Wendy blushed and pushed him off.

Nerd Kid:Hey! Wanna dance?

Julie snapped out of her blissful trance.

Nerd Kid:Do you want to dance with me?

Julie growled and kicked the nerd kid so far that he flew across the room and landed in the punch bowl. While the other kids pointed and laughed, the nerd kid sobbed.

Nerd Kid:I'll never get a girl at this rate.

Says Sato: I'm going to dance! Richie, want to be my partner?

Richie Foley: Not really.

Saya Sato: Seriously? Well, it's time to turn up the charm.

Rex smiled and pushed back the strands behind her ear.

I love you Lyn. I don't want you to ever leave me.

Lyn Manchester:I won't ever leave you, Rex. I'm in love with you. Hopelessly, madly, passionately in love with you.

Rex Salazar: (whispers)You took the words right out of my mouth and besides no one can resist me.

Lyn shook her head with a mock disappointment written on her face.

Unbeknownst to them, Six and Beatrix are in the background watching them.

Beatrix Manchester:You know, i've never been to a dance before.

Sera Hernandez:Oh, so you're hungry for something else?

Indira Cooper:N-no!

Maya Martinez:Oh c'mon, I saw the way you looked at Vanessa. Looked like you wanted to nibble on her and not your bread!

Indira Cooper:That's not true!

Maya Martinez: Yep and Antonio's not gay. You're both so obvious it hurts. At least Antonio's got the courage to get a guy alone with him in a romantic restaurant. You, on the other hand, can't even get Vanessa alone without looking like an oaf.

With each word, Indira sunk lower and lower into her chair until her forehead was level with the table. Maya laughed at Indira's downtrodden expression.

Indira Cooper:Then what should i do?

Maya Martinez:I dunno, don't ask me.

Indira Cooper:But you and Julie-

Maya Martinez:There's nothing between us.

Indira Cooper:Well, i don't believe you.

Maya Martinez:I'm not gonna listen to a dumb girl and you are not interfering in my business.

Indira Cooper:Pardon my manners but i'm certain there's something there. You just don't want to see it or are oblivious. Even i can see it Maya and i'm just a dumb girl. If you'll excuse me.

Indira stood from her seat and approached Vanessa, taking her hand and talking to her quietly. She watched as Vanessa blushed slightly and shook her head, causing Indira to furiously blush. She seemed downcast but then Vanessa placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled down at her. Indira pulled her by her wrist to the dance floor and they danced to the slow song being played.

Maya Martinez: What?!

Julie Jonas: Are you okay?

Maya Martinez:Just.Peachy.

Julie Jonas: You sure?

Maya Martinez: Does my face look like i'm joking?

Julie Jonas: No.

Maya Martinez: Then leave me alone.

Julie Jonas: Aw but... (looked around to see that Paul is still dancing with Allison. An idea came to her suddenly and she grinned standing up and pulling Maya by the wrist) Dance with me.

Maya Martinez:What? No!

Julie Jonas: Please?

Maya Martinez:No.

Julie Jonas: Do i have to beg for everything?

Maya Martinez: I'm not going to dance with you! Just ask Paul instead.

Julie Jonas: But i want you to go with me.

Maya Martinez:For god's sake, Julie! Stop asking me!

Julie Jonas: Please Maya? Can we dance, just once?

Maya's lips pulled downward in an annoyed grimace, but she sighed; nodding.

Maya Martinez:Fine, fine! Just one dance.

Julie Jonas: Yay!

Julie sighed and placed her hand on Maya's cheek, pinching it. Maya scowled in annoyance but complied and looked down at Maya. They were looking into each other's eyes. Julie giggled and slid her hand back to Maya's shoulder. They moved their feet side to side. Julie moved one of her hands from Maya's shoulder and grabbed one of the girl's hand from her hip. She twirled under her arm, failing spectacularly and they both laughed at the atrocious move. Couples watched them in amusement but turned away when Maya glared at them. She held Julie's hand in hers gently and sliding her arm to Julie's back. Julie grinned in delight and they took up a more active dance, moving around the floor. Finally, the song ended and Maya kept to her demand, letting go of Julie and stepped back. She slouched on her previous chair and hid a smile in her arms. Julie followed her and sat in front of her, watching the other couples dance.

Suddenly, Maya saw Antonio and Caden laughing and hugging each other. They were in the center of the dance floor but moved away to give more space for others. She looked shocked when she saw Antonio give Caden a kiss, but smiled warmly at their interaction. Julie glanced at Maya and she sadly sighed, clenching the fabric of her dress.

Julie Jonas:(mentally)No way it was going to happen, not until i knew more about Maya's past. Who knows? I wanted to at least make sure we weren't entirely dependent on each other before it came down to that point, such as being in a relationship. It would break me and i'm sure it would take years to fix, maybe even a lifetime. But it was already too late; i'm falling far too hard to stop.

Voice Cast

Elizabeth Gillies- Hunter Jonas

Ariel Winter-Julie Jonas

Daryl Sabara

Stephanie Scott-Katelyn

Jeremy Shada-Brian

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