Projected Cretaceous is a 2019, live-action, adventure, thriller, slasher, horror film directed by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.


When a family arrived in the jungles of Africa, they were expecting to find lions, gorillas, elephants, etc. But something is wrong, they find many dead gorillas and elephants, and something that killed them are creatures that survived for millions of years (thought to be extinct). Before the family could leave, they are being stalked and attacked.... by prehistoric creatures.

Protagonist Cast

Tobey Maguire as Johnson Timber (main protagonist) [Alive]

Tim Alan as Johnson's Dad named Steve Timber [Alive]

Sigourney Weaver as Johnson's mom named Emily Timber [Alive]

Roger Craig Smith as Jimmy Timber (Johnson's older brother) [Deceased]

Max Charles as Arnold Timber (Johnson's younger brother) [Alive]

Antagonist Cast

Velociraptors - One of the main antagonists

Tyrannosaurus Rex - One of the main antagonists

Dilophosaurus - Secondary antagonists

Compsognathus - Minor antagonists

Allosaurus - Third antagonists

Spinosaurus - Minor antagonists

Giganotosaurus - Minor antagonists

Ceratosaurus - Minor antagonists

Different species of Pterosaurs - Minor antagonists

Troodon - Minor antagonists

Torvosaurus - Minor antagonists

Ornitholestes - Minor antagonists

Behind the scenes

The jungles will be filmed in Congo, Borneo, Sumatra, Amazon, India, Philippines, and Indonesia, but with scenes containing CGI plants. The dinosaurs and pterosaurs will Be made with ILM and Legacy Effects.


  • Rated R for strong disturbing violence, blood and gore, terror, and some language throughout, along with sexual content.
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