Project X is the episode of the in The Phoenix Defenders.


Lyn is determined to resolve the difference between her and the reluctant Tora. Meanwhile, Future Virgil's past keeps coming back to haunt him. He then decides to go back in time in order to change his and Tora's future.


The episode opens with standing in front of a gravestone

Future Virgil Hawkins: Hey, sorry for not visiting you for so long. I mean, if I did, then it would break me down inside so terribly. Remembering what happened to you all those years ago, dreaming about it every night of my life, made me wish that I was the one taken from this world and that you were spared.(starts to walk away, but turns and delivers one final message to the gravestone) Tonight, though, I finally had the strength to visit you because it was, in fact, the only thing I made me happy.

With that said, Virgil walks away;let the audience to see the name of the person on the gravestone, which is revealed to be Tora's.

Lyn Manchester: I'm sorry for how I treated you, Tora. I was too focused on keeping everyone safe that I put assumptions on you and I shouldn't have. I should have helped you with your powers and I didn't. If I had known what you went through.

Tora Neal: Wait, if you knew what I went through?! You're only apologizing because you think i'm a victim, that I need your pity!

Lyn Manchester: No... Tora, calm down!

Amanda Waller: (coldly)

Doctor: She had lost a lot of blood, we did three transfusion but she is stable for the time being. We are keeping her in ICU to monitor her progress. She is burned badly. She has second degree burns on the majority of her body; and because of her healing process slowing down, the burns may disappear in the next few weeks or months. Her static is low; she used up an unimaginable amount of energy to place her into such a state.

I know that her body couldn't handle much pressure once she heals a person; and I can see why.

and see a woman cooking in the kitchen. The woman turned around; revealing to be a splitting image of Tora.

Darling, are you ok?

Tora suddenly broke down into a fit of tears as she clung onto her mother.

Everything around her started to fade slightly as the image of her mother blurred before her every eyes

Crap! My heart is bleeding again. It's bleeding more than it should. I knew it wasn't real. But my heart thought it was...

Tora Neal: I think it's time to tell you all the truth about myself.

Saya places a steady hand on Tora's shoulder.

Saya Sato: Whatever you're going to tell us, we won't judge you for it. After all, it was your decision to be honest with us, right? Like I said, we won't judge you.

Hermione Russo: (cheerfully) Yeah, we have no right to, anyway.

Tora Neal: As you know, my name is Tora Neal

Everyone was staring at Tora with unreadable expressions. Devanie started to walk toward Tora, bringing her in for a hug. Stunned, Tora didn't hug her back and watched as Devanie pulled away with a sad smile then walked back to her spot.

Virgil Hawkins:So you decided to destroy that life in exchange for the one you really wanted.

Future Virgil Hawkins: Yes. Marrying and having a kid with Frieda just made everything worse. I noticed that at the last minute.

Tora Neal: Yeah, I forgive you.

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