Project Hermes is an action adventure roleplaying videogame.


Project Hermes is a roleplaying videogame in which the player takes control of a player created character. Players can select from one of five races, human, Arazon, Maladin, Apollan and Reptilon.



The game takes place in 2785 and follows the crew of the Hermes spaceship sent by the Olympus fleet to colonisation any worlds that can support life. The crew have already colonised one planet, New Earth, which can support life and isn't already inhabited.

The Olympus Fleet come from the Olympus Galaxy, home to humans, Maladins, Arazons, Hephaestians, Apollans, Reptilons and the Swarm race.

The new galaxy the Hermes is exploring is the Titan Galaxy, home to the Xenoform and Vamath races.


Captain Nora Hemsworth is the captain of the Hermes vessel. Her husband, Victor Hemsworth (the human player's father) has been frozen until a cure to his disease is found. Nora's appearance is adjusted based on the appearance of the human player. Her first officer is Gabriel Quinto who takes command of the Hermes vessel when Hemsworth dies. Athena is the Hermes vessel's AI. Daka Nirsot is a Maladin who serves as Herme's director of security. Other crew members include Dalma, an Arazon with a succubus like condition called Yakith that forced her to flee her home, and Khasis, an old Hephaestian member of the Hermes crew.

Dalma is pursued by Arazon Huntress Herset.

Greenwood is the one who spearheaded Project Hermes. He's human.

Bill Foster is a human who works as director of colonisation.

Morgan Ryker is the human leader of a criminal outpost. Asituva is a Maladin working for him. Vivian Raines is a rival criminal to Ryker who used to by part of the Olympus Fleet who left due to Apollan bureaucrat Jana Nurt's incompetence.

Jana Nurt craves power, is in over her head and self-important with seeds of insecurity. Welma Specways is a corrupt human bureaucrat.

Hapesso is a male Arazon quartermaster. He has a rivalry with fellow Arazon Caranova.

Fajo Masco is the spiritual leader of the Xenoform. Anjako lrev is a curator on the Xeno museum. Hanap Risie is the governor of Xeno. Adjek Le Neix is the leader of the Resistance forces fighting the Vamath invasion. Anlussa is a former member of Neix's resistance but bitterness has led her to create her own faction of Xenoform supremacists. Neix's new second in command is the prideful Ada Ra Resvee. Neix's bodyguard is Heni Trev.

Demurge is the captain of a Vamith sent by his empire to conquer worlds.

The Apollans are a gray alien species.

The Maladins are a militaristic race.

The Arazons are an almost all female race of green warriors. Some suffer from a condition called Yakith that basically turns them into a succubus. Male Arazons are rare.

The Reptilons are a reptilian race of nomads.

The Swarm are a machine race created by the Reptilons.

The Hephaestians are an all male bat like race.

Xenoforms are a race discovered in the galaxy the Hermes crew explore.

The Vamath are a vampire like race. They used to be a race called the Pandormath but genetic experiments have turned them into an entirely different species that needs to feed off others.

The Progenitors created the Xenoform and Pandormath races.


The begins with one of five origin stories, depending which race the player chose.

  • Human; the player is the son/daughter of the ship's Captain Nora Hemsworth. The Hermes crew a planet they can possibly colonise. The player, Hemsworth and his first officer Gabriel Quinto head down to the planet, coming contact with a hostile alien race, the Vamath, and a plasma storm. The player's helmet is damaged and Hemsworth saves him/her by giving her own helmet, sacrificing herself.
  • Arazon; the player was the bodyguard of the Arazon Queen Holpita. An attack on the ship forces the player to abandon Holpita and join the Hermes crew.
  • Maladin;
  • Apollan;
  • Reptilon; the player has been exiled for his/her mother's crime of activating Swarm machines to perform experiments in order to find a way to hack their neural network.

Each story ends with the player as a member of the Hermes crew. With Hemsworth dead, Quinto is the new captain. Quinto returns the crew to New Earth, the only planet that the Olympus fleet have so far successfully colonised.

The player is introduced to Arazon, Delma and Hephaestian Khasis. Quinto sends a squad led by the player to locate a Terraformer, an ancient artefact created by a race called the Progenitors, who are believed to be extinct. Recovering the Terraformer, the Hermes crew manage to make one of the previous uninhabitable planets habitable, established a second outpost.

After another attack from the Vamath, the Hermes crash lands on planet Xeno, home to the Xenoform, are are mounting a resistance against the Vamath. The player proves the Hermes crew's good intentions by aiding the Xenoform on two other planets. The crew also rescue high ranking Xenoform Fajo Masco from a Vamath facility, discovering in the process that the Vamath have been feeding on Xenoform. They encounter Vamath leader Demurge.

Masco explains the Vamath are searching for Plague, a virus that can destroy all life on a planet. The crew reach the planet where the Plague is located and race the Vamath to the virus. The player fights Demurge and defeats him. Demurge is taken into custody and reveals his race have been fighting the Progenitors, who are very much alive, and created the Xenoform, the Pandormath that would later become the Vamath, and the Plague. The virus was hidden by Progenitors who were against its use and the Vamath had been trying to the virus before the Progenitors found it.

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