Privileged and Confidential is a 2017 teen comedy film.


Privileged teen living in Texas has moved to the Upper East Side of New York where she became rivals with a 16-year-old "it girl".



  • Rowan Blanchard as Kate Goode, a privileged teen born in Texas who is 15 years of age
  • Ella Anderson as Serena Goode, Kate's younger sister who is a misfit nowadays and has Retts syndrome
  • Kirsten Dunst as Amanda Goode, Kate, Noah, and Serena's mother
  • Jon Bernthal as Phillip Goode, Kate, Noah, and Serena's father
  • Soni Bringas as Taylor Callahan, a friend of Kate.
  • TBA as Lilith Cedargren, an it girl and rival-turned-friend of Kate.
  • TBA as TBA, a young privileged girl at High school who loves fantasy movies
  • TBA as Brad TBA, Kate's love interest
  • Nickolaus Schnetzky as Noah Goode, Kate and Serena's younger brother
  • TBA as Harley TBA, Lilith's best friend
  • TBA as Daphne TBA, another friend of Lilith
  • TBA as Aria TBA, another friend of Lilith
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,



  • ??? minutes long.
  • Rated ??? for ???.
  • It will be distributed by ???.
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