Princess Asthenia is an American-Mexican Animated Series created by Chris Bowser, the same person who will create Space Delivery Chickens that will come out in 2020.



  • Princess Asthenia Ortega (voiced by Susan Egan) is a Princess who is training to be Queen.
  • Princess Inisa Ortega (voiced by Abigail Zoe Lewis) is Asthenia’s Sister who has creative ideas.
  • Tyler, Kuma, and Fig (voiced by Tom Kenny, Katherine Dillon, and Maurice LaMarche) are Three Chepeetahs. (Cheetah/Parrot Hybrids) Tyler is a Fun-Loving Yellow Chepeetah with Dark Blue Wings. Kuma is a Tomboyish Red Chepeetah With Purple Wings, and Fig is a No-Nonsense Green Chepeetah with Orange Wings.
  • Matthew (voiced by Scott Wolf) is Asthenia’s Boyfriend.


  • Smoothie (Fig’s Wife) (voiced by Alanna Ubach) is a Motherly Purple Chipeetah with Cyan Wings.
  • Comet, Emily, and Pineapple (voiced by Desmond Gerber, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, and Max Mitchell) are The Children of Fig and Smoothie. Comet is a Green Chepeetah with Cyan Wings, Emily is a Purple Chepeetah with Orange Wings, and Pineapple is a Gray Chepeetah with Both Cyan and Orange Wings.
  • Zuzu (voiced by Keith Ferguson) is a Ghost Who is Asthenia’s Advisor.
  • Abe (voiced by Blackie Rose) is One of Asthenia’s Royal Advisors.
  • Quesadilla Rod (Q.R. for Short) (voiced by Michelle Pfieffer (adult) and Kate Mucicci (young) is a Purple Dragon With Pink Wings who has magical powers.
  • Leon, Dool, and Gachel (voiced by Cheech Marin, Vargus Mason, and Grey DeLisle) are Q.R.’s Assistants. Leon is a Blue Dragon with Red Wings, Dool is an Orange Dragon with Green Wings, and Gachel is a Pink Dragon with Yellow Wings.
  • King Joshuo (Tyler’s Dad) (voiced by Jess Harnell) is A Yellow Chepeetah with Dark Blue and Brown Wings Who is the King of The Animal World.
  • Tico (voiced by Eduardo Aristizabal (credited as Ed Aristo) is A Yellow Chepeetah with Brown Wings Who is Tyler’s Little Brother.


  • Canika (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) is the Former Ruler of Dumbalier who wants revenge on Asthenia.
  • Crash (voiced by Andrew Kishino) is a Cunning Brown Chepeetah with Red Wings.
  • Stormy (voiced by Jenna Lee Rosen) is a Selfish Black Chepeetah With Pink Wings.

Guest Stars


In Summer 2019, it was announced that Princess Asthenia would wrap production alongside The Africa Guard, Agent Humphrey, Kitty Cat Pals, and Burn and The Hamster Racers, due to the fact that most people working on the show left to work on Space Delivery Chickens.

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