Primeval Rampage is an American adult animated series.


Journey to an unforgettable yet forgotten era.


The series take place in an alternate version of earth's history where primitive humans and dinosaurs co exist with each other.


Kai- A

Una-A young girl who Prior to the events of the series, she was used as a sacrifice for a smilodon like god

Paka-the daughter of a cro magnon woman and a neanderthal man. Which would cause her to be permanently banned from her tribe. Her totem is a cave bear.

Ya'Dav- a Denisovan woman and Kai's adoptive sister.

Gonack- a neanderthal who was the last survivor of his now extinct tribe. He quickly develops a mutual romantic and sexual relationship with Ya'Dav.

Varg- a small humanoid creature who claims to be a cave bear that was cursed by the shadow king. He is very mischievous realizing that he fell in love with Paka, Varg decided to not turn back into a cave bear in order to be with her.

Kalo- A survivor of Kai's village who had accidentally stumbles in a conflict between The Neanderthals and The Denisovans

DeepTi- A young Denisovan girl with a feral and fierce personality whose tribe is in a war against a Neanderthal tribe.

Wolfgang- Ya'Dav and Gonack's older son.

Tonga- Ya'Dav and Gonack's younger daughter.


  • Paka: My father was a chieftain of a neanderthal clan and my mother was a young cro magnon woman from the north who was forcibly taken from her home during a raid and was brought back to my father's tribe as a trophy. My mother was raped multiple times by him for her incredible beauty. At first she hated me. She allowed herself to give birth to me in order to satisfaction of killing me to ease her conscience. However, when I took my first breath, I did not scream ir cry. No...I sang. My mother told me it was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. When my mother found that she didn't have the courage to kill me, she did her best to raise me properly while my good for nothing father was too busy stealing, killing, and raping innocent women. Because of my mixed heritage, I was regarded by my clan members as a mistake and a portent of death.
  • Ya'Dav: You could stay with us for as long as you like.

Gonack: Me wanna hubba hubba tonight.

Ya'Dav tilted her her in confusion while Paka stares at the scene in shock and is blushing wildly.

Gonack: Damn. Damn. Me no take it anymore. Me claim new wife. Me have fun. Me wanna hubba hubba.

Varg: What the hell does hubba hubba mean?

Paka blushed.

Paka: Intercourse.

Varg/ Kai: (shouted in unison) WHAT?!

Paka: Be gentle with her, Gonack!

Gonack: (shouted offscreen)Me think about it!

  • Ya'Dav: Why me? Why not other females?

Gonack: You prettiest.

Gonack: Me have woman before you.


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