Premium Rush is a 2014 American action thriller starring Dave Franco, Samuel L. Jackson, Emmy Rossum, Brenda Song and Dileep Rao among others. The film was directed by Tony Scott and scored by Craig Armstrong.


Wilee Lewis is thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie in New York City. In order to both pay for college and get his fix, Wilee works as a New York bicycle messenger. He has a friendly relationship with his dispatcher, Raj, a rivalry with a messenger named Manny and oftens flirts with his fellow messenger, Vanessa.

Vanessa's roommate Nima has spend the past two years saving fifty thousand dollars in order to purchase a ticket for her mother and son, who are living in China, to get them a place on a ship that will smuggle them into the United States. She brings the money to Mr Leung, a hawaladar, and he gives her the ticket, which must be brought to the mysterious Sister Chen, who will secure their place on the ship. Nima puts the ticket in an envelope and gives it to Wilee to take to Sister Chen in Chinatown.

However, a loan shark named Mr Lin learns about the ticket as well as that if it is returned to Leung, Nima's money can be collected. He approaches Bobby Monday, a corrupt, gambling addicted NYPD cop who owes Lin money. Lin offers to pay off the debt if Monday gets him the ticket.

Monday finds Nima on the college campus and forces her to reveal where the ticket is. Monday confronts Wilee and tries to trick him into giving up the ticket, but Wilee doesn't bite. Monday then threatens Wilee, who distracts him before cycling away.

Wilee goes to the police station to report Monday, only to learn that he works there. He hides in the bathoom when Monday arrives and opens the envelope to find the ticket, but doesn't understand it's purpose. Wilee then sneaks out the window and escapes, calling Raj to inform him that he's bringing the envelope back to the campus so someone else can deliver it.

Manny arrives at the college and picks up the envelope, while Wilee runs into Nima, who reveals the truth about the ticket. Wracked with guilt, Wilee decides to retrieve the ticket and chases after Manny, who refuses to give him the envelope. A bicycle cop joins the race and knocks Wilee off his bike, then arrests him. A laughing Manny rides away, only to find that the envelope is missing. He then runs into Monday, who attacks him and demands the ticket. When Manny admits he doesn't have it, Monday kills him.

Monday then follows Wilee and the bike cop to the station, while Wilee's damaged bike is taken to an impound lot, with the envelope hidden in the handlebars. Monday meets Wilee, who offers to give Monday the ticket in return for his bike. Monday agrees and escorts Wilee to the impound lot. The suspicious bike cop follows them.

At the lot, Wilee retrieves his bike and swipes the ticket. He tries to lie that Manny has the ticket, but Monday reveals that he knows he doesn't. Monday pulls a gun and is about to kill Wilee, but the bike cop, who was watching from afar, intervenes, allowing Wilee to escape on his bike, although the cop is fatally shot in the struggle.

Meanwhile, Leung learns of the commotion and deploys his enforcer, the Sudoku Man, to intervene. The Sudoku Man confronts Lin, and after a brief standoff, shoots him in the head. Wilee arrives in Chinatown, pursued by Monday. With Wilee's deadline approaching, it appears that he won't make it in time, coupled with the fact that he has been cornered by Monday. Suddenly, a flash mob of messengers, led by Vanessa, arrives and attack Monday, allowing Wilee to deliver the ticket with seconds to spare. However, Monday gets in his car and chases Wilee into multi-storey parking garage.

Monday stalks Wilee through the shadows, announcing his plans to kill him as well as the other messengers, leaving Vanessa to last, and Monday can tell he likes her. Wilee attacks him and after a final showdown, Wilee steals Monday's handcuffs and cuffs him to the bike before throwing it out of the building, taking Monday to his death.

Wilee and Vanessa are reunited and they final kiss. They meet Nima, who gets a call from her mother telling her that they got on the ship. The film ends with the group debating over what to get for dinner.


Dave Franco - Wilee Lewis

Samuel L. Jackson - Bobby Monday

Emmy Rossum - Vanessa

Brenda Song - Nima

Dileep Rao - Raj 

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