Prehistoric Beast Is A 1985 Experimental/Historical Film Directed By Phil Tippett. 



Set 65 Million Years Ago In What Is Now The Canadian Province Of Alberta, The Film Opens With A tracking Shot in the Middle Of A Forest At Night: A Tyrannosaurus Is busy finishing A Edmontonosaurus Carcass. The Next Morning, A Herd Of Centrosaurus Are Seen Grazing. One Member Wanders Into The Forest To Find More Food. It Finds A Field Of Flowers and begins grazing. It Wanders Further And Starts To Be Hunted By The Same Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus Steps On A Twig, which makes The Centrosaur Worried. The Dinosaur Let's Put A Trumpet To Signal The Herd, Then, Possibly Curious, Keeps Walking deeper into the Forest. It Soon Stumbles Upon The Edmontonosaurus Carcass Consumed By the Rex. While The Centrosaur ponders over The Body, The Tyrannosaurus Sneaks Up From Behind. The Dinosaurs Begin To Battle, The Tyrannosaurus Rex Bites Hard On The Centrosaurus'es Back. The Herbivorous Dinosaur Manages To Break Free From The Jaws Of The Enemy And Gores The Tyrannosaur In The Shin With It's Horn, Enraging The Carnivorous Beast. The Tyrannosaurus Corners The Centrosaur Near Some Trees. The Centrosaurus Let's Out One Last Cry Before Being Killed By The Tyrannosaurus. The Herd Starts To Call For Its Missing Member. The Next Night, The Tyrannosaurus Walks Across The Forest To Find A Place To Sleep And Digest It's Food.

The Rest Of The Film





The Film Was Praised For The Stop Motion By Many Critics. Rotten Tomatoes Reports That 97% Of Critics Gave The Film A Positive Review. 


• Centrosaurus

• Tyrannosaurus Rex

• Deinonychus

• Ornithomimus

• Apatosaurus

• Pteranodon

• Edmontonosaurus

• Plesiosaurus

• Triceratops

• Stegosaurus

• Carnotaurus

• Gallimimus

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