Predators 2:the game continues Is A Action Adventure Sci-Fi And Second Part of Depredadores Starring Michelle Rodrigez,Ryan Kwanten,Adrien Brody,Alice Braga,Selena Gomez,Eric Dane,Jamie Foxx,America Olivo,Karl Urban And Bredley Cooper With Derek Mears 


survivors from the previous film now will have to using the new victims of predators to stop predators to escape the planet



Michelle Rodriguez As Maria

Ryan Kwanten As Stefan

Adrien Brody As Royce

Alice Braga As Isabelle

Selena Gomez As Dianna

Eric Dane As Cruz

Jamie Foxx As Cameron

America Olivo As Mercedez

Karl Urban As Zachary

Bredley Cooper As Maximo

Derek Mears As Predator 1,2,3,4


Maximo-crossed into the body with a flying wooden stakes

Zachary-beheaded with a saw disk

Depredator 1-crossed back with the saw disc by Royce and cruz

Cameron-destroyed with a laser so that exploits

Mercedez-body shocked with electric barbed wires

Depredator 2-with its own pump exploited plasma by Dianna

Dianna.-pierced through the heart with the electric blade when he saves the life isabelle

Depredator 3-halved by his own blade by Cruz

Cruz-sacrifices destroying the secret base of predators

Royce and Depredator 4-royce is pulled by the predator to save isabelle maria and stefan when the fire falls


Maria,Stefan and Isabelle


selena gomez has short black hair to play as dianna 

michelle and ryan are dating 

eric damaged character is a criminal who soon falls in love with dianna 

adrien brody no retake in the next movie 

the next movie will not be on the planet hunting on earth will not be separate and starring Michelle Ryan and alice 

will be starring chris hemsworth,liam hemsworth and ashley greene

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