Prairie Prone is a 2010 American Drama Thriller film written and directed by Clint Eastwood starring Sean Penn, Tilda Swinton, Jean Claude-Van Damme, Michael Nyqvist, James Spader, BD Wong, Greta Scacchi, Kelly Stables, Anna Torv & featuring Blake J. Hasan (in his first feature film role.

The film concerns an abducted 13 year old boy of Des Arc Arkansas and abducted 19 year old teenage girl of Hillsdale, Michigan whom are thrown together as kidnapper groups wish to ransom out their rich goverment involved parents.


The film begins with the abduction of innocent 13 year old boy Cobolt Browning from Des Arc Arkansas.

It then continues on with the abduction of Hillsdale, Michigan 19 year old teenage girl Emily Sheanning.

The story then comes to the central as their abductors request a large hefty amount of money from their parents whom are involved in the Government.

However the kidnappers are unaware that indeed the parents of the 13 year old boy are not rich nor involved in the Government at all but rather the father was once a violent psychopath involved in the murder of two people whom tried to defile him as a child.

So comes the wrath of a road tripping father aligned with a 50 year old prostitute coming for the boy ready to bring sheer horror upon them.


  • Sean Penn as Gavvern Browning
  • Tilda Swinton as Sheree' Browning
  • Jean Claude-Van Damme as Leader Lerlington Ross
  • Michael Nyqvist as One-Eye Ervin
  • James Spader as Spectacles Watch
  • BD Wong as Jumper Joshua Kimble
  • Greta Scacchi as 50 year old Prostitute Peta Ferrymont
  • Anna Torv as Nina Sheanning
  • Kelly Stables as Emily Sheanning
  • Blake J. Hasan as Cobolt Browning


  1. Jukebox Blues- June Carter
  2. Oh Ho Ho It's Magic- Pilot
  3. Strange Magic - Electric Light Orchestra- Elo
  4. Last Train To London- Elo
  5. Wizard- Uriah Heep
  6. As Tears Go By- Marianne Faithfull
  7. Downtown- Petula Clark
  8. The Last Time- Rolling Stones
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