Powers is a 2015 sci-fi thriller fantasy film starring Jaden Smith, Eliza Bennett, and more.


In the future, Earth Two, a 15 years old teenager escape and on the run from earth with a 16 years old prisoner who freeze in the past. They find themself in the ship and found out the truth of their past.



  • Jaden Smith as Nathan Hooper/A 15 years old teenage
  • Eliza Bennett as Eve Olsen/A 16 years old teenage who was froze in the past
  • Zachary Quinto as Martin Collins/
  • Kate Bosworth as Natasha Lewis/A agent Who help Martin to found Nathan and Eve
  • Will Smith as Max Hooper/Nathan's father
  • TBA as Young Nathan Hooper
  • TBA as Young Eve Olsen


Nathan meets Eve

  • (Nathan walk and scream)
  • (Nathan grunt)
  • (Nathan kick the stone)
  • (Somebody kick the stone back at Nathan)
  • Nathan: Huh.
  • Nathan: Odd.
  • Nathan: Hello.
  • (Nathan walk and hold the stone)
  • (Nathan kick the stone)
  • (Nathan run)
  • (Somebody kick the stone at Nathan)
  • (Nathan groan)
  • (Nathan run and pants)
  • Nathan: Oh my god.
  • (Nathan saw a woman face)
  • Nathan: Hello.
  • (Nathan walk to her)
  • (Nathan gasp)
  • (Nathan drop the stone and run behind her)
  • Eve: Huh.
  • Eve: Again.
  • Nathan: Human.
  • (Eve got up and hold the stone)
  • Eve: This is the wired, I never see this in space.
  • Nathan: Hello.
  • (Eve scream and hold the gun)
  • Eve: Hand up.
  • (Nathan's hand up)
  • Eve: Nathan.
  • Nathan: Do I know you.
  • Nathan: Wait.
  • (Eve from Nathan's vison)
  • Nathan: You are Eve, Eve Olsen.
  • Eve: You are Nathan Hopper.
  • Nathan: Yes.
  • Eve: I am number 104, I am not Eve Olsen.
  • Nathan: Huh.
  • Eve: We was freeze in 2018.
  • Nathan: What, we.
  • Eve: Your father freeze at 2012.
  • Nathan: He not.
  • Eve: He went missing in his misson.
  • Nathan: I know that.
  • Eve: You don,t know that we was freeze in 2018.
  • (Eve and Nathan walk)
  • Nathan: You are Eve Olsen, you are 16 years old.
  • (Nathan show Eve the photo of them)
  • Eve: My name is Eve Olsen.
  • Nathan: Yes.
  • Eve: Your name is Nathan Hooper.
  • Nathan: Yes.
  • (Nathan hug Eve)
  • Eve: Can we go.
  • Nathan: Fine.


It will be distributed by Screen Gems and Universal Pictures with Overbrook Entertainment and Relativity Media

Notes: It will show the shape from Screen Gems then Screen Gems then about 3 second the word "A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company" come in gray word. Universal Pictures show different and same in gray word. It show the earth and then 3 second, Universal come. Same with Overbrook Entertainment and Relativity Media but different.


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