Power Rangers vs Carrie: Under the Warrior is the 2026 live action comedy, drama, superhero supernatural film and is the first film that CLTwins15 write that based around the "Power Rangers" T.V series and to be included into both Power Rangers movie and Carrie franchises. Haim Saban was happy to comply with that, but it still cost him a lot in the long haul. This film was released in fall of 2026, directed by J.J. Abrams, produced by Haim Saban and distributed by Saban Films and Columbia Pictures. It's also the first film in the CLTwins15's Power Rangers and Carrie Trilogy


Ten years ago, The Machine Empire defeats the Power Rangers in battle, destroying the Megazord. It is revealed that Earth's governments then negotiate a truce with the Machine Empire and the Power Rangers are disbanded. In the present, the new villains known as The Black Corporation are plotting to kill the present Power Rangers until Carrie White appeared to find the them but got interupted by the Mysterious Purple Man.

Main Cast

  • Victoria Justice as Dawn Oliver ( Red Ranger)
  • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver (Dark Ranger)
  • China Anne McClain as Alyssa Morgan (Pink Ranger)
  • Nick Robinson as John Oliver (Green Ranger)
  • Jessie T. Usher as Charles ( Black Ranger)
  • Griffin Gluck as Drew (Blue Ranger)
  • Noah Munck as Noah (Yellow Ranger)
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • Eva Pope as Madame Black/True Villain
  • Raymond J. Barry as Commander Black/Main Villain
  • David St. James as Principal Darkhart
  • Kyle Secor as Michael Darcy (Lorcan's story's Main Villain)
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White (White Ranger)
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell (Gold Ranger)
  • Booboo Stewart as Lorcan Darcy (Mysterious Stanger later Silver Ranger)
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • David Yost as Billy Cranston/Original Blue Ranger
  • Walter Emanual Jones as Zack Taylor/Original Black Ranger
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart/Original Pink Ranger
  • Morgan Lily as Emily Darcy (Purple Ranger)


The Movie follows The Rangers' taking on the black corporations after ten years of being disbanded, Carrie's journey in the forest and Lorcan's quest to rescue his sister in a story intertwined in their respective journeys.

The Rangers' story

The screen shows its transition over the Warner Bros and Saban Films logo as thunder invades the screen and cuts to the future of what used to be Angel Grove, California in the year 2020. Angel Grove was under attacked by the Machine Empire, the Power Rangers tried to defeat them but they defeated them in battle, destroying the Megazord permanently.

10 years later, in the year 2030, Angel Grove is now in ruins and conquered by the new government known as the Black Corporation. On the grounds, there's inmates being transported, lifeless "civilians" with visors around their heads and just..... everything in all incomprehensible blandness. Civilians worked in the boring office building and the students..... wears school uniforms during through school life. Freedom is completely non-existent. 

A Woman sees The Mysterious Stranger's been trapped on the chair for interrogation. The Woman reveals to be Kimberly Heart, the original pink ranger. 

Kimberly: Okay, welcome to black prison. We're just going to have a nice little.

The Mysterious Stranger: Fine by me.

Kimberly: Okay. Bad life, huh? Cops in this city - always beating on the sick and defenseless. So, someone told me you had an secret you kept for a long time.

The Mysterious Stranger: Tell me something, have you ever had a really bad day in your life?

Kimberly was shocked what The Mysterious Stranger said.

Kimberly: Yes, yes i do... it was all started ten years ago.

We cut to Angel Grove, 10 years ago

More coming soon.....

Carrie's story

In the ghost town of Chamberlain, Maine, The town's now a tourist attraction and a girl wonder around the town to find someone. The girl reveals to be Carrie White, the girl who came back from the dead after the Black Prom.

She walked to Ewen High School, which it was destroyed during the prom, to find help, but the place is deserted. Carrie see someone. It's the original black ranger, Zack Taylor. He's working undercover as a tour guide to find the way to defeat the Black Corporation.

More coming soon......

Lorcan's story

In the abandoned factory, The mysterious stranger's collecting the money he took from the crime lords who works for the Black Corporation as revenge.

The Mysterious Stranger: The world is devastated ever since the Power Rangers were defeated in the battle ten years ago. A harsh bleak place, where we live in eternal darkness. Life is a struggle, and people live without hope. How did this happen? No one will answer me directly. But they always point... to the flames.

He practicing his shooting. He's feeling his wound but healed himself.

The Mysterious Stranger: My flames. They burn away at the world, but those villains kept destroying every thing in their path. They come from a eternal life form that we cannot truly defeat. The Government called Black Corporation.

The door opens and he turns invisible as someone walked in, It's the original Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston.

Billy: Is anyone there?

The Mysterious Stranger: Oh it's you.

The Mysterious Stranger turns visible.

Billy: Looks like you've learned your powers after what happened in the past.

The Mysterious Stranger: But, it'll just rise up from its ashes again. [Hits the wall with his fist in frustration.] What's the point of all this, Billy? I can't die and he can't lose.

Billy: Calm down. It'll be okay.

The Mysterious Stranger: Then tell me what we should do. How can we completely defeat him and rescue my little sister? 

Billy: Well, I was saving this one until you were ready with your powers. So now, you're ready to do it. To order to rescue your little sister and help us, you need to find the rest of us.

The Mysterious Stranger: Wait, what do you mean, the rest of you?

Billy: I'm the original Blue Power Ranger. 

The Mysterious Stranger: A Power Ranger? Cool.

Billy: Yes. Here's a deal, find all the other Rangers' power coins and bring them to me, I'll tell Kimberly to help you get your sister back. What do you say?

The Mysterious Stranger left to make a choice that he must go on a mission.

The Mysterious Stranger: What do you want me to do? 

We soon cut to outside of Angel Grove, The Mysterious Stranger's on the motorbike to find the first Power Coin, he goes to the ruins of the Megazord. 

He sees someone traveling, he has a beard and wears a trench coat. It's the legend ranger, Tommy Oliver who's attacking him.

The Mysterious Stranger: What the hell?!

Upon seeing that image of him cross his mind, he puts his motor bike into reverse and flips it around as he tries to follow Tommy and track him down..... When Tommy sees him and use Saba to stop him

Tommy: Who are you?

The Mysterious Stranger: I'm a friend of Billy's.

Tommy: Let me guess, A Quest for Power Coins?

The Mysterious Stranger: He told me that he needs to do something and if i find them, He'll tell me where i can find my adopted sister. 

Tommy: Well tell you what, I'll help you find the first two.

The Mysterious Stranger: Well then, Lead the way, Tommy.

Tommy: I will.

Tommy guides The Mysterious Stranger onward the journey. 

We soon cut to the forest, The Mysterious Stranger and Tommy were talking.

The Mysterious Stranger: How did the Megazord destroyed? 

Tommy: It was ten years ago, King Mondo and the Machine Empire makes it final plan to defeat us. We morphed into our armor to take them. Some of us summoned our zords to take down the giant robot but... they've defeated us. Where were you ten years ago?

The Mysterious Stranger: I was around america, I'm just immortal, i can't die.

Tommy: Why'd you travel?

The Mysterious Stranger: I promise to my adopted baby sister that i'll fine her after i cure my chronic disease but instead, The doctors who works for the Black Corporation gave me powers and immortality.

Tommy: Your sister?

The Mysterious Stranger: Yes. I'll find my dad and take him down. I tried with that strict principal who's attacking Kimberly. Howard something.

Tommy: I haven't seen Kimberly after a long time.

The Mysterious Stranger: Let me guess, you two were a love couple at Angel Grove?

Tommy: Yes. Here we are.  

The Mysterious Stranger sees something dark in one of the trees. It's the mysterious Dark Power Coin.

Tommy: It's mine.

The Mysterious Stranger: Wait, you're...?

Tommy: I was one of them until we're disbanded. I was the Original Green Ranger until i lost them, but then I became the White Ranger the new leader but earth was reversed by Rita and Zedd. When we found the Zeo Crystal, I've become a Red Zeo Ranger.

The Mysterious Stranger: So then you became the first Turbo Red Ranger.

Tommy: Yes. But then i passed it onto T.J. Johnson. Years later, I studied Paleontology in college and became a teacher at Reefside High as a high school science teacher.

The Mysterious Stranger: So that makes you the Dino Thunder Black Ranger. You're a Legendary Power Ranger. I heard something about the Legendary Battle over at Harwood County.

Tommy: Yeah, that battle was good.

The Mysterious Stranger: Man i should've join the battle but i was busy. Imagine if it would be great that I'm one of you.

Tommy: Yeah.

The Mysterious Stranger: Wait, I heard someone. Shh.

The Mysterious Stranger and Tommy sees the other Rangers being surrounded by the soldiers who works for the Black Corporation lead by the Angel Grove High's strict principal, Darkhart.

The Mysterious Stranger: Principal Darkhart, one of my arch enemies who obsessed with the Dark Power Coin, if he touch it and make one simple wish, he'll wish to become immortal. Tommy, you must touch it and become a newest Ranger called The Dark Ranger.

Tommy: Okay, I will.

Tommy touch the Dark Power Coin. 

While Tommy touching the Dark Power Coin, Principal Darkhart's interrogating the Rangers.

Principal Darkhart: Where is the Dark Power Coin?! Tell me!

Noah: I don't know what're you talking about!

Tommy: You mean this?

Tommy appeared and holding the Dark Power Coin.

Principal Darkhart: Put it down, Dr. Oliver! Who help you?!

The Mysterious Stranger: I did.

Principal Darkhart: You? What the hell are you doing here?! You little punk, i thought i killed you!

The Mysterious Stranger: You didn't killed me.

Principal Darkhart: What is your name?!

The Mysterious Stranger takes off his mask, goggles and hat, revealing that he has long hair, Principal Darkhart discovers that boy. The boy's name is Lorcan Darcy.

Lorcan: Hello.

Principal Darkhart: Lorcan? You're still alive?!

Lorcan: And finally found you so i can fight!

Lorcan and Principal Darkhart start their fight. He uses his firearm to shoot the soldiers where he's more amazing at shooting and learning his powers. Darkhart's the last one.

Principal Darkhart: Whoa whoa whoa! Please let me live, have mercy!

Lorcan: Where's Emily?!

Principal Darkhart: Who?

Lorcan: My adopted baby sister!

Principal Darkhart: Okay, I can tell you exactly where she is. 

Lorcan: Tell me.

Principal Darkhart: Commander Black plans to use her for the upcoming event, The End of Angel Grove. If you want to see her again, you must take on your father. And Lorcan, your family's still dead. There's nothing you can do to bring them back!

Lorcan: Hey Tommy, look at this, one bullet left and forgive me for doing this. Hey Darkhart, you're fired.

Lorcan shoots Principal Darkhart. The Rangers were impressed.

Tommy: Since when you done interrogation?

Lorcan: Oh my mom was a police commissioner before she died, all except me and my dad. Well, keep the Dark Power Coin, you might need it. Let's go.

Tommy: Wait, how many Power Coins did Billy asked you to find?

Lorcan: Well, four. 

Tommy: Okay. Let's go.

Lorcan and Tommy continues their journey and find the next Power Coin.

We cut to the abandoned amusment park. Lorcan and Tommy arrived to find the next Power Coin.

Lorcan: Okay, tell me this. When was the last time you saw the other rangers like, Rocky, Adam, Zack, Kimberly and Billy?

Tommy stopped walking and think about what happened in the past. 

Tommy: The last time i saw them was Trini's funeral. You remembered her when you were a kid, weren't you, Lorcan?

Lorcan: Oh yeah, I remembered Trini. I think she used to babysit me when i was a toddler? I don't know. 

Tommy: You were right. Where were you when we were fighting Rita and her army of putties?

Lorcan: I was visiting my Mom at the hospital, Me and my older twin brother, we were jealous of her newborn baby girl.

Tommy: I didn't know you were twins.

Lorcan: I haven't seen him since the beginning of the Black Corporation. My dad works for them but my mom works as a police commissioner before retiring. 

Tommy: What's your twin's name?

Lorcan: Cillian. He encourage me to stay and I spent 13 years fighting to survive against The Black Corporation. 

Tommy: Wow. So what are you gonna do after the end of the battle?

Lorcan: I don't know, i'm gonna stay immortal and probably get married or find my family.

Tommy: Don't worry. You'll find them.

Lorcan: Thanks. I'll try my best to find the third Power Coin.

Lorcan sees something black in the cave.

Tommy: What is it?

Lorcan: I see something in that cave. There's a boat, maybe we can try to sail it.

Tommy: Okay.

Lorcan and Tommy grabbed the boat and sail into the cave. They sees a black power coin, Mastodon.

Tommy: Zack's power coin. 

Lorcan: Two down, two to go. Keep the Dark Power Coin, go to Billy back in Angel Grove.

Lorcan grabbed the Power Coin and put it in his jewel box. He write Billy's address and give it to Tommy.

Tommy: I will. 

Lorcan: Okay, Wish me luck.

Tommy: Good luck.

Lorcan walked to the different direction as Tommy sails back to return to Angel Grove.  He see a light up ahead. He use his telekinesis to escape before the Black Corporation supporters arrived and discovers that the Mastodon power coin is stolen. He ending up seeing something and go follow it.

We cut to the ghost town of Chamberlain, Maine, Lorcan sees a tour guide whom he see very familiar. 

Zack: Hey, welcome to Chamberlain Maine. Would you like a free tour around this place? I'm Zack Taylor, i'll be your tour guide.

Lorcan: Huh? You're Zack Taylor?

Zack: Yeah, why?

Lorcan: Billy's sent me to find all three original power coins.

Zack: Oh yeah. Why?

Lorcan: I'm helping him to bring back the Rangers. The original four rangers i need. You're the second original i'm encountering.

Zack: Get in the car because it's a tour ride, we'll talk on the way. 

At Ewen High School, Lorcan explains to Zack about what Billy's offering him.

Zack: What? You mean Billy asked you to find the Dark Power Coin and all three Original Power Coins, and in return, he'll tell you where your sister is?

Lorcan: Yeah. 

Zack: Well, i gotta say, That's might be dangerous.

Lorcan: Zack, look, I have to do this. I mean, 13 years have passed but i'm immortal.

Zack: You mean, you live forever and can't die?

Lorcan: Yes.

More coming soon......

Final story

In the final story shows Carrie walking towards Angel Grove after leaving Maine. She try to use her powers to get there fast but she lost them because one of the Black Corporation supporters drugged her, she looked at her white power coin.

Carrie: What's going on?

We cut to the Rangers after defeating the Black Corporation's monster, They see a light coming from the temple means they get new zords, thanks to Lorcan's sacrifice of the first half of his purple energy. The original Black, Pink and Blue Rangers' zords are back online and repaired. Tommy arrived that his new zord is waiting for him.

Alyssa: He did it.

Drew: Our new zords.

Dawn: Our morphers are back online. We'll fight back.

Charles: Let's do this

Noah: Let's go guys.

John: We have Angel Grove to save.

We cut to the temple, Lorcan after rescuing his sister, He inheirt from his father's silver power coin while Emily's gain a purple power coin. When she sees Lorcan.

Emily: Lorcan!

Lorcan: Em!

Emily hugged Lorcan as they've been reunited after thirteen years.

Emily: Thank you. I knew you came.

Lorcan: Hey, due to losing the first half of my energy to give the Rangers new Zords and your own Power Coin. We'll go home. 

But then the earthquake appeared, Lorcan and Emily walked outside and sees the sky turning darkish grey. So the Rangers retreat to Zordon's spaceship. 

We cut to the Zordon's ship, All the Ranger are retreated, Lorcan, Emily and Carrie are amazed.

Lorcan: Wow.

Kimberly: Lorcan, Emily. What are you doing here?

Lorcan: I have to escape. 

Kimberly: Well looks like you come a long way here. 

Carrie: And also you know about this place?

Zack: Yes. The four of us, in the past... It's hard for me to say.

Lorcan: For god sake! They're original Power Rangers, Carrie.

Carrie: What? 

Emily: Yeah, where were you when the Machine Empire destroyed the Megazord?

Carrie: Oh, i was dead because my mom stabbed me on the night of my prom destruction.

Kimberly: Well in that case,  Carrie Right? I got a suprises for you. Come in you three.

Lorcan, Emily and Carrie follow the Rangers and Carrie see a familiar face, Sue Snell.

Sue: Hi Carrie.

Carrie: Sue, is that you?

Sue: Yes. Listen, about what happened years ago at the shower at school, I didn't mean to... you know.

Carrie: It's okay. What are you doing here?

Sue shows Lorcan, Emily and Carrie the gold coin.

Lorcan: You're...?!

Zordon: You four, are the four new Power Rangers.

Lorcan: Power Rangers? Us? That's some kind of a joke.

Tommy: No it's not.

Tommy appeared out of nowhere.

Emily: Who's that?

Billy: That's Tommy, the new Dark Power Ranger.

Lorcan: Of course! Now i remember, You four are the original legandary Power Rangers.

Zack: Correct. 

Lorcan: I may have immortality, but that doesn't make me smart. So tell me, why are you four even spying on me?

Billy: We were watching you as the Mysterious Stranger, with your father's Silver Power Coin, you've become the silver ranger.

Lorcan: Wow. A Silver Ranger. But Commander Black's planning to bringing back Madame Black tonight.

Emily: Lorcan, how did you become the Mysterious Stranger in the first place? 

Lorcan: I tapped into the morphing grid with a firearm which is turned into an awesome morpher. I couldn't de-morph back then!

Billy: How long?

Lorcan: Six months.

Emily: Six months?! What the hell, Lorcan! That's very awesome.

Lorcan: Thanks Emily. 

Tommy: Okay. Lorcan, let's me see.

Lorcan shows Tommy his gun. 

Tommy: Well, you're right. It did turned into your morpher.

Lorcan: Well, looks like Cillian's gonna be mad now.

Tommy: He'll be alright.

Just then, the present six rangers arrived and see Lorcan.

John: Whoa, what's he doing here?

Lorcan: Ease up you six, We're all on a same side. 

Alyssa: Lorcan Darcy, That's where i see you since i was ten, You've been traveling around for years.

Lorcan: Yeah, i'm immortal. I can't die. I've been fighting back against the Black Corporation, i also had to sacrifice the Purple Energy to give you six new zords and bring back the original three.

Charles: Whoa. Thanks dude. 

Dawn: We owe you.

Lorcan: No, it's okay. Look, there's ten powerful soldiers and there's fourteen of us but, if me, Carrie, Sue and Emily take on the leaders, you guys can take on those ten soldiers. Commander Black is mine to fight and i know you want revenge on a man who's been torturing you, Emily.

Emily: Yeah.

Tommy: Well. That's a good plan. 14 of us will take them on.

Lorcan: Then it's settle, tonight's the night that the Black Corporation end.

Tommy: Good. You four will split up while the ten of us will take them on.

The rangers are heading to the Church of Our Lady of Sorrow to begin their final battle against the Black Corporation. 

At the Church of Our Lady of Sorrow, the ritual is about to begin.

Commander Black: Are the men ready for the ritual?

General Grey: Yes sir.

Commander Black: Finally, the rebirth of Madame Black will finally come. Let's begin!

The Rangers arrived to encounter the Black Corporation.

Sue: You know if you miss your boss that much, we'll be an honored to defeat you.

Lorcan: Today's the day that you going to die.

Commander Black: Well you're too late, normal citizens. The Sacrifice is about to begin and there is nothing you fourteen can do to stop us from domination the entire world.

The Rangers are preparing to fight in their final battle.

Commander Black: Black Soldiers, attack.

The Rangers begin the fight against the Black Soldiers. They battle in the battlefield and fight. Lorcan shooting the soldiers with a help from Emily and Zack. Tommy, Noah, Billy, Charles and Drew work together to fight the soldiers.  Kimberly, Sue, Carrie and Dawn are fighting back the soldiers. Alyssa sees Commander Black preparing to revive the Boss.

Alyssa: Lorcan, now!

Lorcan: Oh no you won't, Black!

Lorcan attacks Commander Black by dropping him into the pit. His lucky diamond dropped into the pit as Commander Black grabbed and pulls him in, and he hangs onto him as he hangs onto a ledge.

Lorcan: Whoa!!

Dawn: Lorcan!

The Rangers sees him hanging onto a ledge.

Lorcan: Guys, quick run!

Emily: We're not leaving without you, Lorcy.

Commander Black: That's right, Lorcan Darcy. If i'm going down, I'm taking you with me! 

Emily sees a light.

Emily: You guys see that?

Tommy: What is that?

The light reveals to be Lorcan's older twin brother, Cillian.

Lorcan: Cillian? You're dead?

Cillian nodded as yes.

Commander Black: Well, Mr. Darcy, you're just in time to help!

Cillian: I am here to help, help to make Lorcan mortal again, and also help those Power Rangers destroy you for good.

Commander Black: Power Rangers?! No!

Cillian blast Commander Black and he fell into the pit. He help Lorcan climbs out of the pit.

Lorcan: Thanks, Cillian.

Cillian: Lorcan. You spent 13 years fighting with your immortality. I'm giving you a new diamond but not just your immortality but also your own pyschic powers and healing factor. 

The new diamond appeared as Lorcan's new lucky charm and power. Cillian smiles at him before faded away.

General Gray: What?! You killed the Commander? Well guess what, you won't win.

All fourteen rangers are ready.

Dawn: Okay, what are we waiting for?

Lorcan: Let's do this.

Tommy: It's morphing time.

Tommy morph into the Dark Ranger for the first time, Zack, Kimberly and Billy morph into the original Power Rangers after a long time, Dawn, Ayssla, Charles, Noah, Drew and John morph into the present Power Rangers, Sue morph into the gold Power Ranger, Carrie morph into the White Power Ranger, Lorcan morph into the Silver Power Ranger and finally Emily morph into the Purple Power Ranger.

The Black Corporation Generals are shocked that they morphed into Power Rangers. 

General Gray: What?!

Officer Black: No, They've become Power Rangers.

Lorcan: Alright, guys. We're here to save the world, fourteen vs fourteen, the final fight.

The Rangers take on the Generals for the final battle. They split into seven teams of two to fight. Lorcan and Tommy are fighting the General and the Second in Command. Carrie, Sue, Dawn and Assyla are battling the four generals and use their blasters to defeat them. Billy and Zack are using their power weapons for the first time after a long time and use them to defeat the two generals. Emily and Kimberly are in the using their blasters to take on their generals. Charles, Noah, Drew and John are in the standoff against the four generals.

Charles: I got an idea. We gotta shoott hem

Noah: I hope it'll work.

The boys shooting the blaster of one of the generals so they can shoot and defeat the Generals. Tommy and Lorcan are defeating the Officer but the Heart of Madame Black is glowing.

Madame Black: ENOUGH!!!!

The Rangers stop and look at Madame Black, She wears a robotic helmet as she walked out of the building, She kills General Black and the Officer for the energy source for life.

Tommy: Impossible, She's back?!

Madame Black: That's right! And this is your deathmatch, Rangers. Like this!

Madame Black grows,just like the Ranger fought the other monsters in the past when they have their zords, to destroy Angel Grove. 

Carrie: I didn't see her big like that before.

Zack: That's why we used to have our zords but the Machine Empire destroyed our Megazord, 10 years ago.

Lorcan: Oh hey, don't worry. I got you guys new zords. Behold!

The New Zords appeared and the Original Zords are back.

Kimberly: How?

Lorcan: While i was on a quest for the power coins, I use the new zords and the old zords to came up an idea. If we combine our zords, it's become the Super Megazord. Tommy, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, you uses your zords to become the Energy Megazord. Dawn, Ayssla, John, Charles, Noah and Drew, you use the Thunder Storm Megazord and combine them with Super Megazord into Super Storm Megazord, Sue and Emily, you use your new zords to become the Train Megazord while Carrie inheirts Tommy's old white tigerzord.

Carrie: What? 

Tommy: Of course. My old tigerzord. That means you have...?

Lorcan: My zord is the Silver Racer. If we combine our zords, It'll become the Ultimate Energy Megazord. 

Kimberly: We'll try.

The Rangers summon their zords to begin their final battle against Madame Black. Lorcan jumped into his Silver Racer zord to participate the fight.

Lorcan: Silver Racer Megazord, activate!

Silver Racer transformed into the Silver Racer Megazord



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