Power Rangers is a 2013 American action film based upon the Power Rangers franchise. It received mixed reviews because of it's heavy reimagining of the source material.


Sceientist Tommy Oliver learns that his old sceince partner, Terrence Smith, whom he thought was dead, has returned as the supervillain Zeltrax and seeks to take control of the city of Angel Grove. In order to counter Zeltrax's nefarious plans, Oliver recruits a team of misfits from thge local high school and grants them high powered auxillary suits to battle Zeltrax's minions.


Kellan Lutz - Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger

Lyndsy Fonseca - Kimberely Hart/Pink Ranger

Jessica Lu - Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger

Michael B Jordan - Zack Taylor/Black Ranger

Andrew Garfield - Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger

Mike Vogel - Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger

Elle Fanning - Rita Repulsa

Kyle Chandler - Zordon

Tom Hanks - Alpha 5 (voice)

Helena Bonham Carter - Haley Ziktor

Hugo Weaving - Terrence Smith/Zeltrax

Sienna Miller - Karen Spencer/Astronema

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