Power Rangers: Super Safari is a live-action superhero televeision program based on the Power Rangers media franchise.


The jewels of the crown of King Zombie of the Planet Bone have been missing for many years. Unbeknownst to the king, they were stolen by intergalactic jewel thief Reach Glover. Glover secretly hid the jewels on Earth and many years later, they are discovered (accidentally) by Reach's descendant Calvin Glover and his friends, Holly and Markus during a school trip to Africa. They also free the spirit of one of King Zombie's sworn enemies; Roofus, who agrees to assist them. Alerted by the jewels presence, Zombie decides to up and invade the planet Earth. It's up to Calvin, Holly and Markus to use the powers of the safari animals lion, elephant and giraffe to defend Earth.


Super Safari Rangers

Calvin Glover - The Red Lion Safari Ranger. His great ancestor is actually Reach Glover; the man who stole King Zombie's crown jewels. He has a mutual crush on Holly.

Holly Thompson - The Blue Elephant Safari Ranger. She is accidentally dragged into the conflict when Calvin asks her to hang out with him (as he has a crush on her). They then discover the jewels. She later begins to return his feelings.

Markus Wallowitz - The Yellow Giraffe Safari Ranger. He shows up on Calvin and Holly's 'date' uninvited and annoys them, but winds up finding the jewels with them. 

Sean and Seanna - The Black and White Zebra Safari Ranger. They are twins who share the Zebra rangers powers. There is intitial dislike for them but they are later accepted.

Andrew smith-The green alligator safari ranger he was Sean and seanna best friend and also comic relief of the power rangers teams and also heart of the team.


Roofus - One of King Zombie's worst enemies, he was captured, tortured and then imprisoned by the king inside of one of the jewels, which later wound up on Earth where he was freed by Calvin.

Mike Thompson - Holly's dad who owns a shop which is constantly switching markets, a running joke in the series. He is wary of Calvin's interests in his daughter but finds that he has several things in common with him.

Anu - Mike's 'protegé' who works at the shop and assists the team. He is an Indian transfer student.


King Zombie - The evil king of Planet Bone who harbours a dark secret; he is not the true king of the planet, he took the throne by force. He needs to keep the jewels from falling into the wrong hands to protect his power. Ultimately, his entire lie-based empire unravels thanks to the rangers efforts and he is then transported to prison on Planet Bone.

Queen Femur - The wicked bride of King Zombie. She knows of her husband's secrets and assists him in keeping it; even if it means betraying their people and laying waste to Earth, which is something she strangely seems to enjoy. She is destroyed by Sean and Seanna.

Prince Pelvus - Zombie and Femur's ruthless son. Despite his child like appearance, he is able to transform into a terrifying dinosaur-like monster. He is destroyed by Calvin, Holly and Markus. 

The Fool - The clown-like court jester of King Zombie. He greeds gets the better of him in the end and he tries to steal one of the jewels, but Holly defeats him. Following his defeat, the role of the fool is taken on by Roofus.

Bonemen - The lifeless armies of King Zombie. 

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