Power Rangers: Cubeimals is the 25th series of the Power Rangers franchise. This series is an apdatoid of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. This series will air on Cartoon Network and its will only have 46 episodes. 


When four young adults finds four strange cubes which lead them to meet a alien named Eaglewing who tells them that his home planet was destroy by a group of outlaw space aliens know the Savage Emipre. Than, the Savage Empire arrives on Earth. Than, Eaglewing and the young adults become the Power Rangers: Cubeimals and they begins fighting back against the Savage Empire. Than, they was found by an secret organisation called P.R.O.T.E.C.T.S. (Powerful Rescue Operation Team Elite Chaos Treminator Squad) which they meets Eaglewing's mentor, Gorilla. Now, the Rangers battles the Savage Empire in order to save the planet Earth. Than, Eaglewing takes the form of young adults's old high school friend, Elliot Stark who die of a heart attack. As the battles to rid the forces of the Savage Empire continues,  they get new zords, new powers, and an new rangers such as the Fusion Cubeimals Ranger who turn out to be Eaglewing's friend, Chimera. 



  • Eaglewing/Elliot Stark/Red Cubeimals Ranger/Crimson Cubeimals Ranger 
  • Sarah Parker/Blue Cubeimals Ranger 
  • Leon Cillons/Yellow Cubeimals Ranger 
  • Phineas Davenport/Green Cubeimals Ranger 
  • Amy Simmons/White Cubeimals Ranger 
  • Chimera/Carl Neutron/Fusion Cubeimals Ranger 



Savage Empire 

  • Emperor Metalizer 
  • Dreadmuscle 
  • Brainacus 
  • Nalia 
  • Savageators 


  • Stibniterazor 

Supporting Characters 


Zords & Megazords 


  1. Cubeimals Pt. 1: 
  2. Cubeimals Pt. 2: 
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