PowerRuff Kids is an American preschool children's television series produced for Nickelodeon and created by Jonny Belt and Robert Scull. The series is produced by using Autodesk Maya 3D software and revolves around a group of preschool kids. This program premiered on September 23, 2013.

  • Genre - Preschool / Childrens / Eductation
  • Created By - Johnny Belt and Robert Scull
  • Opening Theme - "PowerRuff Kids!"
  • Country Of Origin - US
  • TV Rating - TY-Y
  • Guide Age Recommendation - 2+


Preschoolers are in for an awesomely good time with every unique episode of PowerRuff Kids. The PowerRuff Kids -- Candy, Shimmer, Honey, Pony, Bella, Spazzy, Frankie, Brett, Travis, and Joe -- are different colored white kids. The show follows the children are their everyday explorations as they have fun learning about life and the world around them.

The PowerRuff Kids themselves engage kids on many levels. Also, kids have always love the idea for each of the kids to look like the powerpuff girls, and while the kids are invented from someone else, they are, and they have the ability to behave like humans do. The PowerRuff Kids live in a ficional city called New Bronzewhack, which is a pun of New Brunswick.


  • Candy (Angelina Wahler), is a girl with a leading personality. She's the natural leader of the group. She has blonde hair in long ponytail and fringes of hair on her forehead and wears a red bow in her hair. She has bright pink eyes to match her pink dress. She wears a black belt, white leggings, and black dress shoes.
  • Joe (Zachary Gordon), is a boy with a fair personality. He plays fair and likes to hang with the boys. He has black hair and on his forehead parting away like a curtain and a strand sticking on the top, dark red eyes to match his dark red long-sleeved shirt, a black belt, black pants and shoes with the tips and laces white.
  • Shimmer (Naelee Rae), is a girl with a tomboyish personality. She's the toughest girl on the group. She has orange hair with wavy bangs on her forehead and a flip at the back, red eyes to match her red dress, black belt, white leggings, and black dress shoes. She has a red star bow in her hair.
  • Spazzy (Eamon Pirruccello), is a boy with a silly personality. He's the funniest out of the ten. He has frizzy gray hair, yellow eyes matching his yellow shirt, a black belt, black pants, black shoes with white laces and tips.
  • Honey (Reyna Shaskan), is a girl with a sweet personality. She loves flowers and animals, but she also worries too much and also quite emotional. She has light brown hair with pigtails, orange eyes matching her orange dress, black belt, black dress shoes, and white leggings.
  • Frankie (Khamani Griffin), is a boy with a zany personality. He likes to play pranks on his friends. He has blonde messy hair. His eyes are teal to match his teal shirt, a black belt, black pants, white laces and tips on his black shoes.
  • Lolly (Brianna Gentilella), is a girl with an intelligent personality. She often thinks before she acts. She has orange long-medium length hair, light green eyes to match her dress, black belt, white leggings, and black dress shoes. On her wrists she wears black bracelets.
  • Brett (Jack Samson), is a boy with smart personality. For an unknown reason, he doesn't smile as often as the others. He has brown spiky hair, dark green eyes to match his shirt, a black belt, black pants, and black shoes. On his head, he wears a light green cap backwards.
  • Bella (LaShawn Tinah Jefferies), is a girl with a baseful personality. Mostly, she spents her time indoors and doesn't interact with many kids. She has long black hair, purple eyes matching her dress, black belt, white leggings, and black dress shoes.
  • Travis (Scott Beaudin), is a boy with a wise personality. He's very intelligent and thinks he knows the answers, but is also gets mad easily. He has messy gray hair, blues eyes matching his blue shirt, a black belt, black pants, and black shoes with white laces.
  • Big Bot (Robert Smith), is a giant orange robot. He's a song writer and loves to play his guitar. He and his partner made the PowerRuff Kids. He has one dream in his mind that he wishes would come true -- wished that someday he'll be a singer.
  • Big Horns (Tino Insana), is a giant purple monster. He's somewhat sulky and overy touchy, but he's also innocent and most of the time harmless. He has a selfish behavior, but despite that, he's appreciative of the PowerRuff Kids. He and Big Bot invented the PowerRuff Kids.

Bad Guys

  • Freddie Froggy (Scott Beaudin), is a large blue frog in a scarecrow costume. He's mostly the main villain of the series. He's based on Freddy Krueger.
  • Smile Dog (James Siang'a), is a vicious dog with black fur. He stalks on people and tries to attack them. When people look directly at his smile, he tries to catch them.
  • Nopperabou (Frank Welker), is a faceless ghost in a white gown. He has powers of Ghost Pokemon.
  • The Masked Tomato Bros - are a group of five teenaged characters with tomatoes for a head and dressed as ninjas.
  • The Three Big Pigs - a triplet of pink pigs in different colored clothing. The chubby one wears red, the tall one wears blue, and the youngest one wears green.
  • The Blister-Bot Bros - three green robots in cowboy outfits. Each of them have a unique way of attacking.
  • Little Miss Menace - (AKA Meela) an evil little girl in a ghost outfit. She strongly dislikes the PowerRuff Kids.
  • Creepy Crooks - an evil preying mantis in a red color. He's often called Crooks for short.


~Season 1~

  1. Get Ready For School! / Big Bot's Secret Friend (Airdate: 9/23/2013) - The kids get ready for their first day of school. / Big Bot has a secret admirer.
  2. The Flower / Sing It, Sister! (Airdate: 9/24/2013) - Big Horns accidentally planted a flower in the backyard that turned out to be cursed. / When Candy's beautiful singing is overheard, Honey wants to become a talented singer like her.
  3. I'll Fly Away / The PowerRuff Flu (Airdate: 9/25/2013) - Spazzy wants to join the Flying Copter Boys. He feels that he belongs with them. / Frankie gets the idea of faking an illness to get out of going to Meela's party. He soon finds out that his plan is starting to backfire when everyone enjoys the party.
  4. Beauty And The Crooks / The PowerRuff Club (Airdate: 9/26/2013) - Crooks has a sudden friendship with Shimmer. However, because of this, Crooks has a plan in mind to take over New Bronzewhack now that Shimmer is on his side. / The kids create a club. The club was crashed when Freddie Froggy disguised himself as a kid.
  5. A Time Telling Tale / Invention Of Failure (Airdate: 9/27/2013) - Travis keeps missing things because he loses track of time. / Big Bot's new invention fails and he gets the bad case of depression.
  6. The King Of Comedy! / The Spies To The Boy (Airdate: 10/4/2013) - Spazzy loses not only his jokes, but his confidence as well. / After Brett acts suspicious, the kids spy on him.
  7. Un-See Them / Vicious Doggy (Airdate: 10/24/2013) - Honey makes friends with a "no-see-um" bug named Diggy, but is disappointed when her friends all think she has an imaginary friend. / Smile Dog crashed the kids' birthday party.
  8. Spookiness In Bronzewhack Road (Airdate: 10/25/2013) - A Halloween Special: The PowerRuff kids must save Big Bot and Big Horns from Smile Dog when he takes them into a dark portal leading to a different planet.
  9. Louder, Louder! / Honey-Vicious (Airdate: 11/13/2013) - During a contest to see who can shout the loudest echo, Spazzy roars a little to ferociously and loses his voice. / Honey wants a tough reputation.
  10. Beauty And The Bully / The Bunnies Of New Bronzewhack (Airdate: 11/14/2013) - A new kids moves in to the PowerRuff Kids' neighborhood and starts bullying and bossing them around. Lolly tries to be friends with him. / Freddie Froggy creates evil bunnies out of several chemicals and were ordered to destroy New Bronzewhack.
  11. An Orki-Dorky Day / Freddie What? (Airdate: 11/15/2013) - The PowerRuff Kids spent a day with a childless couple. / Freddie Froggy accidentally electrocutes himself, and lost his memory.
  12. The Big Feast / Autumn Night (Airdate: 11/25/2013) - Big Bot and Big Horns try to get home in time for a dinner party. / The kids cannot celebrate the first day of autumn with Little Miss Menace ruining it.
  13. Bee Youself / The Ghost Next Door (Airdate: 11/26/2013) - Freddie Froggy turns the kids into bees. / Spazzy believes that the ghost next door is a good guy, but it turns out that it's only Nopperabou, who plans to destroy New Bronzewhack.

~Season 2~

  1. The Taming Of Big Horns / Big Bot's Surprise (Airdate: 12/12/2013) - Big Horns has a rough day at work, and he's now feeling very grumpy. So the kids decide to make him better. / Big Bot wonders why Big Horns and the kids are acting suspicious.
  2. Winter Wonderland / Wonderful Christmas (Airdate: 12/15/2013) - Winter Special: The kids stop the Masked Tomato Bros from ruining their winter playtime. / Christmas Special: The kids try to bring a grumpy old man in their neighborhood into the spirit of Christmas.
  3. Role Reversal / After School (Airdate: 1/13/2014) - Freddie Froggy and Creepy Crooks switch roles for the day. / After Shimmer arrives late for class one day and talks back to her teacher, he issues her detention.
  4. Special Delivery / The Ultimate Prank (Airdate: 1/14/2014) - The kids open a package that doesn't belong to them. / Frankie tries to pull the ultimate prank on the Masked Tomato Bros.
  5. Busted With The Blasted Bot / Goo-Goo Grief (Airdate: 1/15/2014) - Big Bot was activated with extreme anger, and was starting to cause trouble in town. / When Candy plays a special horn, a special creature emerges.
  6. Clean Up Yourself / Freddie The Cool (Airdate: 1/16/2014) - Frankie and Spazzy decides to goof off and play instead of cleaning up for theirselves. / Freddie wants to be cool and hip, so Spazzy teaches him the moves to be cool.
  7. Woozy Boy / Gotta Dance (Airdate: 1/17/2014) - Joe comes down with the case of "Chickenitis", and all he could do is cluck. / Candy has always wanted to be a ballerina.
  8. Blue Thumb / Crooks The Creep (Airdate: 1/29/2014) - Big Horns is put in charge of the New Bronzewhack Community Garden, but when nothing grows out of his supervision, it's discovered that his famous "purple thumb" has turned blue. / Crooks plays a scary prank on the kids.
  9. The Spies On The Porks / Scaring You Away (Airdate: 1/31/2014) - The PowerRuff Kids think that the Three Big Pigs are hiding something from them, and they follow them around town to try and figure out what their secret is. / Nopperabou possesses Frankie to be on his side.
  10. The Tired Heads / You Gotta Have Art (Airdate: 2/10/2014) - The Masked Tomato Bros are too exhausted for any crime. / Brett attempts to create an excellent masterpiece.
  11. The Shimmer Shuffle / Boy In The Clouds (Airdate: 2/11/2014) - Candy catches on to the fact that Shimmer is winning all games by cheating, so she and the other kids builds an ultimate robot to teach Shimmer a lesson about cheating. / Nobody knows that Brett is afraid of heights, until they all head to the airport on day.
  12. Mr Unlucky / Rush Hour (Airdate: 2/12/2014) - Spazzy is excited because he found a penny and he's going to be lucky all day until everything starts going wrong. / The kids learn an important lesson in patience after they rapidly put things back in New Bronzewhack.
  13. One Frog Too Many / Ball And Bat Dreams (Airdate: 2/13/2014) - Nopperabou creates many copies of Freddie Froggy to destroy New Bronzewhack. / Travis befriends a professional baseball player.

~Season 3~

  1. The Cupids Of New Bronzewhack (Airdate: 2/14/2014) - Valentine Special: Many cupids fly into town, but little did the kids know that the cupids also have a dark side in them.
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