The end is nigh.....

Power-Up Heroes: Revengance
 ​is an 2020 supernatural action comedy adventure film and is the final sequel to the 2019 film, Power-Up Heroes: Ascension and 2017 film, Power-Up Heroes which was based on the 2011 Xbox 360 game, Power-Up Heroes which goes by the same name. Warner Brothers Pictures will distribute the film once again along with New Line Cinema producing it. It will be directed and produced again by Christopher Nolan. 

The film will feature Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Anna Kendrick, Ciara Bravo, Liev Schreiber, Columbus Short, Nancy Allen (voice), Tom Holland (voice), Terry Crews, Anthony Ray Parker, James Franco, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Damon Wayans, Jet Li and Zoë Kravitz. Despite a overwhelming budget number at the box office, "Power-Up Heroes: Ascension" was considered a step back from its predecessor, but made enough money in order for one last sequel to be made. Most of the cast returned as well as one new addition in Terry Crews. In April 2020, the film was released to acclaim.


Malignance (Hugo Weaving) seems to have finally gotten the upper hand on the Galactic Heroes. While Katherine (Anna Kendrick tries to win her daughter, Sara's (Ciara Bravo) love back after her recent recovery from Malignance, Adam (Sam Worthington) is left on his deathbed, infected with nanobots with a week left to live. And by the end of that week, Malignance will have taken over Earth. But as long as the Galactic Heroes are around, or Adam somehow makes it out alive, there's no quit in any of them. The time was fast approaching for them to destroy Malignance.....once and for all....


  • Sam Worthington as Adam Hale/Volta X/Volta of Death
  • Hugo Weaving as Malignance X
  • Anna Kendrick as Katherine Hale/Chaos X
  • Ciara Bravo as Sara Hale/Shadow
  • Columbus Short as Byron Olson/Scorch
  • Liev Schreiber as Wade Hillard/Bionic
  • Anthony Ray Parker as Moses Brody/Warhammer
  • Terry Crews as Captain Gargen Brody
  • Nancy Allen as Tessa
  • Tom Holland as Zip
  • James Franco as Ed/Necro
  • Isla Fisher as Carla/Soothsayer
  • Jet Li as Orion
  • Damon Wayans as Ross
  • Zoë Kravitz as Azera


As soon as the film starts, we cut to the outside of the Heroes HQ and then we see Katherine Hale (Anna Kendrick) holding her husband, Adam (Sam Worthington) and her daughter, Sara (Ciara Bravo) out of the ship. Byron Olson (Columbus Short) wasn't too far behind.

Katherine: Inside. Come on.

Soon enough, another ship landed on their HQ as Moses Brody (Anthony Ray Parker) stepped out with Orion (Jet Li) and Ross (Damon Wayans) on medical beds.

Ross: Aww man. For a second, I thought I wasn't getting out of there.

Moses: Hey, me and Adam used to have that be our motto: Leave no man behind.

Ross: Well, you sure as hell lived up to it.

Moses had to put his arms over both of them as he carried both of them inside. But he couldn't help, but watch his friend go through emergency care through the windows.

Moses: You better make it out of this, Adam.

Then all of sudden, Bionic (Wade) (Liev Schreiber) came up all of a sudden and landed on HQ. He didn't say Hi or anything like that. He immediately burst inside the doors of HQ.

Katherine: Wade??

Wade: What the hell happened out there?

Katherine: So much really. Lawrence lost his brother. My daughter was brain-washed and almost killed us along with Carla and Ed who are....yeah.....still alive. God knows how. And Malignance is still out there. Besides that...nothing much.

Wade: Nothing much?! My niece got taken up by that metal monstrosity and you call that's nothing much?

Kat: If you cared about her as much as I did, where were you the whole time?

Wade: I was trying to get this fixed.

Kat: Well, I guess that explains the long wait.

Tessa (Nancy Allen): Hey hey hey. Nows not the time. *to Wade* I understand your reasoning, but you'll have to answer for that when the commander wakes up.

Wade nodded.

Katherine: But he's out with a coma.

Zip (Tom Holland): It's no coma. It's nanobot cocktail. Shadow must've poisoned him. I'm guessing it was while he was with her in one of the cells on the ship.

Katherine just stood back and looks at the medical room where they held Sara.

Katherine: Ooh....she is SO grounded when she wakes up.

Meanwhile, Ross and Moses walk into the emergency room as the medics are examining both Adam and Sara. Both tables show a heart monitor showing their usual heartbeat and let us know that both Sara and Adam are barely holding up.

Moses: Are they alright?

Medic #1: The girl, yes. She's just unconscious. She'll make it out of this. But the commander.....not so much. He worries me.

Ross: What do you mean? What's wrong?

Medic #2: See his skin?

Moses: Yeah, its yellow. That's a problem.

Ross: How big of a problem?

Medic #2: Very BIG problem. It's the equivalent of a nanobot cocktail. It doesn't take long for it to infect and kill its host.

Ross just looked down and walked out.

Moses: Wha--hold up a sec. ROSS!

Confused and desperate to get answers, he followed Ross outside.

But little did they know; on the the other table besides Adam, Sara started to twitch excessively as she clinched her fist very tight.

And then.......

~Title Sequence~

We then cut to a meeting with Katherine, Wade and the rest of the crew.

Katherine: I'm sorry for bringing all of you up to speed on this. I shouldn't haven't to tell you this, but it's urgent: my husband, OUR COMMANDER has been severely poisoned. And from what I've just heard from Zip, there currently is no cure.....

All of the other members either gasped or groaned.

Wade: But.......Me and Byron have been working behind the scenes on an antidote. It won't be enough to completely cure him, but it will give him full function.

Ross: Still.....If there's no cure, how are we gonna fight Malignance without him??

Katherine: We're still working on that. But I barely come glimpse that my husband only has barely a week to survive. It might give us enough time to find a way to stop Malignance or subdue the poison, but there's no guarantee.

Tessa: Perhaps, but we can hope.

Zip: There's always hope......

Katherine: Agreed. So....I will let Captain Moses update an important briefing. I must attend my husband while I still can.

Katherine walked out with tears in her eyes as Moses spoke.

Moses: Before I go further, I wanna take this time to honor Commander Hale. He has been a very dear friend to me since I was young. Now it seems like there's a big part in me that's gone. Please let us take a moment of silence.

They remained silent with their hands in their chests with their faces down.

Katherine had already left the room and went back into the emergency room to check on Adam. Unfortunately, to her surprise, she saw that Sara wasn't there.

Katherine:, no, no, no.....

She saw a little bit of blood on her bed until she felt a tap in her shoulder and turned around.

Sara: Mom.....I'm sorry......

Katherine: Yeah, you better apologize. How could you possibly do this to us? Your father, my husband is poisoned on a hospital bed and he might not be able to walk again because of YOU!

Sara: I--Well, I--

Katherine: Huh?! Yeah, keep talking.

Sara backed up and tried to think about what to say next. But the way her mother was speaking to just came out of her mouth.

Sara: *sighs* You wanna know the truth, Mom?  I'll tell you the truth.....I don't think you know just what type of torture I went through at that moment. Everything just happened so damn fast. That monster used me like a puppet! I was brainwashed! Drugged! Put to sleep in a capsule! I HAD NO F**KING CONTROL OF MYSELF!!!! WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE FOR NOT GETTING TO ME IN TIME??!!!!! HUH??!!!!! YOU AND DAD LET HIM GET ME!!!!

Katherine: Because we---

Sara: Because you're too busy saving the world to protect me. I get that! BUT IF YOU BLAME ME FOR DAD'S SICKNESS, THAN WHY BOTHER SAVING ME???!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't know how many times I was annoyed every time you had to leave me for another mission.You don't know how many times I'd look out the window, wondering if you were ever coming back. I always thought that very soon, we would finally get to spend some time together. But it kept going back and back with each passing day, getting more depressing EVERY GODDAMN second. Now, I would've been done at that point. I would've left, but I didn't. I held on and prayed that ONE day, we get the opportunity to be a family again.

Kat was too struck down by what Sara shouted out, that she couldn't argue with anything with anything anymore.

Sara: I guess even THAT'S too hard to ask for.....

She turned around and began walking out.

Katherine: *Tries to catch up* Sara....Sara, I'm sorry!! SARA!!!!!

Sara: Why should you be? You don't need me; you got Dad.....You love him more then you love me anyways.......

Than Sara stormed out in anger and hurt.

Katherine fell on her knees in guilt and sadness.

Meanwhile somewhere on another vague alien world, Maligance X (Hugo Weaving) paid a visit where some space pirates were invading and he came by to make a bargain.

???: *In the shadows* Your offer's tempting. But what's in it for me?

Malignance X: I know what you're searching for in this galaxy and I can help you find it. I also have a sibling who's not only a galactic hero....but he used to be a you.

The pirate stepped out of the shadows revealing himself as Captain Gargan (Terry Crews) who is Moses's brother he told Lawrence about

Gargan: Moses.      

Malignance X: Oooh......*Turns to his "minions"*......what do you say?

His minions, Necro (James Franco) and Soothsayer (Isla Fisher) stepped from out of the shadows.

Soothsayer: Hmm.....I believe that is something we can handle effectively.

Necro: At this point, I think an agreement can be made.

Meanwhile, back up on the ship, Wade was trying to work on the cure he had mentioned earlier, thanks to some assistance from Bryon.

Byron: Are you sure this is gonna work? There's not a whole lot of things that can get rid of nanobots.

Wade: It's worth a shot. He's saved us countless times already. It's bout time we return the favor. Besides, I've learned how to administer vaccines and shots like this in the military.

Byron: Tell me you remember any of them.

Wade: Uhh--that's a bit of an issue.

Byron: Oh my---

Wade: Look, look I got this. Ok?

He started tapping the needle which had the antidote inside and one cut later, he gets to the medical room.

Wade: Just a minute with him, please.

The medics stood by and let Wade do his thing.

Wade: Adam, buddy. I hate for your death to destroy my sister's hope, so don't you dare freaking go on me, man.

Wade injected it into him and then.......

Meanwhile with Sara, she suited up into her suit and went in the escape pod room

Shadow: *To herself* You hate me so much, Mom? No doubt Dad would feel the same way. So I'll be out of your hair now.

She climbed in one of the pods and launched it out into space as Sara traveled many light years away from HQ. Eventually, she felt a bump and it made her jump up. She slowly came out of the pod just to see she was on another ship and they were strange looking aliens surrounding her. She screamed and hid in the pod 'till their leader came forth.

Shadow: Back up! I got a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it.

The aliens were speaking in their own language. And it freaked her out. She closed the pod and the aliens kept banging on it. She didn't know what to do and as each bang on the pod started to intensify, the pod finally shattered and Sara woke up back at base.

Sara just looked around and, coming to grips with the reality of what she had done, she buried her hands into her face and cried her heart out.

Azera: Miscommunication and disagreement. Two unlikely formulas that always seem to bind together perfectly. I've seen it all before.

Sara, still with tears in her eyes, slowly looked up and saw Azera at the edge of the doorway.

Sara: Who are you?

Azera: Let's say I'm the one who made your father the person he is right now.

Sara: *breathing heavily and bolts up* In that case, you have a LOT of explaining to do.

Azera: I suppose I do.

She sits down next to her and told her all she knew.

Azera: I've known your father since he was your age. He was the son of your grandfather, Monty Hale, our most genius scientist. That was.....until he was betrayed and murdered by Malignance; but back then, he was known by another name: Max, who was also a student of mine. 'Till he got twisted. Malignance's will was to destroy the Galactic Heroes by tearing apart by any tactic necessary, even if it means....killing them. Your father stopped him before, but he found a way back.

Sara: Malignance was your student too??

Azera: That's right. So was Adam's father and then him himself. I can make you my student too. If you are willing to join the Heroes.

Sara: *Sighs* No thanks. I don't think I'm cut out for this anyways. Besides all because I was brain washed and almost killed my dad, my own mom hates ME!!! I should've just run away a long time ago. They'd be more happy enough without me.....  

Sara was about to walk away 'till Azera grabbed her arm.

Azera: As long as the conflict is unresolved, Malignance will wreak havoc upon all of us and you won't have any home to go back to.

Sara: But she---

Azera: There is no easier way to learn the truth then the hard way. It's the truth that hurts the most that matters more then the lies that leave a void in your heart. And the heart is where your parents have always had a place for you. You should be grateful that they are still around looking after you, even after all they've done for the sake of the galaxy.

Azera stood up and was about to walk out, till she turned around and said one lady thing.

Azera: And besides, he wasn't gonna leave anyone behind anyways.

She finally exited the room, and left Sara to her thoughts.

Meanwhile, back on Earth....

Malignance arrived back in New York since the last time he had attacked it and watched the view from

Maligance X: Ahh, New York. Very few has changed since my arrival. Still under some repairs, but I think we can make a few ourselves.

Gargan: You think they will come along with my brother?

Malignance X: If I know young Adam, he will......if he's still breathing that is. But you never told me....Why did you leave your brother behind?

Gargan: We all have to make sacrifices. Mine was just too necessary to avoid.

Malignance X: Well, let's hope your brother can understand that. But first.....a parting gift must be sent to all residents......

He launched a shockwave of his own and wiped out most of Broadway (Uh-huh)

But back at HQ, Sara thought long and hard of what Azera told her, but the way Katherine treated her earlier just got to her so deep, that she couldn't think anymore. So this time, for real, she snuck into one of the pods and headed for Earth, but Malignance saw it landing.

Malignance: Looks like Shadow came through to us after all. *to Gargen* Follow her.....

Back on HQ, Katherine searched the whole place, high and low, for Sara to apologize unaware that she left. But then she bumped into....

Adam: Whoa....easy, babe. Still fragile.

Katherine: Adam?? * Sobs* Oh, Adam!!! *Grabs him and kisses him* I thought you were sick.

Adam: I'm still fragile, but I'm alright. I was just looking for Sara.

Katherine: So was I. You wouldn't happen to know where she is, would you?

Wade: Hey! You made it!

Both of them turned over to him.

Adam: Yeah.....but just barely. I still have a little bit of the cocktail in me, but that antidote should keep me moving for a few more hours.

Wade: Well, that's great to hear, but.....

Wade, unfortunately, broke the conversation between them to break some news.

Wade: We have an unauthorized takeoff on the ship.

Adam: Unauthorized? Oh my god.....Sara......

All three of them rushed into the main room, and went into their suits, but Katherine needed Adam to stay.

Katherine: Baby, I need you to stay here. You're still far from 100% and who knows what's gonna happen to you down there.

Adam: If our daughters down there, I'm not leaving her behind.

Wade: Adam, she's right. That last thing we need right now is my niece mourning at her daddy's funeral.

Adam: Wade......

Tessa: Hey.....relax.....They got this, Commander. We still need to get you at 100% strength again.

Moses: Yeah. But don't worry, bro. I'll go with Kat. I'll watch out for her. You have my word.

Adam: *Nods and turns to Kat* Listen, if you get in to any trouble, don't hesitate to call me. I'll come running faster then a speeding comet, no matter what......

Kat nodded and kissed him again then soon left with the others

Down on Earth, Sara got out of the pod and went walking in Central Park, wrapping her own arms around herself.

Sara: "Be lucky they still have a place for you in their heart", she says. Hmph. Easier said than done. She didn't see the way Mom treated me. I was just brain washed for God's sake! It even wasn't me doing all that and she just....ugh! I can't. I'm not going back to them.

Gargan: Sounds like you got a problem, my dear.

Sara: *Turns around* Who are you??

Gargan: Captain Gargan at your service.

Sara: A Captain, huh? Nice title.

Gargan: Title or not, I've had to make way for any obsolete distractions the lot of them may have set foot in front of me. But and I have something in common. Both of our families turned their backs on us. But maybe.....we can help each other out.

Sara: Uhh...No, thanks. I just recovered from......being brain-washed.

Gargan: And that's why your parents betray you?? Not really one to be justified, isn't it? Your actions weren't fault-worthy at large, yet they still accuse you for your errors instead of comforting you in your recovery.

Sara: Yeah....Not to mention they left me behind on my birthday to get me kidnapped.

Gargen: They shower with you nothing but venom and poison.

Sara: Yeah, I just....look, I have to go.

Gargan: Where to? Home? It's not like they'll welcome you back with open arms. I promise they won't wither and die on your hands. But I can guarantee you they'll be punished for it.

Sara was left not knowing what to say and she really couldn't make up her mind.

Back in the ship, it landed in a District section near the World Trade Center and inside, Katherine was, again, getting emotional (But no tears).

Katherine: First I accused Adam for letting Sara get taken and then I yell at my own baby cause--*Argh* I'm a terrible person.    

Wade: Hey. *Hugs her* Relax, sis. There's always conflict between families and siblings out there.

Moses: Conflict? I wouldn't call what they just had a conflict. It was more of a heated discussion.

Wade then hugged Katherine again to try and give her some comfort. But then the tracker beeped.

Computer: Analysis complete. Destination is Central Park.

Wade: Oh god......

Moses: Hey, nobody said it's gonna be a cakewalk.

Katherine: Point taken.

Pretty soon, they landed the ship and put on the cloaking shield as they got out of it and quickly made a beeline for Central Park.

But Wade was the quickest one there.

He landed smack-dab in the middle of the park which just so happened to be where Sara was. She was just sitting on a bench drowned in thought. Gargen wasn't there. (Or was he?)

He slowly took off his suit and just sat down next to her. She was aware that he was there, but said nothing.

Wade: You know, your father and I haven't always seen eye to eye. I mean, back when he first came to Earth, I thought he was some sort of alien trying to kill us; the same with Malignance. But my sister, your mother, was WILD for him. And still is. She did absolutely ANYTHING to make sure that your father was out of harms way. There was no telling of what would've happened if he let that.....thing get us.

Sara: But.....what does all of this have to do with me?

Wade then placed his hand on her shoulder.

Wade: Because if they hadn't cared for you, they wouldn't be around; period. That's the sad reality behind it all: parents are not perfect. They do what they know must be done. And the minute we stop blaming them for everything they did or didn't do, don't know why they did it and get up and go on with their life.......TRUST ME. That's a lot of pressure and tension off your back. They have all intentions of giving you the life you want. But you just need to reach out with open arms.

Sara looked down, then looked back up at him and smiled, for she finally understood.

Katherine and Moses made it to the center of Central Park to find Wade with Sara. He looked towards them and smiled.

Sara soon got up from the bench and walked towards her mother, with a hint of nervousness.

Sara: Mom.....look, I......I just wanted to tell you how--

Katherine: There's no need. You had every right to be mad at me. I'm sorry.

Sara smiles with a little bit of tears in her eyes as they both embrace in a long, deep hug. But then, Gargen stepped out of the shadows.

Gargen: *From behind* Too late for apologies.

They looked over and Gargan fired KO (knock out) gas, causing them all to cough heavily and then, they all passed out.

Later, they all woke up on Gargan's ship chained to the walls. As Sara, Katherine and Wade look up and around, they struggle with the chains, but they couldn't get out. Moses was the only one face down, as Gargen slowly walked into the room and sits down in front of them.

Gargen: Welcome. Welcome all of you. I will say it is an honor to be standing in front of all you lovely people. Too bad, I have business to attend to....cause I hate business. Anyways......You've all been selected to....

Before he could finish his sentence, he turns and notices Moses.

Gargen: Moses?

Moses: *Looks up* Gargan?

Wade: Wait. You know this guy??

Moses: Know him? He's my brother.

Everyone gasped and looked at Gargen

Sara: You're his brother?

Gargan: *Gets up* So it is true. You're part of the hero patrol.

Moses: Maybe, I wouldn't be if you hadn't left me behind.

Gargan: I was gonna come back for you.


Gargan: We all have to make sacrifices.


Sara: sacrificed your brother??!!!!

Gargan: Come now....You were willing to sacrifice your family because they despise you.

Katherine: No......Sara, that's not true!! I'm sorry!

Sara: You know what.....

Sara looked over at Gargen and spit in his face.

Sara struggled to get out of the chains, but Gargen slapped her.

Wade: Oh you little---

Wade also struggled to get out of the chains, but he broke free and him and Gargen got into a fight.

Gargen may haven't got a suit, but he had skills and he wasn't afraid to put them to use.

Half of the battle, Wade was outmatched until he countered Gargens kick and threw him into the pilots compartment. That gave him enough time to free Katherine and the others from their confinement.

But they were quickly surrounded by other space pirates.

Gargen: Will you EVER understand?

Moses: Oh, I understand all right.

Before they could even finish the conversation, Sara put her suit in and stood above the rest.

Shadow: -*to Gargen* Stay away from my family.....

Shadow attacked Gargan and they busted through the wall. Katherine then activated her suit and went after both of them with Wade and Moses not far behind. They fought all they way up to the deck; but as soon as the others came to assist, just when Shadow knocked Gargan down, Malignance's army popped up everywhere and held their guns up at them

Bionic: We're surrounded.

Chaos: We should fight.

Warhammer: No. We can't possibly defeat this many. We'd be dead in seconds.

Malignance then came through the crowd of his army, laughing maniacally

Malignance X: Chaos. Shadow. Warhammer. Bionic. It's been 25 years. The Galactic Heroes have roamed this universe for 25 years. And at long last.....they are finally no more. We will witness a dawn of a new age.....Where my supreme will arise.

Chaos: You'll never succeed. We beat you before and we'll do it again.

Malignance X: It's looks like you're in no position to fight now.....*Turns to Shadow* My dear Shadow.....I always knew you'd be of some use to me.

Shadow: No....

Warhammer: What are you talking about?!

Malignance X: Why, your daughter lead all of you right to me.

Chaos: You--you're a liar!

Malignance X: And now that I think about it, I wonder if the poison I extracted in young Sara's weapon managed to crack poor Commander Hale?

Bionic: Your plan failed! We managed to create an antidote! He still lives!

Malignance X: Hmmm.....Pity. But, I suppose nothing will stop him from falling into my next trap. By using all of you as bait!

Chaos: *Gasps* No.....

Moses looked back in disgust, for he had realized his brother was in on this plan.

Malignance X: For you see, I'm throwing a party for my take-over of the galaxy and you're all invited. Curtesy of yours truly. Our dear commander will be our guest of honor.

Shadow: Why are you doing this?

Malignance X: My dearest Shadow. I think the question is why side back with your parents? They'll just neglect you again as they did while growing up.

Chaos: Honey, don't listen to him. 

Malignance X: Gargan even told me you told him they hate you.

Bionic: C'mon, Sara. We love you!

Malignance X: What place would you have with parents if they are never there for you, because they despise you?

Chaos: Honey, please! I'm sorry. I'm not perfect. We would never despise and leave you.

Wade turned back around towards Sara and mouthed....

Trust her.....

Sara faced down at first, then she looked at Malignance with a frown

Shadow: You're going straight to hell......

Malignance X: Hmmm......As expected. Your reputation precedes you.

He then turns to his army and tells them....

Malignance: Lock them up.

Shadow: This is my fault. It's all my fault.   

Chaos:'s mine.

As the others were forced to put their weapons down and give up their emitters, Adam finally woke up from a vision he had. Nobody else was in the room with him. He tried to catch his breath and to his right, was cassette player. He quietly placed the cassette underneath his bed, for he dreaded the task at hand.

Meanwhile, Tessa and Zip were working out the final kinks on the computer.

Tessa: Hold up. Got it. I think I got it.

Zip: I think you did.

Tessa: Yes!

That's when Adam walked into the room.

Adam: I'm sorry that I kept the two of you worried. I know time is somewhat against us.

Zip: Well, time can't beat thisssssss-ip. We finally were able to crack the code and manufacture it to terminate the virus in the computer.

Tessa: Bout damn time if you ask me.

Adam didn't say anything. He just went to the window and looked out of it, again, anticipating the monumental task ahead of him.

Adam: I'm bout to do something no other Galactic Hero has done before.

Tessa and Zip were stunned by that statement.

Zip: What do you---

Tessa: Wait. Commander, you're not SERIOUSLY suggesting--

Adam turns towards them and spilled it.

Adam: sighs I have a "visit" the space pirates.

Zip: What? But Commander scan reveal you are only 55% of strength.

Adam: It'll have to do. Risking my life for my family's probably is the best thing for it.

Tessa: Even if you do, that's suicide. Everyone who's made it there has yet to return. And if they don't make it, they'd still be ambushed by their defense system. It's a death trap. You wouldn't be able to make it either way.

Adam: You need to believe me. I HAVE to go. I'm not leaving my family behind again.

That's when the hanger doors slid open and Azera came in with Bryon, Ross and Orion.

Azera: We've chosen to go with you, Hale.

Zip and Tessa were confused as to why they were all choosing to go on this rather bizarre journey.

Tessa: You'll be fighting a losing battle if you go along with this.

Byron: Then we'll lose together. The same way we started this. Trust me. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Zip: In that case......let me assist you, Commander.

Adam nodded......and eventually they flew out of HQ.

Back on Gargans ship, Sara looked out a window in a cell as they saw they were heading for Malignance's command ship. Wade and Moses were in another cell not too far away from theirs.

Katherine then patted her on the shoulder.

Katherine: Daddy's gonna find us, hun.  

Sara: I'm sorry I had to drag all of you into this. You've all been so good to me for all my life and I never appreciated it. Running away and hurting your feelings.

Katherine: Oh baby it's ok if I hadn't yelled at you we wouldn't be in this mess. It's mainly my fault.

Wade was getting frustrated and started to bang on the cell door. He got a few objects and try to break it down, yet that didn't work.

Wade: You. Won't. Take. Us. Alive!

Mores: *Slaps him* Get ahold of yourself!!! We're gonna make it!!

Wade sat down and looked out the window, staring out into space.

Wade: better make it, man. We don't have long.....

They soon felt the ship landing. Some robotic soldiers on the ship took them off and dragged them into the base. All of them, even Sara got placed in one cell.

Robot soldier: And do not try escaping. *Locks the cell door* You're not smart enough to outthink us.

He slowly walks away letting them know that they'll be watching them. Wade places his hand on Sara's shoulder and hugs her.

Meanwhile, Adam and the rest were still on their ship, just about to exit their current galaxy.

Byron: Almost there.

Zip: We'll be off in T-minus 20 seconds.

Adam: Computer, modify to hyper speed.

The computer did make a charging sound, however it cut off and the ship shut down. Now they were stuck in the never ending vacuum of space.

Adam: Power outage?

Tessa: Perhaps. Maybe a fuse, I'll check it out.

Zip: I'll go with her. Orion, take the wheel.

Byron: Be careful.

Tessa and Zip made their way down to the engine part of their ship. They found out that some of the breakers were disabled. Tessa went over to try and enable them again, but then she got confronted by........

Necro: You should've known better then to come with them.

Necro and Soothsayer surrounded them.

Tessa: The hell is wrong with y'all?!

Soothsayer: Should've known there was a dark side to loyalty. No matter. *raises her poison bow and arrow* I think we might enjoy killing you as much as killing him......

Both (Tessa, Zip): COMMANDER!

And then they (Necro, Soothsayer) attacked.

Adams helmet automatically latched on his head as he turned towards everyone.

Volta X: Orion, keep flying. Tessa, check for any viruses. I'll take care of these two. Byron, you come with me. This time....I'm bringing them home.

They both went to the bottom part of the ship to fight them off as Orion followed Volta's orders.

Tessa and Zip were badly injured from trying to escape from the two.

Zip: Sy-sssss-tem....fa--fail---I---ilure....

Tessa: W-why do you ch-hose th-this lifes-s-s-sty-style?

Necro: In exchange for the universe in our grasp.

Soothsayer: Giving machines Intelligence, but refusal to let them have a mind of their own. You're NO better then the humans!

Soothsayer was about to launch her Tiger claws at him until she heard.....

Volta X: You want me?! Here I am!!

They turned towards him and Soothsayer charged immediately. But Scorch got in the way and they fought her off as much as they could to keep them away from Zip and Tessa. And that's when Tessa, from the corner of her eye, sees the breakers in sights. She desperately tries to crawl to them, although she was aware of her injuries.

Tessa: Co-come o-o-on. *Reaches for it* If I-I can just....g-get to i-i-i-it......

But before she could get it, Necro grabs her by the neck (what's left of the neck), punches through her chest and pulls out her robotic spine with her head still attached.

Necro: Terminated.

He throws what's left of Tessa across the room and Volta loses it. He lets Scorch keep fighting Soothsayer as he (Volta X) tackles Necro. He rips his helmet off and starts hammering away.

Unfortunately, Soothsayer threw Scorch down and shot Adam through the head and he stumbled.

Tessa: Com--command-der!!!

Adam stumbled to the wall and sat there, dazed. Necro and Soothsayer stood side to side in front of him as they gloated.

Carla: *removes her helmet* I REALLY wish you could see yourself for what you've become. My master would've applauded another in his audience. But funny how things work out now. Cause you represent a symbol for all of your kind......

She then stopped and kissed Ed right in front of him (Adam). And then she sees Zip trying to roll over to Adam, with very little left in his circuits.

Zip: S-sir....Th--there's n-n-n-no figh--ght--ghting--for the sake o--of the--wo-orld. In th--the end--wh--hat matters m-m--ost is--

Ed picks up his foot and stomps on Zip, crushing him and shutting him off before he could finish the sentence. Then he picks up the staff again and aims it at Adam.

Ed: You're just waiting......waiting for SOMEBODY to do you in, aren't ya? Well, your wish had just been granted.

But, at that point, Adam made his move.

He reflects the staff and pierced through both of them and through their emitters.

Adam: I'm both of you.....

Adam blasted right through them and it hits a window which causes a massive wind sucking everything in its centripetal force. He then closes his eyes and lets go of them both and Ed and Carla get sucked out the window and into the vacuum of space.....never to be seen again.

Adam struggled to maintain his balance as he used his whip to hold onto a few pipes to keep him steady. but luckily, Tessa was still reaching for the jammer and she finally grabbed it then crushed it.

Computer: Virus: Terminated. Hyper Speed: activated.

Ross: Ah-ha! YOU DID IT!!!!

Orion: Alright, hang on to something! This is gonna get a little nerve-recking!

As the ship moved into light speed, Malignance's robot warrior's picked up their signal on their radars.

Robot: Master. We have a signal approaching us.

Mailingnance: At last.  

As the ship settles down out of warp speed and comes to a slow stop, Adam went over to Tessa to check on her and takes his helmet off.

Adam: Tessa, I'm here.

Tessa: Com--mander.....we ha-ave arrived at--the--the destin--destination.

Adam grabbed Tessa's hand and held it.

Tessa: Yo--you---finish--I--it......

Adam: Tessa.....i don't want to lose you again.

Tessa:, it's wha-aa--at must be--d--one. Cru--ush that met--et-etal monstrosity a-a-nd a-a-all i-s-s-s as it shou--sho--ould.....b--b--b-b--be........ *shuts down permanently*

It became apparent that Tessa was gone yet again, and this time there wasn't anytime to bring her back.

He immediately got up and stormed back into the controls.

Adam: We there yet?

Ross: Dead ahead, sir.

Byron: Showtime......

Adam stood up, vowing to himself that Tessa and Zip's sacrifice won't be in vain. He then put his helmet back on.

Volta: Let's finish it. Ross, weapons system opened?

Ross: Hold up a second.....Yes, sir. It's up.

The ship immediately turned on weapons system as Volta and Scorch mounted their own individual turrets.

Computer: Commander? Heavily armed hostiles straight ahead.

Volta X: Computer, let's give 'em all we got. It's time to go to war.

The forces (space pirate ships and Malignances army) flew at them with force and blasted away, but Adam and Bryon fought back with the turrets. The ship was in good condition as they breezed through the first round, blasted a few and dodged their attacks.


Orion: Give 'em hell!

Adam and Byron kept blasting and eventually Bryon soon got his first shot and destroyed a ship.

Scorch: I got one!! I GOT ONE!!!!

Volta X: Great work! Don't get too cocky, Scorch!   

The ship kept getting further with each ship destroyed. Malignance watched the carnage unfold back at his throne room and he was livid.

Malignance X: Gargen!

Captain Gargen finally appeared out of the shadows and appeared in the room.

Gargen: As you requested, sir?

Malignance X: *points to his screen* Go deal with those two at ONCE. PERSONALLY.

Gargan: I'll ready the rest of my crew.

Meanwhile, back in the cells......

Moses: *Kicks the door* Come on!!

Katherine: Moses, it's not gonna open.

Moses: We can't stay in here! We got to stop him; my brother!

Sara suddenly hears explosions and looks out to the window cell to see one of the ships, one that stood out from the rest, blasting away at the pirate fleet.

Sara: Dad?! Dad!

Kat turned to her and looked too.

Katherine: Adam...It's Adam!

They all looked and cheered for him, while Scorch soon defeated the fighter fleet back in the ship. But then they saw Gargans pirate fleet coming at them....

Moses: Gargan....

Scorch: What the hell is that thing?!

Volta X: More pirates. We're going in!

Ross: Better put up the shields.

Volta X: But they're still re-calibrating after the warp jump. It's only at 44% percent.

Ross: It'll have to do.

Ross puts up the shield on the ship as they flew at Gargens ship fleet.

Gargan: Ready....aim.....FIRE!!!!

They charged up their blast cannons at them and soon, they fired.

Volta X: Ross!

Ross: Hard right, HARD RIGHT, HARD RIGHT!

He made a hard right, dodging the blast, but the blast started to follow them from behind.

Scorch: Holy sh**.....its following us!

Ross: I can't shake it. I can't shake it off!

Orion: I got it. Move.

He pushed Scorch out of the turret, got in it, and fired at the massive ball of energy, but no explosion.

Orion: Come on, come on, come on already.

It looked like it was about to take them out, but all of a sudden the blast stopped and blew itself up.

Everyone inside the ship was confused until the smoke cleared and they saw Azera near the hatch of the ship.

Azera: Pirates. Foolish as ever.

Volta X: Whoo.....thanks again, Azera.

Azera looked back at him and smiled. Eventually, Volta looked back around and saw they were approaching Gargens space shuttle ship.

Volta X: Ross, take us down slowly. I need a little chat with this fugitive.

Orion: You positive?

Volta X: I got this, guys. Positive.

Ross: Then down we go.

Ross flew and hovered over the ship and than Volta jumped out from the hatch and hovered down to confront Gargen

Gargen: Well well, if it isn't my brother's new babysitter.

Volta: Well, I'm a better one then you ever were. Tell me where Malignance is, or I'm taking both of you in!

Gargen: Taking ME in, huh? Well, what's the point of that if I told you where my brother and your family are? Besides, every act has it's price and yours will have a terrible one.

Volta: It's over.

Gargan: Is it? Well, I would happily say the same cause right down there, your precious Earth is where they will fall victim to Lord Malignance's rule while your beloved family suffers dearly. Question is: Which one will you choose to save? Not enough time to save them both, hmm?

Volta looked back around at the Earth and frowned, but he knew his family mattered to him as well. And then out of the corner of his eye, he saw a emitter peeking out of Gargens jacket.....and he knew it wasn't his.

Volta X: I will do what I must.

He charged at Gargen and crashed into him as they went through his ship. The ship started to malfunction and go down and then Gargen threw Volta into Malignances base, conveniently crashing into the prison system where Katherine and the rest were held up.

Sara: Holy---

Wade: Guys, we got company.

He points up at Volta and the girls get excited when they see it's Volta getting up.

Sara: DAD!

Katherine: Baby!

Volta X: Stand back, y'all.

He charged his hands out and as he places his hands on the door, it completely demolished the cell.

Kat and Sara rushed to him and hugged him

Moses: You always got a sense of timing.

Adam: It's what I do best.

Sara: Dad? I wanna go home.

Adam: I know, sweetheart. Me too. Listen, I have a plan....

Katherine saw Gargan about to blast at Adam, but then Moses blasted around Adam's head hitting his the heart. They all looked back at him, to see Gargen visibly shocked and frozen.

Moses: That...was for leaving me behind.

Gargan: Uhhh....Mose---

Eventually, he loses balance and falls dead with a clear burn mark right through his chest, right where the blast entered.

Adam: Moses??

Moses: I'll be fine. What's your plan?

Volta X: Ok, first things first.....*grabs Gargens jacket and pulls out the emitters*....Put these back on.

Wade: Hey....nice job.....sir.

Adam: My pleasure.

Eventually, everyone put their emitters back on and gathered in.

Bionic: Ok, we don't have long. Their are guards everywhere, so let's hurry up with this.

Volta X: Alright, listen. We're running out of time. The Earth is depending on us, so we have to work as a team.

Shadow: Divide and conquer.

Volta X: Exactly. Moses, you and Wade have find the source of what's controlling these robots and shut it down. Katherine, Sara, find the generator to this ship and set this bomb *holds it up* to T-minus 5 minutes. I'm going after Max.

Chaos: What about Ed and Carla?

Volta X: No worries, I took care of them.

Warhammer: Hold on a sec. Do I need to remind you what happens when people SPLIT up?

Volta X: Trust. Me. Moses.

Moses didn't know what else to say, but he nodded. Then Katherine took the bomb and gave it to Sara as she stares at Adam.

Kat: Adam? In case this is the last time we see each other....

She takes off her helmet and pulls him in for a kiss. It lasted for almost a minute

Adam: Never say the last.

Katherine: Life's too short. I just wanna make every moment count.

Adam nodded then everyone pressed on to their assignments then Adam hunted down his long time rival.

Back on Earth, Malignance then showed up on every screen around the world and, once again, made his message and presence clear.

Malignance: Hello, people of earth. Your new leader has returned to finish what I started. Your heroes that saved you before, have fallen. And my space pirates are hovering above your planet, along with my alite forces. My demands are simple. You will declare me as your leader. Your king. Your master. If not, it is more then likely NONE of you will survive in the due hours ahead. Those of you, who DO live will be enslaved and experimented on. So, I repeat: Kneel before me or DIE.

The connection then cuts out as everyone starts screaming hysterically. As it cuts back to his base, Malignance hears a voice behind him say...

Volta X: I believe we've had an appointment.....

Malignance: What??

He turns around to see Volta with his fists balled up.

Volta X: Nowhere left to run tonight, Max. It's time to end this.

Malignance shut off the footage on his screen and looked at Volta straight in the face.

Malignance X: I know it's the end. I've seen it before. So if you don't mind, I would like to use my full power on you this time, so I clearly demonstrate why I have always been superior compared to you.

Both of their eyes glowed up as they slowly walked to each other and struck.

Meanwhile, Bionic and Warhammer blasted their way through more of Malignances robotic army, hoping to find the operating unit controlling his army, but the numbers were increasing dramatically.

Bionic: How many robots does this pr*** have?!

Warhammer: Too damn many!!

Luckily, that's when Scorch (Byron) jumped into the mix out of nowhere and covered the bots with a dose of fire.

Scorch: Sorry, I'm late.

Warhammer: Better late than never. Let's get to that source.

Meanwhile, with Kat and Sara, they were in close proximity to the ship generator.

Shadow: Is that it??

Chaos: I think so. The readings say it's protected by a radiation shield. So if any one of us touches it while it's on....

Shadow: We're fried. Of course. So....If we're to plant the bombs, we'd have to shut it down.

Chaos: Right. Computer? Locate the switch to the ray shield.

Computer: Searching. Source: Located.

Shadow: Uhh....Mom??

Chaos looked on the radar and saw the switch being protected by the robots

Chaos: Wade and Moses better hurry up and shut these tin men down.

Back with Volta and Malignance, they kept on fighting, throwing every blow and attack they had. Some were countered, others either hit them or were dodged.

Malignance X: Impressive strength.

Volta X: You're not the only one who works out.

Malignance X: Why do you oppose me, Hale? We could rule the galaxy together.

Volta X: I would've let it go a LONG time ago if you hadn't harassed my family and messed with my kid! *Cracks his knuckles* This sure as hell is gonna hurt!

Volta charged at Malignance and they crashed outside his base. They were once again stuck in the never ending vacuum of space. As they continued to fight out there, Malignance head butts Volta, which cracks his (Voltas) helmet and then he throws him back into his galaxy. Shortly, afterwards, Malignance follows him.

Volta entered his galaxy, coming in at very high speeds. He started to heat up during re-entry back to Earth, but he couldn't stop himself.

He crashed landed back in New York, through the Empire State Building and left a HUGE crater there. It was dark, stormy and raining hard.

Civilians out there saw the destructive landing and ran to the crater to see what happened. All of a sudden, Voltas hand burst out. People screamed and ran for the hills as he tried to climb out. But then Malignance jumped up from behind, yelling and grabbed Volta around his neck and pulled him back down.

The fight continued......

Back up on the command ship, Warhammer, Bionic and Scorch finally reached the source of all the robots, just when Chaos and Shadow were out-numbered.

Bionic: Alright. Weapons armed!

The three set their weapons mode to hostile.

Warhammer: 3. 2. 1. FIRE!!!!!

They were about to blast, but more robots came in and fired at them.

Bionic: You got to be kidding me!!

Too many kept coming in and they were stunned down and it seemed hopeless for them until.....the robots were being frozen in place and malfunctioning, but they knew it wasn't no happening in purpose. They looked up and saw Azera.


Warhammer nodded and they aimed at the machine again, but this time, they destroyed it and all the robots were shut down.

Bionic: Oh thank God!

Warhammer: *to Azera* I owe you one there.

Azera just nodded as Shadow and Chaos passed through.

Shadow: Thank you.

She hugged them both as Chaos stepped in.

Chaos: Hold the phone, what about Adam?

Azera: Earth.

Shadow: What?

Azera: Your father is back on Earth.

Ross: *over communicators* Hey, I'd hightail it if I were you! This things about to blow!

Everyone then just looked at each other.

Chaos: No time to waste then! Hurry!

The crew ran for the ship and they eventually took off. Back down on Earth, Malignance and Volta's battle kept raging on as they crashed through walls and more walls and MORE WALLS 'till they got outside and fought through. Malignance punched him, causing Volta to fly into another building, crashing his head into the wall.

Eventually, as the bombs hit zero, the command ship BLEW up and incinerated instantly. Malignance looked up and saw it as his robotic jaw dropped down.

Malignance X: No, no, no, no, no, no.......

Volta ripped his head out of the wall in pain and stared at Malignance and then he stared back at him in anger.

Malignance X: Just like your father. Arrogant. Naive. This is the last time you ruin my plans, Hale!

Malignance, was already prepping himself up for advanced mode, but Adam's suit ran out of juice, for it was too busted up from the fight. He held Adam up by the neck as the rain continued to pour down and continues to beat the everloving sh** out of him in the blink of an eye. He throws Adam down, causing nearby civilians to go to his aid. But Malignance quickly made them move out the way.

He picked him up again and guts him, which causes his emitter to spark and flicker.

Adam ends up choking up blood over Malignance and as he crawls helplessly on the pavement, Malignance sees another ship enter the atmosphere as Chaos, Shadow, Bionic, Warhammer, Scorch and Azera.

Bionic: There he is.

Chaos: Babe, you think you got good aim to shoot him?

Shadow: I'd love to.

She mounted the plasma cannons on the ship and aimed them at Malignance X.

Shadow: Burn in hell, you son of a---

She took a shot and it hit him, blasting him off into a FedEx truck and he got stuck in it. The girls got out the ship and rushed to his aid as the others got out and looked on. They removed their helmets and knelled down to him and leaned his head up to Katherine's lap

Katherine:, please....hold on.

Sara: *Sobs* Daddy....don't die on me! Not again!

Adam: *Groans* Never count me out....

As Wade, Moses, Orion, Ross and Azera look on, she notices a certain someone isn't done yet.

Azera: *sighs* Defiant as ever. He still lives.

She pointed over to the FedEx truck as Malignance recovered and burst out of the ruble of the truck that he was buried under. And he slowly approaches Adam and the girls.

Wade: Son of a b**ch....

Ross: Dammit! This guy's f**king Michael Myers!!!

Malignance X: *to Shadow* Nice aim, brat. But now looks like the entire Hale clan is about to be squeezed dry!

Adam: Think again......*Groans in pain and coughs up blood*.....Computer....activate Protocol: 4122685.....pass--code:.....*grunts* Martha.

(I had to)

All of a sudden, his emitter started blink excessively and soon enough, a force field surrounded him as it took him up into the sky with everyone watching by. The force fielding starts surging power to him as he starts to recharge and groan and grunt.

Malignance X: will not deny me my vengeance this time.....

Sara saw Malignance headed towards them, so without thinking, she grabbed onto all of them and teleported them away.

Malignance X: Hmmm......

Malignance thought his mission would be finished earlier then he thought. But then Shadow reappeared in front of him and uppercuts him, once again forcing him to back up. Katherine and the others look on from a roof nearby.

Shadow: *points her sword at him* En garde.....

Malignance X: I can no longer enlist a single entity of this in-cursed species that you DARE call a race.....

Shadow attacked Malignance with all the energy she had left and she put up a good fight.

Wade: Come on, Sara. Come on.

While the others were paying attention to Shadow's battle, Ross couldn't help but notice Azera near the edge of the building.

Ross: Wait! What are you doing?

Azera just turned towards him and says....

Azera: For the sake of all that is true......I go out on my own merit to even attempt this.....

She points to Adam entrapped in his force field.

Azera:.....we must become one.

Ross: You mean....?

Before he can say anything else, Azera guts herself and her energy begins to spark out. The force field picks up the energy and starts to absorb it.

Azera: The end is nigh.....

Pretty soon, the force field completely absorbed Azera's energy and HER along with it. As soon as that happened, the force field start spiking electricity outside of the field and it was so unstable that it exploded, once again causing a blackout.

Both Shadow and Malignance stopped fighting as the turned around to see Adam appear in a more advanced and modified version of his suit, thanks to Azera's combined energy.

Volta X was now Volta of Death.

Shadow: Daddy!

Volta of Death: Let's. Finish. This.

Malignance X: After you.

They charged at each other, but this time, Volta of Death grabbed Malignance by the neck and he took his turn to beat the living snot out of Malignance. It was one punch, one kick, one slugfest after another. People who saw cheered him on, including Katherine, Sara and the rest. Eventually, Malignance fell battered, broken and malfunctioning. Then Volta picked him up again with anger and raised his fist.

Malignance X: You---can't do'll go against everything you fight for.....

Volta raised his electric fist and it looked like he was about to strike but then....BAM!!!.....His fist actually ended up next to his face. Malignance opened his eyes and was surprised he didn't kill him.

Volta Of Death: Surprised? Don't be. You're not worth it. The Galactic Heroes will always endure. Fighting for rights for all life in the galaxy. Remember, this defeat. Live with it. But do not forget for as long as we fight, you can never endure the way we do.

Malignance X: poor commander. You much your victory cost you..... *Presses his arm and activates.....a bomb???* You won the battle, but since I lost the war, no one else will win it. I have planted an advance self destruction device. Very soon, it's going to explode, and when it does, I'll be taking you, Katherine and your precious Sara and THIS ENTIRE PLANET WITH ME!!!!!

Katherine: Say what?!

Did all seem lost??? 


Volta took off his helmet and dropped it as he turned towards Sara and Katherine.

Adam: Katherine......Sara.....

Sara looked at her father with confusion until she saw the look in his eyes. And then he hugged them both.

Adam: Sara.....take good care of your mother......

Katherine: What???

Sara: No.....please, no. Don't you say your goodb--

Adam shushed Sara silently and hugged her.

Adam: You all stay. I go. NO following......

Sara: But....

Adam: This is my world.....You two....are my world.

Sara: Daddy, no....

Adam charged at Malignance and then flew him up into the sky.

Sara: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine: ADAM!!!!!!!!!

Malignance tried to brake free, but Adam guts him in his emitter and held on to him tight. That's when the others saw too from where they were standing.

Wade: What are you doing?! ADAM!!

Moses: NO!!! DON'T!!!!!

They flew up into space with Malignance struggling again, then Adam whispers into his ear and hugs him.

Adam: Let's finish this the way we started this, Max.......TOGETHER.

They both floated out into open space and when the clock hits zero ........BOOM 💥

The civilians came out of hiding and cheered on their fallen hero, helping them survive one more time. The others, however, watched in despair and Katherine drops on her knees crying as Sara wrapped her arms around her legs crying as well. As Wade, Moses and Ross make it down the building to comfort them, we move up to the sky where the explosion cleared as the sun came out after the rain passed.

The very next day, a gathering was made through out New York City. Jets flew above, bag pipes were playing, solders saluted and a memorial with the Heroes symbol on it was being carried to a statue of Volta himself.

Katherine and Sara held each other in tears as an American Flag was placed in the hand of the statue.

Later as Moses stood by a tree looking at Kat and Sara saying goodbye, Wade stood by him

Moses: He always put others before himself.

Wade: He did for us what he did for you when you first came to the academy, right?

Mores: Yeah. And now, we have to stand together now. Rebuild the base. Start from scratch. Azera always told Adam and me when we were young that there is always gonna be a bigger fight than the last one.

Wade: In more then one way, it's true. Malignance may be gone, but I bet there's still forces out there that will try to finish what he started.

Moses: But first.....we finish....what Adam started. He was more of a brother to me than Gargen was. Now we must honor his memory to finish this.

Wade: Hey.....eyes open, solider. We're in for something bigger.       

He pats him on the shoulder and then he walks away.

Moses: Wha--

At the end of Adams funeral, Sara was still in tears as Katherine tried to comfort her, trying to hold back her tears as well.

Sara: I--this---this is on me. Go ahead and say it. I'm a horrible daughter.

Katherine: What? Sara, no. No, you're not. Far from it.

Sara: Think about it: If I hadn't been dragged to the wrong side, we would've still been in one piece and I still would've had a father.

Kat: And I still would've had a husband.

Wade: And a brother.

Wade then showed up by Kats side and whispered in her ear.

Kat looked up to the sky for she knew it was time for the ultimate reveal.

Katherine: But.....I think it's time.

Sara: For what?

Wade: *smiles* Your ranking.

Slowly, but surely, Chaos (Katherine) put on her suit and, along with Bionic (Wade), they led Sara up into space and revealed to her: the Heroes HQ.

Shadow (Sara): Oh my god......

Bionic: Ross, open the top hatch.

He opens the top hatch and lets them inside. All three of them take a quick trip through the base and led Sara into a room.

Another hatch opens and it revealed a new X suit for Sara and as it latched on to her, Katherine couldn't help but to be proud

Computer: Welcome: Shadow X.

Shadow X: Amazing!

Katherine: Oh, Adam would be so proud.

Wade: Oh and speaking of Adam.....

Wade went into the room, next to it and came out with a cassette recorder.

Shadow X takes off the helmet and takes the recorder.

Sara: What???

She presses play and what she hears makes her dumbfounded and emotionally healed.

Adam: Sara....Katherine.....Wade.....everyone....I just want to be the first to say I'm sorry if I let you all down. Since you're listening to this, I'm probably dead. This was the last thing I had wanted to do and if I had the chance, I would've taken it away. Yet when I was younger, I didn't think I was cut out for this position. But my Dad.....your grandfather told me that every journey always begins at the first step. Before he was a scientist, he, too, was a galactic hero. He passed it on to me when he retired. So now....I'd like to do the same. Sara......That is why you've been officially accepted into the Galactic Heroes Global Command Academy as the new Lieutenant of the Galactic yours truly. I know you'll do well, Sara. And as for the rest of you, I will miss you all dearly. Commander, husband and father Adam Hale a.k.a Volta.....signing off.

Sara turns the cassette recorder off, looks up at everyone and smiles with tears in her eyes.

Katherine: So.....Lieutenant.....where do we go from here?

Sara looked around at all of them and eventually smirked.

Sara: Only one direction: forward. Computer activate......Code-name: Family

Computer: Confirmed.

Another door began to open behind them and they slowly turned towards it. They began holding each other's hands as the bright light from the doorway overtakes the screen and then.....



  • Sara Hale/Shadow
  • Katherine Hale/Chaos X
  • Wade Hillard/Bionic
  • Moses Brody/Warhammer
  • Byron Olson/Scorch


  • Ed/Necro- Gets pierced through by Adam and then sucked into the vacuum of space
  • Carla/Soothsayer - Gets pierced through by Adam and then sucked into the vacuum of space
  • Zip - Gets stepped on by Soothsayer
  • Adam/Volta - Sacrifices himself with Malignance to save the planet
  • Captain Gargen - As he's about to shoot Adam, Moses shoots AROUND Adams head and strikes Gargen right in the heart.
  • Malignance X - Blows himself up with Adam
  • Tessa - Tries to reach the breakers, but gets her spine ripped out by Necro
  • Azera - Upon realizing that Adam may need assistance, she guts herself and transfers her energy to him.


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