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Power-Up Heroes: Ascension ​is an 2019 supernatural action comedy adventure film and is the sequel to the 2017 film, Power-Up Heroes which was based on the 2011 Xbox 360 game, Power-Up Heroes which goes by the same name. Warner Brothers Pictures will distribute the film once again along with New Line Cinema producing it. It will be directed and produced again by Christopher Nolan.

The film will feature Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Anna Kendrick, Ciara Bravo, Liev Schreiber, Columbus Short, Nancy Allen (voice), Tom Holland (voice), Anthony Ray Parker, Colin Farrell, Damon Wayans, Dave Franco, James Franco, Isla Fisher, Jet Li and Zoë Kravitz. Despite a few techincal and develpoment issues with the film, "Power-Up Heroes" collected more then enough money in order for a sequel to be made. Most of the cast returned as well as some new additions such as Dave Franco, Anthony Ray Parker, Damon Wayans and Ciara Bravo. In April 2019, the film was released to the public.


More to come....


  • Sam Worthington as Adam Hale/Volta X
  • Hugo Weaving as Malignance X
  • Ciara Bravo as Sara Hale/Shadow
  • Anna Kendrick as Katherine Hale/Chaos
  • Columbus Short as Byron Olson/Scorch
  • Liev Schreiber as Wade Hillard/Bionic
  • Nancy Allen (Voice) as Tessa
  • Tom Holland (Voice) as Zip
  • Anthony Ray Parker as Moses Brody/Jackhammer
  • Colin Farrell as Howard Paxton/Cold Heart
  • Dave Franco as Lawrence Paxton
  • James Franco as Ed/Necro
  • Isla Fisher as Carla/Soothsayer
  • Jet Li as Orion
  • Damon Wayans as Ross
  • Zoë Kravitz as Azera


The sky was gloomy and stormy like the god of thunder himself launched the mother of all punishments towards all the residents of New York.

The camera then cuts to the ocean and slowly digs into the depths of the water, first person style.

It moves around to view a deep murky and, really polluted view. And then we see a round metal object in the ocean.

And it starts blinking slowly. As it begins to pick up speed, it levitates itself off of the ocean floor, skyrockets out of the water, and crashes through a sail boat causing this huge explosion.

It goes further up into the air and then it starts to take a show of its own. The camera then shows his eyes flash red and then blasts the screen with a red light.

~Title Sequence~

Out in the far reaches of space, Commander Adam Hale (Sam Worthington) was on his daily patrol, flying around in his Volta X suit.

Adam: Computer. Can you give me a full scan of this solar system?

Commander: Clear, sir........You have an incoming call from Codename: Chaos.

Adam: Patch her in.

Adam received the call and soon heard another voice on the line.

Katherine (Anna Kendrick): How's it going out there, baby?

Adam: Pretty clear, today. Most of the "Most Wanted" have already been subdued. So if we're lucky enough, we may be in for some quality time.

Katherine: About time. That means even more time for fun.

Adam: *Chuckles* How's Sara, hon?

Katherine: She's excited about her birthday.....and she can't help but wonder where her father is.

Adam: I'll bet. Just gotta make a quick stop at HQ and then I'll be on my way back.

Katherine: Alright. Just don't keep me waiting......Commander.

Adam: *chuckles* Love you.

Katherine: Love you too.

Adam disconnected his contact connection and made his way to the Galactic Heroes HQ.

Adam quickly approached the Heroes HQ with a look of anticipation for he didn't know what to expect with everyone being there.

Adam: Tessa, could open the top hanger for me?

As requested, the top hanger of the HQ was opened and Adam slowly entered the ship as everyone applauded his arrival.

Soon enough, he took off his Volta X suit and soaked in the applause.

Zip (voiced by Tom Holland): Glad to see you're finally back, Commander.

Tessa (voiced by Nancy Allen): We couldn't be any happier.

Adam: Yeah, its good to be back.

He looks around at everyone in attendance and starts shaking hands and giving out hugs. Soon enough, out of the corner of his eye, he saw an old buddy of his, Ross (Damon Wayans).

Adam: Ross.

Ross: Commander Hale.

They also shake hands and embrace in a hug.

Adam: It's been awhile. I haven't seen you since you left for the academy.

Ross: Ahhhh, I was just passing through. Felt like I was back in college again.

Adam: Well regardless....*picks up his helmet* Why don't you come back to the house with me? Kat would love to see you again. And plus, there's a birthday girl down there eager to see her uncle one more time.

Ross: Nah....I....I don't want to be a bother. Besides, I....The academy gave me my first assignment today. They're having me investigate an explosion that happened recently.

That statement puzzled Adam for a sec, but he shrugged it off.

Adam: Ahhhh. That sucks. But still, it was good seeing you.

He puckers up and gives Ross a hug as Ross looks over at Zip and mouths, "I love this guy."

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Sara Hale (Ciara Bravo) was sneaking into her mothers room to find something. She knew, for some reason, that something was wrong. While Sara didn't tear the room apart, she kept searching high and low 'till she was interrupted.

Wade (Liev Schreiber): Lost something?

The voice startled her as she turned around to see her uncle by the door.

Sara: Uhh....*chuckles*.....No, Uncle's just......a little anxious about Dad coming home.

Wade: I don't blame you for feeling that way. There are times that you can't help but anticipate seeing the one you care for again. I was sure that you wouldn't want to miss it.

Katherine: And neither would I. Come on, it's best if we wait.

Kat took ahold of her daughters hand and led her downstairs and into the living room. Wade also followed them down. Then all of a sudden, they heard the door opening.

Katherine: *Gasps* I wonder who that could be.

Sara: Daddy's home!!

Kat ran to the front door and she opened it.

Adam: Hey!! *Laughs and picks her up*

Katherine couldn't help but smile and laugh as he spun her around.

Katherine: You won't believe this. But I caught her in our room feeling "Anxious" to see you.

Adam: Oh really? *Chuckles* I don't think I've seen her like that before. Was that a first?

Katherine: I doubt it. Come on.....

Katherine lead Adam into the living room where Sara and Wade was anticipating and as soon as she saw him, she smiled and gave him a hug.

Sara: I cannot begin to tell you long I've waited for you to come home to me.....

Adam: Well, I can't begin to tell you the same thing, princess. I wouldn't miss your birthday for the world.

He kissed her on the forehead, then Katherine and Wade came in with the cake and lit candles

Katherine: Happy birthday, darling.

She sets the cake on the table in front of Sara while the others sing happy birthday to her.

Everyone: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Sara. Happy birthday to you.

Adam: Alright, hun. Make a wish.

Sara breathed deeply and blew out her candles. Everyone cheered.

Later, Adam was tickling Sara in her bed as she giggled.

Sara: *giggling and laughing* Dad, stop. You know I'm ticklish.

Adam: Just makes all the more difficult to resist.

Sara: I'm glad you're here again.

Adam: Same here, hon.

He tucked her in and kissed her head and was about to walk out till.....

Sara: Daddy?

Adam: Hmm?

Sara: When can I go into space with you?

Adam: *Chuckles* Sooner than you'll than think, Sara. It will come.

He turned out the lights and closed the door, giving Sara the chance to get some sleep.

Later up in Adam and Katherine's room....he was up on the bed, checking any additional info on the explosion case that was signed to Ross.

And that's when Kat walked into the room.

Katherine: So any new briefing up on HQ?

Adam: *looks up at her* Nothin' much, really. Although, Ross finally got his first assignment from the academy.

Katherine: Oh, that's great. What's the assignment?

Adam: Something about a ship explosion. But....

Katherine: Is something wrong, Adam?

Adam: Hmm.....*Smiles at Kat* Nah, nothing.

Adam grabbed Kat and pulled her to the bed. She giggled and they made out 'till the computer beeped.

Computer: Commander? You have an urgent call from HQ.  

Adam and Kat looked at each other.

Katherine: Yeah......Computer, put them on the line.

The transmission went through to Kats emitter and it was Byron's voice on the other side.

Byron (Columbus Short): Adam, we have a problem.

Adam: I'm listening.

Byron: We have a intruder in the hanger bay. We don't where or how it got in, but all hell is breaking loose over here.

Both Adam and Kat looked at each other again with a small smirk.

Katherine: No worries. We'll be right over.

The transmission was cut off.

Katherine: So much for quality time.

Adam: Let's hope this intruder is a prisoner who escaped.

Katherine: What else could it be?

In a sanctuary period of time; they suit up.

Computer: Calculating: Codenames Volta and Chaos.

Their helmets automatically seal over their heads and then they fly up to Headquarters where they enter from the main deck.

Chaos: Computer, bring up the rader.

Computer brought up a map for the HQ. But then it slowly glitches out.

Chaos: What the--

Volta X: No worries. I'll lead you around.

As they scouted through the hanger bay all the way to the upper level, they continued to look around, unaware that the intruder was scaling the walls. When it found its opportunity to strike, it did. But Chaos saw him coming and threw him down.

Chaos: Aww man. Another one?

Volta X ran through his analysis and looked up the info on it.

Volta X: "Orion" sure that name didn't come from the belt?

Orion (Jet Li): Nuisance.

He tries attacking both Volta X and Chaos, but both of them dodge his attacks with ease.

Volta then stuns him with a lightning whip, which stuns him momentarily. But just when Chaos is about to launch a Black Hole strike, Orion disappears.

Chaos: Well, that wasn't much fun. Where'd he go?

Orion then reappears in the control room with his helmet off. Nobody was in there. He digs through the equipment, but unfortunately he doesn't find what he's after.

Orion: Now.....where is it??? He said it would be here! Where are the codes?!!

Volta X: Looking for this?

Orion turned around just as Volta shot electric bolts, bolting him to the walls. He struggled to get release himself as the Heroes stood side by side like a heroic effort ending. Volta then approaches Orion.

Volta X: Alright, Orion. What's your game this time?

Orion: That's classified, commander. We all have a code to live by.

Adam: *takes off his helmet* Well, your code's about to expire unless you tell us what you're after. I mean, personally, you'll find yourself comfortable talking to me than her.

Orion looks over his shoulder to see Katherine cracking her knuckles.

Orion: No lingering will make me turn away from what he made me be. He will strike his deadliest upon all of you and your world will come to an end.

Adam: Oh my....I don't have time for this sh**.

He knocked him out and left him attached to the wall.

Adam: *looks over at Chaos* Care to do the honors, hon?

Chaos nods and steps ahead.

Chaos: Computer, begin extraction.

Her emitter lights up as it starts absorbing Orion's energy from his emitter and takes his suit with it. The combined force of his emitter with hers turned Chaos.....into Chaos X.

Adam: How does it feel?

Chaos X: Not much different.

Adam: But you'll get used to it soon enough.

Meanwhile, back at home, Sara woke up in the middle of the night and, again, she started sneaking in her mothers room, searching for whatever she was looking for. But again, nothing. Deep down, she was annoyed that her parents had to leave AGAIN and that they can never get any quality time to spend together.

Sara: *sighs* It's just not fair, sometimes.

Just as she was about to walk out the room, she hears some beeping. She turns around and heads toward the dresser. Sara digs threw it and finds a mini black box with a note attached.

The note reads:

  • "Dearest Sara,

Best wishes and a Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl in the universe. If you're in for more excitement, then I can give that to you. Take some time to think about it and once you've make your decision, you can contact me with the transmitter I left in the box with this note. Oh, and don't tell your parents about me. That's for another time of day. Enjoy your surprise.....

Yours truly, a special friend."

Sara: *to herself* Don't tell them? Why wouldn't I?

So she reluctantly opens the box to find a wrist device/Ray pistol emitter?

Sara: *thinking* What--what is this even supposed to mean? Am I the next Iron Manor something? Did Tony Stark send me this thing? I don't understand.....

So many questions were invading her mind with so many yet to be answered.

Eventually, she put on her wrist device and looked at her emitter. Before she could do anything else with it, she heard a voice behind her.

Voice: Behind ya!

Without thinking, Sara went around, socked the person in the jaw and went to the other side of the room to turn on the light.

Lawrence (Dave Franco): Ahhh.....nice one, Sara. That hurt......

Sara: Lawrence, what are you---

Lawrence: Ahhh.....damn......where did you learn how to punch like that?

Sara: That's a stupid question. A better one would be: What are you doing here?

Lawrence: Oh, no reason. I'm just wondering why you weren't in bed. Your parents are gonna be back soon.

Sara: I--I couldn't sleep alone. I wanted to sleep with Mom and Dad when they got back.

Lawrence: Oh, they'll be home soon. Here. *Sits down* I'll wait here with you till they get here.

Back up in HQ, they locked Orion in a cell as Adam stared out in space with his arms crossed. He couldn't help but get some bad feeling that something was coming back to haunt him ever since Ross told him about the ship explosion.

Adam: I need to look into this. Computer, give me an update on that ship explosion.

Computer: Searching.......access denied.

Adam normally doesn't get that from the computer, so he was surprised.

Adam: Wha the--

Then the computer began to glitch and crappies out entirely.

Adam: The hell's going on with this thing?

Byron: Trust me, I've tried figuring out the same thing.

Adam: What'd you mean "the same thing"?

Admist the conversation, Katherine walked into the control room/main room.

Katherine: What's going on?

Bryon: Lately, the computer's been having major errors. It's malfunctioning and close to breaking apart. Normally, the way we designed it made sure that it wasn't gonna happen much. Now, personally, I know it would've taken a hacker to implant a virus like this, but we can't trace it.

Katherine: No wonder why the computer was glitching out when I came here.

Adam: And it must be how Orion got in here. Keep trying to trace the hack.

Byron: What about Ross? He's still investigating the ship.

Adam: Give him time, Byron. It's his first time out on the field since he joined. He'll deal with what he has to deal with, and in the meantime......I'mma call for back up.

Katherine: Back up?

Adam:......The person that made me who I am.

Katherine: You never told me much about 'em 

Adam: Well.....I was too busy with you and Sara.

Katherine: *Gasped* Oh no, Sara. We left her at the house. She'll be up in a few hours.

Adam: Then you head back. I'll track down Ross after reaching main base.

He kissed her, put on his suit and flew out to space, holding his arm to send out a signal to Main Base.

Volta X: This is codename Volta X of the Galactic Heroes. Sector C in system 414 calling Main Base.

  • Main Base to Volta X. Copy that.

Volta X: We have a class 5 virus in our main computer and a disturbance on Planet 0094. Cause of incident: ship destruction by a mysterious force. Requesting a support unit ASAP. Over.  

Back on Earth, Wade had been trying to make some changes to his suit through his emitter, but had some (a LOT) technical difficulties.

Computer: Codename: Bionic. Percentage:.....54%

Wade: Goddamn it. Come on now, work with me here.

As he continues to work over the tinks on it, he hears a loud thumping sound coming from outside. He turns around and looks outside, but sees nothing.

As soon as he turns around, an explosion rocks the household, launching Wade from where he was, crashing a wall into the living room. It also startled Lawrence and Sara, who were trying to sleep upstairs. They eventually doze off and fall asleep again as it cuts back to Wade who was stumbling to get to his feet.

And then a mysterious black figure walks through the smoke and confronts him.

Malignance X (Hugo Weaving): Who would've believed this.....*steps through the ruble* The slums of this rock are in favor of the one and only in exchange for divine retribution.....and yet I stand before you as not myself.....but only a mere impersonation of what was denied from me.....

Wade: No....This can't be happening....How can you still be able to walk?! We killed you!

Maligance X: They say where there's death, there will always be death. But, after death comes rebirth.

He grabbed Wade by his neck and lifted him up.

Maligance X: Where. Is. The child?

Wade: What? I don't know what you're talking about. There's no child here.

Maligance X: Oh really? Then who's birthday is it, I wonder. Hmmm, pity. *Raises his fist* it would have saved one extra life today.

It looked like it was over right then and there, but Wade pressed a button in his back pocket to activate the auto system on his suit. He got inside of it, becoming Bionic again and then attacked Malignance, but the fight was short lived. Malignance, just like before, was extremely powerful. Thing is; this time, his abilities, his speed and his strength were through the roof. And it made it almost inconceivable and impossible for Bionic to get ANY sort of offense.

Wade, then got out of his suit and put it on "Auto" and launched it at Malignance, but he blasted it with his Execution Wave 2.0 and Wades suit fell broken.

Wade: Sh**! *looks at him* You want revenge. Then take it. Right here......right now......

Maligance X: No...Only will I do that until I reach the depths....of my vengeance.

He picked up Wade and threw him across the living room, causing him to hit the stairs and waking up Sara and Lawrence (For real this time)

Sara: What the---

Sara went down to investigate the noise, but Lawrence tried to stop her.

Lawrence: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

Sara: Gonna do something about that noise

Lawrence: You don't even know what's down there.

Sara: I don't care. I'm not a little kid anymore.

She went downstairs to see what the noise was and saw Wade getting choked out.

Sara: UNCLE!

Malignance looked up to see Sara on the bridge of the stairs and breathed.

Malignance X: I believe we're overdue for a meeting.

Wade: *choking and turns to Sara* Use it.

Sara: Wha--

She then stared at the emitter she took as it started blinking and then the computer spoke.

Computer: Analysis complete. Codename: Shadow.....

A suit of Sara's size activated and flew up to her, but Maligance stopped it by crashing it down.

Wade: No....

Malignance X: this a way to treat a friend who left you a present?

Sara: You're the person from the note? But why are you hurting my uncle?!

Malignance X: I wasn't hurting him, dear. We were rough housing. I get a little aggressive. But mostly, I came to bring you.....what do you people call it.....a parting gift. But that's if...

Sara immediately grabbed the emitter and picked it up.

Sara: No way. You've been hurting him! You're a bad man! Back away!

Malignance X: *sighs* I thought it was gonna go a lot smoother.

Malignance paralyzed Sara with his eyes. She passed out and he grabbed her.

Lawrence: Let her go!!

Malignance grabbed him by the neck and slammed him down. He then kicked him up as Lawrence collided with the door

Wade: Lawrence!!!

Malignance: Tell Commander Hale.....:Game. OVER.

He then took off with Sara as Wade took what was left of his emitter and helplessly looked on.

Katherine just so happened to return at that moment to see the house in ruins. It didn't long to see Lawrence knocked out on the floor and Wade near the bridge of the stairs.

Katherine: Wade?! Wade!! *Rushes to him*

Wade: Sis......Malignance....That bastard....

Katherine: Malignance??

Wade: He's still alive....he's got...Sara....

Katherine: Sara....No....

Meanwhile, Volta X arrived at the ship where he met the support unit he called for at Main Base.

Volta soon arrived as he takes off his helmet and slowly walked inside to a greeting crowd and as he slowly moves deeper into the ship, he met face to face with the person who made him who he was. The very reason why he fights to this day.

Adam: *sighs and smiles* Its been so long, hasn't it?

The camera slowly revolves over to the person he's talking to.

Azera (Zoë Kravitz): Were the fates so kind? It seemed as if an eternity had swept us since I had helped you last.

Adam: Don't where I would've been if you didn't.

They embraced in a hug.

Azera: News has surfaced, young one.

Adam: I'm listening.

Azera: The support team received the trace of the hack into your main computer. Scans reveal that it was a technician named Howard Paxton. Mean anything to you?

Adam: Some. He was the science teacher in the academy when I was a boy. But then he resigned.

Azera: Do you know why?

Adam just nodded no. But that's when Azera dropped a bit of a bombshell.

Azera: Paxton was a double agent, working for Malignance by the time he made his name known. He hacked into all our main frame computers, downloading our codes and tactics and showing them to Malignance himself, which is how he was able to penetrate our defenses on the same night your father was murdered. But after Malignance's defeat, he went invisible and flew off the radar.

Adam: Up until now. How did he even get into our mainframe?

Azera: Paxton was the one that designed it. But his brother had it in the scheme as well. He shared all the personal information with Malignance, but he erased his memory after that.        

Adam: I take it, you happen to know the brothers name?

Azera just nodded and whispered it in his ear.

Adam laid back, all confused.

Adam: Why him? Out of all people, why would he work for him?

Azera: The falling apart of his family made him go over the edge.

Adam's beeper went off and he raised his arm up to answer the call

Adam: Hale here.

Katherine: Adam? It's Sara! She's been taken!

Adam: What??! No no no no.....Stay there, I'll be right over. *Cuts transmission'* I got to go. Someone kidnapped my daughter.

Azera: I'll go with you.

Adam nodded. Azera held on to Adam as he brought up his electric force field and used it to teleport them both back to the Hales. As soon as Kat saw Adam appear, she ran over to him and hugged him with tears.

Adam: Shh shh. Tell me what happened?

Wade: It's bad, man. You're not gonna believe this, but your old "friend" just came back from the dead.

Adam: What'd you talking about?

Azera: He speaks the truth. After almost two decades of being put under, he's risen up to take back what has eluded him for all of these years.

Wade: Who is this?

Adam: That's for another time. But still, that's not mak---

Katherine: MALIGNANCE!!!!

The room went silent.

Adam: Uhhh......wha---how could he--

Katherine: How could he?! How could YOU?! How could you let him take our daughter like that?!

Adam momentarily turned away holding his emitter, for he knew he had probably let everyone and even his own daughter down. But still, he contacted Zip through his wrist device.

Adam: Zip, get Ross and Byron down here immediately. We may need some extra hands. Make sure that Katherine and the rest get back to base soon.

Zip: But sir, he's still investigating the cause of the crash.

Adam: *sighs* I'll check on him, damn it, and see if he's found anything.

Adam hung up and he went over to Lawrence picked him and slammed him to the wall.

Wade: What are you doing?

Adam: What's needed to be done.....

He shocked Lawrence to wake him up. Lawrence screamed in agony as he finally came to and woke up to see all of them staring him.

Lawrence: Wha---wait.....What's going on?

Adam: I'm not in the mood for fun and games. My daughters been taken, and you know something about it.

Lawrence: Adam, what are you talking about?

Wade: Just answer, damn it. We don't have all day! You better tell us what you know. IF you know anything.

Azera: Perhaps, I might be of some assistance.

As the others looked at her all confused, she walked up to Lawrence, placed her hands on his forehead, closed her eyes and subjected a memory transplant to him

Eventually, Lawrence eyes flashed a bright blue and turned back as he looked at Azera, for he now remembered everything.

Lawrence: Re--republic.....

Adam: Republic?

Wade: As in Dominican Republic?

Lawrence just nodded.

Adam: You gotta be kidding me.

Kat: Why would Malignance go there?

Lawrence: My brother, used to have this shop there where he would spend most of his time, and by "shop", I mean underground workshop lab or something. I only caught a quick glimpse of it before he shut me out of it. Besides, I needed to look after my other brother due to his unconventional history. I don't know where ANY of them are at the moment.

The statement paused them for a second.

Wade: Other brother?

Lawrence: Yeah......Howard and Ed Paxton.....

Katherine: ED?

The name struck a bell almost immediately.

Lawrence: Yes, it's true. Ed and Howard are my brothers. I've been following his activities for some time. But I wasn't the one that gave Malignance access to your main computer.

Katherine: But why lie to us ??

Lawrence: If you all knew, my brother would know of you too. I had to insure precaution by making him believe I was dead. I didn't know he'd gain access till we learned of Malignance's return. Now it's just the beginning. No doubt he kidnapped your daughter to get to you, Adam, but what Howard's after is much more serious. He's trying to collect data from every Galactic Hero's HQ to crack the code to your main base.

Azera: *Sighs* He's trying to tear us down from the the inside out.

Adam: That explains the virus. *Walks off*

Wade: Wait, where you going?

Adam: I'm gonna get my daughter back.

Lawrence: I can help you.

Adam: You done enough. And this is personal.

Adam stormed outside, automatically flipped on his helmet and took off.

Azera looked on as she sees lighting and thunder engulf the sky.

Azera: May the best of luck be with you, Hale.

While soaring through the air, he makes a last minute call.

Volta X: ROSS!

Ross: Adam, where the hell have you been?

Volta X: I was about to ask you the same thing. Drop everything you're doing and follow me. We're going to the D.A (Dominican Republic)

He continues to soar through the sky and then it cuts to black.

The screen then cuts open again to the Dominican Republic as its shows people wandering in the streets and gives a view of Howard Paxton's workshop. He opened up his garage door and walks inside while talking over a phone.

Howard (Collin Farrell): Yes, sir. Everything is proceeding as planed. The virus has spread to at least 50 main computers and we should have the codes by the end of the week. Thank you, sir.

Howard then hangs up and types in a 4 digit passcode ear the garage door and it takes him down, underground. As soon as he got off, Howard went on his main computer, which began hacking into every main computer he could possibly find

Howard: Hehehe.....those hero suckers are playing straight into my doomsday plan. With us having this organization running in our hands, Malignance will have the the throne and make me his heir. *Types enter* Computer? Initiate Codename: Cold Heart.   

Computer: Searching......Welcome, Cold Heart.

While the computer was booting up hi suit, a mysterious figure appeared behind his chair and it startled Howard.

Ross: Yo, Paxton.

Howard: You've seen nothing.

He immediately tried to pack his stuff and hightail it outta there, but he just wasn't quick enough.

Ross: Howard, why you walking away, man? Sit down!

And he threw Howard across the computer (rather forcefully) without damaging it.

Ross: Adam, I got him.

Upon hearing that, Volta X appeared and crashed landed inside the underground base.

Volta then went up to him and held him up to the wall.

Volta X: You've got some information to spill, Paxton.

Howard: I think you're talking to the wrong mechanic here. The other one is about six miles away.

Volta X: Aww come on. Spare me the gibberish.

He threw him back in the chair near the computer.

Ross: Whatcha hiding?

Howard: Nonsense. I'm telling you, I---

That's when Adam placed down a picture of Lawrence knocked out.

Volta X: Say that to Lawrence.

Howard reluctantly typed an unknown number into his computer and soon enough, a hanger filled with other suits lit up in the very back.

Ross: Now that wasn't hard.

Adam: True. True....But first things first-- *turns back to Howard* Where is he?

Howard: *chuckles* So you think you solved the puzzle, huh, Commander? You really believe this is what it's all come down to? Well, to tell you the truth; since Ed couldn't live up to his family reputation, he had to create a new identity to foil everything. But.....WE have been expecting you.

Volta X: We??

Howard changed the signal on the computer as the screen reveals Malignance

Malignance X: Hehehehe.....Hello, my dear commander. Surprised? Your sloppy brother in law was.

Volta X: No games, Max! Where's my daughter?!

Malignance turns around as the camera shows Sara asleep in a suspension capsule.

Malignance X: She's in her own little place and she looks and feels so peaceful.

Volta X: Let her go, you son of a b**ch!!

Malignance: We only have one demand: Surrender your suit to us or we pull the I did your poor father.

Volta X: Pull the pl---Son of a b**ch. I'm not falling for that one.

Malignance X: Hmmm.....pity for you. But then again, I don't feel like exterminating her. I have other recommendations for her in mind. So you're lucky. But then again, you're not. Howard, show my former compadre what you have back there.

As Ross and Adam turned around, Howard immediately opened two of his pods from the back and released two suits. Both suits immediately went for their helmets and manually pulled them off.

Ross: Jesus.....

Those people in the suits? Ed (James Franco) and Carla (Isla Fisher).

Adam: *to Howard* This is how you treat you're own family?!

Howard: HIS idea.

Adam: Bullsh**! *turns toward the screen* I'm bringing both of you down for this.

Malignance X: Hmmm..... *Cuts off*

Adam turned to Ed and Carla who pointed their ray guns at him as Howard retreated to his elevator

Adam: Coward!

Ross: I've got him, ok?

As Ross attempted to go after Howard, via the stairs (cause he was too late), Adam, once again, focused on Ed and Carla.

Adam: Guys, it's me.....Adam. Let's try and reason this out, ok? You know me.....

Ed: Do we?

Carla: We thought the same thing 'till you let us die!

Adam: That's not what happened!

Ed: No more excuses......

They fired at him, but Adam flew out with them on his tail as Ross desperately tries to find Ross, who had seemingly vanished.

Ross: Goddamn it......

Computer: Initiation: Complete. Welcome Codename: Cold Heart.

Ross heard some thrusters going off and he turned around to see Cold Heart flying off as Ed and Carla kept trying to shoot Adam.

Adam: Listen to me, guys! Face it, you're being used as puppets! Fight the puppet-master, NOT me!

Ed: Spare us your pity!

Carla: What Katherine saw in you, I'll never know. But you will answer for your betrayal!

Adam: Back up!

He launched an attack at them, but both Carla and Ed disappeared.

Adam: Great. How am I gonna tell Kat?

Then all of a sudden, a totem pole came out of the ground (its one of Carla's ablitlies thanks to the suit) and Volta dodges it. Unfortunately, more started coming up out of nowhere, until she finally trapped him in one.

Soothsayer (Carla): Gets them every time. Care to do the honors, bae?

Necro (Ed): it'd be my genuine pleasure.

He charges up a Ghost Punch at the totem pole and he fires at Adam. It was just about to hit him 'till it was knocked aside and it hit a distant area. Nerco and Soothslayer turned away from the explosion then they looked up and saw another hero hovering in between them and Adam.

Warhammer (Captain Moses Brody) (Anthony Ray Parker): I'd hate to be y'all fellas right now.

They blasted at him, but reflected it with ease. He then launched a Renegade Bomber and it knocked them defenseless. With little to no way of protecting themselves, or each other, they flew off. With that problem taken care of, he attended to Adam and helped him get out of the totem pole.

Moses: Hey, hey, hey, buddy. Take it easy.

Adam: Huh? M--Moses??

Moses: *Chuckles* What's up, my brother?!

Adam: I'll be damned!

They laughed and embraced each other in a hug

Adam: The hell you doing here, man? I haven't seen you since we graduated from the academy.

Mores: I was on another mission 'till Azera called me back here. She said you may need back up. She even told me that Max was still alive and he took your kid. The bastard.....

Adam: Well I appreciate the help but....this is too personal.

Mores: That's not what you said back in the academy. We stood by each other like bros. Come on Adam for old times sake. Let me help you get Sara back.

Ross: You'll need an extra pair of hands too.

Adam looked over and saw Ross behind and it became apparent he wasn't gonna do this alone. He sighed and then nodded. They eventually walked off together in search of Malignances lair.

Back up at HQ, Wade and Lawrence were up trying to reassess the current situation. But Katherine stood by a window looking down at the Earth, fearing for her daughter's life and feeling guilty of what she said to Adam.

Tessa: Wasn't expecting y'all up here.

Wade: Well, let's say we didn't need an invitation to get up here. And depending on how long your leader takes, we might be here longer then i anticipated.

Lawrence: Variety is the spice of life after all, huh? Tell me about it.

That's when they both heard Katherine sniffling by the window.

Wade: Uhh.....Kat?

Katherine: Go away.......

Wade didn't know what to do, so he just did what she asked and went out of the room, but Lawrence stayed behind.

That's when Zip stepped in and tried to talk to Kat.

Zip: What's exactly the issue here?

Katherine: I don't wanna talk about it.

Tessa: You worried about Adam?

Katherine: That. And my daughter. She was kidnapped by that bastard Malignance took Sara and I blamed Adam for that. I---

Tessa: Hey don't beat yourself everybody has some drama every now and then.

Katherine: Maybe....but sometimes those moments of drama could be your last.....

That's when Lawrence injected himself into the conversation.

Lawrence: It was a last for me. I mean, I never talked to Howard after I found out what he was doing for that mechanical asshole. I always saw something better inside him, but time and time again, he proves me wrong.

Zip: You couldn't figure out that you were wasting your time with him?

Lawrence: I didn't really know what to do at that point. I figured coming into talks with Malignance would....get me back into good hands with him......

Tessa:.....because family always comes first, am I right?

Katherine: Yeah, it does. Which it makes all the more important that----*sighs and stands up* I got to go find them.

Zip: Hold up there, partner. You don't even know where he is. Plus, the computers still bugged out, remember?

Katherine: In that case, y'all better come with me!

One cut later, we then see Sara in closed in one of the pods Malignance kept sealed. But luckily, she still has her emitter in hand. She's knocked out, drugged and unconscious. All of a sudden, her emitter levitates and placed itself onto her chest. It glows excessively and fills up the entire screen. And then it cuts to outside of the pod where Malignance happened to be holding a meeting.

Malignance X: All present and accounted for?

He stood face to face with Howard, Ed, and Carla.

Malignance X: Did you get the codes?

Howard: Yeah. Transmission is complete. We'll be ready to move in a few hours.

Malignance: Good.

The capsule that Sara was in beeped as Soothsayer turned around.

Soothsayer: She's ready

Malignance X: Good. Let her out.

Soothsayer opened the pod door and saw Sara down on her knees in the suit that was programmed from the emitter. Sara's eyes popped open and started glowing for she was under Malignance's control, just like Ed and Carla were

Malignance X: Arise, my youngest and finest warrior.

Sara did as he commanded and stepped out of the pod, making Adam and Katherine from where they were get emotionally sick inside.

Warhammer: What is it, bro?

Volta X: Just.....I feel like my hearts been ripped out....I think something's happened to Sara. She could........ in more serious danger. We have to hurry.

Tessa: I got the ship ready to take us down.

Before she could take the ship down, Wade made his way into the ship hanger.

Wade: Sis! You be careful down there. That's your husband and my niece down there. Bring them AND yourself back in one piece, alright?

Katherine: Absolutely. You know I will.

They hugged and Wade watched Kat get into the ship and watched the pod leave the hanger and head for Earth.

Back at Malignance X's lair, he paced around in front of the others as he gave out his own pep talk.

Malignance X: Every single galactic hero is now an enemy of the galaxy. As long as one single speck of those clowns are roaming around, we don't have a voice. No destiny. NO FUTURE.

All (Necro, Cold Heart, Soothsayer) :Yes, sir.

Malignance X: *Turns to Shadow* And as for you, Shadow, your own flesh and blood is now the enemy. Do what must be done. Do not hesitate. Show. No. Mercy.     

Shadow: None will be shown. They will be exterminated.

Malignance X: Go.

So they all went together in search of Volta, Chaos and pretty much anyone else that gets in there way.

Meanwhile, in the ship above, Zip was still trying to get a good grip on where Adam is.

Zip: I've tried as much as I possibly could, and I'm still not getting any response from him.

Kat just laid back and rubbed her face in frustration.

Byron: It's not the end of the world yet. We'll find him.

Katherine: Byron, how'd you get on here?

Byron: Figured you needed an extra pair of hands. Considering the fact that we have these, that means more blood on our hands and less work for the law. Now we're fine up in the Big Apple, but down here......we need to tread softly.

Katherine and the others looked at each other.

Katherine: Point taken. Take us down slowly.

Tessa, who was controlling the ship, did as Chaos said and landed the ship on a nearby building, but not before they put a cloaking shield over it.

Tessa: Alright. This is it, right?

Byron: Yep, the D.A. (Dominican Republic)

Back with Volta, Ross and Warhammer, they landed to the destination they were tracking Malignance and Sara at

Ross: According to the tracker....Malignance's signal is coming from.....a mountain??

Warhammer: Maybe the tracker's busted. Check it again.

Ross: No, it's working fine. I went over diagnosis. But theres gotta be a passage somewhere.

Warhammer and Volta X searched around 'till Warhammer tapped on the mountain and heard an echo like it was hollow.

Warhammer: What the...

Volta X: What is it?

Warhammer: The wall sounded hollow.

They continued to check the wall 'till a door from the same wall opened up and battle drones came out and started blasting.

Adam: Incoming!!!

They jumped aside and blasted back without them noticing Shadow and the others flying above them.

Warhammer: How many of these things can he make?

Volta X: As long as he breathes, they'll be more of them and then some.

They continue to fire back. During mid-way through the shootout, Ross and Warhammer take a hit (not too critical), but they kept on shooting. But for some reason, the numbers kept increasing and the two found themselves outnumbered.

Warhammer: Does this always happen to you?

Volta X: Pretty much.

Before the rest of the army can attack, some felt themselves being dragged and sucked into a black hole, others were being burned and ripped apart.

The two turned around to see Chaos (Katherine) with Scorch (Byron) and Tessa and Zip

Volta X: Son of a gun.....

Chaos: You're not that hard to find.

Volta X: *Sighs* Honey, I can't begin to tell you....

Chaos: *Presses her finger on his helmet* Shut up.

She then hugged him as Tessa and Zip turned around and noticed Warhammer

Tessa: Moses??

Warhammer: Tessa. Zip.

They embraced their old friend as Chaos pulled off the hug and saw him too

Chaos: Who is this?

Volta X: Oh....a friend from the academy. The one I told you who got me through science class.

Mores: *takes off the helmet* I'm Moses. Call me Warhammer.

Katherine then takes off her helmet and shakes his hand.

Katherine: Nice to meet you. Adam's told me everything about you.

Moses: I certainly hope not.

Zip: Well, now that you're here. I guess you can lend us a hand just like old times.

Moses: Sure thing. When I was informed Adam's daughter was kidnapped by that traitor I rushed as soon as I could. We believe this is Malignance's base.

Scorch (Bryon): Well, there's nothing here. I'm guessing they knew we were coming and those robots were just slowing us down.

Volta X: Dammit.

Suddenly, Volta's emitter went beeping. He turned the wrist device on his arm and he answered the message.

Volta X: Volta here.

Azera: Hale! You got to get to main base at once! The shield defenses have been shut down and we're under attack! Send in.....*Transmission cuts off*

Volta X: Azera! Come in!

Moses: Paxton. He must've cracked the code.

Volta X: We better to get to base. Sara's probably with them.

Katherine: What'd we waiting for, then?

Eventually, the whole group headed for the ship, put the cloaking shield off and blast off into cyberspace.

Adam: Tessa, please tell me you have those coordinates.

I always have them. You permanently programmed that into my operating system, remember?

Adam: It's just been ridiculous down there, alright?

Byron: Heads up. We're right there.

They were soon approaching the as they quickly saw the whole base in ruins. Unfortunately, Malignance and the rest were waiting for them (Of course) as Shadow was watching from the cannons and Cold Heart was manning his own vector cannons.

Shadow: Master, they're here.

Malignance X: Exterminate them. Now.

Shadow locked on to them and fired

Bryon: Heads up!!

They narrowly avoided the shot

Warhammer: What the hell was that?

Volta: It's probably Max. I'm going down there. Tess, open the hatch.

Tessa followed Adam's command and he flew out the ship and down to base, avoiding his own daughter's blasts without him knowing it's her. Then he broke in to the base where Malignance appeared on the main screen.

Malignance X: Were you expecting to find me, Commander? I'm afraid I must disappoint you. For you see....someone else was expected to see you.

Volta X: Where is my daughter, Max?

Malignance X: I told you to NEVER TO CALL ME THAT!!!! I had the intelligence to be more then just a mechanical servant. But you refused to accept my vision. So now, I create mines from scratch. But first, if you want her, she's right there.

Volta X turned around to see Shadow giving him a death look

Volta X: Sara?

He ran to her and hugged her, but she grew angry and disappeared. As Volta became confused, she reappeared and punched him, causing him to fly across the room and hit the wall very hard. Malignance couldn't help but laugh maniacally

Volta X: Sara?? What'd you doing??

Shadow: Malignance has commanded you must be terminated.

Shadow then pulled out a sword from its side.

Volta X: Sara, this is your father speaking. That little asshole is messing with your mind. I know I've raised you better then this. You're smarter then him. You're better then him and you know this.

Shadow said nothing and charged forward.

Volta X: Oh boy.....

Shadow attacked and Volta X was forced to fight back. They had a pretty good fight scene as Volta took some hits cause he didn't want to hurt his daughter and Shadow just kept coming at him.

Shadow: Stay. Still!

Shadow was forced to throw her sword at Volta, but he dodges it and for some reason, passes through all areas of the collapsed ship and cuts Orion free. But she was able to telepathically bring her sword back to her.

Meanwhile outside.....

Katherine: The hell is keeping him so long?

Byron: I don't know, but I'm going in.

Warhammer: Hol' up there, partner.

Both of them exited the ship and ran inside, past the burning and broken debris only to run into Necro (Ed)

Necro: I'm afraid that access has been permanently denied.

He launches a Ghost Punch and Byron dodges it and turns into Scorch and fires back at him as Warhammer charges at Necro and they go through another part of the base.

Warhammer: I got him. Find Adam!

Scorch didn't know where to go at that point, so he brought up his GPS on his wrist device and eventually found something else.

Katherine: Aww man. Come on.

She brings Tessa and Zip with her out of the ship, but is immediately confronted by Soothsayer (Carla) carrying a poison bow and arrow 🏹

Soothsayer: Such a long, long time, now hasn't it been?

Zip: Is that--Could it be--

Tessa: There's no way. It's gotta be an imposter. Check her.

Chaos (Katherine) didn't need to run through analysis. She recognized immediately by looking at the suit.

Chaos: Soothsayer.......Carla?

Soothsayer: Awww you remember me. I'm touched.

Soothsayer fires the arrows at Chaos as she does her best to dodge her.

Chaos: Carla wait! Why are you doing this?!

Soothslayer: Silence!!

She kept on blasting her as Malignance laughed more sinisterly as he watched it all.

Malignance X: Beautiful sight, isn't it?

Howard: Couldn't have asked for a better view, sir.

Meanwhile, Orion (without the suit cause it was broken) was stumbling and picking himself up looking for a way out, but he just so happened to realize there was more prisoners in the back, including Azera.

He quickly saw some robot soldiers spot him and he quickly ran back to the prison spot only to get captured.

But he broke loose and fought them off the best way he could (He's Jet Li, after all.) Luckily, Bryon passed by with Ross and gave him a helping hand.

After that, he ran back to the prison spot and freed most of the inmates there.

Ross: *to Scorch* Hey, man. Thanks again.

Scorch: All in a days work.

Orion: *to Ross* You, where is he? Volta?

Ross: Somewhere in the base. He's probably not in good hands, but I'm pretty sure he can handle himself. Come on.

As Ross, Scorch and Orion escape with the rest of the inmates, Shadow and Volta kept the fight going as Shadow kept attacking him. And even though Volta was forced to fight back, he still tried to reason with her.

Volta X: Sara, please! Don't listen to him! I'm your father and I love you!

Shadow: Love me? Then why'd you and Mom continue to leave me?

Volta X: It was for your own good.....

Shadow grew frustrated again and she finally stabbed him with the sword and knocked him to a wall again. She then fired her blaster at him, which echoed all over the base, giving Kat that horrible feeling again.

Katherine: Adam....Sara....

Soothsayer then tackled her as she laid distracted. She then picked her up and threw into the base and into the hall where Bryon, Ross and Orion were.


Shadow: Master, I have him within my grasp.

Malignance: That's my good little girl. Now finish it! This time, set your blaster for hostile.

Shadow did as he asked and held her blaster up straight to his head.

Shadow: As far as I'm concerned, the universe is dead.....and my father.

Before Shadow could finish it, hands were clasped on her forehead from behind as Azera paralyzed her which knocked her out cold, giving Adam enough time to recover.

Azera: It's all on you, Hale.

Volta X: Guess this is how I'll have to say, "I'm sorry".

Adam stood up in pain holding his wound and picked up Shadow. Along with Azera, they headed towards the exit 'till Cold Heart blasted at them and they ducked

Cold Heart: I don't think so, pal.

Azera: Paxton, stop this now. This is madness.

Cold Heart: Is it? It's more necessary to me that you two reached the end of the line.

Adam: We'll see about that. Ugh!

His wound stunned him so bad that he fell dropping Sara on top of him. Azera tried to aid him again.

Cold Heart: You know, as I was told Commander, I believed you grew up to be the finest solder in Galactic Hero history. Perhaps, I was wrong.

Lawrence: *From behind* It wouldn't be the first time!

Cold Heart turned around to see his long lost brother starring at him with his fists balled up.

Cold Heart: It was foretold you would be here; our long awaited reunion has come at last.

Lawrence: I'm glad I gave you something to look forward to. I was beginning think I still knew who you were buried in that black heart of yours. But it's impossible! My brother would never be this ruthless as you are.

Cold Heart: Howard Paxton is dead. I DESTROYED him.

Lawrence: Then I will avenge him.     

He charged at him, only to be grabbed almost immediately.

Cold Heart: I thought you were to be smarter then that, brother.

Lawrence: Sometimes, it's not your head that matters most out the fist.

He takes a a knife as it stabs Cold Heart through the shoulder, giving time for Adam and Azera to escape with the knocked out Shadow.

Meanwhile, Warhammer and Necro were still fighting until Necro stabbed him with his staff. But Warhammer crushes the staff almost immediately and engulfs Necro with a filet of fists.

Warhammer: Can't keep up, can ya?

Necro: Nuisance!

As the fight continues on, Tessa and Zip just so happen to find that big hole through the wall. They go through and run right into Chaos and Scorch.

Tessa: You two, ok?

Scorch: Yep. Never better.

Zip: You know, I'll never understand why he went amuck like thissssss-ip.

Tessa: Why would--Does he even remember what he's done for him?

Zip: Yeah, but if you think about it, it's not like what Max did to him, but more like what Adams done to him.

They were all confused what he meant by that.

Chaos: What did you mean by that?

Tessa: No, he's right. We were there when it happened.

Zip: it started years ago. Around the same time, he crash landed to Earth, but this came before it......Malignance was just like us, good tempered, loyal and all around a good guy, although he was under another name:.....

Tessa: Max.

Zip: Yeah.....We were aboard Adams own ship, the Gallisto, and we would watch for any other transactions or unusual activity from above. One day, Max got a little careless and fell off the side of a planet into a deep ravine. It took months before he gave out a signal for Adam to try and find him.

Chaos: But why wouldn't just go right away......Why would---If he had-----Son of a......

Zip: Evil exists in all of us, Chaos. Max just chose the wrong path for what reason God knows what. For now....

Volta: A little help?!!

They turned over to see Azera carrying Adam with his arm around her shoulder and Shadow being carried on his.

Chaos: Adam...Sara...

She rushed to them to hug him, then Adam gave Kat Sara.

Zip: Let's get back to the ship. Sir, we need to get you into the medical bay.

Volta: Moses and Lawrence are still back there. We got to go back we can't leave them behind!

Azera: You need to rest and attend to your daughter. I'll find them.

Adam and Kat looked back at her and nodded.

Zip: Please, hurry. I have a feeling we're running out of time. 

Time indeed was running out as Azera quickly made her way back inside to get confronted by Soothsayer and Necro, who were still dealing with Warhammer.

Azera: Out of my way, ingrates.

Soothsayer: Who's talking? Begone!

He launched yet another Ghost Punch, but Azera vanished and soon enough so did Scorch.

Soothsayer: What the---

Warhammer: Didn't you hear the lady? She said out of the way.

Finally, after who knows how long, Moses was able to beat them both down

Warhammer: Best if we get back to the ship.

As Moses and Azera tried making their exit, Lawrence and Cold Heart fought on 'till Lawrence blasted a hole, in his helmet and then saw Azera at the doorway 'till.....

Howard: Lawrence!

He gasped and looked at him as Cold Heart's helmet revealed a hole on his right side, showing his eye.

Howard: Lawrence.

Lawrence: Howard??

They stood to face to face at a moment of silence till.....

Lawrence: I won't leave you! Not this time.

Howard:....*Frowns* Then you will die.

He held his blaster up at him and was about to fire until a ship from behind fired at Cold Heart and obliterated him immediately.

Orion: No man is left behind.

Ross: Get y'all asses up here. Come on.

Azera and Warhammer got Scorch up on the ship as Volta, Chaos, Zip and Tessa got Shadow on their own ship and both of them hightailed it out of there.

Necro and Soothsayer looked on with a obvious look of annoyance.

Necro: They'll be back.

Soothsayer: Oh, they will. I know they will.

She then contacted Malignance.

Soothsayer: Master?

Malignance X: I know, but no need to fret just yet. Our youngest recruit will take it from here.

Meanwhile, back on Adams ship, Azera and Moses brought Volta to an medical unit and lays him down in the bed, but he wanted to sit face to face with Shadow, who was incarcerated in one of his cells.

Volta X: I need to see her.

Moses: Hey, it can wait. This is important here

Volta X: No! *sighs* I--it's partially my fault that she tried to do me in. I need to let her know the truth. How I REALLY feel about her.

Azera looked over at Moses and she nodded.

Azera: Do her good, Hale. She deserves to understand.

He gets up from the bed and makes his way to the cell where she was incarcerated in and steps inside.

Volta X: Sara, look at me. Look at me, please.

Sara did exactly as he asked, although the emitter she still had was still programmed under Malignance. And it didn't take long for Adam to notice. But he still looked at her and took off his helmet.

Adam: Baby, I want you to know how....truly and....utterly sorry I am about dragging you into my mess. I promised I was gonna show you this all this eventually. Just didn't think this was how it was gonna be.....*looks down*......I just....I hope that deep down, in your soul, you'll find some way to forgive me many years of loneliness I caused you.

Sara just stared at him and then blinked.

Adam: I understand.

So under the assumption that Sara was still under Malignances control, he brought out his respirator electric gloves, hoping to....shock her out of it.

Adam: I promise, this is gonna hurt you just as much as it does me.

Sara: There's something I'd like you to have......that I don't want anymore.

She smiles at him mildly as she reaches for her emitter, but then she sticks her arm into his neck as her wrist device imports a nanobot cocktail into him and his skin almost immediately starts to show a different color. Luckily, however, Adam grabbed Sara by the neck and used his gloves to shock her. It shuts off her emitter, but not her heart, officially freeing her from Malignances control.

Both of them fell unconscious to the floor.

Katherine walked by that same cell and looked inside to see both Adam and Sara unconscious.

Katherine: NO!

She came into the cell and held her knocked daughter and husband in her arms as she hugged them both in tears.

Katherine: Oh, my babies. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

As Katherine tended to them, Lawrence stared out into space as Moses walked by him, feeling bad about what happened.

Mores: I'm sorry about your brother.

Lawrence: I thought I could change him back. But now....I just hope he's found peace now.

Moses: Yes. We all do. I had hoped my brother wouldn't follow the wrong path too.

Lawrence: You did?

Mores: Yes. He was a space pirate. And a damn good one. After our parents passed, he got desperate, took me away from home. I was 7, he was 21. And all the years, we spent as pirates robbing and slaughtering innocent lives. But I grew heavy of guilt of what we were doing. Then one night during a smuggling, the Galactic Heroes terminated our operation. He got away, but I got caught. He left me behind and didn't look back and I never saw him again. But while imprisoned, Azera payed me a visit and offered me a spot into the academy.

Lawrence: What for?

Moses: To become a galactic hero. Said without my brother to aid me, it would make up everything I've done with my with him. I accepted her offer and was transferred there. That's when I met Adam. He became more of a brother than he was to me.

Lawrence: Do you know where he is now?

Mores: After I left the academy, I tried to bring him in and ask him why he left me. A part of me wanted to kill him for it.....and still does. But I never found him. He went rouge. It's been 14 years and I have yet to see his face again. But next time he shows his face.......*shrugs it off*....nothing. I just came here to help Adam save his daughter and stop Malignance.

Lawrence: Well....if you do find him...just don't do anything you'll regret.

Moses: No promises.

Then later, the ship approached Adam's HQ as the screen fades out....

~To Be Concluded~


  • Adam Hale/Volta X
  • Malignance X
  • Sara Hale/Shadow
  • Katherine Hale/Chaos
  • Wade Hillard/Bionic
  • Byron Olson/Scorch
  • Moses Brody/Jackhammer
  • Tessa
  • Zip


  • Howard Paxton/Cold Heart - Blasted from behind and obliterated completely thanks to Orion.


"Power-Up Heroes: Ascension" did reach the #1 spot at the box office in the following weeks, and took a little over a month and a half to bring it down. Critics and moviegoers were mixed over the over-all presentation of the film and claimed it felt more like a Matrix wannabe. But they praised the acting, CGI effects and the plot. Review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 58% on the Tomato-meter. It's critical consensus reads, "Unless you're taken aback by the special effects or the linear story, Power-Up Heroes: Ascension struggles to engage and utilize a fairly interesting, albeit mesmerizing, sci-fi sequel."

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