IPower-Up Heroes

From distant space is a threat no human had ever seen....

Power-Up Heroes is an 2017 supernatural action adventure film based on the 2011 Xbox 360 game by the same name. The game was for the Kinect and had sold rather well. Warner Brothers Pictures will distribute the film along with New Line Cinema producing it. Universal originally had planned to take over distribution for the film, but ultimately had to step down due to complications and time consumption with their other projects. It will be directed and produced by Christopher Nolan.

The film will feature Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Anna Kendrick, Liev Schreiber, Columbus Short, James Franco, Isla Fisher, Tyler James Williams, Nancy Allen (voice), Tom Holland (voice) with Danny Glover and Zoë Kravitz.


Former space commander Adam Hale a.k.a Volta (Sam Worthington) has traveled across the Galaxy in hopes of stopping Malignance (Hugo Weaving) from invading Planet Earth. Unfortunately, he crashed to Earth which luckily bought the planet more time. In need of shelter for time being, he drops by the house of Katherine Hillard (Anna Kendrick) and her brother, Wade (Liev Schreiber). But he didn't expect to find love or friendship on this planet he's rarely known. With allies and more advanced equipment in his hands, can Volta put a stop to Malignances diabolical scheme?


  • Sam Worthington as Adam Hale (Volta/Volta X)
  • Hugo Weaving (Voice) as Malignance
  • Anna Kendrick as Katherine Hillard (Chaos)
  • Liev Schrieber as Wade Hillard (Bionic)
  • Columbus Short as Bryon Olson (Scorch)
  • James Franco as Ed (Nerco)
  • Isla Fisher as Carla (Soothsayer)
  • Tyler James Jackson as Pysch
  • Nancy Allen (Voice) as Tessa
  • Tom Holland (Voice) as Zip

  • Danny Glover as Mayor Eisenburg
  • RJ Cyler as Luke
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Sophie

  • Jessica Rothe
  • ???
  • Zoë Kravitz as Azera




A shooting star passes through the brinks of the Earths stratosphere past into the sky and continues its trajectory to where it's unknown. As it soon passed by, a low humming whirrrrrrr sound faded quickly away, due to the instance that sound doesn't travel in the vacuum of space. But that doesn't stop a PORTAL from appearing out of cosmic energy and then it shows two ships zooming past the screen.

The portal eventually shuts itself and disappears as we see a gray and red two-winged ship with its afterburners on trying to outrun a gray and blue ship from behind, which was firing at it. The one inside of that blue ship was former Galsteo commander Adam Hale, only as his alter-ego......VOLTA.

Apparently, he was trying to stop the ship that was in front of him from escaping. What he didn't know was that admist halfway through the chase, both ships were headed in the same direction.

The chase had endured for months......many, many, MANY months.

Meanwhile, in the gray and red ship, we see the shadow of somebody sitting on a chair while controlling the ship.

Unknown voice: Well, lets get down to business, shall we?

It then presses a button on the cockpit and soon enough, the frontier bay of the ship opens as small little projectiles were fired from his ship and were set to land onto the nearest planet.

And it didn't take long for Volta to spot them. But he couldn't let him get away. He continued to relentlessly shoot at the Unknown and finally, he gets a shot off. But the ship goes haywire and starts malfunctioning and going out of it moves away from Adam. At that point.....Adam decides to check something.

Volta: Computer, where are those projectiles headed?

Computer: The nearest planet available is Earth. Apart from being the third planet in this solar system, it is the ONLY planet out of all the others to give birth to human life.

That's when Adams's eyes (on his suit) lit up. The statement led to a revelation.....of sorts.

Volta: Earth.....the only planet to give life....then that means......of HOME.......

Unfortunately, since Volta wasn't paying attention to his opponent, the other ship took advantage of him not paying attention and fired at Voltas ship using whatever juice it had left, causing Volta's to lose control and head towards the same direction as the one that fired at him. Luckily, he had managed to steer his ship into the other, causing it to spiral out of control even more.

But Volta knew that this wasn't the end of him.

Computer: Hull damage critical. Hull damage critical.

Volta: Computer, prepare the escape capsule.

Soon enough, he scoured through his ship until he got to the escape pod. He mashed a 4 button code on the inside of the pod and Volta eventually ejected. The pod eventually steers in space as Volta's ship exploded and then crashed onto the moon. He then began to heat up during entry, and started tilting towards the left of the Moon. But it's destination was the same: Earth.

That is when Volta spoke from within the pod......

Earth......the home that was once my own........I hope you're prepared for the fight of your life. Because from distant space will pose a threat that none of you have ever seen......And most likely never will again......

It shows Voltas ship tumbling down on the screen, heating up severely and then.....

The bright light blinds the entire screen.

The screen brightens up and then dims out to the point at which we can see the outside of the Hirsch Observatory in the state of New York, which was located at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy. At that point, as we zoom inside and see the observers and scientists conducting their normal duties, it cuts over to one Katherine Hillard hanging up her lab coat by a hanger nearby, as she was officially stepping down from her position as an astronomer, one of her greatest dreams as a child. The thought of stepping down never once crossed her mind.....but family meant more then her job. She then sighs heavily and walks out the front doors before being hearing TWO voices behind her.....

Luke: Hey! Kat!

Sophie: Hold up a sec!

Katherine: Hmm?

The voices made Katherine stop in her tracks and turn around to see both of her colleagues Luke and Sophie run a SN hug her at the same time, and it almost felt like suffocation for a second.

Katherine: *chuckles* Guys, you are too much. One at a time.

Sophie: Sorry, it's just we're gonna miss you.....I were one of the top 5 astronomers Hirsch has had in almost forever.

Luke: Couldn't have said it better. Seriously, I found it hard to believe you were even able to spot even the SLIGHTEST of fragments and meteorites that seemed to spawn outta thin air. I didn't believe anyone was gonna spot those.

Sophie: That's cause nobody did.

Katherine: Couldn't believe it either. Just goes to show that if you're dedicated to what you love, you gotta do whatever it takes to be the very best, WHENEVER the opportunity presents itself. And right really pains me to go.

Luke: Reminds me: what made you decide to step down anyways?

Katherine: Family.

As she packs her items and places them in the trunk; We then cut to later while she was on her way home, but once she stops at a stoplight in the middle of Long Island, that's when she gets a call.

Katherine: Hello?

Is this my little sister?

Katherine: *chuckles* Hey, Wade. I'm just on my way home from work. I'm telling you, they keep finding ways to keep me occupied. Then again, what else do you expect?

Well, let's just hope that they're still paying you.

Katherine: Umm.....hehehehe......

Kat....what was that? Didn't sound promising.

Katherine: Yeah.....about that....See, what happened was.....

Before she could answer, a mysterious looking pod zoomed past over her car which caused her to lose control of the wheel and drop the phone.

Katherine: Ahhh! No!

It caused her to swerve off road, onto the sidewalk and through the fence of another house. But luckily, she gained control again and went out the fence, just as she noticed Wade was still on the other side.

Katherine: Oh shit.......*picks the phone back up*.....Wade?

Hey, hey! Kat, what just happened?

Katherine: Hold your horses, alright? I'm alright. I just got myself out of a predicament, alright? There's

At that point, she had looked behind her and saw the glowing descendant texture on the outside of the pod that passed her just moments ago. It became a major distraction, not just because it nearly killed her, but also since something out of the ordinary actually happened right in front of her, no less.

Katherine: I'll....uh....I'll get back to you later.

She hung up and looked over where the pod landed as dogs around her began barking from fences. She slowly got out her car and approached the pod and became stunned by the sheer appearance and the mystery for where it came from.

Katherine: Oh my god.....this....this--it can't be real. This--this texture, this design, it must've been from light years away. This is exactly the kind of technology that exists from, like a separate universe apart from ours. Just look at how this thing is even constructed, I is this kind of technology even possible???

At that point, she saw a small yet pulsating button in the front of the pod. Curiosity clearly got the best of her as she reaches for it, slowly but surely. But before she could even touch it, it started to open up on its own as Katherine backed up, feeling the very weight of the door, pushing against her hands and face with a thick cloud of smoke. Soon enough, a mere shadow starts to reappear out of the pod and as Katherine looked on in confusion and wonder, that's when Volta appeared through the smoke.....grabbed his chest piece and took it off, which turned his suit off and he revealed to be human just like everyone else. Unfortunately, some of the metal on his suit stuck onto him.

He drops his chest piece, which is called an emitter, besides him and it automatically spawns up the suit he was just wearing, which was heavily damaged and sparking heavily.

He then looked around above him as he heard rustling. That's when HE looked down in front of him and spotted Katherine, coming out of hiding. The two decidedly stared at each other for a few seconds before HE started to limb his way forward, but he lost his balance and eventually fell out cold.

Katherine: Oh my god!

She rushed over to him and tried to administer CPR the best way that she could.

Katherine: Come on, come on, come on! Hang in there!

But no luck. HE wasn't dead, but he sure was unconscious.

Katherine: God......

With little to no options on what to do, she had to drag him back to her car (along with his armor), place him in the back and drive back to her residence.

Cuts to 9:00 at night (which was about a few hours later) and Katherine walks into the house.

Katherine: Wade, are you home? I need some help!

Turns out no one was there, so she ran back to the car and brought him inside and laid him on the couch. She also felt it was necessary to bring his suit inside (Whatever was left of it). As she panted heavily, she realized this was a really risky, if not really stupid thing to do. But the mans life was in danger; and she couldn't leave him to dry.

Katherine: I don't know who you are, but I hope to God you're not some alien creature.....*to herself*......I better get some water for him whenever he awakes.

Soon as she left the room, that's when Adam (Volta) started to recover. He began to wake up, groaning in pain as if he's experienced the slap of a thousand exposing suns. In his eyes, it seemed blurry......VERY blurry at first, but his vision became clear again......and that's when he realized that he was on something very, very, VERY different.......

Adam: Wha...where am I? I thought I was at the ship and.....

He stood up, looking around out the windows when Katherine soon came back in. She gasped, carrying a glass with ice water and then he looked at her, sensing her presence.

Katherine: Sir, it's ok. No need to be alalrmed. I only brought you here to help with your injuries.

Unfortunately, it took her a while to actually move or do anything at that particular moment. She couldn't help, but to stare at his musilcilar broad, his wreaked suit and whatever armor was left wrecked onto him.

Katherine: Um....I'm Katherine. But you can call me Kat. What's your name?

She was frozen on impact for his sheer size and beauty stunned her.

Adam: Adam Hale. Sorry about that incident with my ship. I'm new to.....what's happening now......But it's just.....

Now, it was Adam being frozen by Kat's beauty. It almost became a staring contest at this point in time, since the two were strangers to each other and we're stuck like two tubs of glue-sticks.

Eventually they both snapped out of it.

Adam: Ummm.....sorry about that, miss. Like I said, I'm new to this situation. But by the looks of it.....*glimpses out to the sky again*......I really don't have much of a place to.....what's that word?

Kat: Crash?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. You don't mind, do you?

Katherine knew better then to communicate or let strangers in the house, but Adam, to her, seemed like a really, REALLY nice guy. She found it SO difficult to blatantly turn him down.

Katherine: *chuckles* N-no. Not at all.

Adam: Thank you. But I must strictly advise.....that you keep any and all harmful projectiles in this place away from us at all times. It's for your safety and mines.

Katherine: *chuckles* Whatever you say, Adam. Just make yourself at home.

Adam: I really wish I could, but I have certain precautions to make and business to attend to. I'll get rest later on. For now, do you have a basement or attic of some sort?

She points near the end of the hall as he looks down the hall with no lights on.

Adam: Thank you.

He made his way off, limping once again as he stumbled through the dark until he found the light switch and flipped in on. Katherine couldn't help, but stare at him again as he opened the basement door and take his time, cautiously walking down.

Apparently, everything Adam did was enough to mesmerize Katherine to get her completely hypnotized.

Katherine: *under her breath* Wow.......

Cutting to the unnecessarily shoddy and completely basement, Adam forces the door 🚪 open before dragging his crumbling suit

But that's when the emitter started blinking rapidly as it flashed a bright burgundy color, indicating it was far from 100%.

The suit had sustained heavy damage, due to the crash from a few hours ago and would need repairs, and not just a little.


Soon as he approached and activated the suit, those stats were confirmed.

Adam: Computer. Codename: Volta

Computer: Welcome, Commander Adam Hale

Adam: Thank you for that. Analysis?

Computer: Analysis report. Searching........: Damage retention: Critcial, but stable. Percentage: 13%.

Adam: *sighs*  A'ight then......Let's see what we could do, big boy.

So he takes his time to look around and luckily, he found just the right type of tools that he needed down in the basement: a blowtorch, hydraulics, old cans of spray paint.....and his own energy dispenser on his wrist. With all the materials he needed, he spent the large majority of the night repairing his suit.

But at 1:03 a.m, the amount of noise he was making took its toll on Katherine as she came downstairs and peeked into the basement, catching a sneak peek at him fixing up his suit. It was apparent that she was just too curious.

Katherine: Hey.....

Adam: Huh?.....*turns behind him*.......Oh, hey. I thought you'd be asleep by now.

Katherine: Well.....I have trouble sometimes. My parents; both of them; died when me and my brother were younger,'s just me and him here. I miss them, ya know.

Something about the statement caught Adam off guard, briefly. Hearing about Katherine losing her flesh and blood, couldn't help but to invade the back of his mind......yet his eyes did little to hide the emotion.

Adam: Sorry to hear that. You sure it's not me keeping y-

Katherine: I-it's alright,'s not. But......if you don't mind me asking....are you....some kind of astronaut?

Adam: What?

It didn't take long for him to realize she was talking about his suit, which was only halfway repaired.

Adam: OH., really. That's classified. All I can say is that I used to be—uh—part of a patrol through, um......

Katherine: Space.

Adam: Yeah......can't say anything else.

Katherine: Really, huh?

That whole random conversation couldn't really have been made up, now could it? She just witnessed this man in an armored suit, similar to Iron Man fall out of the sky in a spaceship from possibly another world and yet.......he's just so.......nice. She really couldn't help but to ponder to herself now.......

Hmm.... I wonder if he fights the evil empire like from Star Wars. Is he the chosen one as Anakin? Or what if---Wait.....What'd am I thinking? That's silly.

She snaps out of her mind and then looks back at Adam.

Katherine:, my brother's gonna be coming home soon. So, we'll have to....get you, um....back clothing. I'll be right back.

Adam looked a little stunned inside as she watched her go back up.

Adam: Social--

Katherine: Yeah, about that.

Adam: Don't worry. I'm just kidding, ok? I get what you mean.

This caused Katherine to chuckle mildly to herself.

Cut to three hours later, when Wade got back home and Adam was finally knocked out on the couch, after working through most of the night, Kat was trying her best to explain the incident with the pod, while trying not to sound crazy at the same time.

Wade: So you mean to tell me, that this "pod" just so happened to zoom past your car and almost caused you to crash? And this guy just so happened to.....crawl out of it?

Kat: I know what I saw. That pod was not the ones you normally see in the movies. And this guy was no alien. He's just like us.

Wade: What is this, Men In Black? Aliens, monsters, all of that ridiculous mumbo doesn't exist. I've tried telling you that over and over again, yet.....

Kat: Listen!

The tone in her voice surprised him

Kat: Wade.....I'm aware that you don't live in the world of fiction of any type.....and I also know you are VERY safety conscious about, well....everything in my case. But's getting a little old at this point.....Just because you don't believe something I say.....

Wade:....doesn't mean it's not true. I know. I've heard that a lot. But we're on our own now. Both our parents are gone and we ain't bringing them back. It's up for me to protect you now.

Kat: Either that or maybe.....maybe it's time for me to protect myself.

Wade: Guess, that's what I'm prepping you for. Anyways, I'm heading to bed. *kisses her on the cheek* Love ya, sis.

Kat: You too, bro.

Dawn was slowly approaching as what seemed to be a pulsating black hole swirled around in the sky, doing absolutely nothing. It wasn't sucking anything up or just remained stationary there as it suddenly started to rumble as deep as a Greek Titan, until, finally..........another pod burst through the hole at speeds almost equivalent to 75 mph.

It soon zipped past a silo and crash-landed in the opening/ welcoming borders of North Carolina, just a few states away from New York (where Adam landed).

Just like Adam, the pod left a pulsating light button embedded deep in the center of the hull.





Beep beep

Beep beep beep

With each beeping noise, the tempo and pace increased dramatically until the front center of the pod slowly unsheathed from the rest of the ship and came down, resulting in another cloud of smoke engulfing the area. Silence was imminent for s few seconds until......a robotic humanoid codenamed "Malignance" stepped through the smoke, with a demeaning expression buried deep in his eyes.

It was clear that he had never been to this planet, yet he didn't care at all, for he had a bugger fish to fry. Upon running his diagnosis on the environment (aka the entire planet) through his eyes, he saw very little that intrigued his interest......

.....until he saw THEM.



Upon searching through them, he learned more about their involvement through numerous past events and senseless happenings all through of the years of us.

Malignance was utterly disgusted.....but it did refuel his interest.

Malignance: Earth.........Infested with......Weak. Pathetic. Feeble minded creatures. And to think.....I was once stuck serving one of these despicable vessels. Well, now it's my turn to be the one behind the reins.

With just the lift of his finger, suddenly the very surface that he was standing on began to shake and stir with such ferocity, to the point where  the entire planet (Yes, really) started to erupt into an earthquake.

The earthquake could be felt all the way in Long Island as it had awoke Kat and Wade from their deep slumber. While the two laid confused as to why this was happening, Adam, for some bewildering reason, still laid fast asleep on the couch.

(Talk about a heavy sleeper)

Katherine: WADE!!! ADAM!!!

Wade rushed to Kath's room just in time as the two decided to head for the basement to take shelter. But as they stumbled down the stairs desperately, they saw Adam still asleep on the couch.


Katherine: *Rushes to him* Adam! Wake up!! Wake up, c'mon!!!

Wade: Kat, come on!!!

With no other choice, they had to leave him there and locked the door of the basement to protect themselves, in the predicament that it actually worked.

As soon as it all finally stopped, Malignance looked back and chuckled sinisterly.

Malignance: Perfection.......

He once again lifted himself with no effort off the ground as he started floating on the sky, basking himself in the massive wake of destruction he had just erupted. But not before, he received a message, albeit through his own emitter.

He answered reluctantly.

Malignance: Are you in complete control? Good. Find Adam Hale.......and bring him to me.

A few minutes after the disastrous earthquake stopped, Adam had finally awoken up, and briefly got off the couch......only to see that the entire place was a mess.....but not as big as one from an actual earthquake. Knocked over items and collectibles were anew and it gave Adam pause for concern.

So much, that he actually turned on the T.V to see if what happened here, happened elsewhere......and turns out it did. With CNN and other news channels briefly talking over and over again about the random earthquake that just shook the world, Adam knew this wasn't normal.

Adam: He's here......Damn it.

Wade: *clears throat*

It didn't take long for Adam to catch the sound as he turned around and saw Wade's arms crossed, along with a clearly visible frown.

Adam: There a problem?

Wade: Hope you had a pleasant sleep.

Adam: I'm sorry?

Wade: Yeah, you should be. By the way, we just came out the basement.....and what the hells up with the artillery?

Adam: The suit?

Wade: C'mon; man. Yea, you know what I'm talking about. What's your game here? What are you planning?

Adam: Can't tell you that.

Wade: Oh, I disagree. Cause I used to be in the army, and I have ways of making you talk, dumbass.

Adam: Woah.....Hey, I don't mind you trying, but what happened to a little professional curtesy here?

Wade: What's that, dumbass?

Adam: Say it again.

Wade: Want me to?

Adam: I dare you.

Wade: Dumbass.

Katherine: Wade......please.......

He turns around to face her, with her arms intertwined together like she's begging "Please".

Wade: Kat. Are we really gonna keep him around?

Katherine: Until he's patched up or when I say it's ok for him to leave, he's staying here as long as he needs to. The least you can do is make him feel welcome.

Wade: Katherine......

Katherine: END. Of discussion.


Wade: *Sighs*  I need some coffee. Where's the damn sugar?

Wade stormed out to clear his head off with a cup of coffee as Adam stood up from the couch, shirtless and Katherine was stunned, again. Her heart starting pumping fast as her breathing soon felt irregular, but she soon snapped out of her thoughts, just in time.

Katherine: Um....I'm sorry about my brother. That's....just what he's like. He's just in one.....of those moods. Since our parents bit the dust, he hasn't really felt the same way, since. But, he DEFINITELY isn't like that at this time.

Adam: ....Ma'am. I understand. If I'm taking away your quality time, I'll be more than happy to--

Katherine: No.

She stops him.

Katherine: Y-you don't have to go now. You....I mean......Umm......I'd hate to kick you out with your injuries.

Adam:'s not really a injury. "Tis but a scratch."

They both chuckle.

Adam: However, I do have a job to attend to soon, so......I may be out of your hair anyways.

Katherine: Oh....well, at least till then....just lay back and let me look at your wound again. Maybe I can do something about it.

Adam smiled briefly at her and just stared out the window again, seeing just how shiny the sun was, making her look more and more beautiful. He didn't know where this new profound attachment to Katherine came from, but it didn't bother him at all.

It seemed like he was in love already.

Unfortunately, the door bell rang which prompted her to stop working over the printed wound

Katherine: I got it.

She opens the door after the door bell rang again to see a red-headed girl on the other side, with a bit of a confused look on her face. The same thing happened with Kat because for a brief looked like she recognized the girl she was staring at right now. But, she couldn't place her finger on it.

Woman: Hey.

Katherine: Hey......Wait.....Do I know you?

Woman: Oh. I don't think so. See, I just--just looking for an old friend of mines. It's been since middle school since I've seen her and I.....I last heard she was somewhere around this area. Hell, I still....have this friendship bracelet she gave me in 4th grade.

She shows up the bracelet up and almost immediately, Kat recognized it, with its rainbow pearls, wiring and the butterfly embedded at the very front........she knew lots more about it then she did......her friend.

Katherine: Actually, it was 3rd grade.

Woman: did......Wait........Katherine?

Katherine: Long time no see, Carla.

Surprised, they both hug it out and eventually, she lets her inside as they sit down.

Katherine: It's been forever since then, girl. How you been?

Carla: Just trying to make it, through. Especially with the damn earthquake, that just happened over a few minutes ago.

Katherine: *scoffs* Surprised you were able to make it through.

Carla: C'mon. You know you're my girl, Kat. I had to find you either way. Oh and last I heard, you hung up the lab-coat at the Observatory.

Katherine: Well, it was time for a change......

As the two continued on, we see a barely visible figure on the outside of the house where the camera just showed only its hand. It seemed normal at first, until the figure opened up its hand and a weird pulsating sound boomed from out the palm its hand and it kept doing that until it cuts back inside....... Wade was just walking back into the living room, coffee in hand but upon seeing Carla in the room, he jumped and almost spilled it over himself.

Of course, the girls had to snicker about that.

Wade: Oh yeah, right. You really think this is funny?

Katherine: Haven't seen you do that in a while, ok? Just gotta take the moment and enjoy it.

Carla: H-Hey, Wade.

Wade: Carla.

Carla: Oh.....*looks over in Adams direction*......Sorry I didn't notice this guy when I walked, but who might this be?

Both (Wade & Kat): Uhhh...ummm....I don't really...

Adam: *clears throat* I see we're all confused about this, which is expected; so without further....

Before he could speak though his emitter started beeping rapidly (a warning sign when a threat is present in the surrounding area).

Everyone was confused about where it was coming from and Adam snuck into the basement to see what his emitter was saying. Turns out his suit isn't charged yet, despite being repaired.

Computer: Percentage: 56%

Adam: *sighs* Man.......

Despite how much more time his suit needed, he took the emitter off of his charging suit and simply placed it back on his chest, only to go back upstairs to see Kat, Carla and Wade missing.

Adam: Oh shit.

He rushed outside and then sees them held up in the air by Psych, one of the few people controlled by Malignance. This was confirmed when Adam managed to get a sneak peak at the emitter on his chest......the same item powering the type of suit that Adam wears.

Psych (without helmet): Simple tricks.....Utlimate power. Absolute loyalty. At his command.

Wade: Wha--- What is he....AARGH!

He felt himself suffocating harder as Pysch put more force on his grip, 'till it got to the point where Wade could barely even breathe at all.

Kat: Wade!  *to Psych*  Let him go!!!

Psych: If only you give him up to me.....

Katherine: Adam?

Carla: SHHH! Don't tell this jackass anything.

Wade: Girls, spare me the soliloquy, damn it. Don't you see where we are?

Katherine: Yeah, but.....we won't be for long.

Psych: Hmmm?

All of a sudden. Adam came out of nowhere and tackled Pysch which prompted Pysch to let go of the three and put his helmet back on. Luckily, Adam looked over and with his wrist gauntlet, he caught them in his electric force field, before they hit splat on the ground.

They all looked at each other and were confused for a second until they saw Adam with his hand out.

Adam: I got y'all.

All of them looked astonished as he gently put them aside, out of harms way.

He then turned his attention back to Psych.

Psych: Master's orders.

Adam: You sure you wanna ride this train?

Psych said nothing and let out a HUGE mind control wave, in which Adam easily avoids, yet it blows out a huge chunk of the house.

Adam then looks back over at him as his emitter blinks twice.

Adam: Well then.....let's dance......

He cracks his neck from both sides and the two adversaries go at it with all hell destined to break loose.

The two quickly went forward going hand to hand and almost immediately, the fight was even. That was until Psych broke Adams counter and then telepathically pushed him back into that distant tree, practically snapping it in half.

Carla: Oh god!

Adam was quick to recover as he launched a lightning whip from his gauntlet and crack it against the pavement a few times....practically showing off.

But he immediately slashed it across Psychs chest a couple of times back and forth before Psych grabs it and then just tosses Adam around like a ragdoll, as he crashes through the window of the house and THEN through the door.

But Adam, albeit worn out and woozy, got back on both feet and literally zipped back at him.

The brawl was already as intense as it was, especially with all the thigh octane energy sparking all over the place (quite literally), as the three (Kay, Wade, Carla) in the force field were just all just too amazed.

Wade: I hate to admit it, but the guys got skills.

Katherine: He's....He's..... Oh. My. God.

Carla: Kat, are you ok?

Technically, she WAS OK. But Katherine was just SO attached, SO glued, SO focused, SO mesmerized by Adams physical and athletic abilities during the brawl, she was hypnotized yet AGAIN......

.....and she couldn't take her eyes off for even a fraction of a second.

It all came to a head however when Adam had Psych down to his knees, but then pulls him up and knocks him down with a clothesline.

But Psych was FAR from finished. Almost immediately, he lifted himself off the ground, now levitating in the air as the repulsive humming sound from his hands holding him steady got monotonous REALLY fast. At that moment, he used full on telekinesis as he gathered and levitated any nearby objects, even a nearby tree trunk by his will and then threw it all at Adam. He manages to dodge most of it and also breaks the tree trunk clean in half, but gets taken back by a car.

As the car crashes onto the streets, Adam flips over himself and scrapes himself on the pavement, thanks to getting launched back by the car, before lying down. Almost defenseless, he just had to watch as Psych slowly weighed his way in front of Adam. Just as he was about to get up, Psych quickly applied pressure onto Adam, choking him with his telekinesis and lifting him OFF the grounds.

Adam: *choking* What's--Magnalince having with you, Psych? He'll face.....justice before he threatens anyone else here.

Psych: The Master only provides Earth because it is the planet of life. And with so much new life here, he will be able to consume his army from the humanoids and make Earth HIS domain.

Adam: B-Bull....shit!

He barely managed to blast at him with his ray pistol (which was on his wrist), but Psych kept stopping the projectile blasts and reflecting them away.....but that's when Adam calls a favor.

Adam: Computer?!

Almost immediately, his emitter started to sparkle up rapidly and repeatedly and as soon as Psych noticed it, the entire had already fired a clear bright electric ball out of him. But once again, it missed.

Or did it?

As the electric ball skidded, bounced and reflected back across trash cans, car hoods and even light posts like a game of pinball, the electric ball finally comes back behind him......and bursts STRAIGHT through Psych and his emitter, releasing Adam from his grip almost immediately and then falling flat onto the ground.

Adam was shocked beyond repair, cause his original plan was NOT to injury or kill him. Yet.....that already looked like the case.

Adam: Oh shit......come on. Hold on, buddy......

Thinking rather drastically, he drags his body all the way back to the house and then took off his helmet, revealing Psych to be a regular coming of age black man.

When he checked and RE-check his pulse: Nothing.

Unwilling to give up, he brought out his wrist gauntlet as it automatically transformed into a mini shock paddle.

Adam: Alright then.......CLEAR!

The shock from the paddle applied the same type of velocity and shock as an actual paddle, so after a few minutes, it should be ae to bring him back, right?

His skin: still cold. His body: Incredibly limp. And his pulse: there was STILL nothing.

Adam: Goddamn it....

This wasn't the first time he's been involved in a fight with anyone, but this is the first time he ever had to kill someone for the sake of protecting others, even though it WAS an accident. However, it appeared that he wasn't taking it too well.

He eventually brought himself up to his knees, turned around towards the others and dissipates the force field surrounding them and lets them go as they catch themselves.

They quickly eye over at him as he looks back and eventually walks back into the house, via the broken window, and the weird thing was......

......Katherine STILL had her eyes on him. It was almost as if they were literally glued to him. And once again, Wade and Carla took notice.

Wade: What the--Sis.

Carla: Kat? Kat. Hey. Heellllllloooooo!

Kat: Huh? Wha---Sorry. I was just....drawn into the brawl.

Wade: Painfully obvious, don't ya think?

It's at that moment where Wade processed and went through the battle in his head and thought about it. Even more so, he looked further at what was left of Psych and took a good look at the mechanics behind his suit.

When he did......he noticed that the outlining sphere where the emitter once was retractable and detachable......and that's what really made him think.

Wade: me get this straight: he just faced a guy who was somehow coupled with the type of state of the art technology that possibly couldn't have been perfected in the past 20 or 25 years.

Carla: Like Iron Man?

Wade: Somewhat......the only difference is unlike Iron Man, those suits......if you can them that.....don't completely wrap around those-those....

Carla: Arc Reactor?

Wade: Look. From the way it seems, these AREN'T carbon copy's of them, ok? They just LOOK that way and respond a different way too, because they APPEAR to come packed with certain abilities. Yet, our mutual guest in there......

He points to Adam inside the house.

Wade:.....he knew what it was, what it was capable of doing and he even knows to beat it. Not only that, those suits seem to pack more of a punch despite being less complex then Iron Man.

Carla: So I guess the question here is.....Who the hell is this guy? And how is this even possible?

As for Katherine, she took a LONG deep breath after what she had just seen that moment, she licked her lips.

Katherine: I don't know.....*smirks mildly*.....but I wanna know more......

Wade: Hey hey hey. I know where you're going with this, but it ain't gonna happen. I got this, ok? That puppy eyes trick ain't gonna work on him.

Katherine: Since when did I last---

He gave her THAT LOOK.

Katherine: Never mind.

While that was about to transpire, Carla once again glimpsed over at Psychs lifeless body and took the opportunity to do the logical thing and.....make an urgent call.

9-1-1. What's your emergency?

Carla: I need-I need paramedics. There's--someone dying......

As they both walk inside through the DOOR, they see Adam pondering to himself, just sitting there on the floor tending to his own wound until.....

Wade: Hey!

Hearing that loud yell from behind caused Adam to turn around towards Wade with a deep look of remorse.

Wade: The hell was that back there?

Katherine: Wade.

Adam: No, no, no. It's....fine. I can clear things up a little bit.

It became dead silent for a few seconds.....

.....but finally, Adam spoke out.

Adam: Well.....that guy out there was CLEARLY no alien, I'll tell you that much. But all I'm guessing.....all I'm spectating here was at some point within the past couple of days, he got his mind wiped of everything and got taken over, thanks to this.

He points to his emitter on his chest and taps it firmly.

Katherine: So-so there's more of those?

Adam: Many more.

He then takes off his wrist gauntlet as he feels the effect of it hit the floor like two 50 pound weights.

Adam: Not all of them are stationery, however......means that works well in the advantage of others. If I hadn't gotten the wrong aim, I would've been able to take his, work out a few kinks, stabilize it and give it better control.

Wade: Considering what you went up against, that makes sense. But that only raises the question: You've had many missions like this in your life time?

Adam: No. I've only had this for a little while. But I am known for being a leader in some cases yet normally, I don't get too much praise.

Wade: *scoffs*  Why am I not surprised?

Katherine: Wade. Can you PLEASE be a little more understanding here?

Wade: Why would you expect me to? We don't know who he REALLY is or what he's here for, and you're already sucking up.

Katherine: Sucking up? You mean the same way you did when you sucked up to Linda? Is that what you mean by that, huh?!

Suddenly upon hearing the name, Wade grabbed her by her shirt and pressed her up to the wall.....VERY HARD. The same way someone would whenever you're trying to indicate or send a message to a rival of yours. But the fact that Wade did to his own sister.....

.....that was uncalled for.

And it didn't long for Adam to take notice.

Adam: WADE!!! Let her go!

It took longer than usual for Wade to respond back or even make a reaction to what Adam JUST said. But as he continues to look at her sister dead in the eyes, and watching her eyes almost fill up with tears......Wades expression finally and changes soothes itself.

As his anger dissolves to guilt, he finally loosens his grip and lets go of his own sister as she plummets down to both of her knees. Adam just simply watched as Wade slowly turns back towards him.......

Wade: You made me do this......

.....and then storms out the house, via the broken window again, without apologizing or saying another word to anyone.

As Carla takes a glimpse of Wade storming pass her, getting into his car and driving off, she assumed something had just went down in the house and it......didn't give her warm and fussy feelings.

So she peeked through that same broken window as Adam and Katherine just look at her with that look like....."Why are you here?"

Carla: You ok?

Katherine: I'm fine, Carla. gotta get out of here.

Considering they just witnessed an accidental murder in front of them, it made perfect sense until the ambulances arrive. So she did.

Adam: Has he done this before?

Katherine: No, never. I--I--He would never do that, regardless of how.....angry he'd get.....*sighs*.....Adam, you--you have to understand.

Adam: No, trust me. I completely understand......and once again, my sincere apologies. I really should go.

Katherine: NO!!!!!

The sudden outcry stops both of them in the room at the same time. The way she said that made it clear that she meant in more ways than one, but she wasn't ready to admit it yet.

Katherine: You don't have to do that, ok? I hate to see someone like you go to waste......I mean.....well......

It was clear and obvious she was stumbling over herself, trying to get the right words out because at the moment, it seemed as if she was saying something else......

....but that's when she went for a more logical approach.

Katherine: C-Can.....can I, at least finish, healing you?

Adam, knowing what she meant, took a good look down at his wound and realized it only got bigger, thanks to the car collusion.

Adam: Ahhhh.....I guess.


As Katherine breathed in and out heavily and perks a slight smile, we cut to a HUGE fighter-ship skimming through the clouds passing down through the we then cut inside. Structural yet firmly designed robot models came running in adjacent order to a double sided door as it opens automatically and then lets them inside.

Then they end up departing and getting into line along with other eerily similar robot soldiers standing in place, in a circle surrounding......

.....a throne......with someone obviously sitting in the very edge.

Stand at attention.

The robots do as exactly as he commanded as we revolve to the throne itself as we notice Malignance sitting on it......twiddling his thumbs while looking at a homing tracking beacon of some sort.

He sits back firmly on his throne and with a swipe of his hand, the footage cuts over to the other side of town of New York and thats when a certain beeping pops up in the screen.

Malignance: Hmph.....No matter. Scorch will draw him out....and do away with him.

After what seemed to be another tactic planned by Malignance himself, it cuts back to the Hilliard residence as we see a montage of causal clothes, shoes and standard moniker. That's when we realize it's Katherine with all the randomness of getting those clothes on.

But not for the typical reasons: she had something planned for tonight.......for her guest downstairs.

Katherine: *sighs*  Don't know who you are, don't know why you came here.......but you sure as hell got my attention.

Suddenly, the serious look spread all over her face quickly faded to a smile which then fades to a chuckle. Very, very, very mild chuckle. But at the same time, anxiety and nervousness was demonstrated in her well as the constant tapping of her foot.

It's almost like she was about to ask him out on a date, except it really wasn't.......yet it felt like it was.

Katherine: Come on, Kat. C'mon. You can do this. Everything gon' work itself out.

As she sighs heavily, we go directly downstairs as Adam was doing push-ups on one side, and then doing pull-ups on the other near the doorway of the bathroom. A multitask he set on his own behalf to get his mental strength back after the crash and his confrontation with Psych. But then.....

Hey, Hey.

A whispering mild voice suddenly comes through his ear and when most people hear voices like that, they consider that they're going mad, Adam didn't need to think like that. He knew it was one thing: his wrist Ray pistol.

It quickly mutated or "transformed" (if you will) into a communicator and latched onto his wrist almost immediately, so he could answer the following call.

Adam: Hey. You still down there?

Yeah. When are we getting out, sir?

Adam: I'll let you know soon, alright. But now's not the time for negotiations. Malignance has landed here.

He's what?! How--of course. He must've bailed out and followed you down. Well, I guess you have your right. Just.....just be careful when you finally do get your hands on that traitor.

Adam: I strictly promise you, he won't remember much once I permanently shut him down.

He cuts off the transmission from his wrist communicator and just lays down with one leg over the other as he mended to his thoughts......back to a dark place.

Deep down through the corneas of his eyes and diving deep into the intellect of his own mind, came a graphic memory of what happened months prior to his arrival. The day it all happened was both a mild delight overshadowed by MASSIVE LOSS. Upon receiving the honor of holding the emitter in his chest, he was overwhelmed with destruction; not to mention self-destruction.

In the end, he had to bail along with the traitor as they both soar out into open space  in their ships before a massive black hole kicks into Adams eyes, but not after a familiar voice snaps him out of it.

Let it go.......Let it all go......Breathe in it......he will get his "treatment" soon enough......but not like this......You can't face him alone.......Adam. Adam?.......

Katherine:......hey. Adam.

Surprised at how easy it was to get caught up in his own head, it took a while for him to acknowledge Katherine's presence. But he gave her his full attention rarely quickly after that.

Adam: *grunts*  Y-yeah?

Katherine: I've been thinking this over for a while and......even though I know you're occupied with your.....Iron Man thing......*chuckles*.....I do believe that you USED to belong here, but I figured you might not have gotten the glimpse as to.....what we used to do here......considering whether or not, you ARE something else underneath there.

He chuckles mildly.

Adam: There's nothing underneath this skin, Kat. What your looking at is the total package here. It's pretty much all I need for......what I did just then.

Katherine: And you call that work?

Adam: Pretty sure anyone could call it that.

Katherine: Well, your "work" can be put on the sidelines for a few. Besides, you wouldn't mind if I.....showed you around town, maybe go see something together?

Adam: *chuckles*  I take it, it's a date?

Katherine: What? *chuckles* I mean......if we had known each other for--who knows what----*sighs*......Look, I'm just gonna show you around. I mean.......

At that point, she grasps around his shoulder as he looks back at her, on his left.

Katherine: You wouldn't mind that, right? I'd be sure to let Wade know, ok?

It didn't take long at ALL for Adam to make a response. In fact, it only took about like 7 seconds before he replied back with......

Adam: Yeah.

Meanwhile on the other side of town (or the less busier part of New York City), it's the rush hour, one of the worst times to be on the road when you're trying to GO SOMEWHERE. And that's exactly what delivery man Byron Olson was thinking. He was trying to take care of the last of the mail to be delivered that day, but it'd be so much easier if the traffic would've just gotten along.

Byron: *sighs* C'mon, c'mon. Let me get through.

Pretty soon, the monotony got to him as he drove his way out of line and parked alongside the sidewalk, for he decide to go the long way and walk.

As he eventually got there and placed a few packages in a mailbox, he heard a mysterious beeping in his bag. Something he didn't anticipate. He did not remember anything being outside of its intended delivery box, let alone something that beeped excessively.

Byron: What the......

He digs through the bag and finds it stuffed in one of his packages surprisingly. As he brings it close to him, it began sweeping faster and then it flashes and surrounds the screen in light.

The light eventually transitions over to a few stage lights as we see the inside of New Yorks Small Jazz Club, one of the best jazz clubs in New York. It was about close to 8:00 p.m for the residents attending the club and in the far end near one of the bars, we see both Adam and Katherine sitting together, while listening together.

Katherine: Ever listen to jazz?

Adam: All the time, Kat. It's just, I heard so little when I had to leave.

Katherine: Wait. What do you mean by that? You had to leave New York?

Adam: NOT JUST New York. I had to leave the entire planet.

For some reason, Katherine had always found something intriguing, if not entertaining about these stories that Adam had all of a sudden. The fact of the matter was he would tell them in such euphoric and deep meaning that's it's almost hard to imagine that it wouldn't be true.

Adam: It sounds unusual, or even out of character for someone to do that. But I never chose to leave. It was strictly my dads option and choice. The ONLY one, at that. Him and my mother LOVED space. I mean, seriously. They CRAVED and LIVED off the wonders and the mysteries of the realms of astronomy.

Katherine: Yeah, but that was back when women didn't have as much privileges to be behind the scenes to go into space.

Adam: True.......but that sure as hell didn't stop 'em........

It cuts down into pure black and white (flashback mode) as Adam explained the story even further.


We all know Mae Jameson was the first African American woman to be able to travel into space, and it was quite the achievement. Every woman who fantasized and dreamt about space probably wanted to be the first to break that threshold......but my mother wanted to be the first YEARS before. And who was my father to deny her? He wanted the same process began, rather slowly. But it didn't really reach its peak until they found what they were looking the coast of the Mississippi abandoned wing fighter ship.

No one knows how it came to be, but my parents both seemed to get the same crazy idea. They adapted most of their research, most of their money and all of their love into re-building that spaceship, built with the kind of state of the art technology way before it's time and technology was ever found. But it came at a lot of first times, but definitely not lasts. Countless trips back to the drawing board proved to be fruitless yet necessary, for after the 346th time......they found the entity they needed to improve on their discovery......

......the emitter.

~Cuts back to present day~

Adam: I don't remember much after that.......but I know this was where I was from.......yet, SPACE is where I ended up for the next few years of my life......up until then, at least......

There was a pause in the sentence.....but it got disturbing after only a few seconds.

Katherine: Adam. Up until what?

He sighs heavily, and just looks down......for there was a lot more to the story then he was letting on......and from the looks of it, he was about to spill the beans.

But just before he could, it cuts over on to Long Island as Carla was trying to get in a few hours sleep.....until her phone started to ring a few times. But they just kept on going and going and going until it finally awakened her.

After deliberation, she finally picks up.

Carla: Hello? Hey, Ed.

Sorry, if I woke you up, ok?

Carla: I know, I know. But it's alright, I guess I need to hear your voice at the moment. What's happening?

Yeah, here's the thing. You need to check the news. Something's happening down there you NEED to see.

Carla: Aww come on. Really? You know I don't watch that kind of stuff. Do I really have---

Trust me, Carla. It's urgent. Besides, I'd never steer you wrong.

Carla: *sighs and chuckles* Alright. I'll do it just for you, baby.

Good to know.

Carla: Ok. Love ya.

She hung up and reluctantly turned on the news channel , only to see that an absolutely dreadful and awful massacre at Long Island.....which was where they were at.......was taking place........

It then cuts all the way back to Adams flashback story as he went to explain even more........


Before I even got to that point, I just HAD to undertake probably the best mistake I made in my life. They finally decided to show me around with what they built and I guess you can say I wasn't ready for it. My mother called it......the Galsteo. I was 9 years old that day, back in '93......and I was so fascinated by what I always experiencing; the butterflies just wouldn't fade. I wanted more......but it cost me in more ways than one.

Martha: Ok, baby. Please do us as favor, and promise not to touch anything. It's all very fragile, ok?

Adam (9 years old): Yes, Mom.

Robert: That's my boy; feel free to look around, alright?

9-year old Adam looked around as he pleased with each stunning visual and every cybertonic attachment make him wish he was dreaming. It was like he was living a deep, childhood fantasy.

My excitement could not be contained........unfortunately, curiosity killed the Cat quicker then I expected......for I caused a predicament that I probably should've left alone......

.....I activated the ship......

~Cuts back to present time~

With the fading jazz music still ringing in his ears, Adam had finally grown silent and refused to continue forward, even as Katherine reached forward and touched his hand. Upon STILL waiting for a response, her cell phone  📱 had picked a call, causing her to shift focus and break off the contact between the two.

Katherine: Sorry, I.....uh.....I have to--

Adam: Go ahead. Just take your time.

With his permission (if you will), she walked outside to pick up the phone, only to realize its her friend from the other side.

Katherine: Carla? Yeah, I'm at the Small Jazz Club, why? What? Another one? I--are you sure? Wait--it's all over the--Hold on. I'll pass it on.

Upon what she heard, she went back in and simply handed the phone to Adam and simply nodded as he took it. They, without consulting with one another, headed out towards the back entrance and closed the door to continue the call without interruptions.

Adam: Yeah?

Carla: Adam? There's been an emergency.

Adam: Of what kind?

Carla: Well, let's just say there's more of those--those--what are they called?

Adam: Emitters.

Carla: Yeah, there's more people who have them. This ones been all over the news, he's just made a ruckus over in the suburbs and he's continuing down towards it.

Adam: Towards what?

Carla: Troy. No telling where he's headed, but he's near the Hirsch Observatory.

Adam: Thanks, Carla. I got this.

He hangs up and gives the phone back to Kat.

Katherine: Wait, what was that?

Adam: More of them from before just showed up again. It's down over in Troy; I gotta do somethin' about it.

Katherine: How?

Adam: *points to his chest*.......With this........*flips up Ray communicator*......Computer, analysis on suit.


At that point, Adam couldn't help but to smirk at the news he got. He finally has the chance to maybe subside one of Malignances attempts to rid of him. But he knew to do that, he'd have to go moreso, in front of Katherine.

Katherine: Adam.....what's happening?

Adam: Sorry, Kat. But it's time to go to work.

He typed in the suits name on his wrist device and then pressed on his emitter. Then to further speed up the process, he stepped out towards the sky and viciously raised his right hand up to the air. Suddenly, lightning struck with such force and velocity that even as it struck by him, it didn't hit him. In fact, the suit attached to his body, and combined with his emitter, covering him from head to toe.

And it's safe to say that amazing image had Katherine stunned and completely amazed.

Undoubtedly one of the coolest sights she had ever seen, the only thought that ran through her mind at that moment was......

Oh. My. God. I've fallen for Robocop.

At that sudden moment, though, Volta quickly turned around, as his blue eyes pulsating from his helmet almost had Katherine hypnotized again. But then he spoke out......

Volta: Do a favor for me, ok?

Kat simply nodded as Volta's helmet latched off of him.

Adam: Make sure that at the end of this, when all of this is over, I want you to remember this......*holds her hand*......and never let go.

Katherine: So, does this mean I won't see you again?


The sudden effect of the lightning strikes from Adam caused a combustion from up above which eventually ended up in light rain......none of which bothered the two of them as they continues to stare deep at each other.

Adam: Anything's possible. But 'till then.......I bid you, Adieu.

He gripped onto Kat's hand tighter, wanting to savor this moment as he kissed it, causing her to gasp softly and giggle. But the moment couldn't last any longer; Adam had a job to do. He had to deal with that disturbance on the news. As he backed up from Katherine, in regret, Adam quickly winked at her as his helmet automatically latched onto his head again as lightning struck him......

.......and he disappeared.

Meanwhile, in downtown New York, Malignance's forces swept across the city then he himself came on the news broadcast

Malignance (on TV): People of New York, I am Malingnance. Your future master of your planet. I here by declare myself over humans and a like for conquest. 

The connection soon cut out as well as all electricity around the city (including the power stations) as Volta zipped passed everything as he made his way to Long Island.

Unfortunately, Katherine and the others just HAD to follow him.

He just managed to make it to Long Island just in time to see Malignances robotic army making their way towards him.

Volta: Is this all you got for me?

He then lifted both of his hands up (like Gokus Spirit Bomb) and then brought them down. It unleashed a huge lightning strike, immediately destroying every single robotic solider there was.

Eventually, he heard heavy breathing behind him as he turned around and confronted Scorch on the spot.

Volta: *used emitter to look up information* Byron....Olson.

Scorch: *modified voice* Adam....Hale. The thorn in my masters backside. To be honest, your power is incredible. But you pale in comparison to me.

Adam: How about we put it all on the table and let the fight decide who's better, now?!

They both charged (flew) at each other but Volta pushed Scorch back as he was clearly the stronger of the two. Then Scorch threw him into a truck, which was then destroyed. The fight continued until Volta landed a lightning whip on him, while Scorch landed a lava earthquake strike.

The lava strike caught Volta, but not for long. He had to unleash a shockwave that shut down, not only his suit (temporarily) but Scorchs as well. Everyone ducked for cover.

Soon enough, everyone got out of cover and Kat, Wade and Carla arrived as well to see Volta unmask himself.

Everyone started to cheer and applaud him as he slowly turned around to see them. Kat couldn't help but smirk.

And then he took off.

Back above, Malignance wasn't pleased with the lack of progress in his plans and the fact that Volta keeps interfering.

Malignance: That......nuisance. If a duel is what you want, then I'll happily oblige. But first, I'll take the time to pay some of your....what's the word....*shows pictures of Wade and Kat*....companions a visit. .

His own emitter starts to light up and soon enough another emitter bursts out of it.

Back at Kat and Wades residence, Adam had Scorch hung upside down as he took his emitter off of him and interrogated him

Adam: I'm only going to ask you this once. Where. Is. Malignance?

Byron: Its no use. You can't stop him.

Adam: Then there's no reason for you to suffer to protect him.

Byron: Suffer of what??

Adam: You don't want to find out. Where is he?!!

Adam didn't get an answer, so he had to shock him.

Byron: AHHHH!

Adam: Lets try that again, shall we?

Meanwhile........Wade and the girls saw Malignance flying down to them

Wade: Uh guys....what's that??

He then landed and chuckled.

Malignance: Ah, you must be Hale's earth friends. The pleasure is mine.

Katherine: Son of a--Where is he?!

Malignance: Hmmm.....The way you ask about him. Sounds like....human emotion. He must be holding out, then. That man, that ingrate, he is something special to you, no? Well, as they say, love is sacrifice.

Malignance then shot a tight wire tying up Kat. She screamed as he pulled her to him.

Wade: SIS!!!!

Carla: No!

Wade tried pulling her back as much as he could, but the force behind Malignance was too much and Wade couldn't hold on.

Malignance: Tell Hale if he wants this pretty face alive; he will meet me alone on the outskirts of town.

Maglingnance flew off with Katherine screaming.

Wade: NO!!! You son of a b**ch!!!!

Carla: Kat!!!

Wade, angrily, made his way back home to see Adam with Byron upside down. He also had to bring Carla with him.

He had enough of his provada. So Wade storms inside and puts a gun to the side of Adams face.

Adam: The hell....

Wade: *to Adam* Start talking.

As soon as he said that though, a humanoid robot grabbed his hand and destroyed his gun.

Tessa (Voiced by Nancy Allen): You won't be needing that.

She then tosses him into the stairs.

Adam: Ok....hold on....I can explain....

Wade: I don't have time for excuses. That bastards got my sister! And speaking of which, what the f*k was this thing? What was that fire? Why is this happening? Why, what, why?!

Carla: Let him explain, damn it. Pressure's not gonna help.

Wade: Oh really? What makes him more reliable than me?

Tessa: Cause apparently you're not the kind of person who really understands the essence of the situation at hand.

Wade: Oh, I suggest you do because you've seen things we've never seen?

Tessa: True. In fact, Commander Hale here had discovered a bit of a supernatural being despite being stuck on....

Carla: Wait......Commander?

Adam: Yeah......well, you know a little more about me, but I think already know about him.

Tessa: Dishonorablely discharged from the army last year for accessive aggression.

And they both looked at him.

Wade: I....I said I've taken anger management lessons, didn't I?

Tessa: Well, CLEARLY it didn't help.

Zip (Voiced by Tom Holland): Relaxxxxx-ip. Now isn't the time for drama and a blood-fesssssss-ip.

Adam: Ahhhh. Zip.

Zip: Commander Hale....

Carla: Ok.... *chuckles* Quite the "reunion", here. *to Adam* Hold on, did you make these things?

Before Adam could answer, the ground started to shake and then the roof of the house was ripped off in a whirlwind caused by Malignance. And they all looked up to see not Mailgnance, but Necro (there's nobody in the Necro suit)

Necro: So, the almighty Volta chose to hide and cower behind the scum of this infested species. I'd figured you'd be smarter then that.....

Adam: *looks up info on Necro.....* I can't get anything......

Necro struck with a Ghost Punch which prompted Adam to go back to being Volta and fight back.

Volta: Tessa, Zip, get him out of here.

Zip: Where exactly? And what about you, Commander?

Volta: I don't give a s**t where you take him. Just get him to safety. I'll find Kat eventually.

Tessa: Commander....

Volta: JUST DO IT! That's an order!

They stood there for a moment, but soon carried out their Commander's orders and got Carla and Wade out of there.

And the fight began.

Necro and Volta proved to be evenly matched as they repeatedly tossed each other around and fought.

Volta was able to land a couple of strikes as well as a Full Power Energy Ball, but it didn't really faze him.

Necro: I seeked a challenge from you....and what I get is....

All of a sudden, a lava rock exploded into Necros face distracting him and leaving him completely vulnerable.

Both of them turned around to see Scorch fighting alongside Volta.

Scorch: Need some backup there, partner?

Volta: Umm....Sure.

So without questioning his motivation, both of them launched their attacks and sent Necro flying through 5 buildings.

And he got stuck in the last one.

They both slowly made their way towards him.

Volta: I should've ripped this thing outta him when you had the chance.

Necro: Yet you're aren't strong enough to do it yourself. You were the one who destroyed my master. But he was reborn and became stronger then God himself. And this planet will suffer the same fate as you. But first, to get to have unexpected guests to deal with.

A force field then surrounded Necro as he disintegrated.

That's when Volta picked up Necros emitter and stored it's energy in his own emitter.

Scorch: Aww s***.

They both turned around to see a bunch of government agents surrounded them.

Agent: Good day, gentlemen. The mayor requests you to see him effective immediately. Come.

Volta: *to himself* You can't.....

Scorch: Adam......find him. I'll take the wrap.

Volta: Computer, full scan of the city. Location coordinates of Malignance. Wanted for: High treason against the universe and the galactic federation.

Computer: Full scan: Initiated. Searching. *Beeps loud* Location of Malignance: Complete.

It then shows a GPS Google map-like loaded location to Malignance.

Adam: Malignance's signal's coming from the outskirts of town. He must be expecting me. But I got no choice; Kat needs me.

Anyways, he takes off to find Malignance while Scorch gets dragged to City Hall to see Mayor Eisenburg (Danny Glover).

Scorch was seated aside from the Mayor to await what he had to say.

Mayor Eisenburg: See....I've been watching the current activity regarding and surrounding you. But it appears you have had no problem causing a tremendous amount of collateral damage and costing this state a lot of money for repairs. And....

Scorch: See, the problem with that particular state---

The mayor couldn't help but stare at the mask-like helmet he was wearing.

Mayor Eisenburg: there a way you could take that....helmet off?

So he did.

Eisenburg: Thank you.

Byron: As I was saying, the problem is that wasn't really me.

Eisenburg: You're saying that it wasn't you despite that fact that it was? You're clearly unleashing hell here? *shows videos of his rampage*.

Bryon: Don't be putting words in my mouth. No one knows what I've just been through. You don't know what it's like to be unmade!

Eisenburg: Am I supposed to know what that means?

Bryon: You're the mayor! You should---*sighs*

Eventually he stopped as silence invaded the room.

Byron: Mr. Mayor, I know what you may be thinking. But it's not true. The last thing I want to is destroy this beautiful planet. I'm not the one who you're looking for. But I know the person.... who is.

Eisenburg: You sound very desperate.

Byron: But that's what makes me and every human being on this planet as dangerous as their appearance will allow. We're both on a distinct time limit here, so let me cut to the chase. You can either arrest me now....or you let me find the person responsible for these incidents and stop wasting both of our time.

Meanwhile, Volta managed to make it to Malignances location, but it was where his ship and his forces awaited him. Volta took off his helmet and surrendered to them as they took him to where Malignance awaited him with Katherine who was strained to some.... (Whatever table that's on ships)

Malignance: Ah, Commander. So glad you could make it.

Katherine: Adam??

Malignance: Come. I have to show you my glorious vision for the future of this planet.

Adam: This is madness, Maligance. Let Katherine go and you can do whatever you want with me.

Malignance: Ah. Yet, we are in route of take off.

The ship blasts off as Adam frowned lower at Malignance. They eventually exit the atmosphere barrier and soon ended up in outer space (again).

Malignance: Ahh.....Planet Earth. The home of new life. It was once a home to fascinating creatures known as dinosaurs until the age of humans drove them to extinction. Now, humans on that planet, will bow to my will. And....*Leans his hand on Adam's shoulder*....I'd like you to stand with me.

Adam: In your dreams. I would never go against my code.

Malignance: Who said it was your choice?

They tasered him in the neck, shocking him at first 'till he got dim and passed out.

Katherine: Adam!!

Malignance: Don't waste your breath, my dear. He's no use to you anymore.

Katherine: What kind of monster are you?

Malignance: Me? A monster? No.....I'm just a figment of your imagination.

Malignance then uses force to put strain on Katherine. She began to struggle until she looked next to her and saw another emitter on the table next to her.

Malignance: You will all cower before me.

Katherine: *chuckles and struggles* Care to put that money in your mouth?

Little did Malignance know, Katherine already had a plan up her sleeve and it involved that emitter she saw.

Malignance: I wouldn't recommend that.

Katherine: Lets agree to disagree.

She guts one of his henchmen holding her at gunpoint and then shoots him with the other henchmen's gun and then twists his arm and knees him.

But the other henchmen (the ones who tasered Adam) held up arm cannons, forcing Katherine to put her hands up.

And the emitter was in one of them.

Robot solider: You have something the master needs. Release it immediately. NOW.

Kat then stepped forward with her emitter in hand.

Kat: You want this....*holds hers up and looks back at them*....Oh, I'll give it to you, alright....

Then she placed the emitter on her chest.

Soon enough, lightning struck the ship as it caused the back of it to tear off.

Unfortunately, when the smoke cleared, Kat and Adam were nowhere to be found.

Malignance: Mutiny......

Meanwhile back on Earth.....

And then it cuts to Times Square, which is where Tessa and Zip relocated Katherine and Wade.

Wade: I'm not digging this. They been gone for hours. Jesus.....None of this would happen if that man hadn't walked into our lives.

Carla: I thought you thought he was cool.

Wade: I never said that. Must I remind you, he brought the end of the world to us.....

Carla: Wade....

Wade: In all my years, I never would of....

Carla: Wade, will you please....

Wade: There's no way I'm letting my sister, if she's still alive, get involve....

Carla: WADE SHUT UP!!!! *Slaps him*

Wade: Ahh! What?? What?!!

Carla: Keep it together! They're going to make it.

Meanwhile, Adam was still paralyzed somewhere with Katherine just holding him as he got sucked into his nightmares. His father (Michael Shane) was murdered during a mission and he saw it happen when he escaped as a child on a space pod.

Young Adam: FATHER!!!!

He woke up gasping.

Katherine:'re in good hands.

Adam: Wha--

He slowly turned around and saw her in a suit of her own, thanks to the emitter she stole.

Adam: Where did---how did you get that.....

Kat: Uh....I stole it.

Adam looked up analysis on the suit she was wearing as he stepped closer to her.

Adam: "Chaos".

Katherine: What?

Adam: That's the code name of the suit you're wearing right now.

They then paused for a moment up close to their faces and stared at each other in their eyes

Adam: You'd make a fabulous captain.

Katherine: I hunch?

Just when their faces leaned close to each other, they turned over to hear the booming noises as more of Malignance's ships hovered in the sky. Adam looked back at Katherine and she stared at him. He showed a bit of a sad emotion to her and then took off.

Katherine: ADAM!!!!

Then she heard the computers voice.

Computer: Hello. Codename: Chaos. Please state your current mission.

Katherine: *Sighs*....Computer.....Coordinates to.....Wade Hillard.

Meanwhile, back in Times Square.....

Tessa: Oh long has it been?

Zip: Exactly 20 minutesssss-ip. And it's still going.

Wade was STILL arguing with Carla over whether Adam was involved in any of the previous incidents that happened.

Wade: You're missing the point!

Carla: No, you're missing it. He wouldn't do such a thing. I can tell in the look in his eyes. He saved us twice from danger. Why you acting like a little b**ch about it?

Wade: Watch it. Appearances can be deceiving. I'm telling you, that suit he was wearing.....that Iron Man ripoff is just another W.M.D. That is a horrible concoction.

Carla: *confused What does that mean?

Ed (James Franco): It means weapon of mass destruction. It really is horrible. Sorry for busting in. I just got worried.

Turns out Ed made his presence heard as everyone turned to him.

Carla: No worries, babe.

Wade: Don't worry, Ed. We were just wrapping up.

Tessa: Are you kidding me? How longer do you expect to---

Wade: I wasn't talking to you. Y'all can't understand that I have to do what I have to do. It was my duty to look after her since we're both not in the safest of places. This event is bigger then the both of us....

Byron: And it's about to get a whole lot bigger.

Everyone was shocked as they turned around as they saw Byron looking back at them.

Carla: What the Hell is he doing here?

Ed: Hold on, I think.....he doesn't seem to be in a.....bad mood.....

Byron continued to stare at them until finally he said......

Byron: I know where Adam is headed.

Katherine: *From behind* Then what'd we waiting for?

She stepped in all badass in the suit. The others were all amazed, expect Wade, who was just confused and dissatisfied.

Wade: Sis?? How did you escape and what are you doing wearing that insane outfit?!

Carla: Here we go again.

Katherine: Wade, we don't have time for this. Adam's in trouble and he needs our help.

Wade: I'm not lifting any figure to help that lunatic and you're NOT either! We're going home.

Bryon: You crazy??!!! That's the first place they attacked you guy. No one at their homes are safe, dude!

Katherine: I thought you liked him. Him and his whole "Iron man" style.

Wade: Things change. Now come on! Let's. Go. Home.

He grabbed her hand and tried to pull her with him, but Katherine PUNCHED him in the jaw. And thanks to the suit, it knocked out four of his teeth as he fell to the floor.

Katherine: I'm NOT leaving him, Wade. I--I LOVE him.

Everyone gasped as Wade held his bleeding mouth.

Wade: But...Kat, you barely know the guy

Katherine: It took you seconds to fall for Linda before she died, right? And I didn't have anything to say about it. What would you give if there was another chance to save her while she fought hard with bravery for our country?

Wade: Everything......but at least she wasn't......

Katherine: Different? Is that what you're afraid of? Change? Then you're really being a hypocrite.

Zip and Tessa just took a quick glance at each other.

then nodded and Zip went up to Kat and touched her shoulder

Zip: You wanna find Commander Hale? We're your maps.

Katherine smiled and went with them without hesitation.

Wade: Kat, please. Don't do this.

Katherine: *Turns her head to him* Goodbye, Wade.

And they all flew off leaving Wade strucked and confused.

As Wade just watched them go off, he started to contradict his thinking.

Ed: I know you ain't just gonna let her go off like that, right?

Wade: to Ed You goddamn right, I'm not. I'm not letting any one of those jackasses seduce her.

Byron: I'd watch that if I were you. You don't know what it's like to be unmade.

They continue to stare at the sky as they start following them.

Wade: Come on. We're going over there

Carla: This is suicide.

As they reluctantly followed Wade, Adam had been following Malignaces mother-ship as it tracked it down.

Computer: Commander Hale. Malignance's mother ship is just ahead.

Adam: I see it. Reading scans reveal he's heavily guarded. I could separate him from his men. But he's arranged robots at his presence as well. Attacking him from directly will be suicide. Find me a route around.

Computer: Searching. Search: Complete. Routine around side of Maligance's mother ship. 12 hostilities on the floor above.

Adam: It's a start.   

So he flew around the ship while remaining undetected and found a side entrance.

He waited till a robot guard came out of the door and went in the other direction and then went inside.

Computer: I'm detecting hostages on the bottom floor below you, Volta.

Adam: The hanger level?

Computer: Yes, sir.

Adam: Then down we go.

He clicked on his wrist device (which was also connected to the suit) and he soon turned to a little electric orb and vanished. Although, it did distract one of the few guards that was walking by.

He manages to reappear at the hanger level, which had security up to the max. So he had to tread softly. Luckily, he just so happened to be right next to the room where Malignance was. He peeked through the window and saw all 12 guards in there.

Adam: Gotta find an easier way.

All of a sudden, he hears footsteps and quickly hides behind a corner. Without thinking, he brings out a lightning whip at a very low velocity (not enough to kill them, but just enough to knock them out). As the footsteps get closer, he emerges out of the corner, tempted to strike. But turns out, it was Katherine.

Both: *Gasps*

Adam: Katherine?

Katherine: Adam!

She hugged him tight and he couldn't help, but to hug her back

Adam: What'd you doing here? It's dangerous.

Katherine: I couldn't let you handle this on your own. I wanted to fight with you. No matter what it takes.

Adam: It's a dangerous life being what I am. You'd probably wish it was normal again.

Katherine: Nothing in life is normal. My brother thinks it is, but it's not. It never was. I'd rather die fighting then let this soil on you.

Adam smiled as they, again, hugged each other passionately, but they stopped when they heard one of the power doors open and Malignance came out smirking

Malignan: Well, well, well, Commander. You made it this far. I'm rather impressed. Your father would be too.

Adam: Kat. You go with Zip and Tessa to the main control room. Shut it all down.

Zip and Tessa nodded and Kat looked at Adam with concern as their hands let go of each other. She went with them as Adam flew at Malignance and they both went out the window

They both caught themselves as they floated in the air (they already can do that)

Adam: You've underestimated me for the last time, Max.

Malignance: I told you NOT to call me by that name again!

Adam: Well, you betrayed me. Killing my father and blowing up my ship. All because of your selfishness and arrogance.

Malignance: Fool! YOU LEFT ME!

They began fighting in the air as Wade, Bryon and the others drove to a stop and observed from above.

They landed causing a huge crater in Town Square as Wade and the others drove after them. Back up on the ship, Kat, Zip and Tessa made it to the main control room where more of Malignance's robots surrounded them and pointed their laser guns at them. Katherine eventually put her helmet back on.

Zip: Ready for your first fight, cadet?

Chaos: I know what I signed up for.

Tessa: Then, fasten your seat belt. It's gonna be a hell of a ride.

They fought off the robots as much as they could; but back down with Adam and Malignance, they bashed each other throwing themselves across the city as people ran and went inside while some others stayed and watched  

Volta: Are you really gonna kill me, Max?

Malignance: It's what I wanted to end this since the day you "found" me.

Volta: I told you, we tried....

But Malignance struck with an attack of his own (Execution Wave) and Volta blocked it. But he kept adding more force to the point where a part of his helmet shattered.

Eventually, it was too much and he flew back.

He landed incredibly hard and his suit shut off.

And then he sees the rest of Malignances robotic army appear which caused Wade and the rest to back up in shock as soon as they arrived.

Both (Byron, Ed): Holy sh***

Adam: *groaning over intercom* Tessa....are you watching this?

Tessa: Yeah, I.....*sees the footage*...My god...

Katherine: Is that Adam?

Tessa: Don't worry, he's fine. Keep it together Commander. *turns to Zip* Zip? Have you got those codes.

Zip: Done. Set all of Malignance's ships to self destruct t-mines: 2 minutes and counting.

Tessa: Then let's move.

Kat moved with them with worry for Adam as he and Malignance kept on fighting massively

Adam: My father trusted you Max. And you betrayed and murdered him like this?

Malignance: No! YOU betrayed me along did the others. You never understood my vision. But soon enough, they will. You should've joined with me, Volta. Then you would be king.

Adam: No. I'm not gonna let you harm them. I'll honer the man you once were, Max. Not this monster you've become.

Malignance: SHUT UP!!!!

The fight raged on, but as soon as the self destruct clock hit 0, all the ships exploded as Zip, Kat and Tessa escaped on the last escape pod. Malignance turned around and looked up in shocked as his army also shut down as well right in front of him. He didn't say anything, however, as he slowly turns back towards Adam.

Malignance:'re just as weak as your father was. And for this you and all these people that you relate to so much WILL SHARE HIS FATE!!!!

He attacked and they burst through building to building

Wade: HOLY SH**!!!!

Malignance soon threw him all the way through a grocery store as he ended up on the other side.

At this point, Adam was totally unable to move at this point.

But before Malignance could finish the job, Chaos (Katherine in suit) unleashed a Satellite Ray attack, stunning and freezing Malignance momentarily, giving her time to kick him into a crater.

She then sees Wade with Byron, Ed and Carla on the other side of the carnage and removes her helmet.

Katherine: Come on.

Reluctantly, they went over to him. They also realized that he had dropped three other emitters on the ground.

Wade: Oh boy.....

Adam: Wade.....Ed.....Carla.....those are...for you......

He points to a few other emitters on the pavement next to him.

But Malignance then recovered as Katherine tried to blast him again. Yet, he smacked her arm aside and grabbed her by the neck, just as Adam woke up and saw it as did the others

Adam: Kath!!

Wade: Put my sister down!!!!

Malignance knocked Wade down, then and turned to Adam.

Malignance: You done fried my circuits for the final time, Hale. Had you just simply kneeled before me, you would've been the ALPHA MALE of the galaxy. Now you're gonna have this woman's death on your conscious.

But Wade, without thinking, grabbed one of the emitters on the pavement and reluctantly put it on.

He became Bionic.

Malignance stared at him while he was getting up.

Bionic: I think you took it overboard right there.

And then he punched him, again, sending him halfway down the road.

Bionic then turned to Carla and Ed

Bionic: You wanna help? Put them on.

Reluctantly, they agreed.

Byron turned back into Scorch Ed surprisingly turned into....Necro And Carla turned into Soothsayer

They were all estatic and looking at their suits and stuff.

Malignance: *looks at Scorch* Traitor....

Scorch: *amplified voice* ....Me? Traitor? My head never belonged to you.

Malignance: I freed you from the brinks of this rotten core of a mudball. The world deserves better then this. You should be thanking me...

Scorch: Let me show you just how GREATFUL I AM!!!

He slammed his fist into the ground and caused another Lava Wave headed towards his direction.

But it didn't damage Malignance at all.

Adam: Hey.....give 'em hell.

And so they did.

They tried attacking him with everything they had, even with the attacks stashed in their suits.

Chaos: Satelite rays, Bionic: Proximity mines, Gating gun, missile air launch Scorch: Lava Wave, Volcanic Rock, Fire field Necro: Ghost Punch, Soothsayer: Posionous bow, Tiger Claws, Totem Pole

He didn't say anything while they charged at him. But he was one tough son of a b--ch. He dodges almost every single one of their attacks like it was nothing. While they did hit him momentarily, it couldn't save them from his mirage of fury.

They all laid down in unbelievable pain and agony and Malignance looked over them.

Malignance: *chuckles* This.....this is all the face of this planet had to offer? This is what the human scum of the universe has come up short against?! I expected a challenge. A blood-fest. A slaughter!

Necro slowly got up and a staff appeared in his hand.

Necro: How's this for a taste of power? Ahhh!

He slammed the staff to the ground and unleashed a..... surrounding Malignance. That's when Soothsayer inwrapped him in a Totem pole.

Bionic: Stand back!

He then released two proximity mines along side the totem pole.

And then Chaos combined a Sattelite Ray with Voltas Lightning strike resulting in a monumentous explosion that caused an entire blackout as well as a smoke cloud.

When the smoke cleared, there was nothing there. NOTHING.

Scorch: Ha...ha...ha...wha---he's gone?

Soothsayer: He's not there.....We've...we've done it.

Bionic: Good riddance....laughs

While the rest were getting ahead of their supposed victory, Adam had finally got up bruised and what-not.

Adam: breathing heavily I guess that's it.

Zip: Ummmm...don't get too cocky. I'm sensing another energy signal coming from the same area. And news flash: Its the same source as before.

Adam: Wait. What?!

The signal became clear on their emitters and soon enough, a flash of light burst out of nowhere.

Soothsayer: Look out!!!

She got in the way of the blast which was aimed at Ed which also pierced through him.

Chaos: Carla!

Bionic: Ed!

Both of them were dead within seconds after the impact of the blast.

Malignance stepped out of the fire and flames. He then picked them both up and used his own emitter to absorb both of their energy with them along with it.

Malignance: Ahhhhh....that's what I'd call an upgrade. Much needed after you almost did me in. Now who's next?

Chaos: You son of a b**!!!! charged at him

Bionic: Kat! Get back here!

Chaos charged at Malignance and the first strike she landed blew a chunk of his face off. And then she gutted him. She then launched a Black Hole (yes, really) that barely sucked him in.

Malignance: I'm sorry, but if you really think you have a chance at victory, you're sadly mistaken.

Chaos: You shouldn't have come to this planet, you tin planted tyrant.

Malignance reached out and grabbed Chaos (Darth Vader style) and gutted her. Only this time, it went straight through her.

Chaos: struggling gasping for air

Bionic/Scorch: Kat!!

They both charged at him and Mailgnance immediately blew them away with a shockwave.

Malignance: Futile, futile, futile!!!

Adam took one look at Chaos' defenseless body and rage started to build up within him.

Tessa: over earpiece Commander? Commander Hale?

Zip: over earpiece Are you there?

But Adam didn't answer and crushed his earpiece.

Adam: screaming MAX!!!!

Malignance said nothing. He dropped Chaos and charged at Adam. But Adam had a hidden power unleashed from his anger and when he launched a punch at Mailgnance, he tore off half of his body. Yet, his emitter was still intact.

He started to back off, surprisingly.

Malignance: Who----what are you? What in the world ARE YOU?!

Power began to surge from within Adam and the entire part of town was surging with electricity as Adam was introduced to more power. And then there's a huge explosion.

Scorch: Woah....

Bionic: Damn.

When the city cleared, Volta was seen in an entire different suit.

Volta was now Volta X.

With a new suit and a huge upgrade in arsenals, he attacked Malignance non-stop and Malignance barely stood a chance. Scorch couldn't help but to join in as well.

After that, Bionic rushed to Chaos as she was bleeding. Her pulse was weak but she was still alive.

Bionic: Sis, I'm sorry....I should've been more supportive. Stay with me now. Come on.....

He tried to hold pressure on her wound as then Volta had his arm wrapped around Malignance's neck as he struggled and eyed at Wade and Kath

Malignance: I know how you feel about the girl, Hale. Her days are already numbered, yet she struggles for you. So I'll make it quick....just for you and your eyes to see....

He blasted another Execution Wave from his arm near Bionic and Chaos and the laser approached them

Adam: No, please......stop!

It kept on approaching as the civilians ran for the hills and Wade turned away, holding his wounded sister.

Adam: ENOUGH!!!!!!

The laser was seconds away from hitting them and with no choice, Adam TWISTED Malignance's neck. The laser stopped and Malignance's lifeless body fell as Adam yelled in anger and emotion.

Unfortunately, Malignance started to twist his neck back to its origins position.

Bionic: Aww......Come. On.

Bionic then launched a Vector Cannon from both of his arms at Malignance, only to have Malignance block it completely and deflect the shot.

Volta X: looks at Bionic Byron, take Kat to the hospital fast and get her checked in. Don't argue. Just go!

He did just that.

Bionic: Let me help.

Adam just looked at him.

Volta X: In that case, distract him. Anyway you can.

So Bionic attacks Malignance, who still has some power left and chases him throughout the town, while avoiding the police.

Malignance: You defiant little ingrate!

Meanwhile, Volta X charges his powers at the largest building in the area and waits for Mailgnance to arrive.

That's when a voice boomed in Voltas head

Voice: Distance apart. Keep attack distant from you and Malignance. One shot.

He didn't need to be told twice what that meant. He had only one chance to hit this attack and in the accurate position no less. If he missed, Earth would be done.

Volta X: Wade! Stop!

Bionic: WHAT?! What do you mean stop?!

Volta X: See what I'm bout to do?! Get down!!!

So Wade got down as Volta X launched his Lightning Strike 2.0 and charged straight at Malignance.

He went straight through him (just like the Matrix) and took his emitter with him.

Malignance began to malfunction and break down. Eventually, his body started to glow and he exploded.

They had to get out of the area. And so they did, but they barely escaped the blast.

All the civilians who watched the fight went out of cover and looked around, but as the explosion cleared, Volta and Bionic looked towards the area where he blew up.

Bionic: Aww man. For a second there, I was sure we were screwed.

Volta X: Doesn't matter. *looks at Malignances emitter* It's done.......

Two weeks later, Adam walked on the edge of a cliff and looked over it with Malignances emitter in hand.

Adam: Didn't have to be like this.....

Finally, he threw it in the ocean. But as he tried to sink in that beautiful majestic sound of waves splashing in, that same familiar voice came back to him.

Voice: You have done well, Adam Hale.

He knew it sounded familiar so he turned around to see who it was: A hologram of Azera (Zoë Kravitz)

Azera: Needless to say, I am beyond impressed. You've done the impossible and defended this planet from interment death and destruction in its wake. I'm glad you've used your abilities and your well-being to good use.

Adam: Hmmm.....But this feels unfinished. I normally don't remember the battles being this exhausting or easy. There's no neutral ground in this, is there?

Azera: If everything were neutral, there wouldn't be any sort of natural disasters and we wouldn't need people like you to count on. This planet is already on shakey grounds. You've made it your personal profession to make this planet safer for the rest of us when you first arrived. Would you continue to do so?

Adam: *looks at the sun and then looks back* You know I will.

That's when Azera disappears.

All of a sudden, a car pulls up and parks. Wade steps out the car and starts walking toward him.

Wade: Adam!

He went towards him and greeted him.

Wade: think you could stay here?

Adam: I have to. If I don't guard this Earth, who will?

Wade: Point taken. *looks down and away*

Adam: You alright?

Wade: Never felt better. Now....that guy.......He can't get up from that, can he?

Adam: Nah, he would've had to put himself back together to do that.

Wade: How the hell did he even get up after you broke his neck?

Adam: That's a longer story.

Then all of a sudden, he held out his hand to Wade as he just looked at him and his hand at first.....but then Wade shook it and eventually gave him a hug.

Wade: Guess I owe you an apology.

Adam: No. This whole thing is on me.

Wade:'s not. While I was in the army, I've seen and joined battle with some of the bravest and toughest SOBs the world had ever seen. But not as brave or courageous as you were. I've never been so wrong about anyone so much in my life.

Wade just looked down again and sat down near the edge. Adam sat down too as he listened to Wade's story.

Wade: One day, I met this woman who reminded me a lot of my sister. She was full of courage and bravery like Kath showed for you. Her name was Linda Mason. She was famous for not leaving any man behind in battle. Not only that, but she was the brains of the group.

Adam: I take it, she was a catch to everyone.

Wade: *chuckles* I know, right? *sighs* One day out in the field, I took a bullet to the knee. She fixed me up and then we started talking soon afterwards. Then we grew close. I brought her home to meet Kath and our parents just before they died in a plane crash.

Adam: I'm sorry about that.

Wade: So was Linda. But things went well eventually.......till Linda and I were called back to the military. Some terrorists had dropped a bomb in Los Angeles and we were sent to their base to terminate their operation. But upon arrival, my squad was taken out. Linda and I were the only ones left. So we set the charges to destroy what was left of the bomb. But then a terrorist came from behind me and was about to shoot me......but Linda pushed me out the way and took the round for me. Luckily, I was able to pop the bastard before he got away. I might've stopped the bomb, but.....she died in my arms.

Adam: Oh my......I--Again, I'm sorry.

Wade: Don't be......Sometimes, you gotta develop a heart made out of railroad steel to make it through the roughest of times. But I haven't cried for her yet. I can't do that.

Admist the middle of the conversation, Adam gets a call from his wrist device.

Adam: Hello? Yeah....Oh thank God.....Alright, I'll be right over, Thanks, Byron.

He hangs up.

Wade: Was that---

Adam: Yes. Byrons at the hospital with Katherine. She made it. You wanna follow me, try to keep up.

Wade: What is this, a race ?

Adam: Depends how fast you are, cadet.

His suit automatically attached to him and flew up as did Wade. Later, Katherine, at the hospital, slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was dimmed as she saw someone by her.

Katherine: Wh--who are you??

As her vision cleared up....   

She saw Adam near her corner of the hospital bed, still in his suit with the helmet off.

Adam: Evening, princess.

Katherine: *groans and chuckles* He's gone?

Wade: He's done.

Adam: Hopefully.

Katherine slowly sat up.

Katherine: I have to be honest. I've never felt the way I feel right now about you. The fact that someone like you can just burst onto the scene and just instantly take my breath away is already enough to describe how i feel.

Wade: How long have you been waiting to say that? You sound desperate to get that out.

Byron: She didn't get the chance till now.

Kat: Desperation makes us dangerous in ways you can't explain.

Wade: you sound just like him.

Adam just chuckled and sat back in the chair.

Byron: You know, I really like this job you do.

Adam: I wouldn't really call it a job. It's more of a permenant profession. Y'all don't have to do what I do for a living. This thing is a part of me now.

Byron: Well, I've always been a victim of control and abuse. If this is my only chance to find peace with myself and prevent people from making the same mistake, I'll stick with Scorch.

Kat: Same with me. My parents would've wanted us to make a difference together.

Adam just smiled.

And soon enough, Kat held on to Adams hand again.

This time, she wasn't trying to hide it from anyone.

Wade was about to say something about it, but he let it go and slowly walked outside to wait.

Byron: *to Wade* Whoa....wait up.

And he follows him.

Kat then turned towards Adam and looked at h him as he smiled. She pulled him to her face and planted a kiss on the lips. Adam pulled back for a second and then kissed her again. This time, it didn't stop for awhile, so Bryon and Wade met up with Zip and Tessa outside

Zip: guys in?

Wade: My sister's clearly in. I mean....she's too deep in love with your leader not to. And of course, she said something about making a difference...... and I got military experience and I still think this is crazy, but....what the hell? I got nothing better to do. I'm in. Only on one condition: you guys might have to tolerate a little stubbornness from me and I don't want anyone calling me "son" or "kid" or "sport" or nothing like that. OK?

Zip: Cool. Whatever you say, slick. But pretty soon, you'll need to know something about your skills.

Tessa: And you?

Bryon: Yeah. I'm in. Always wanted to join a Galactic alliance.  

Tessa: Hmmm......

Meanwhile in the room.....

Katherine: Oh wait.

She reached for a black box on the table beside her and shows it to Adam.

When he opens it.....he sees a ring 💍

Adam: I don't understand?

Katherine: This is supposed to symbolize the bond of two people being together forever. I know you've only known me for 5 days or so. But, I wasn't sure if you were gonna be able to ask me or anything, so.....

Adam: *Puts his finger on her lip* Say no more.....For it's my own question.

He takes the ring out of the box and kneels down to a knee.

Adam: Katherine Hillard? Will you do me this honor of becoming my bride?

Katherine: Oh...I do.

Adam then held Kath up from her hospital bed as they continued kissing.

Then the screen slowly moves out and away from the hospital, moves up toward the sky towards the sun and the screen fades to white.



  • Adam/Volta
  • Wade/Bionic
  • Katherine/Chaos
  • Byron/Scorch
  • Tessa
  • Zip


  • Necro - Pierced by Malignances beam and then absorbed.
  • Soothsayer - Pierced by Mailgnances beam and then absorbed.
  • Pysch - "accidentally" shot through his emitter which is where his heart.
  • Malignance - Volta goes straight through him and tears out his emitter, which causes him to self-destruct

Featured Songs

  • The Afters - What We're Here For
  • West One Music - The Clearing
  • Skillet - Feel Invincible
  • ~Reluctant Hero - Resistance to Resilience~

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The film was released on December of 2017 to critical acclaim as it received positive reviews from critics while the audience had mixed results. Review aggravtor website Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a score of 74% stating that, "While the execution isn't the greatest start from a video game to a potential franchise, Power-Up Heroes mind blowing action, and Sam Worthingtons stellar performance adds yet another memorable flick to Christopher Nolans resume."


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