Poltergeist is a 2017 Fantasy supernatural  Horror Film remake of the 1982 horror film.  It is written by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White and directed by Vadim Perelman. It stars Nicholas Brendon, Monica Staggs, Charlie Tahan, Avery Phillips, Christine Haeberman, Magda Szubanski, Joan Cusack, Paul Dano and Nick Stahl.


A young girl Carol-Anne (Avery Phillips) is in great peril as she beckoned to join mysterious ghosts supposedly living in the TV upstairs in parent's bedroom. Her parents Diane (Monica Staggs) and Steve (Nicholas Brendon) are attempting everything they can to prevent her from joining the mysterious TV people. However everything is put at stake as a series of strange hauntings come down on their suburban lives:

First the chairs in their kitchen revolve around the room and stack by themselves by the ghost. Second their front yard opens up and leaves a massive grave in their front pasture. The hauntings continue on with a oak tree sprouting to life in attempt to engulf their son Robbie (Charlie Tahan) as well as a possessed maniacal clown toy.

Their teenage daughter Dana (Christine Haeberman) is almost hung by her own hair, Diane is seduced up her bedroom walls by an invisible ghost and a closet eventually takes in Carol-Anne. The family then go on to hire a trio of Paranormal Investigators and a soft voiced psychic but find that there is some evil in their home and it wont stop with it's undeniable rage until it gets what it wants.


  • Nicholas Brendon as Steve Freeling
  • Monica Staggs as Diane Freeling
  • Charlie Tahan as Robbert "Robbie" Freeling
  • Avery Phillips as Carol-Anne Freeling
  • Christine Haeberman as Dana Freeling
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Tangina The Psychic
  • Joan Cusack as Dr. Evelyn Lesh
  • Nick Stahl as Ryan
  • Paul Dano as Pugsley "Pug"
  • Mary McCormack as Mrs. Tuthill
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Mr. Tuthill
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