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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
is a 2013 action, adventure, comedy, romance film based on a video game, starring


The film starts at Vien Forest where a Area Ranger name Janet meets a wild boy name Thomas. Janet takes Thomas to Vientown and Thomas meets another Area Ranger name Lilly. Janet signs Thomas to Ranger School. Thomas quickly makes friends with two of classmates, Rhythmi who dreams of being an Operator, and Keith, a rival, who dreams of becoming a Top Ranger. After Thomas and Keith nearly discover what Mr. Kincaid, a teacher, is doing in the basement, Mr. Kincaid seals it off from all students. Both Thomas and Keith show strong potential as Rangers, and graduate with full honors after defeating two Tangrowth at their graduation ceremony. Thomas stays in Almia, while Keith and Rhythmi go to Fiore as part of their training.

The next day, Thomas becomes an Area Ranger in the local village of Vientown. After recovering a Partner Pokémon at the beach, Thomas begins his first major mission by patrolling a nearby cave. The Pokémon inside the cave are unusually aggressive and resistant to capture by the ranger's styler. At the back of the cave, Thomas finds a strange machine (later called a Gigaremo) that appears to be controlling the Pokémon. The rangers promptly destroy the device, freeing the Pokémon, and begin researching its abilities. Subsequently, the rangers discover that the Gigaremos are being set up by Team Dim Sun, suggesting wider criminal activities. Thomas and Janet traveled to the Ranger Union, the headquarters of all ranger operations in Almia, to warn the rangers about the Gigaremo. On the way, Thomas sees Altru Inc., a powerful oil company that is building a massive tower in the center of the Almia region.

Soon afterward, Thomas is informed of a fire in the Vien Forest, north of Vientown. After going into the forest, Thomas will have to capture a Blastoise and use its Rain Dance ability to douse the fire. Afterwards, Thomas is congratulated on how well he has done, and can progress onto the city on the other end of the Vien Forest-Pueltown.

A few days later, Thomas and Lilly are sent on a mission to retrieve their missing team leader, Barlow. Barlow was last seen in Boyleland investigating a volcanic cave. Thomas and Lilly will have to go to Pueltown and take a boat to Boyleland. Deep inside the cave, Thomas and Lillly found members of Team Dim Sun deploying new Miniremo devices to control all of the Pokémon on the island. Thomas dodges the guards and learns that Barlow has been captured and is being placed on a ship along with the Pokémon. Thomas and Lilly sneaks on board, locates Barlow, and the two launch an assault on the ship's bridge. Although Barlow's styler is destroyed in the ensuing attack, Thomas forces Team Dim Sun, including its leader, Mr. Kincaid, to abandon the ship, saving all of Boyleland's Pokémon. The ship crashes into the yard of the Ranger School, never to sail again.

Recognizing the threat posed by Team Dim Sun, the Ranger Union promptly promotes Thomas, Lilly and Janet to the rank of Top Ranger. At the Union, Thomas discovers that Keith has also been promoted to Top Ranger, and that Rhythmi has achieved her dream of becoming a Top Operator, where she serves as the player's guide. During Thomas' first mission as a Top Ranger, he helps another Top Ranger, named Sven, to investigate a Dim Sun mining operation in the Chroma Ruins, east of the Ranger Union. They discover that Dim Sun is searching for dark crystals for powering the Gigaremo devices. After defeating a Spiritomb, they also discover a massive hole, apparently left from removing the legendary "Shadow Crystal" whose current location is unknown. While studying the dark crystal retrieved from a captured Gigaremo, several Union workers accidentally discover that the crystals can be neutralized by a set of red, blue, and yellow shards. Thomas, Lilly, Janet and Keith go on to separately collect the sources of these shards; the blue gem from Almia Castle, the red gem from Boyle Volcano, and the yellow gem from Hippowdon Temple. Although Thomas and Janet takes both the blue and red gems, Keith and Lilly are captured by Dim Sun, which uses him to blackmail Thomas into surrendering the yellow gem. Meanwhile, Sven raids Dim Sun's undersea base, stealing plans for an "Incredible Machine". The plans reveal that Altru Inc.'s tower is actually a massive Gigaremo powered by the Shadow Crystal and that Altru has been behind Dim Sun's activities. Lilly wants to quit as a Top Ranger. Thomas convice Lilly to stay and admits his love to her. Lilly was shocked and confussed. Thomas has been in love with Lilly ever since they met. As Lilly was about to say something, Dim Sun attack the Ranger Union and captured Lilly. Realizing that the tower will become operational within hours (i.e. during the tower's "opening ceremony"), the Ranger Union orders all of its rangers to attack the tower and rescue Lilly. Equipped with a specialized styler designed to overcome the Gigaremo's influence, Thomas succeeds in deactivating the tower's force fields and rescues the yellow gem, allowing the other rangers to launch an airborne assault on the Shadow Crystal at the tower's top. However, the tower reaches operational capacity before the rangers can reach the Shadow Crystal. Altru Inc.'s president, Blake Hall, takes the chance to destroy the ranger's only hope of disabling the tower (the three colored gems) by charging the crystal to its maximum power level and summoning his strongest Pokémon, Darkrai. Darkrai instead goes insane from the intense power overload, attacks Blake, and darkens the area, preventing the rangers from approaching the Shadow Crystal. By empowering his styler with the gems, Thomas stops Darkrai's rage, allowing the other rangers to disable the tower by converting the Shadow Crystal into a "Luminous Crystal" which undoes the mental torture inflicted on Almia's Pokémon. Thomas goes up to Lilly and tells her if she was okay. Lilly was fine and tells him that she loves him as well. Both Thomas and Lilly kissed. In the end, peace returns to Almia and its inhabitants, and the characters enjoy a concert originally planned for Altru Inc. Janet became Thomas' friend and Lilly became Thomas' girlfriend. The films ends showing Darkrai circling the Luminous Crystal, signifying the return of peace.


  • Josh Hutcherson as Thomas
  • Eliza Bennett as Lilly
  • Katie Cassidy as Janet
  • Armie Hammer as Keith
  • Gary Oldman as Professor Hastings
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Chairperson Erma
  • TBA as Blake Hall
  • TBA as Joker
  • TBA as Ice
  • TBA as Lavana
  • TBA as Heath
  • TBA as Kincaid
  • Jay Baruchel as Murph
  • TBA as Wendy
  • TBA as Sven
  • TBA as Barlow
  • TBA as Crawford
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Luana
  • TBA as Elaine
  • TBA as Ollie
  • Chloe Grace Mortez as Rhythmi
  • TBA as Ms. April


The Opening Scene


Eliza Bennett will dye her hair black for her role


It will distributed by Universal Pictures and Screen Gems with Pikachu the Movie

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