Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs poster
Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs
is a 2014 action adventure comedy film based on a video game, starring


Maria, daughter of Thomas and Lilly (From Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia), and her friend and fellow Ranger, Ben are flying on Staraptors in the clouds, chasing after Pokémon Pinchers after Latias. Maria allows Latias to escape by distracting the Pinchers. However, when their squad leader, Red Eyes comes in, Ben taunts Red Eyes. He responds by shooting a plasma gun. Maria moves forward and shields Ben from the blow, and is sent into the sea below, where Maria loses and eventually recovers her styler. (Ben is then kidnapped.) Maria washes up on a beach- the shores of Dolce Island. Maria meets a Pichu with a ukulele, who is known as the Ukelele Pichu. This Pichu becomes the partner Pokémon. It will join Maria as her Partner Pokémon, after she fix its broken ukulele. As a newly recruited Pokémon Ranger, Maria would go on various missions and encounter friends, foes, and rivals, not to mention hordes of Pokémon. The new enemy, the Pokémon Pinchers, are poaching and selling Pokémon. With newly found Pokémon companions at his side, Maria begins her journey to put a stop to the Pokémon Pinchers and restore peace in Oblivia.



  • Daveigh Chase as Maria
  • Matt Shiverly as Ben
  • Katie Cassidy as Janet
  • TBA as Dr. Edward
  • TBA as Arley
  • TBA as Hocus
  • Jennifer Lopez as Kasa
  • TBA as Purple Eyes
  • TBA as Red Eyes
  • TBA as Blue Eyes
  • TBA as Rand
  • TBA as Leenae
  • TBA as Nema
  • Jay Baruchel as Murph
  • TBA as Booker
  • TBA as Nick
  • TBA as Ralph


The Opening Scene


It will distributed by Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures with Pikachu the Movie

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