Poke Sentai : Solar Squadron is a possible future entry in the Poke Sentai series, and a parody of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan. Originally planned to be a parody of Denshi Sentai Denziman, it was ultimately scrapped due to the lack of subbed episodes, with the crew ultimately deciding to do it's sequel series(Sun Vulcan) instead.

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The threat of the invading universal gang, "Blood Money," causes the SPD protection force to decide and establish their secret weapon at a summit. From the SPD's air force, navy, and GWP rangers, Commander Shin Arashiyama assembles three specialists to become the Solar Squadron. Harsh training begins. Learning of this, Blood Money attacks the SPD base, but the Solar Squadron debuts in time to save it. Führer Vader prays to the Blood Money commanders, and is rewarded with a higher-up member of the gang, Queen Hela, a cyborg with a mechanical heart and a metallic afro. Now with knowing the threat they will have to deal with, the Solar Squadron is prepared to take on any threat in order to keep their world safe from harm, no matter the risk to their own lives.


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Solar Squadron

Ranger Name Actor
Solar Squad Red Ranger

Solar Talonflame

Nikku Wada Ryūsuke Kawasaki
Sutiiven Akera Takayuki Godai

Solar Squad Blue Ranger

Solar Sharpedo

Maikeru Watamura Kin'ya Sugi

Solar Squad Yellow Ranger

Solar Persian

Torisutan Kawate Asao Kobayashi


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  1. TBA(Originally Ep.1)
  2. TBA(Originally Ep.4)
  3. TBA(Originally Ep.5)
  4. TBA(Originally Ep.7)
  5. TBA(Originally Ep.8)
  6. TBA(Originally Ep.9)
  7. TBA(Originally Ep.10)
  8. TBA(Originally Ep.12)
  9. TBA(Originally Ep.13)
  10. TBA(Originally Ep.14)
  11. TBA(Originally Ep.15)
  12. TBA(Originally Ep.18)
  13. TBA(Originally Ep.22)
  14. TBA(Originally Ep.23)
  15. TBA(Originally Ep.24)
  16. TBA(Originally Ep.25)
  17. TBA(Originally Ep.28)
  18. TBA(Originally Ep.29)
  19. TBA(Originally Ep.30)
  20. TBA(Originally Ep.34)
  21. TBA(Originally Ep.35)
  22. TBA(Originally Ep.38)
  23. TBA(Originally Ep.39)
  24. TBA(Originally Ep.44)
  25. TBA(Originally Ep.45)
  26. TBA(Originally Ep.46)
  27. TBA(Originally Ep.47)
  28. TBA(Originally Ep.48)
  29. TBA(Originally Ep.49)
  30. TBA(Originally Ep.50)
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