Poke Sentai : Pocket Squadron was the originally planned first season of Poke Sentai, and would have acted as a parody of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. However, due to problems with the footage of the series, and the fact that it was not complete as of the time of beginning production, it was ultimately put on hold for a future date, meaning the creators would move on to another series for the moment.

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The series focuses around a young Samuel Oak, a novice Pokemon professor, who winds up lost on “Pocketland”; another world located on Earth! There, he meets four “Pocketmen" - anthropomorphic, sapient Pokemon.

Meanwhile, the human world is attacked by the space outlaw group “Blood Money” led by Kazuhiko, the creator of a vicious Blood Game. From their ship, the Bracer, the monsters of Blood Money send monsters to attack Earth.

Oak and the Pocketmen cannot forgive Blood Money for attacking their world. As proud beings living on the Earth, these five people awaken their instincts and become the Poke Sentai! With their "Sentai Changers” in hand, the human and Pocketmen join together to fight for their home.


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Pocket Squadron

Role Civilian Power Name Actor
Pocket Braviary Inhanced Sight Samuel Oak Masaki Nakao
Pocket Darmanitan
Pocket Sharpedo Inhanced Hearing Samehader Miki Yanagi
Pocket Luxray Inhanced Volume Thunder Shouhei Nanba
Pocket Donphan Inhanced Strength Fan Tsurugi Watanabe
Pocket Persian Inhanced Taste Classy Haruka Tateishi

Samuel Oak(Pocket Braviary) is the red ranger of the Pocket Squadron, and main character of the series. A novice Pokemon professor in-training, Oak is a young man with an optimistic and friendly outlook on life, and even in the worst of situations, he'll look on the bright side. Is socially-oblivious to most situations, usually saying something stupid or making a fool of himself.

Samehader(Pocket Sharpedo) is the blue ranger, and strongest fighter of the Pocket Squadron. A trained martial artist and a believer in hard work equaling success, Samehader's family was always busy trying to keep themselves in a good condition, leading to her not developing any close relationships with them, which ended up continuing into her life outside of her family, as she never did form any true friendships. Holds a secret hatred towards Thunder due to a past experience.

Thunder(Pocket Luxray) is the yellow ranger, and leader of the Pocket Squadron. While not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Thunder is a prideful and brave warrior. He has a tendency to rush to conclusions, but is always willing to make up for his mistakes, showing off a rather jolly exterior to everyone around him. Due to him throwing a fight in the past so Samehader would win, she grew a secret hatred towards him that he has never learned of. Thunder on the other hand, has always had suppressed feelings towards Samehader

Fan(Pocket Donphan) is the green ranger, and primary strategist of the Pocket Squadron. Born into a rich family, Fan was given everything he ever wanted, and received the best education possible, though both of these caused him to grow quite a stuffy and egotistical attitude towards life. Due to his father reading to him every night, Fan grew to love books, and reading in general.

Classy(Pocket Persian) is the white ranger, and peacekeeper of the Pocket Squadron. A very mischievous and calm girl, Classy is the friendliest member of the squadron, and primarily acts as the heart of the team. Due to her young age, Classy greatly enjoys shopping and trying new things, but will occasionally annoy her friends due to her antics.


Yamato Oak is Oak's uncle and a close friend to the Pocket Squadron. He enjoys dressing up as animals in order to get inspiration for his next sculpture.

Daruma is a Pocketman who was unfortunately left on Earth while he was studying humans. Initially loving them, he grew to hate them due to the terrible treatment he received. This meant that the first time he met Oak, he thought he was like the rest, but after realizing he had a good heart, gave him his powers, allowing Oak to become to Pocket Darmanitan Ranger.

Blood Money Members

Kazuhiko is the leader and presumed founder of Blood Money. He takes great pleasure from the pain of others, but does not feel a need to be the one inflicting it, preferring to just watch it from a safe distance.

Estus is Kazuhiko's secretary and a general of Blood Money. She is the member in charge of keeping the other members in their game, whether it be through bringing them back to life or simply hiring more.

Zukonda is the strongest of the Blood Money generals, and one of the two members in charge of sending members to Earth. Best friends with his polar opposite, Cubanite, Zukonda prefers to inflict physical pain over all else.

Cubanite is the smartest of the Blood Money generals, and one of the two members in charge of sending members to Earth. Best friends with his polar opposite, Zukonda, Cubanite prefers to inflict mental pain over all else.

Gudo was one of the strongest Blood Money generals. He was the first member to invade Earth, but was ultimately killed by the Pocket Squadron in the first episode.

The Ditto are the grunts of Blood Money. Throughout the series, they do all the busy work, including piloting ships, fighting the Pocket Squadron, and keeping everything in good condition to make sure nothing goes wrong during missions. Have suffered multiple casualties throughout the show.

Other members of Blood Money include the following -

Zukonda's Blood Money Recruits :

  • Rainmaker
  • The Sniper
  • Gabu-Man

Cubanite's Blood Money Recruits :

  • Gavlan


Transformation Devices

Pocket Changer(Pocket Braviary, Pocket Sharpedo, Pocket Luxray, Pocket Donphan, Pocket Persian)


Braviary Blade(Pocket Braviary)

Pocket Sword(Pocket Braviary, Pocket Sharpedo, Pocket Luxray, Pocket Donphan, Pocket Persian)

Pocket Blaster(Pocket Braviary, Pocket Sharpedo, Pocket Luxray, Pocket Donphan, Pocket Persian)


Pocket Cubes(Pocket Braviary, Pocket Sharpedo, Pocket Luxray, Pocket Donphan, Pocket Persian)

Monarch King(Pocket Braviary, Pocket Sharpedo, Pocket Luxray)

Monarch Wild(Pocket Braviary, Pocket Donphan, Pocket Persian)

Pocket Girafarig(Attachment)


Due to the show not having released any official episodes as of now, it is unknown how many episodes are planned. However, due to the fact that the show will be continued at a later date, hopefully the amount of episodes will soon be confirmed.


  • Danganronpa, Power Rangers Wild Force, and Slamacow are sighted as major inspirations for the season.
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