Pokémon The Final Ending is a action-thriller film, starring Nicholas D'Agosto, Dakota Fanning, Tony Salerno, Georgie Henley, Ali Larter, Gigi Hathaway, David Quast, Aubrey Ferny, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Hilary Duff, Vanassa Hudgens, Rebecca Strom, Kial Natale, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Bobby Campo, Julia Lawton, Gharret Patrick Paon,


Pokemon High Schoolers are the new victims of Giovanni, they must survive with of Ash Ketchum and his friends.


Nicholas D'Agosto as Ash Ketchum/Werehog Ash

Dakota Fanning as Ashley Taylor

Tony Salerno as Bob Derver

Georgie Henley as Hanna Ketchum

Ali Larter as Devel "Dee-Dee" Derver

Gigi Hathaway as Ann Krinkle

David Quast as Giovanni

Aubrey Ferny as Dawn Berlitz

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as May Maple-Ketchum

Hilary Duff as Janice Honer

Vanessa Hudgens as Aqua Ketchum

Rebecca Strom as Misty Star

Kial Natale as Brock Harrison

Jessica Biel as Jessie

Ryan Reynolds as James

Bobby Campo as the voice of Meowth




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