The Pocket Squadron is an upcoming Poke Sentai team. They consist of four anthropomorphic Pokemon (who can assume human guises) called Pocketmen, who hail from a parallel world called Pocketland, and a human Pokemon professor in-training named Samuel Oak. Together they battle the evil Blood Money, a hostile alien race that have set their sights on invading Earth next. It is up to the Pocket Squadron to use their Pocket Changer powers to stop the Earth invasion.

Team Members

Role Civilian Power Name Actor
Pocket Braviary Enhanced Sight Samuel Oak Masaki Nakao
Pocket Sharpedo Enhanced Hearing Samehader Miki Yanagi
Pocket Luxray Enhanced Volume Thunder Shouhei Nanba
Pocket Donphan Enhanced Strength Fan Tsurugi Watanabe
Pocket Persian Enhanced Taste Classy Haruka Tateishi
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